The Doctor is In

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Sarah sighed as he tied her to the examination couch. He had wrapped her tits tightly with narrow elastic bandages while she’d been standing. They were tight and the big breasts very elongated, her nipples protruding from the white bandages. He bandaged her around her hips after he had lifted her legs into the stirrups, and lifted her arms over her head and tied her wrists to the bed head. She closed eyes, looked like he’d listened to her fantasies and was about to action on them, filling in the specifics as he went.

He said nothing, soft muzac was playing in the room and it was cool. all the steel in the room shone and, if she turned her head sideways she could see herself in the medicine cabinet’s mirror. he kissed er then opened her mouth, pushing in 2 fingers which she sucked at for a moment. This was followed by a dental gag, he ratcheted it open half way. At the other end she could hear him rustling, filling an enema bag from the tap and squirting n some hand soap. He opened the stirrups right up, as wide as they went and locked them in place, her legs pushed back a splayed wide open. She could feel the cool air on her anus, and she felt him touch her there. She groaned knowing what was coming next as cold lube hit her and a medium sized nozzle was pushed into her, fairly unceremoniously. She groaned at the invasion, her tight hole spasmed against the plastic and stretched as he inflated the two balloons that would hold it in place. Suddenly warm water began ro flow into her — after a little while he deflated and removed the tubing and let the liquid in her flow into a bucket. He normally let her do this in private but the game was different today. When she’d finished he replaced the tubing and turned on the water flow again. This time it was hot and she could feel it trickling in deeply. Her belly swelled slowly and cramping hit. He massaged her belly sending the water in deeply. The enema bag was eventually emptied into her — she felt full to bursting point and he could see beads of juices flowing from her vagina and the little nub of clitoris peeped out.

She groaned loudly and tossed her head — “15 minutes” he muttered, she knew she’d just have to wait. He reached up and tweaked her hard nipples, pinching the swollen buds. He went to the cabinet and brought over two hemostats. These clamps were attached to her nipples and tightened. Everything spasmed and the pressure in her belly was intense. She wanted to scream — loud gargling noises came out, he ratcheted the gag open a little further so she couldn’t even do that. Saliva build-up was a problem too as it was difficult to swallow. Sensations everywhere and when he touched her clitoris she exploded in orgasm, shaking violently. When she stopped and slumped down, he removed the enema tubing and a great torrent of liquid poured into the bucket, mostly clean. He took it away after she was completely finished — she felt empty but oh so clean. He picked up a long silver device called an anoscope, which was normally used for bowel investigations. He lubed it up and pushed it into her anus in one swift movement, when he felt resistance, her knew he was at the internal sphincter, had to change the angle to slide in further at this point. He bent down, turned on it’s light and peered at her insides, lovely soft red folds of very clean tissue. He took a photo and then began to slowly fuck her with the anoscope, She wriggled a little moving the hemostats around too, aching nipples made her squirm again and he pulled the anoscope out a little further with each thrust forward. She’d never been so deeply fucked before and it was sensational. He pulled the scope out quickly and pushed in a rubber gloved finger from each hand, stretching and releasing for a while opening up her very tight anal sphincter.

Pain mingled with pleasure then became just pleasure as she became accustomed to the stretching sensation. He reached over after a while and pushed in an anal speculum — he’d looked for the biggest he could find, wanting to see how much she could take and how far he could open her. He rotated the dial a little at a time, stopping when her moaning got to loud and starting again when her body un-tensed itself. he saw tears forming and decided that was enough when it got to 8 cm. He could see well into her rectum, spasming with the tension and she could feel the cold air of the room deep inside her. He removed the dental gag and she swallowed painfully, working her jaws around. Satisfied he left the room for a while, she lay there, helplessly exposed, a wide-open speculum protruding from her anus. She hoped no one else was around, they’d get a shock if they came in now! The door opened but it was only him, had a small jar in his hand. He came over and spread a very small amount of its contents onto her rectal walls….. it was chili paste and she cried out at the sudden burning sensation inside her…. make it stop she cried but he ignored her and studied her anus intently. Redness flared and the muscle spasms were intense, pushing hard against the speculum, wanting to snap shut but not being able to. She didn’t know what gaziantep escort to do, wanted to reach down to sooth herself…. When he’d finished his photography, he smeared the inflamed area with a gel; it was anaesthetic and her relief was intense.

He left the speculum open. A tray was pulled over to her side and there was a rustling of paper — he reached over and began to wipe the area around her clitoris and vaginal opening, from the cooling sensation she thought he was using alcohol wipes to clean her. Wondered what was next when she felt the tip of something press against her urethral opening. She jerked and he slapped her mound. The tip pressed forward — it was a very thin cotton bud soaked in alcohol and she squealed as he managed to push it in, twisting as he went, in and out almost fucking her with it. It burnt and felt very weird/pain/pleasure to have something in her urethra. He left it there for a moment while he rustled around some more. She knew what he was doing, preparing a urethral catheter…… she placed them in countless urethra’s herself as a nurse but never had one herself. The bud removed and was followed by a thin stream of gel lubricant, soothing but she knew what came next. He’d picked a large catheter and pain flared in her as the tiny urethra was stretched — he felt it bottom out on the bladder sphincter and gave a little push through. He saw drops of liquid rise up the tubing so quickly inflated the balloon that held the tubing inside her and clamped the tube off. She was moaning in fake distress as the burning sensation had died quickly. He did not connect the drainage bag as you normally would but attached instead a small enema bag. She felt the flow of water into her bladder, so weird having a reverse flow. She filled quickly and the need to pee was intense. He stopped the water flow when she complained — didn’t want to hurt her, it wasn’t like bowels where the water could disperse into her intestines. He took some photos of the view, knew she’d want to see them.

The fullness, coupled with the wide open arse, was incredible, he flicked at her clit and she jerked, spasming all the muscles in her sex and juggling the claps on her nipples. Things got tighter as he tried to squeeze a finger into her cunt. So tight he could hardly believe it. A finger full of lube pushed into her pressing against the speculum on the other side of the vagina. He was very hard now, painfully so, he pulled his hard cock out through his fly and pressed it against her cunt opening. Slowly forced his way in, knew he was causing her pain but it felt so good, tight beyond tight, so he persisted until his balls were resting against the rim of the speculum. Faster and faster, pulling right back and plunging in fully each time, she began to open up a little. Tears were running down her face but the fine line between pleasure and pain kept her from using her safe word. She came with him, he roared with pleasure and she squealed with the tension in her entire body. He pulled out trailing a long string of cum and quickly opened the catheter clamp — the relief of being able to pee set her off again and he could see everything spasming, especially inside her rectum.

He was instantly hard again and pulled out the speculum without closing it. Watched with pleasure at the open hole he’d left behind, slightly gaping with the sphincter pulsing, trying to close up. It was too much for him so he shoved his cock hard and fast right into her anus, balls deep in one motion and began to fuck her frantically his hips a blur and pounding so hard the entire couch shifted. All she could do was grunt at the invasion, in time with his forward thrusts until she finally swore and came in a rush. He dumped his load into her bowels and collapsed on her belly. They were spent and quiet for a while. As he recovered he took more photos, close-up of her red enlarged arse and of the tubing coming out of her urethra. Cum dripped from her holes and he wiped it away so he could see clearly.

Her arse was burning but she felt hot and horny from it, anal queen that she was, it was never enough, especially seeing he with-held it a lot of the time. He went away and she slept for a while. On his return he untied her, unclipped her nipples but left the urethral tubing in, clamping it off. He flipped her over so she was lying face down on the couch, her legs hanging down. He tied her up again, hand behind her back… her weight was on the bound breasts and the pain as they squashed down was exquisite. Hips and shoulders tied down and ankles to the couch legs so she was totally helpless and under his control. He began to spank he, softly at first, but harder and harder until her cheeks were fire engine red. He bladder was beginning to fill and her body weight as she squirmed around made that more pressing still. He pulled her cheeks apart — her anus was red but had closed over. He’d soon fix that he thought.

She watched sideways in shock when he pulled a huge speculum from the cupboard. She’d seen it on a restraint website and commented konya escort that she felt it wasn’t possible to do much to a human with an equine speculum. He thought he’d see if that was right. So much lube was spread between her cheeks it ran down he leg. The tip of the spec was pushed against her anus and he slowly but continuously press on it until her sphincter opened. The thing was large, even unopened and she cried out at the pain again. He didn’t stop, just kept leaning on it until he’d felt the internal sphincter. He changed the angle and the spec slipped past that point and deep into her. She couldn’t cope with the sensations screaming and begging for him to stop. When he did she panted for a while to get used to the size then begged for him to press more in which he gladly did. When a third was in he began to open it. He went slowly giving her time to adjust to the size until she couldn’t take anymore. He measured the gape…. Almost 41/2 inches wide and he could see her intestinal walls when he shone his torch down the chasm. Photos taken, he the began to lightly touch her rectal walls with his finger; it felt hot and soft. He had a wand, debated for a moment the put the tip into her and turned on the power. She arched up as the electricity coursed deeply into her, saying fuck fuck fuck over and over. She was almost beside herself — after a while he stopped and directed the end of her catheter deep inside and released the clamps and a stream of urine flowed out of her bladder and into her arse. She could feel the heat of it. He snapped the spec closed and yanked it out quickly, she screamed as the rim of her sphincter was pulled away from her body for a moment, stuck to the spec.

Her arse stayed wide open this time and her urine ran out in a stream in the bucket under her feet. The wand went to her clit and he gave it a strong jolt. That was it for her — she spun off into oblivion with the strongest orgasm she’d ever had. While she was out of it he lubed up his hand, pushing a few fingers in and out of her arse, more as she began to be conscious of her surroundings. She could see him in the cabinet mirror and saw his hand disappear into her arse up to the wrist. He bunched his fist and twisted inside her…. another huge orgasm hit her. He pressed deeper than before, now almost up to the middle of his forearm and began to fuck her pulling his hand in and out past the knuckles, spreading her arse hole wide with each motion. She finally fainted away and he stopped and pulled out in panic. After a moment she came back to him, trembling, crying and thanking him all at once. He smiled, he wasn’t finished though as his cock was hard again. Her arse was too wide open now for him so he pushed quickly into her cunt again thrusting deeply, then pulled out and went to her face. She opened her mouth obediently and he fucked her face, going deeper with each thrust, she gagged and spluttered — eventually he was timing it right to let her breathe. A huge wad of cum went into her stomach as he came and he pulled out and collapsed in a heap.

He was done, didn’t think it would be a good idea to do anymore, didn’t want to damage her for life, even though she hadn’t used her safe word, he knew he had pressed her to the edge of what she could cope with. Her arse was swollen and raw, the hole slowly closing. He watched fascinated for a while as it slowly closed back to normal, wondering at the resilience of sphincter muscles. She was semi-conscious and he disconnected everything removed tubing, clamps bandages and so on until he could lift her and take her to the bathroom for a soothing bath. He sponged her lovingly wiping the cloth gently around her crevices and kissing her swollen red nipples, the pain of circulation returning after he removed the bindings around her breasts had been strong, though she’d moaned it was actually in pleasure at the pain. After a long soak, he smiled at her — she gazed dopily back at him then grinned and asked him if they could play some more soon. He laughed and marveled that she could want more but he’d always be happy to oblige!

She couldn’t walk well the next 24 hours and couldn’t sit comfortably, or wear panties for that matter as she was swollen from the pounding she’d taken. No complaints though, regular applications of soothing creams felt nice and things soon righted themselves. She’d had he arse stretched to maximum, he didn’t realize how close she come to using her safe word but it felt fantastic and a bit of an achievement for her. After 3 days her anus was as tight as it had always been, he could barely get the restorative cream in with his smallest finger. He was amazed (and not a little relieved, as it was his favorite place to fuck her)

She was raring to go by the 5th day without sex…. he came home to find her naked with a bottle of lube in one hand. She pushed him onto the couch and pulled his cock out through his fly. He was instantly hard at her boldness. She rubbed him with lube then stood up, turned around and bent over in front of him. He smiled broadly, she’d inserted a kayseri escort bid butt plug into her anus, he could see the end sealing her off. She gyrated around pushing her arse toward his face until he grasped her hips and began to lick her crack and poke his finger into her vagina. She spread her legs wider and bent forward more. He buried his face in her, licking frantically and twiddling her clit. She stood up suddenly, pushed his head back and plonked herself backward down in his lap, sliding his cock deep into her and rode him hard. the butt plug pushed in with each movement, heightening her pleasure — she came quickly and jumped off him, not letting him come.

He cursed and she smiled cheekily, he grabbed her and pulled her down over his knee, and began to spank her for being so naughty, she wriggled and struggled but he was too strong for her. The slaps got harder and she kicked more. He pushed her onto the floor and held her wrists over her head with one hand. She tried to lock her legs together but he pressed his knees between her legs and slowly forced them open. She was struggling hard and he slapped her breasts to subdue her. Angry red marks appeared and she swore at him. He tried to kiss her but she bit his lip and he slapped her face once hard, ramming his cock against her cunt. He missed and jabbed hard into her perineum making her squeal in pain then suddenly found his mark and fucked her hard till her whole body was shaking. He flipped her over after a while holding her head down onto the floor. The fight had gone out of her by this time and she didn’t resist him. His fingers probed at her arse, folding under the butt plug base and sliding his fingers into her arse alongside the plug. He yanked it out. It was a fairly big one and her sphincter pulled back with it. It came out with a loud pop and a screech from her — he promptly shoved his cock into her anus, the slickness of the lube she’d used earlier wasn’t really enough but he didn’t care, fucking her hard and balls-deep. He pulled out suddenly and came, thick streams of cum splattering onto her back, swearing at her, pulling away from her, he wiped his cock on her hair and stepped away. He sat and tucked his cock back into his pants, she remained on the floor eventually rolling into the foetal position and moaning quietly to herself. He could see her red arse shining in the light and the wetness of her cunt. This rape scenario was a first and though he knew he’s hurt her, the whole thing was overpoweringly sensational. (she was exhilarated by the whole thing, just quietly, had wanted that scenario for some time and hoped it wasn’t over yet.) She heard him get up go to the kitchen and come back carrying several items.

He slid her around on the floor so her head was up against the couch and sat down and pulled her legs toward him. She was lifted onto her shoulders and she could see the long cucumber he’d found poised over her. He told her off for being a tease and pushed the end of the cucumber against her vagina. She was very wet and it slid in. He pushed it harder and deeper than a cock could go; in her position she couldn’t do much except let him. He fucked her with it, pile-driving and bumping against her cervix and making her grunt with each thrust. Then suddenly, on a pull-out, he shifted slightly and jammed it into her arse, She screamed this time, the pain was intense but he didn’t stop the forward motion. When it wouldn’t go further he stopped, leaving it wedged in her arse. He made her get up then, not easy with this thing sticking out of her. She was completely submissive now, not sure where all this was going, but it felt right still. He forced her to walk around, the cucumber pumping deep in her bowels. He stopped her in front of him and made her stand with her back to him so he could see the cucumber sticking out of her anal cleft. He tossed off his clothes at that point and began pulling at his cock. The view was enticing and satisfying especially when he barked at her to bend over. He called her, bringing her around and pushing hr head down hard over his erect cock. She opened her mouth obediently and took him in. He pushed harder and she gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat. She worked frantically to get him deeper, didn’t have much choice.

Pushing her head down onto his cock with one hand and pushing on the cucumber with the other made her feel like he was trying to get those two objects to meet in the middle. She exploded suddenly in a huge orgasm and he followed shortly thereafter, his cum going straight into her stomach. She jerked away from him and fell on the floor, pushing the cucumber even deeper, there was only a small portion showing now, the rest on the ten inches was deep inside her. Her care factor was small at this stage, she was on another planet but he was a bit worried, as there wasn’t enough to get a grip to pull it out. Eventually though, when she was “back”, she squatted and squeezed hard pushing enough of it out for him to get a god grip. He yanked it out and she fell over again. Lay on her back with her knees spread wide which was too much for him again…. This hard cock went into her cunt at last, that familiar hot tight hole closing around him. They made long slow love this time, she felt loved and enveloped by is body. When they came together he rested on her until his cock slid out, then lifted her gently taking her to the bedroom. They curled up together and slept…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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