Like Daddy. Joy’s Tale. Pt. 03

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Like Daddy. Joy’s tale. Part 3

Chapter seven

Joy and Amy report for training

Mistress Dee’s house was about five miles from ours so daddy offered to drive me, thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be up to driving myself home afterwards. I told him that was great, and he promised to pick me up at 7.00. We got there with five minutes to spare, and we saw Amy standing by the gates to the house drinking from a bottle of water. She had ridden her bicycle there and daddy commented that she may less keen to ride it home after her visit to the mistress. It was a big house, in its own grounds, with a driveway of about 70 yards to the front door. A high wall surrounded the property and the trees and lawns all looked well cared for with some flower beds. In one corner it looked less well cultivated with what looked like a big patch of nettles growing. It was the end of March so they weren’t very tall. A gardening work in progress perhaps, I thought to myself. We could see two cars parked in front of the house. Daddy commented that Amy looked very pretty, and he looked forward to meeting her sometime. He suggested that I get out and walk slowly up the drive with Amy, rather than him driving up to the house.

Amy was nervous, and so was I. I couldn’t pretend not to be, as we had no idea of what the next two hours would have in store for us. The gates suddenly rolled open, operated from the house no doubt, and we entered the property. At 4.59 Amy rang the doorbell and we could hear it ring far away, deep inside the house. We could hear footsteps, metal heels clicking on a tiled hallway, and the door opened. A tall woman stood inside, wearing a mid-thigh, black leather skirt, a leather waistcoat, with obviously nothing underneath it, and a very disapproving look under her black leather cap. A real dominatrix. In her hand was a riding crop, which she used to slap the knee-high black leather boots on her feet.

“So, two errant girls reporting for training, is that what we have here?” said Mistress Dee. She was very different to the woman we knew in college. I gathered my wits and said, in as polite a voice as I could muster through my shaky nervousness, “Yes, Mistress Dee. We are here at your invitation, to submit voluntarily to your special training. May we please enter your house?”

“Please, Mistress Dee.” added Amy, “We are yours to command, and we will obey you, no matter what you would have us do, and what you would do to us.”

“Very well. Enter.” And then she paused, looking over our shoulders down the driveway. “Who is that at the gates? Joy, is that your father I see?” I looked around and indeed it was, scampering away, through the gates and into his car, and he drove off. “I’m so sorry Mistress, he gave me a lift. I thought he had left. He must have been spying on us.”

“Spying on me, more likely.” she guessed, and I told her yes, probably. “Hmmm, I think he may soon see more of me than he bargained for. But now, girls, follow me.”

We followed her through the hallway, and before the end, a doorway led to a staircase heading down into the cellars. I say cellars, because there were many rooms which seemed to stretch the entire area of the house. Behind a wrought iron gate, a room appeared to be full of wine bottles, a real wine cellar, but all the other rooms had solid doors and we could not see what lay behind them.

“Now, to details, girls. Joy and Amy, you are here of your own volition and you have expressed a willingness to be trained by me in any way I see fit. You have promised to obey my instructions, and you will not complain if I have you do certain things that you may not, at first, wish to do. You accept that punishment is part of the training but you know that I will not cause you anything worse than temporary discomfort. All we need now is for you to sign the papers on the table before you to that effect.”

We signed and were led into a large room with much equipment in it. Equipment of all descriptions; furniture pieces for which the purpose was as yet unknown; hooks and chains dripping from the ceiling; racks of whips and other such instruments of punishment for which I did not yet know the name; two Chinese vases filled with canes, some with crooked handles, some bound in leather; on a shelf, dildos and vibrators of varying sizes; what appeared to be a glass toilet sat against a wall, supported at the back and sides, but open at the front below the seat; a stool with two holes in it and velcro straps at the feet; a padded St Andrews cross on the wall with straps for arms and legs; a square cage made of metal bars, about five feet high; dozens of whips hanging from a rack on the wall; items of furniture, and much, much more.

“You are no longer girls. For the purpose of this training, you are now my slaves. I am going to teach you things about yourselves that you will never have thought about, nor experienced. The first thing I want to do is see you in your underwear. Joy, I want you to remove all of Amy’s outer clothing and fold it neatly onto the chair over there by the wall. Then, she will remove yours and you will stand with your hands behind your Nişantaşı Escort necks and your feet 18 inches apart, facing each other. NOW!”

Of course, I had followed daddy’s advice, and wasn’t wearing any underwear. I had to obey though, and Amy let me remove her jacket, shoes, socks, blouse; she was wearing a sexy red lacy bra through which I could see her dark nipples, and finally I unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. Through the matching lacy red thong I could clearly see a patch of black pubic hair. Collar and cuffs don’t match, I thought to myself.

Then it was my turn. I had put on a long, loose summery cotton frock which buttoned all the way down the front. Amy knelt down and took off my shoes. There was nothing else. She started to unbutton my frock from the top down, and as she got lower, it became clear that I had no bra on. She looked at me questioningly, but silently, and I shrugged and motioned her to carry on. As the final button came undone and she parted the frock, slipping it from my shoulders, I was revealed naked to my Mistress and my fellow trainee slave. Amy stared at my bald pussy, and my now throbbing nipples as I adopted the commanded position facing Amy with my arms raised, hands behind my neck, breasts thrusting forwards, totally exposed to her view. She stood likewise, about three feet from me, and we gazed at each other.

“Joy. You are already naked. Did I give you permission to come here naked?” demanded Mistress Dee.

“No, Mistress. I didn’t want any marks on my skin, so I followed my daddy’s advice and didn’t wear any underwear today. I’m sorry if I have displeased you. I thought you would want me to be naked”

She ordered us to turn and face her. “I didn’t ask you for excuses. You have made too many presumptions. Let me tell you what is going to happen when slaves make mistakes. They are punished. As new slaves, I will punish you at a strength suited to the misdemeanor and to your experience. Is that understood?”

She looked angrily at us and we hung our heads. “Amy, ask Joy to take off your underwear, and tell her why you want her to do that.”

“Joy would you please take off my bra and my thong. I want you to see me naked so I can feel humiliated and I want to be naked for our mistress so that she can punish me for everything I do wrong while she trains us.”

I stepped forward and still facing her, I reached round behind her and unclipped her bra. It fell into my hands and I looked at her nipples. Thick and strong, but not very hard, yet. I knelt and slowly slid her thong down her hips. It seemed to catch in her ass and then suddenly sprang down, exposing her neatly trimmed V-shaped black hair, starting above the clitoris, bald lips. Her pussy was beautiful, with big fat outer lips. I placed the items on the chair and re-took my place, hands behind my neck. Nice tits, I mused, as her nipples hardened under my gaze.

“Two naked slaves, awaiting punishment. You have both earned some already. Joy, for having the effrontery of arriving at your mistress’s house without underwear. For removing your pubic hair and presenting us with a completely bald pussy. For staring at Amy’s nipples. For fondling Amy’s breasts and staring at her pussy when you removed her thong.” That wasn’t fair. I hadn’t touched Amy’s tits. Should I complain? No chance!

“Amy, for wearing lacy underwear without permission. For not stopping undressing Joy when you discovered she was naked below her frock — you should have referred the situation to me. For only partly removing your pubic hair — it will be completely bare from now on. For asking Joy so nicely to strip you, and explaining that you want to be punished, your wish will be granted. How many strokes of the cane do you think you both deserve for behaviour like this?”

I couldn’t help noting that I had earned punishment for shaving completely, and Amy was to be punished for not doing so.

“Oh, mistress, I think we should each receive a dozen strokes.”

“Yes, and so you will give each other those twelve strokes of the cane. But Joy has another problem. She allowed her father to follow her into the grounds of my house without my permission. Amy, you are now going to watch as I punish Joy for that. Joy, get over that A-framed bench over there, feet spread, hands holding the bar on the other side. You are to be caned. Amy, observe from behind. Watch carefully my caning style so that you can learn how to do this yourself, and the effect it makes on the victim’s buttocks. See how clear and unmarked they are now? Let us see what twelve strokes of the cane will do to them!”

I walked to the bench and adopted the position, bending right over the frame so my ass was in the right place to take its caning. “Count and thank me for each stroke, Joy.” And she started. The strokes were just a little harder than those I had taken back in her office, but they were easily bearable, until the last four. “Beg me to cane you harder for each of the next four strokes, Joy.” she ordered and so began my journey into pain.

“Please cane me harder for the next stroke, Mistress.” I begged, and she did. It hurt, a lot. “Thank Pendik Escort you, Mistress. Nine. Please make the next one harder than the last stroke, Mistress.” I begged her again and I heard the whistle of the cane as it sliced through the air before striking me on exactly the same spot as the previous one.

“Oh, goddd! Aaaagh! Thank you, Mistress! Ten. Please, I want you to cane me harder than that. One more please.” Oh god, indeed. The whistle was louder, the crack when it struck was louder, and so was my scream of pain. But it wasn’t just a scream of pain; it was also a scream of pleasure, as I realized that this was exactly why I had volunteered, perhaps insisted, on being here. “Yesss! Ohhhh! Thank you so much Mistress. Eleven.”

My ass was burning and throbbing. “Please, Mistress, I want you to cane me even harder for the last stroke.” She did. I screamed twice in quick succession, and I could feel wetness oozing out of my pussy and down my leg. I was in sexual ecstasy. “Twelve. Thank you, Mistress for giving me the caning of my life. It was agony and it was bliss!”

“Do you remember why you were punished, Joy?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, Mistress. It was my daddy. He crept into your garden and ran away when you saw him. I am taking his punishment for him, like he used to take it for me.”

“That is almost correct, Joy, but you are wrong that you think you are relieving him of his punishment. It is clear that he requires more himself. No, Joy, you are being punished because I want to punish you — it is that simple.”

Amy had watched the whole performance from a position behind me, and as I began to recover, she came to me and wiped the tears from my eyes. “You are so brave,” she said, “I am a little envious. I shall try to be as brave as you when she punishes me.” She hugged me and I could feel her nipples, like bullets rubbing against mine. I slid my hand up between us and cupped her right tit, rubbing her nipple with my thumb, to give her courage. She responded by cupping my pussy and smearing my juices all over her hand. She brought it up to our mouths and we both licked her hand clean.

Mistress Dee had been watching this touching show, and smiled happily. “I am so pleased to see you have such feelings for each other. Training girls who don’t get on well is less successful. I regret to inform you, though, that Amy initiated that display of lesbian lust, for which she will now present her rather beautiful bottom for the cane. You will receive twelve strokes, just like the ones you have witnessed me inflicting on Joy. I hope you will take them equally well.”

It was my turn to watch as Mistress Dee applied the caning. Amy put up no resistance, and when she was invited to beg for harder strokes, she played the game with great enthusiasm. If anything, I think she was being caned harder than I had been and she didn’t make a sound of protest. Twelve raging stripes later, it was my turn to approach her and as I cupped her pussy in my hand, I slid a finger into her dripping wet hole. We licked my hand clean and faced our mistress.

“There is another surprise I have in store for you. You will now close your eyes while I get the blindfolds, there, good.” She fitted a large padded blindfold over Amy’s eyes, and then mine. It was a very effective one and I could see no light at all, even down past my nose. I heard some scuffling of feet, and some very quiet whispering and wondered if someone else had come into the cellar.

I felt a hand take my arm and I was led to a place where I found myself being strapped over what must have been some kind of whipping bench. My knees were spread and my ankles were spread even wider and I felt straps binding me into place. I was drawn forwards and was now supported first by my belly as I bent forwards, and then my arms. There seemed to be nothing under my chest. My wrists were strapped and I was quite comfortably bending over, no physical strain, but my ass was very exposed and vulnerable. My boobs were floating free, my hands and upper chest supported on another surface and my arms held in place with straps, and my head seemed to stick out beyond the device.

More whispering and I heard more scuffling of feet and straps being buckled. I could only guess what was happening to Amy, as it seemed that she wasn’t one of the people whispering. I dared not speak out. After a few minutes, Mistress Dee announced our fate.

“Slaves, you are now going to meet your other mistress for today. She has been observing through secret cameras and two-way mirrors in the house and seen everything that has occurred here this evening. She would like to inform you of the punishments she thinks you deserve. These will be in addition to everything else that you earn. First she will pass sentence on you both, and then you will have your blindfolds removed.”

I was a bit astounded. Here I was, strapped naked with my ass on full display for Mistress Dee and god knew what shameful position Amy was in. And now we learn that a second mistress has joined our training to add more punishment. Daddy had warned me about this.


Chapter Rus Escort eight

Kim joins the training session

“Slave Joy,” a female voice spoke, “I know that you want to be punished hard, and I guarantee you will be. I sentence you to 24 hard strokes of the cane, preceded by 24 with the whip and another 12 with the tawse. You will beg for the strokes, count them and thank your mistress for each one. If you do not sound sincere enough, I will repeat that stroke.”

I knew that voice. So familiar. Who could it be? Who knew why I was here? Who knows that I want to be punished hard?

“Slave Amy. You are a submissive lesbian masochist and you have volunteered to take whatever punishment you are awarded. You will be rewarded for that with the whip. You will be whipped on the ass, hard, 24 strokes, and you will take a further 12 with the tawse. But, before that, seeing the lovely position you are in right now, I am going to whip your cunt. Hard. 24 times. I think that’s what you wanted to do to me, so I will do that to you. And then I am going to add a further 12 strikes with the tawse!! I will make you scream for mercy.”

“Oh, god no! Kim? Is that you? How is that possible? You know I didn’t mean it when I said that yesterday. Please, don’t hurt me like that!” Amy wailed.

Kim! Of course. That’s why mistress kept her behind after class. They were in cahoots. We had been tricked. I felt hands at my blindfold and it was removed. I blinked a bit in the light and as my eyes focused, I could see right in front of me, Amy. She was bound into something like a gynae chair but it was heavy and wooden, very strong. She was reclined, leaning back and her ankles were bound and completely spread apart, with her knees bent up towards her chest and stretched apart with leather straps. Her arms were strapped to the chair and her chest was also tightly bound with two leather straps so her tits poked through between. All she could move was her head and her feet, the rest was absolutely immobilized. Her pussy was gaping open and it was about four feet from my face. Oh, boy, was she in trouble.

Then they removed her blindfold and our new mistress stood before her. Kim, dressed in a red PVC mini skirt and long boots above the knee with heels that gave her extra height. She was very exotic, with her Mediterranean skin, black hair and blue eyes, standing several inches taller than Amy and me. Her boobs looked more like Amy’s than mine in size and she was wearing a matching red PVC bra with cutouts for the nipples. I could see that her nipples were pierced, each with an enormous steel ring pulling them through the cutout holes, locking them outside the bra. There was a short, heavy-looking chain connecting the rings, pulling on her nipples. She was smiling and looking very confident and dominating, and I noticed how Mistress Dee was giving her encouraging looks too.

“Yes, Joy.” said Mistress Dee, “You thought you were first past the post, but you weren’t. Kim proved herself more willing and quicker than you to learn first to submit to my painful methods, and then to learn how inflict them herself. She has been my assistant for quite some time now and is rather adept at her work. She enjoys torturing and punishing both men and women, and yet, most pleasingly to me, she delights in submitting to very severe treatment herself. Some days she wants to be my slave and I cane her until she bleeds; other days she will play the dominant mistress and punish a man or woman in the most devious ways.”

Mistress Dee had evidently trained our new Mistress well, and we were to be victims of this cruel, and at times sadistic, classmate. “You are to obey her as you would obey me during this training session. She is aware that one day she may have to submit to one or both of you, if you learn your lessons well. We have been keeping her training secret, while allowing you both to think she was the least interested of your small group, albeit acquiescent to my methods. By doing so, she has been able to hear you talking about your secret desires, and today you will begin your training in experiencing some of those.”

“That’s right, classmates. So which of you two lovely naked slavegirls would like to endure her punishment first?” asked Kim sweetly. “Who wants me to hurt them? It will be very sore — very, very sore, but you will submit, ha ha, you have no choice whether you enjoy it or not! Look at you both, tied up so tightly; you are completely at my mercy with your cunts wide open, waiting for me to hurt them. Don’t be scared, I know enough to take you to a place just short of where you want to go, so that you will soon come crawling back, pleading with us to punish you more cruelly, to inflict harsher pain on you. Isn’t that right, Joy? Isn’t that what daddy taught you would happen? Oh, yes. I look forward to having him strapped down too, awaiting my instruments of pain, and that will happen one day, I assure you. Yes, I know how daddy loves to submit to his mistress. Like father, like daughter, eh? I think I will strap you into Amy’s chair and you can watch his face as I cane him while he looks up your cunt, just like you are looking up Amy’s now. Would daddy like to submit to my strap-on or beg me to turn up the power as I torture his cock with electrics? Maybe daddy would like to lick your clit after he has taken a caning from me. I have already decided that you will lick Amy’s pretty pussy after I have whipped and tawsed it for her. So, are you ready to suffer for me now?”

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