Like Daddy. Joy’s Tale. Pt. 05

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Double Penetration

Joy and Amy endure a second session from Kim and Dee

Chapter twelve

Joy and Amy learn to suffer

The atmosphere in the classroom was electric on Friday morning. I was there early, as was Kim and I felt this might be a safe place and time to ask after her ass. Daddy’s assurance at risk of being ruined. “Have the marks cleared completely, like Dee told us they would?” I asked. She was bright and chirpy this morning, and invited me to go with her to the toilets so I could see the result of the special lotions. We went into a cubicle and she turned around lifting her dress. “Lower my panties and see for yourself.” she invited. I knelt down and pulled them down to her knees and gazed in awe at her perfect buttocks. Not a spot, no lines, no marks. Her ass looked like a baby’s.

“Fantastic,” I said, “not a mark to show what you went through. You have the most beautiful bottom I have ever seen, Kim.”

She swiveled round and as I was still on my knees, I was presented with her pussy, right before my eyes. Like mine, her thighs have a gap at the top and her pussy lips were bald and proud, two puffy mounds slightly separated by the cleft of her cunt.

“You may kiss it, Joy. Get some practice in for tonight.” She told me with a gleam in her eye, and I leaned forward to pay homage to her pussy lips with mine. I couldn’t help but push my tongue out a little and give her a lick.

“Thank you, Kim. I am looking forward to my training tonight.” We went to the class, she with a haughty grin on her face, me with my heart pumping with fear and anticipation, and not a little lust.

The final ten minutes of the class were spent in instruction for the evening. Dee was also looking as if she was excited by the prospect of another session with us and advised Amy and me to be on our best behavior that night.

“You will arrive at my house by five minutes to seven. Do not eat beforehand; you may have dinner when you return home after your training. The electric gate will open at exactly four minutes to seven, and close twenty seconds later, so come into the garden quickly. Behind the gatepost on the left, you will find a large box. Inside the box you will find a 600 ml. bottle of water for each of you. Drink it all and do not spill any. You will then remove your clothes, all of them including shoes and jewelry, and deposit them in the box. Secure the padlock and bring the key and your two empty bottles with you to the front door.”

I looked sideways at Amy, raising my eyebrows.

“Yes, you will be completely naked in my garden. Very few people pass by the gate so it is unlikely you will be seen through the gratings by anyone other than me. I can identify people at my gates and there will be a serious reckoning for anyone who lingers there. I have cameras in the grounds and will be watching you. It will still be daylight when you walk naked through my grounds and before you come to the door, there is another task for you. You will see in one corner of the garden a large, tall patch of nettles growing. Currently, now that spring is here, they are about three feet high, you can’t miss them. There will be a sharp knife in a recess in the wall behind them. If you want to use the knife to cut the nettles, you will have to walk through them in order to retrieve it, that will be your choice. Regardless, you will both arrive at my door and ring my bell when you hear the first chime of the clock inside announcing that it is seven o’clock. In your hands you will be carrying your tribute to me of a large bunch of the nettles, the key to the box and the empty bottles. Do you have any questions?”

We didn’t. It all seemed quite easy to follow. We would have four minutes to drink some water, strip naked, lock away our clothes, find the nettles, cut them and get to the front door. All in full view from the road outside. “Good. I look forward to fulfilling your desires this evening. Kim, come with me.” And with that they left Amy and me to ponder our fate.

“Nettles? They sting!” said Amy, adding. “I remember being stung when I was a child. It wasn’t so bad.” She tried to reassure me, but then I noticed a glint in her eye and she smiled at me. “They’re three feet high. If you walk naked into that, they won’t just sting your legs, they’ll get you on the pussy and your tits! I’ll toss you for it; one of us will have to get the knife if we are going to ring that bell on time. I hate to imagine what the penalty will be if we are late.”

“Heads,” I called, wishing silently that I had a loaded coin. Amy flicked the coin too high and it went over her shoulder. It landed behind her and she turned her back on me to pick it up. I saw her reach out and touch it, and then she picked it up and brought it to show me in her outstretched hand. “Tails!” she said. “I will have to get the knife. I’m going to get stung. Lucky me!” she added grinning. I don’t know if she cheated, but my fanny was spared the nettles in the meantime. Was this her way of thanking me for the pee drinking last time. No need to ask. I know she likes to suffer. “See you at Lefkoşa Escort Dee’s.” I said and went home to prepare.

I didn’t want to talk about my upcoming session with daddy, but I did ask him to drive me there again. Traffic was heavier than expected but we got there with plenty of time to spare. Amy was at the gate, looking at her watch. She came running to the car and I got out, but she leaned in and said ‘hi’ to daddy. They hadn’t yet met, but he responded with a cheerful grin and wished her luck.

“You must be Amy. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’d love to see more of you sometime.” He said.

“If you look through the gates in about three minutes, you certainly will!” she retorted, grinning excitedly. “We have to strip off in the garden and I have to walk naked through the nettles before we can get into the house.” she told him.

Daddy stared at her. “Nettles! Good god, and you are asking me to watch you? I’d love to.” He said and turned off the engine.

It was five to seven. Amy and I went to the gate. I looked up and saw a CCTV camera on the high stone gatepost. A red light indicated it was on. Is Mistress Dee watching us, I wondered? Without warning, the gate suddenly started to roll to one side. “Quick, we only have twenty seconds!” cried Amy and we rushed through.

I was trying to count the seconds and had already forgotten about daddy. There was the box, just as described. I lifted the lid and reached down inside to find the water. There were four bottles. “Four? What are we meant to do?” I asked Amy.

“I think we had better drink them all.” she suggested. So we cracked the seals and swallowed as quickly as we could. Amy urging me to hurry as she started to strip. Like last time, I was naked under my frock, and this time so was Amy. Clever girl had worked out that would save time. No jewelry. Shoes off. Both naked. Great. I heard a gasp of appreciation and turned round to see daddy peering through the gates at us. Amy grinned, jiggled her big tits at him and turned to look for the nettles.

“There, in the corner!” We took off, running across the lawn to the large patch there up against the wall. Amy spotted the knife. It was in a recess alright, but the recess was about seven feet up off the ground. “Sorry, babe. This is going to have to be a team effort,” she said, and strode unhesitatingly into the clump of nettles, arms and legs spread wide making no effort to avoid the stinging leaves and made for the spot under the knife.

I wasn’t so well mentally prepared. I hesitated a moment, steeled myself for what I knew was about to be an unpleasant experience and followed her into the nettles, naked and defenceless against their stings on my legs, my arms, oh, god, on my pussy. I felt more than one stem dragging through my pussy lips as I walked through and felt it flick up over my ass as I moved forwards. The patch must have been about four feet deep to the wall and my tits were getting stung too.

“Lift me up, Joy” called Amy urgently. Time was passing quickly. As I bent down to support her foot my legs parted and a nettle stem caught me right on the pussy and the anus at the same time. The burn of the stings was just beginning to make itself felt as Amy grabbed the knife. Wasting no time, she quickly grabbed several stems and cut through them, handing them to me to hold as she cut more and more. We had no idea how many Mistress Dee wanted us to bring her, but by my reckoning we had less than a minute to get to the door. I was holding so many stems now my hands could barely contain them but I didn’t want to hug them.

“We have enough. Let’s get to that door and listen for the clock.” instructed Amy, and we waded through the nettle patch again to reach the lawn. As we ran to the front door of the house, I cast my eyes to the front gate and saw daddy still watching us. Well, he certainly saw a lot more of Amy this time, didn’t he, but he probably doesn’t know that Dee will be watching him through the camera and ‘there will be a reckoning’ for loiterers at her gate. Or maybe he does know and is hoping to be caught. Oh well, his problem! And mine, I expect.

Daddy watched as his naked daughter and her friend ran as fast as they could to attend an appointment, at which he knew that she knew that she would be subjected to terrible pain and humiliation. As he turned to leave and we were twenty yards from the door, I heard a clock chime. I sprinted and reached the bell, pressing it a microsecond before the second chime. The door opened.

It was Kim. She was dressed differently this evening. She wore black leather ankle boots and a black leather thong. This one was unusual in that there was no material at all, just leather cords coming down to frame her pussy which was otherwise completely naked, of hair or any other covering. The cords then ran up her ass cleft to the waistband. Her lovely buttocks were on full show. A black leather bra of sorts completed her costume, but this was also made only of leather thongs that covered nothing and her breasts were highlighted by their nakedness. She wore rings in her nipples Kıbrıs Escort and they were joined with a short, heavy chain between the rings. Her nipples were being noticeably stretched. She was almost as naked as us.

“Enter, naked slaves, and state your business!” she spoke imperiously. As we walked into the hallway, she added loudly “Slave positions, now!” and Amy and I quickly spread our feet and placed our hands behind our necks. Not easy when clutching a posy of nettles and a key. I could see Amy had a nettle leaf stuck in her pussy lips. I felt some discomfort myself and risked a quick look down. More than one! It seems that as I had struggled out of the nettle patch, my pussy had collected the top half of a stem and torn it off. I had a little nest of stinging leaves resting inside the lips of my cunt which hadn’t fallen out when I spread my legs.

And then the burning began to set in with a vengeance. Kim just stood there, smirking as we began to writhe in discomfort. My cunt was on fire, my asshole knew it had been stung too, and my tits were burning. My nipples had taken a hit and they were filled to bursting, hard as pebbles, throbbing with fire, pain, lust.

“Speak, slave Amy. Why have you come naked into this house?” demanded Kim.

“Mistress Kim, I am here to submit to you and Mistress Dee. I am here for training and to suffer painful discipline. I am your slave.”

I added my piece. “Mistress Kim, I am also here to submit myself for training. I expect to receive harsh punishment whenever I fail to meet your standards. Please do not spare me this evening, because I too wish to suffer whatever tortures you and Mistress Dee have in store for me.” The nettles were doing their worst and my pussy was on fire. I needed to rub it.

Mistress Dee appeared silently. “It is very bad to rub and scratch nettle stings.” She announced. “It makes the poisons work harder. This is why I want you in this position. Do not move. Thank you for the nettles, I plan to make soup with them. Your experience with them is over for the night, other than now going to take a hot soapy shower to assuage the effect of the stings. I note that you each drank two bottles of water and failed to bring me the empties. For that you will suffer. I also noted that there was a gentleman at the gate who enjoyed your performance. I know who it was and he will be sent for in due course. I have recorded his impudence on video. You will report to Mistress Kim after your shower. Take at least ten minutes, and use a lot of soap. I shall consider what the punishment should be for slaves who allow people to watch them running naked in the garden. Whatever it will be, I assure you, tears will follow.”

“It’s your fault!” I told Amy, as we soaped each other up and down in the shower. “You told him what we were about to do and he couldn’t help himself. He really wanted to see you naked.”

“True,” Amy agreed, “and he did. And I did that deliberately knowing that is going to cost him. I’ll bet he gets his summons to report for punishment from Mistress Dee pretty soon, and from what I hear, he will willingly comply with it. I’ve heard so much about him; how he endured extreme pain for you for years, not only with the cane but with many more instruments, and now there is a strong rumour that Kim plans to torture you and him together. I wonder if they would let me watch.”

I told Amy that when I had put it to him, my dad had already agreed that he was keen to submit to such a session with me and hoped he wouldn’t have to wait too long. “When I told him about Kim, he grew a huge hard-on and didn’t lose it for an hour! He wanted to know everything and I told him that she has the most edible ass in the world — well, this was at the end of one of my Sunday sessions with him, and he gave me the biggest ejaculation so far. I had been winding him up all week with details on our first session. His balls must have been so full! I measure it in a champagne flute, and this one was three inches deep in his cum. Of course, I made him eat it all!”

Amy stared at me in awe as she soaped my tits a final time and added “I don’t just want to watch. I want to join in!”

My god, she was making me horny, with her talk and with her hands. After about ten minutes of soap and water, our stings abated and we towelled ourselves dry. We entered the punishment room and found Kim waiting for us like the cat who’d got the cream. “You didn’t know the shower room is wired for sound, did you?”

Chapter thirteen

Joy and Amy suffer together

“I am so pleased to learn that your daddy can hardly wait to be tortured by me, Joy. And yes, that is the word I choose specially to use. He isn’t going to submit to a simple spanking, that’s for sure! But that’s the future. You have to deal with the present, and you are now under my authority. I dare say you enjoyed watching me debase myself in front of you a few weeks ago. Well, it’s your turn now and tonight I plan to make you cry. How does that sound? Challenging enough for you?”

I was a bit terrified, I have to Girne Escort say, but I remembered daddy’s talk and I knew that most of this was just a game of submission and dominance, with a fair amount of pain involved, which I not only enjoyed, but craved, and no permanent damage would be done. Having vowed to myself that I would take whatever Mistresses Kim and Dee had to throw at me, I rose to her challenge, albeit carefully.

“Thank you, Mistress Kim. I know my daddy will submit to you, and he and I have agreed that we would like to submit to you together. We both look forward to that. But for tonight, I place myself in your hands. Whatever form of torture or discipline you choose for me, I know that it is for my own good and I willingly submit to your domination over me and I promise to thank you at the end of my training session.”

“And Amy, you and I have a special arrangement for this evening which I am looking forward to very much. There are some other things that Mistress Dee would like you to know before we begin, though.”

At this, Mistress Dee entered the chamber. She spoke not a word, but walked around Amy and me as we stood in the slave position for her. She then nodded to Kim who led Amy out of the room, leaving Mistress Dee and me alone. She reached forward and took my right breast in her left hand, rubbing the nipple with her thumb until my knees wanted to buckle. Fierce of mien, she looked deep into my eyes and I hoped what she saw reflected in them was adoration, submission, strength, desire. She cupped my pussy with her other hand, testing the shape of it, and with her middle finger, the wetness of it.

“How deeply do you want to submit to me, slave Joy?” she asked in a low voice. “Will you obey my every command, even if you would prefer not to? Are you willing to be punished and tortured, just to make me happy? Will you carry the marks of my punishments with pride? Will you encourage your daddy to return to my dungeon and suffer with you? He seemed so keen to see Amy naked this evening that I have decided she will witness your session with him too.”

“Yes, Mistress. I hope that I have already proved to you that I am yours to command. Here I am, having walked naked through a deep nettle patch to get to you, and I am still suffering a little from the nettle stings. That helps me to remember that I walked through those nettles to please you. I want to suffer more for you if that is what you want, and if you cane me long and hard and I carry the marks for weeks, it will please me to know that I am doing so for you. As far as daddy is concerned, he is the reason I am here and I know he is desperately keen to serve you again. I have a special thought about that which I would like to discuss with you later, but yes, I want to be his fellow slave in a testing session with you.”

“Hmmm. Like father, like daughter! Excellent! Now, let us invite Amy and Kim to join us again to witness your caning.”

A different position this time. I was made to lie on my back on a kind of trolley bed and to hold my feet apart. This spread my knees and I was completely open. Amy was placed on a similar trolley, on her front with her head beyond the end of it. She was positioned so that she could look straight up my pussy, and then the caning began. Dee and Kim were on either side of me and took it in turns to cane my ass. The competition was that I would have to worship the anus of the winner with my tongue for fifteen minutes. How would they win? By making me break my hold on my legs; by making me lose count of the strokes, or by making me scream in pain as they slammed the cane into my ass, or the back of my legs. They started gently, but as the minutes ticked by, I realized that they had not told me how I could win this contest. That was because I couldn’t.

I was in a form of ecstasy. Being caned by the two most adorable women in my life, suffering the pain and trying to hold out as long as I could. Mistress Dee won in the end. She applied a completely unexpected, very hard stroke, number 53 as I remember, to the spot between my buttocks and my legs and I screamed in pain.

“Oh, good. Knowing how much you want to eat Kim’s ass will give me so much more pleasure as you pay homage to mine.” she said. It struck me that none of us had ever seen Mistress Dee without clothing and I wondered what she would look like. She wasn’t shy. Layer by exotic layer, she stripped off her clothes until she stood in front of all three of her students naked and unashamed. And perfect. Lovely firm boobs with pronounced nipples, also standing proud as we gazed at her in amazement. Clearly she went to the gym or kept fit somehow because there was little unwanted padding around her hips, and my focus went to her pussy. My god, what a hypocrite! Shaved lips, but a fairly dense growth of black hair above the clit line! She beamed at us and told us that real women have hair on their cunts; slaves are not allowed that. Hah! And now it was my task to delight her asshole with my tongue, in front of Amy and Kim. Well, it gave them a break but I worked hard, because I wanted to try to make her cum. We tried every position known to give me great access to her ass, and I had even loosened it enough to push the tip of my tongue right in through her anus. I swallowed a huge amount of pussy juice which was flowing freely past, but I failed in my mission; she did not have an orgasm.

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