Straight Guy Visits Gay Bar

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Johnny (23) & Andy (22) have been friends since their mothers met at the playground and the boys played in the sandbox. They both played football, baseball & basketball together but as they grew Johnny loved the girls while Andy found he was into guys and finally at 19 came out. Through it all their friendship stayed as strong, maybe even stronger than ever.

While Johnny was into the heterosexual bar scene Andy was, of course, spending most of his free time at the gays bars. Johnny had asked him several times just exactly how the gay bar scene differed from the bars he frequented, the answer was always, they are the same only instead of guys looking for random girls to hook up we are into guys looking for random guys to hook up with.

On this Saturday morning as Johnny & Andy spoke, Andy said, “I’m going to hit the new bar they just opened tonight.”

“Yeah what place is that?” Johnny asked.

“A new gay bar was just opened last month in the city, I want to see what it’s like, I couldn’t find anyone to go with so I’m just gonna go by myself,” said Andy.

“I’m not doing anything tonight maybe it’s time I see what these places are about, but is it even ok for a straight guy to go to?” he asked.

“Sure it’s ok so gays bring their straight friends, do you really want to come? You can be my wingman,” Andy said.

“Sure I’ve never been a wingman to a gay guy, it might be fun. How should I dress, do people dress different at these places than straight bars?” he asked.

“Jesus we are gay not aliens just dress how you would if you were going out to any other bar,” Andy said as he shook his head almost in astonishment his friend even asked that question.

Around 8:00 they arrived at the bar, Andy wanted to get there a little early so Johnny could take in the environment before the gays flooded in and decided to explain what was gonna happen.

“Pretty soon you’ll start to see the crowd come in I’ll explain what to expect. You’ll see the sissy boys, these are the girly type of gays you know the limp wristed guys. There will also be the leather guys, you know the tough biker type, although some of the leather guys are also sissy boys. The normal fits into society type, these are the guys you may never know are gay since they blend into the heterosexual normal. You may also see the dyke women as well as the normal lesbians come in also,” Andy said.

“Ok so then as I see it you are the normal fits into society type, the others will be easy to recognize,” Johnny said.

“Yeah pretty much. Here comes the server let’s order so drinks and something to eat,” Andy said.

After ordering they both sat back taking in all the people coming into the bar. The first group was the leather guys, 2 burly guys looking like they came their on Harleys along with 2 thinner boyish looking guys following behind them.

“Ok so those are the tough leather guys and their bitches?” Johnny asked.

“Yep see the chain with the rings on the sissy ones, that’s for the dominant 2 to lead them around with, kind of like they are walking their dogs,” Andy said.

Both of them burst out laughing as they watched the next group coming in a 4 guys that looked like college frat boys, 2 of them making out as they walked through the door. Then 2 bodybuilder types, huge arms & chests, that flexed their muscles as they entered.

“See those 2 probably into steroids, bet their dicks are this big (holding his thumb & forefinger about 2″ apart), steroids do that to a guy,” Andy said.

“Guess you want something more like this (holding his 2 forefingers about 6 1/2″ apart),” Johnny said.

“No more like this, grabbing his friend’s hands separating those fingers until they were more like 9″ apart,” Andy said.

“Oh you want a guy more my size,” Johnny said with a laugh.

“I only wish I had something like that (as he imagined the days seeing Johnny’s huge cock as they dressed in the locker room),” Andy said holding his 2 thumbs & forefingers in a huge circle trying to imitate the girth of his friends huge manhood.

Just then a couple of guys come to the table one was a tall thin man who turns out to be a friend of Andy’s, the other was was an athletic looking guy with blond hair & blue Ankara Escort eyes.

Holding out his hand Andy shakes the tall guys hand, “Nice to see you Brian how have you been?” Andy said.

“I’m doing well, haven’t seen you since we hooked up a couple of months ago, wow that was a great time,” Brian said.

“Brian this is my childhood best friend Johnny, he’s my straight wingman tonight,” Andy said.

“Hi Johnny glad you came, hopefully your wingman skills aren’t good since I’d like to be the one to go home with Andy tonight,” Brian said.

“Oh ok I thought you were her with this guy, by the way we didn’t catch his name,” Johnny said.

“Oh sorry, guess I was thinking of Andy and forgot. Guys this is Greg, he’s new to town and works with me so I figured I would introduce him to the area,” he said.

“Hi guys it’s very nice to meet you both. Brian is being my guide it’s tough being the new gay guy in town and being I lived about 600 miles from here before landing my job I feel almost like a lost puppy,” Greg said.

Brian & Greg sat down with the other 2 and they talked all night. Andy & Brian spent most of the night with theirs eyes locked as they talked so Johnny thought his job as a wingman was over so he and Greg struck up a conversation.

After many drinks all 4 were seriously drunk by now, Johnny learned Greg had been a multi-sport player in school like he was. Greg went onto playing baseball in college and had some major league clubs showing interest in him actually being drafted by the Braves before suffering a sever leg injury ending his career. Although Johnny was good he was never good enough for any professional team to show any interest in drafting him, but he did understand what Greg must have gone through.

Now at closing time they were all pretty wasted by now, especially Johnny whose weaving indicated how drunk he was as they left the bar.

Standing out side Andy asked, “hey would you two like to join us for some after the bar breakfast?”

“I would like that, how about you Greg?” Brian said.

“Yeah I could use something to soak up the liquor,” Greg answered.

At the diner Andy & Brian sat on one side of the booth with Johnny & Greg on the other. Johnny & Greg noticed during breakfast Andy & Brian were both wriggling about the bench, both knew there was some under table action going on between them.

“So Brian are you and Andy going home together tonight?” Greg asked.

As Brian looked into Andy’s eyes they both nodded and Brian said, “yeah it looks like we are, Johnny can you take Greg home, if you are able to drive?”

“Yeah I think I can do that, Greg is that ok?” Johnny asked.

“Sure you two have fun,” Greg said looking at Brian & Andy.

“Oh we will,” answered Andy.

As they stood up Johnny could see both Andy & Brian sporting hard-ons, Andy he knew had about a 6″ cock but the bulge in Brian’s pants made him think he was maybe that 8″ Andy was looking for tonight.

Johnny & Greg left as they drove Johnny noticed Greg had an enormous hard-on going on, it appeared to be maybe 6″ or so and he for some reason, maybe the drinks or something, imagined what it might look like.

Greg seeing Johnny’s eyes on his crotch said, “I guess the straight boy likes something he sees!”

“Umm sorry it just caught my eye for a second,” Johnny said.

“You better watch your driving,” Greg said as Johnny was swerving around as he drove.

“Yeah sorry pretty drunk,” he said as his car swerved a few more time before stopping at a light.

“Would you like me to drive, you shouldn’t be driving right now?” Greg asked.

“Yeah that might be a good idea,” Johnny said pulling over to let him take the wheel.

As they arrived at Greg’s house, a small ranch style home with a huge maybe 2 acre yard, Greg said, “you shouldn’t drive home why don’t you come in for some coffee and maybe sleep it off.”

“That maybe a good idea I think I might fall asleep if I drive home,” Johnny answered.

While they had coffee Greg noticed several more times Johnny was staring at the bulge in his pants. The more he saw Johnny looking the harder his cock got, one Sincan Escort time as he saw Johnny’s gaze affixed on him he saw Johnny’s cock begin to grow. As his cock grew Greg realized Johnny had a huge cock and was wondering if maybe this straight boy wanted to take a ride on the wild side.

“Johnny I see you have been checking out my bulge, would you like to see it?” Greg asked.

“Um well I’m straight,” Johnny said, but his eyes betrayed him as they stayed affixed to Greg’s bulge.

“Look you don’t have to be gay to want to see another guys cock, I know I have seen yours grow and I know I would like to see it. Would you like to show it to me, I would really like it if you would?” Greg said.

Maybe the liquor caused it but Johnny his eyes still fixed on Greg’s bulging pants, unzipped his pants as they dropped to his knees his cock almost poked through his underwear. Greg reaching out pulled Johnny’s underwear down, out popped a rock hard slightly larger than 8″long & 6″ round erection with a bit of precum glistening on it’s tip.

“Oh my god what a wonderful cock,” Greg said reaching his hand out to touch the precum on the tip.

Johnny’s cock jumped as Greg’s hand touched him. Greg’s hand began stroking Johnny’s huge shaft as he did Johnny’s glans began swelling. Dropping to his knees Greg took Johnny’s cock to his lips sucking the precum off then taking the shaft in his mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels so fucking good,” Johnny said.

Standing up Greg taking Johnny’s hand leading them both to the bedroom, once there Greg pushed Johnny down so he sat on the bed. Dropping to his knees Greg began sucking the 1st few inches of his huge cock. Slowly lowering his mouth until Johnny’s head hit the back of his mouth. With one breath Greg slid the remainder in as in pushed down into his throat. In what seemed like 30 seconds Johnny’s cock unleashed a huge load of cum down which Greg gladly swallowed.

“Oh my god that was the best I’ve ever had, no girl ever sucked me like that,” Johnny said.

Putting his face to Johnny’s Greg kissed him, Johnny fought the urge but something took over and he parted his lips as Greg’s tongue started to dance with his. Greg pulling Johnny close their bodies meshing together as they held the kiss and embrace for several minutes.

Standing up Greg lowered his pants & underwear exposing his 6″ long 4 1/2″ round rock hard cock. Johnny without even thinking reached out to touch it, he found the soft skin covering the hard shaft felt so smooth. Being so enamored with that cock Johnny hadn’t at 1st noticed that Greg was completely smooth down there, his pubic hair all removed and his balls completely shaved. As his mind wandered he wondered what it must feel like as he then slowly massaged Greg’s balls with his other hand as he began stroking his cock almost like he was in a trance.

“You like that I’m bare down there?” Greg said.

“Yes, I’ve never touched another guys junk and have never seen a shaved one like yours,” Johnny said.

“Would you like to kiss it?” Greg asked.

“I’m not gay,” Johnny shot back.

“You don’t have to be gay to do it once,” Greg said.

Without even thinking Johnny lowered his face to Greg’s cock kissing the tip, then slowly he kissed the shaft lower & lower until he reached his clean shaven ball sac. Opening his mouth he sucked on the sac taking Greg’s left ball in his mouth.

“Fuck for a straight guy you have a great mouth,” Greg said.

Letting go of his ball sac Johnny said, “God you’re so smooth.”

As Johnny’s mouth was still open from saying that, Greg pushed his cock into Johnny’s mouth. To his surprise Johnny let the shaft slide inside when the shaft was in his lips closed and he began bobbing up & down giving the 1st blowjob of his life. He didn’t want to like it but found it almost impossible not to as he felt the cock beginning to swell. With one hard push Greg’s cock hit Johnny’s tonsils and slid down his throat. Johnny almost gagged but surprisingly continued allowing the head to slide in and out of his throat suddenly Greg’s cock started pulsing and his hips began to shake. A few seconds later Greg’s cock shot out it’s 1st stream Etlik Escort of cum a huge violent ribbon shooting down Johnny’s throat then another 5 or 6 streams followed. Johnny surprised himself as he swallowed every drop, when the last bit was done he sucked every last drop off not allowing even one drop to escape.

“So tell me did you like giving your 1st blowjob and swallowing your 1st load?” Greg asked.

“I have to say it wasn’t as bad or gay as I thought it might be, your cum even tasted good,” Johnny said as he could feel himself felling almost sober. Knowing he could no longer blame the drunkenness’ anymore he wondered, “does this mean I’m gay or what, I really enjoyed this, I wonder if there is more? Wait no I’m not gay what the fuck.”

“Well I can say you suck cock really well and I was shocked you didn’t gag when it slipped into your throat. Bravo your a natural, I um wonder if you’d like to I mean want to know what if feels like to fuck a guy?” Greg asked.

“I’m not gay,” Johnny said.

“I know you don’t have to be gay to want to fuck a guy’s ass, I mean I have had straight guys fuck me a couple of times and then they went home to their wives or girls,” Greg said.

Greg bending down kneeling on the bed spread his ass showing Johnny his tight round ass. If you ant there is lube on the bed stand, take it slow that huge cock is something else.

As he stood staring at Greg’s dark musky hole Johnny thought, “he never found a girl willing to take his shaft in their ass wondered what Greg’s willing ass might feel like, should he do this will it make him gay if he does.”

Without pause Johnny reached for the lube, slathering it all over his cock then pushing some into Greg’s ass. Standing over Greg, Johnny pushed his cock against his dark opening as his cock touched him Greg moaned softly. This making Johnny even hornier pusher the tip in it was so tight as his massive head finally popped inside. Once his head was in Johnny pushed harder and a few inches slid in as Greg’s body tightened with what Johnny could only imagine was pain. After Greg’s body relaxed Johnny made another push, a few more inches slid in before Greg’s ass clenched down on his cock. A second later Greg’s ass relaxed once more and Johnny slammed in the last bit now his 8″ cock was balls deep into Greg’s ass, his ass warming Johnny’s cock as excitement filled both men.

“Ok now fuck my ass with that huge cock,” Greg said.

Johnny began slamming his cock in and out, almost removing it from Greg’s ass and then ramming it back in. Over and over again pounding his ass so long Greg’s ass began to burn as he was drying out. Before he could ask Johnny for more lube his cock began jerking inside his ass and a massive load shot over and over huge amounts of cum filled Greg’s ass, each time Johnny pushed his cock in huge amounts of cum began pushing out of Greg spreading all over his ass cheeks as Johnny’s pubic bone bashed against his ass.

When Johnny was done his cock still inside Greg slowly shrinking as it softened until finally sliding out. Johnny rolled over onto the bed as he did Greg kissed him this time Johnny didn’t fight even for a second as he allowed Greg’s tongue inside and they embraced and held that kiss until finally rolling over both laying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

“God that was wonderful, I hope you liked it?” Greg said.

“I didn’t like it I loved it but does that make me gay?” Johnny said.

“Well do you think you would like to do it again?” Greg asked.

“Yeah I think I really would your ass felt better than a lot of pussies I’ve fucked before, man I don’t want to be gay,” Johnny said.

“Well answer me this, do you think you might like me to fuck you? I know I would like it,” Greg said.

“I don’t know, I mean it sounds interesting but I ugh I don’t think so. I mean I don’t know, you know?” Johnny said.

“Ok you may not be gay, straight guys sometime like to suck dick and fuck guys only time will tell. I know if you want you can fuck me again,” Greg said.

“Maybe we should sleep on it,” Johnny said beginning to get up to sleep on the couch.

“No don’t go you can sleep here,” Greg said as he patted the bed.

Johnny lying down as he was slowly falling asleep he thought to himself, “I want to do this again, but I should be with women shouldn’t I. I really did like fucking his ass, am I gay?”

As Johnny fell asleep his mind wandered to imagining fucking Greg again and sucking and swallowing his cum, his salty wonderful tasting cum as he finally fell fast asleep.

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