Teach Me to Love, Big Sister Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – More Cream, Please!

The TV in the other room blared the boring nightly news while Lilah and Elsie sat in the kitchen, acting like they had totally not just had sex. Every now and then Elsie would shoot Lilah a knowing look, which Lilah returned with a stuck-out tongue or a teasing wink.

At one point, Elsie leaned over, put her lips by Lilah’s ear and whispered: “You came inside me. I can still feel it.”

Lilah felt the heat rise to her face. “Shh!” she said quietly. And after a minute, Elsie leaned over again and whispered, “I love your cock. It’s so big.”

Lilah pressed a hand against the front of her pants, trying in vain to subdue her emerging erection. Again?! she thought.

Elsie must have noticed, because before too long her fingers tip-toed along Lilah’s knee until they reached the top of her thigh. She gave that bulge a squeeze and Lilah jumped. “Elsie!” she whispered. Elsie giggled and leaned in to kiss her big sister on the ear. “Love you,” she mouthed, which made Lilah smile.

“Love you too,” she mouthed back.

“Girls!” Mom shouted from the other room, making them both jump.

“Yeah?” Lilah said, moving Elsie’s hand away from her crotch.

“Don’t forget there’s ice cream cake in the freezer. Your father and I aren’t going to eat it, so get started on it or we’re throwing it out.”

“Sure, Mom. Thanks,” Lilah said. They both finished their pasta and Lilah stood up to take their bowls to the sink. “Did you like the sauce?” Lilah asked as she stood up.

Elsie nodded, “It was delicious! But I think I liked the strawberries and cream better though.”

Lilah turned and threw her a look. As she put the bowls in the sink to soak, she looked at the sparkling clean floor and smiled. She couldn’t believe that moments before, that floor had been soaked in the essence of their taboo love. After their parents had come back, Lilah had rushed to clean it up and leave the place smelling sterile and fresh, throwing the garbage bag full of cummy paper towels straight out. There was no way she would risk anybody finding any clue of what she and her little sister had done.

Lilah then found the box of ice cream cake in the freezer, brought it out and cut her and Elsie a generous piece each. It had been a sort of family tradition to have ice cream cake on birthdays when they had been growing up, but now that they were adults the tradition had quietly died. Seeing that Ataköy Escort colorful pattern of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla with sprinkles on top made Lilah nostalgic.

“Cake’s on!” she announced and brought the two plates over to the kitchen table.

Elsie grinned like a child at the sight of it. “Oh wow, it’s been ages!” she said.

“I was just thinking that. Remember your tenth birthday when you had an ice cream cake shaped like Mew?

“That was the best birthday ever! Remember how you spent that afternoon showing me how to play Pokémon cards in the garden?”

Lilah laughed. “I totally made up the rules as I went along.” It made her feel even more nostalgic. She again marveled at how their relationship had transformed so much in just days.

The sisters sat in silence as they spooned delicious, sugary goodness into their mouths. As usual, Elsie was messy and ended up with a bunch of vanilla cream on her bottom lip. Lilah tried not to think about what it reminded her of, lest she get another annoying erection. “It’s good, huh?” she asked to think of something else.

“Mm-hmm!” Elsie said, nodding. She swallowed her mouthful and said, “I could use more cream, though.”

“Yeah,” Lilah said, before realizing what her sister had said. “Wait, what? It’s ice cream cake, how could it need more-” And when she saw the way Elsie looked at her, she understood instantly. Her heart began to pound in her chest and she shifted in her seat. “Mom and Dad are in the next room,” she whispered.

Elsie shrugged. “And?” She reached under the table and began rubbing the ever-growing bulge in Lilah’s pants.

Oh, fuck me, the elder sister thought. Elsie’s fingers tenderly moved to the elastic edge of her pants. She wanted to tell her little sister to stop but seeing the hungry look in Elsie’s beautiful dark eyes stilled her tongue. When she smiled, her gleaming braces reminded Lilah of the blowjob she had given her that afternoon.

She’d had plenty of other girls look at her with that hunger, but of course there was such a different edge when it was your own sister. And more than that, she knew with that hunger came love. Her lovers had just wanted her cock; Elsie wanted her entirely. Body and soul.

Lilah knew this because she felt the same way.

The elder sister took a glance at the kitchen and saw her parents silhouetted against the TV screen. She turned Ataşehir Escort back to her sister and with one look, gave consent.

Elsie reached into her pants and began massaging her tumescent cock and her taut balls. “Mm,” Lilah moaned under her breath. She could hardly believe how cock-hungry her sister was. But goodness, did it turn her on!

Elsie pulled it out from the top of Lilah’s pants and stroked it slowly. Her gentle, delicate fingers felt incredible against the thick shaft. Lilah kept spooning cake into her mouth, trying her best to not look like her sister was giving her a hand job under the table.

“Is there any left for me?” Elsie whispered.

“Always for you, little sister. Just be careful.”

And so both sisters sat there at the kitchen table, quietly and cautiously engaged in another act of incestuous love. Now and then Elsie would whisper sweet words to her like “Do you like how I rub your balls?” and “The precum feels so nice and gooey.” Lilah had no choice but to get good with her poker face.

Eventually, she closed her eyes and whispered, “I’m going to cum, Elsie,” and her little sister giggled and brought the plate of ice cream cake down to Lilah’s lap with her other hand. Some of the cake touched her down there, making Lilah flinch. When she saw how close the cake was to her dick, and how soon – very, very soon – it was going to be covered in her sperm, the futa’s mind reeled.

“Come on!” Elsie encouraged her. “I want more cream! Give my cake more cream!”

“Oh, fffuck!” Lilah said, covering her mouth to suppress her orgasmic moan. Her balls tightened and cum shot to the tip of her cock, jetting out like a geyser and coating her sister’s hand.

Elsie got what she wanted. Ropes of Lilah’s cum drenched the slice of cake, dissolving the sprinkles into a sticky, rainbow-colored mess and adding what looked like a generous extra helping of vanilla cream.

“Oh, yummy!” Elsie declared when Lilah was done. “Look at how gooey it is! Mm, so much better now.” Elsie placed her plate back on the table and, using her dessert spoon, gently pushed the cum from her fingers onto the cake, topping it off. What was left on her fingers then she sucked and licked. “You taste amazing, Lilah,” she complimented her.

“Thanks… Elsie…” Lilah responded, leaning her elbows on the table with her hands against her forehead. She breathed in Avcılar Escort deep, her body not used to so many powerful orgasms in one day. She felt completely spent.

When she turned to appraise her creation, she was stunned but just how much cum there was. And Elsie lapped it up like the cum-hungry little incest slut she was. She mixed it into her cake and brought spoonful after spoonful to her mouth, each time moaning quietly at the flavor. She covered her mouth and, with cum-cream still in her mouth, said, “I can’t believe how good you taste, Lilah. Seriously, I could eat your cum, like, every day.”

Lilah was bewildered. “You can’t be serious,” she said, brushing the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand. “You’ll kill me, Elsie!”

“Why will Elsie kill you?”

Mom had suddenly appeared in the kitchen, her phone in her hand. She watched the two girls, and Lilah suddenly felt exposed. Like she had just been caught in the act. “N-nothing,” she said.

“I’m just bugging her,” Elsie said nonchalantly. “It’s my job, being the little sister and all.” She swallowed a big spoonful of cummy cake.

“Is our freezer on the fritz?” Mom asked, looking at the ice cream cake in Elsie’s plate. “It looks like that cake is half-melted!”

Lilah slid her plate behind a centerpiece on the table – she didn’t want Mom to see that her own piece was still frozen and didn’t look like a quarter gallon of cum had been poured over it.

Elsie shrugged one shoulder. “Maybe.”

“Tsk-tsk. That’s what you get when you don’t buy the extended warranty,” she said, referring to their penny-pinching father. She walked away with the phone to her ear, talking cheerily to a woman on the other end.

“Too close,” Lilah said, and Elsie flashed her a messy, cummy smile.

“Wanna try some?” Elsie asked, holding up a spoon of spermy cream.

Lilah considered it, and then realized that yes, sharing that cake with her sister would be a pretty hot experience. She nodded, and Elsie lovingly guided the spoon into her big sister’s waiting mouth.

Lilah savored it, taking in the rich flavors before swallowing.

“It’s good, huh?” Elsie said proudly. It had been her idea, after all.

Lilah nodded. “Mm-hm! Delicious.”

Elsie smiled warmly and leaned in. “Now let me taste some?”

Her question didn’t make sense at first, given that she was the one holding the plate and spoon. But right before Lilah swallowed, she caught the meaning in Elsie’s words. Her little sister was just full of sexy ideas; so much so that it kind of scared her. Where had this sex-mad teen been hiding all this time?

After a quick glance around the room, they knew they were safe. The two sisters leaned in for a sticky, messy, sugary kiss.

Nothing had ever tasted so good.

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