The Long-Haul Driver Pt. 04

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Part 4 – The Orthodontist’s Office

Over the weeks leading up to the scheduled opening day of the orthodontist’s office, many bulky crates had been delivered to the store. Because of the size of many of the crates, they had been delivered to the receiving bay of the store. I had moved many of them up to the office during the night when the store was closed and there were no customers around.

I had been called into work during the day shift a few times when they needed someone to move crates and pallets around, and the other receivers were too busy, because I am a licensed forklift operator and know the store layout. I had met several of the orthodontist office staff members briefly. They were mostly women, mainly in their mid-thirties. The whole office was very handicapped accessible, mainly because of the federal government laws, but also because the office manager was ‘disabled’.

I had been introduced to Bernadette, the office manager, not long into the construction process. She was supervising the handicapped access parts of the process to make sure that the office would be comfortable to work in. The first few times I had seen her at the store, it had been from a distance, so I had not seen much of her. I could see that she had long hair that seemed to change colour depending on the light. Usually it was a light copper brown, but changed from a deeper copper in sunlight to an almost red-brown under fluorescent light. She always seemed to be sitting down whenever I saw her.

Janet had told me that she was friends with Bernadette and that she could arrange for me to meet her away from the store if I wanted to get to know her. She wouldn’t tell me what Bernadette’s disability was only that I would have to ask her myself, but that I would be in for a thrill if she trusted me enough to tell me her whole story.

The store had been built with a wide balcony across the entire front of the store. Most of the balcony had been used for storage most of the time, with the management offices only using a small amount of the balcony space. The orthodontist office was being built on a large part of the unused space. Part of the construction was a glass-walled elevator to access the orthodontist office. Janet had told me that Bernadette had insisted that it be glass and that it be built at the entrance to the store, so that it could be used even if the store was closed. I didn’t realize just how important that would be until I got to know Bernadette’s story.

I had been given keys to all the areas of the store so that I could deliver the pallets when no one was around. This included the orthodontist’s office because of the construction. I had a spare set made for my own use, because I had to give the other receivers the keys at the end of my shift. Having that second set of keys would also turn out to be important.

Janet had been helping set up her area of the lab as construction was progressing, and she had been keeping me updated of the changes. I had already delivered much of the furniture, including all of the treatment chairs, when I was asked to come in early to move some construction equipment from the balcony level. It was too big to fit in the elevator, and the other receiver wasn’t licensed for the forklift. I was asked to go to the lab and that Janet would have a list of things for me to move.

Janet’s shift and mine hadn’t matched up for a while, so I hadn’t seen her much lately. She also hadn’t been working as much because she had been writing her final exams and had been setting up the lab before opening day.

When I arrive, Janet is the only one around the office, everyone else has left for the day. Janet is busy working in her lab. “Hello, Janet, long time no see.” She jumps a little and spins around with a huge grin on her face. Across adana escort the front of her top teeth is a heavy chrome wire that glitters in the overhead light. It isn’t just a normal retainer wire but a heavier gauge wire. I stop in my tracks and my jaw drops. I am wearing jeans today since I will be driving the forklift. The crotch of my jeans gets tighter at the sight of her mouth.

“I see that you like what I am wearing today. This is one of my experiments. I used a heavier wire and formed it to fit snugly against each tooth. Then I had the wire coated to make it really shine. I had Bernadette request you specifically, and have you come in early today, so that I could show it to you. This is the first time that I have had a chance to wear this retainer. I just got it finished today.”

I can tell that she is very excited by this, as her nipples are starting to show through her blouse. Today she is wearing a loose fitting pastel red top with lace from the shoulders all the way to her wrists, with the lace extending halfway down her back. I can’t tell if she is wearing a bra or not because I don’t see any bra straps through the lace. She steps around from behind her workbench and I see that she is wearing an above-knee length leather skirt with double-ended zippers that run up both sides. On her feet are suede ankle boots with 3-inch heels and a half-inch sole, giving her calf muscles a seductive curve to them. My jeans get a bit tighter, to the point that there is a slight bulge visible. “What do you think of my outfit? I picked it out with you in mind!” She does a slow turn, giving me a good look at what she is wearing. She has a broad grin on her face the whole time she is turning, her retainer sparkling as she does. “I told Bernadette that you would like to meet her away from this place sometime and that you have a thing for orthodontic appliances. She helped me get this retainer made as well as a couple of other things that I am still working on. She told me that she is going to set up a display cabinet in the office for some of my experiments as well as some normal appliances. She also had an orthodontist chair installed back here in the lab so that I can work on patients here.”

I had delivered several of the chairs recently but had not seen where they had been installed. “Would you like to see where my chair is?” I look around, not seeing one in the lab. She walks over an office door and with a bit of effort opens it. “This room is just about soundproof, Bernadette had it made this way.” Through the door, I see a room with an orthodontist’s chair to one side and a daybed/couch on the other. “Come over here and try the chair. You will see how comfortable it is.”

I enter the room and Janet closes the door behind me. I hear it click and lock behind me, but think nothing of it. She sits down beside the chair on a stool with a high back. With a sparkly smile, she gestures to the chair. I walk over and sit down, swing my legs onto the foot of the chair and lean back into the headrest. “This chair has been designed with a couple of unique features. One is that it has a massage feature that can relax different parts of the body, such as the neck, arms, back and legs.” She turns on the neck and back portions as she is telling me this. “There is also a restraint mechanism for the arms and legs.” She pulls a velcro strap across my right wrist, then leans over me and secures my left wrist. As she does, her blouse moves away from her chest slightly and I get a glimpse of the top of her cleavage through the lace at the top of her blouse. She stands up and walks to end of the chair and takes off my boots. When she bends over to put them underneath the foot of the chair, she is facing towards me and her blouse moves away from her eskişehir escort chest allowing me to see, through the lace, that she is wearing a strapless red lace-cup corset that barely covers her nipples. Looking up at me, she gives me a smile and says “Like what you see?”

I nod and give her a smile. The footrest of the chair is unusual as it is split to the area were the knees rest and both the armrest and footrest area are designed so that the arms and legs are cradled. Janet places velcro straps around both my ankles and they are both secured to the chair. To my surprise, rather than walk to the side of the chair, she slides her legs on either side of my left foot and reaches up to fasten my left knee down. My foot is resting on the inside of both her thighs and my toes are at the top of what turns out to be lace-top stockings. I can’t resist the urge to wiggle my toes slightly, causing her to giggle from the sensation. When she moves to do my right knee, she places her right leg so that my toes are resting against the back of her leg right where the clasp of her garter is. This time I stroke my toes back and forth on her leg.

“Enough of that. I have something a lot more fun planned for you.” Janet walks around the chair and out of my sight over to her workbench. I hear her mixing something up, and soon she returns and reclines the chair back. There is a clicking sound and the part of the chair that is holding my head slides down into the backrest leaving my head and shoulders unsupported. I lean my head back and look at her. Beside her is a tray with several sizes of impression trays and enough alginate to do both jaws. I understand why her stool has a high back as she sits down above my head. She gently lifts my head and slides her chair forward until my head is cradled by her chest. “I am going to do both jaws at the same time, if you can handle it. Open wide so that I can check the fit of the trays.”

I open my mouth and she slips the lower tray in, which fits comfortably. The top tray she has selected doesn’t fit right, so she tries a second one which does fit. “Are you ready for this? It will be quite a mouthful.”

I look up her sparkly grin and mumble an affirmative reply around the trays. She slips her fingers into my mouth and removes the trays. The trays are filled with the alginate and she slips the lower tray into my mouth and presses my teeth into it, then the upper. My mouth feels so full with both trays in at the same time. She begins to run her neoprene gloved fingers along my gums, checking the firmness of the impression material. “Open as wide as you can, please. This is going to take a bit of wiggling to get them out.” She wiggles and rocks the lower tray until it loosens enough to slip out, followed by the upper. She gives my face a gentle wipe with a damp cloth to remove some leftover material from my face.

I feel her shift her stool to the right and the side of my face brushes against her hard nipple, an unexpected but very pleasant sensation. She leans forward slightly so that she can look into my mouth, then runs her gloved fingers around the inside of my mouth chasing a few loose pieces if alginate, which presses her nipple more firmly against my cheek. Satisfied that she has removed most of the leftover material, she pushes her stool away from me and pushes several buttons to return the headrest back into position and move the chair to an upright position. “Would you like to rinse out your mouth?” I give a nod. She holds a cup of water to my lips and I sip from it as she tips it towards me. “Swish it around your mouth and tilt your head back. I’m going to suction your mouth out.” She picks up the suction nozzle and when I tilt my head back, runs the nozzle around the inside of sakarya escort my mouth.

One of the lights on her phone starts to flash and there is the sound of a bird chirping. “That is Bernadette’s private line. She told me she would give me a call. This phone and the one in Bernadette’s office are the only phones that have access to this number.” Picking up the handset, she pushes the flashing button and says “Hello Bernie, everything is going just as you suggested. Did you watch it on the webcam?” She points to the corner of the room where I see the lens of the webcam sitting on a shelf. It is positioned to cover the chair, and when zoomed in, the face of the person in the chair. “Janet pushes another button and says “You are on speaker now, Bernie.”

I hear a mature sounding chuckle, followed by, “I saw what Janet has been doing. You both seem to be enjoying what is happening. I’m glad that the chair is working as I hoped it would. I’m busy for the next couple of days, but I want to meet you in person soon. Expect a call from me. Bye for now and have fun.”

I turn to Janet and with a broad smile on my face ask, “You and Bernadette set this up? This whole thing was planned?”

“I talked to Bernadette about you and she made some very interesting suggestions. These have been just a few of them. Now let’s get you out of those restraints and get you back to work before they come looking for you. We don’t want the secrets that this room has, to be discovered. I had a few other things that I wanted to do but I don’t think we have time right now.”

With that said, she stands up and walks to the end of the chair, undoes my ankles and then leans forward again and undoes the restraints on my knees. She has once again given me a glimpse of her cleavage through the lace of her blouse. “When I release your wrists, you have to behave yourself. We don’t have time right now for me to discipline you,” she says with a huge smile that exposes the chrome wire across her teeth to my view.

“Only if you promise that we can resume this when we have more time,” I reply. “I really have enjoyed what happened. The restraints were a really nice touch, although you could have taken the impressions without them. If you had told me you wanted to take them, I would have willingly done it.”

“Using the restraints was a big turn-on for me. I have been wanting to use that chair since Bernadette had it installed, but we haven’t had a chance to get you in here until today.” She moves to my side and loosens the right strap but doesn’t take it off. I turn my palm so that it is facing up. When she reaches across to undo my left wrist, the height and position of the chair is such that her breast lands in my palm. I flex my fingers slightly, enjoying how it feels. She fumbles slightly with the strap, taking her time undoing it. Turning to face me, she says, “You promised to behave yourself, which you aren’t doing.”

“I’m still restrained, don’t forget. I promised to behave after you removed the straps.” I lean forward and give her a quick kiss on the lips. When I go to move back, she moves with me, pressing her lips against mine and opening them slightly. I feel her tongue against my lips and then she runs it over my teeth. Unable and unwilling to resist the urge, I open my mouth slightly and extend my tongue past my teeth and extend it far enough to run it over her teeth. The sensation of my tongue feeling all the little curves in her retainer wire sends tingles all over my body. Being unable to move just enhances the experience.

Pulling back from my lips, she finally undoes my left wrist and sits back, undoing my right wrist. “You had better get back to work. We don’t want to get caught. I won’t get in trouble, but you might. I will still be here for a while, there is something Bernadette wants me to work on tonight.”

I stand up and Janet gives me a gentle push to get me moving out of her office. Her hands are on my back, pushing me, all the way to the outer door. With one last, long, look at her brilliant, sparkling smile, I return to my job. I have a smile on my face for the rest of my shift.

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