Was It You?

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You stand there in the bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror. You wipe the sleep from your eyes and push your hair back admiring your smooth face. Your robe begins to fall from your shoulders. You let it fall to the floor as you turn towards the shower and begin to turn the taps. First the cold…and then you begin adding hot. You haven’t had a very hot shower in a while so you make sure there is just that little extra bite to it this time. You figure you deserve it.

You admire your figure one last time in the mirror, giving each breast a little squeeze and each nipple a little tweak, before the steam begins to cloud it. You step into the shower and feel each little drop of water pummeling your body like little fingers. They massage they’re way into your muscles. You can feel all the stress in your body running down the drain.

Something pulls you from your fantasy. A click at the door? No, it couldn’t be. You are alone in your house. You decided it was Pendik Escort nothing and you return to feeling the heat penetrating your every inch. You grab the shampoo and place a small dab in your hands and begin working it into your hair. You close your eyes relishing in this fantastic feeling.

From behind the shower curtain a hand reaches in and begins to help you massage the shampoo into your scalp. You don’t notice it at first but then it clicks in. You look over and recognize the arm extending its way into your shower…it’s mine. You close your eyes again as you step back under the spray and allow the water to wash the suds out of your hair. You can feel the bubbles pop as they trail all the way down your body.

I move in behind you and grab the bar of soap. I rub the bar in my hand and begin to work them against your back and shoulders. Massaging as I go. My hands envelope your body like the water coming from the tap. Caressing Pendik Escort Bayan you as they perform their magic. My hands wrap around your sides as I begin to massage your stomach and side. I work my way up to your chest giving each of your breasts a good massage. I take a little more soap on my hands and place my finger around your nipple tracing a circle around it.

You gasp from the little shocks it sends through your body. Suddenly, I spin you around to face me and I begin to kiss you passionately. The water splashes between our bodies. You begin to feel that familiar tingle between your legs. My hands push your hair back from your face and then one hand falls down your body slowly and it trails its way down until you feel it push lightly against your most private of places. I let one of my fingers fall between the folds of your flesh. It bumps against your clit, which sends shivers up your spine. I let my finger penetrate you Pendik Escort slowly. You feel each knuckle as it slides in deeper and deeper. You have a mini-orgasm. I pull my finger out just as slow.

The water running down our bodies has put us both in a swirl. Is this really happening?! I remove my finger and you feel something soft yet firm. Its heat exceeds that of the shower and you know what is coming next. I push myself inside you. You can feel the entire length of me as I push deeper and deeper. I slide myself in and out at a steadily increasing pace as your climax approaches your head begins to spin.

The next thing you notice is that the shower has become cold. You look around and realize you are alone in the shower. Was it a dream?! You finish washing up and jump out before you freeze. As you step out of the shower the phone rings. You answer and it’s me on the other end of the line. I ask if you enjoyed you shower. You think for a moment. No it couldn’t be. You reply “Yes it was very relaxing. When will you be here?”

“In a few minutes.” I say. You decided right then and there you are going to make wild passionate love to me as soon as I walk in the door. You begin to set-up your surprise starting with your sexy lace teddy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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