White Trash Incest Ch. 02

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“Dammit Dave… if I catch you fuckin our daughter again, I’m gonna cut your little dick off! Sorry son of a bitch!”

My aunt Trisha ain’t too fond of my uncle Dave pickle ticklin my cousin Max. Can’t blame the horny ol motherfucker. Max is beautiful. Dark hair. Succulent lips. Got some big ass, sweet ass titties too. I fuck her all the time. We all fuck in this family.

Trisha is kind of a hypocrite. I’ve knocked the bitch up six times. She lied to uncle Dave though. Told em they were his. God damn, I love aunt Trisha’s melons! Huge, heavy hooters. Fuckin awesome titty milk too. I drink it all the time. She bottles it for me when she ain’t around. I drink that funky shit almost as much as I drink beer… or moonshine.

Trisha walked in on uncle Dave booty bangin Max on her bed. Dave’s got a pretty big dick, not a small one like Trisha said. She loves to tease him, but she also loves to take it in her thick ass too. I got the Horniest fuckin family on earth. GOD DAMN… I LOVE IT!

Max was doing a webcam show with her dad, like she does with me all the time. She loves to be watched. I fucking dig watchin the big titty bitch too. Them 34DDs flopping under her as her daddy pounded her tight butt. Max was cummin and blowin kisses to the camera. She does that for me. Sweet cousin.

Trisha walked in on em right after Max took a fat facial from her dad. That beautiful white face with that slimy skeet all over it. Damn sexy ass sight!

Mama’s got her date over. They’re banging in her Avrupa Yakası Escort bedroom. It’s right next to mine in the trailer. I can hear her moanin and cooin. I love my mama’s sex noises. Such a damn turn on. Best one is when she takes two dicks up her ass. Me and my cousin Hank double butt fucked her yesterday. We did a cam show. The fans loved it. So did mama. Hank’s got a small dick, but I’ve got a really big one so that made up for it. We both suckled on mama’s not even saggy D cup titties too. Double breastfeeding is a big hit on our cam shows. It’s usually me and Max doing it to mama… or my sister Kelly and me sucking on mama’s milky udders. God… they both blow me afterwards. So fuckin good!

Kelly is a piss freak. I don’t need a toilet. She gladly drinks me dry whenever I need to piss. Mama loves piss enemas. I love pissin in her mature ass and filming Kelly or Max drinking it outta there. They all play it up real slutty like for the camera. Such good sluts.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Aunt Katie… you got one sweet mouth. Sooooooo gooooodddddd.” My sexy aunt Katie is taking Kelly’s place, lovingly drinking my warm, salty piss while I down the rest of the jug of kick ass moonshine. She’s sitting on the toilet, all relaxed and shit. Those sweet, luscious lips rolling up and down my foot long weiner as I happily piss down her thirsty throat. Moonshine jug in one hand… camera in the other. Our cam shows are fuckin awesome!

“Thanks Bahçelievler Escort for the tasty drink, baby doll. Yum.” Katie smiles so sweet, lickin and suckin me dry. She poses for the camera, double deuces, that tongue lustfully lappin all around my fat, pissin meat, piss drippin out the corners of her mouth. So God damn sexy!

I spend about fifteen minutes or so sucking on Katie’s C cups, drinking her tasty titty delight. Milk like honey. Mmmm mmmmmm! I suck em all the way in my mouth, the whole titty, each one, and suck as hard as humanly possible on em, delicious milk shooting against the back of my throat. So fucking good!

Mama fixed me lunch… and blew me under the table. Fried chicken and blowjobs… should be the name of a damn show on Food Network. I think I’ll start it on our family cam show. Oh yeah.

Mama and I watched Max get gangbanged out back by her boyfriend and his biker buddies. We filmed it. Hey… they’re out in public… so I’m gonna make a buck off em.

Mama went out and joined in. Took two biker dicks up her perfectly smooth butt. Mama’s got one gorgeous ass for a woman in her sixties. She and Max took ten loads on their faces… then got covered in piss. A piss bukkake in our backyard. Pretty normal for this trailer park. Got a helluva hot movie outta it. Max looked at the trailer while she was getting gangbanged and winked, knowing I was filming her. Horny minds think alike.

Trisha fucked Bahçeşehir Escort the trailer park manager. She let me film it… and join in. I booty plugged her while Merlin did her pussy. Trisha looks so fuckin hot getting DPed. Back and front. A DP sandwich. That thick, curvy body, huge boobs and tight holes had us moanin, groanin and cummin like a motherfucker… or three of em.

Trisha pissed on Merlin as she squatted over his face. She took a huge piss facial from me as I filmed it. She drank the last of it. Sucked me bone dry. That bitch loves getting fucked. And I lover her super slutty ass.

Found out I got Max, mama and Trisha all pregnant… again. They took a DNA test to make sure it was me… again. I don’t mind. Already knocked up Kelly. She’s having triplets… again. Third time. Yep… I got several baby mamas. All but one in my family.

Still pimpin all my hoes too. I pimp Max out to every biker I can. She’s still fuckin me and her dad too. Her dumbass boyfriend don’t know. He thinks it’s just him and his buddies fuckin her. Boy… is that stupid motherfucker in for a surprise.

I pimp mama out to all my buddies. To uncle Dave too. She loves young dick. 18 and up. Two dicks in her ass… three in her twat. Horny ho took thirteen dicks at one time the other day. Two in the ass… three in the pussy… three in her mouth… two in each hand… and even one with her feet. God, that was hot! Put it all on the cam show. It crashed the site. Milf slut takes thirteen dicks at one time was the headline. Fucking awesome!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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