Young Widow Ch. 05

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I suggest that the reader take this series in order. At least read the introduction to the first story to get the background of both me and my stories. Thanks. And thank you also for the positive feedback so far. It is much appreciated.


After our quick – and separate – showers, we dressed hurriedly and emerged from our rooms just about on time. No-one could guess that I had just woken Tom with a sensuous blowjob. But I had slept in his bed after a great evening of sex. So far it was looking like a nice business trip.

We were working with different groups at this company, so we weren’t together all morning. I was just finishing lunch in the company cafeteria when Tom came in to eat. We found a chance to talk alone, but tried not to act like lovers.

“You certainly are looking radiant,” he told me.

“You just think that because you’ve had great sex,” I said, teasing.

“That is certainly true,” he answered. “But I’m not the only one who thinks you look good.”

“Really?” A girl is always willing to hear a compliment. “Who else?”

“Jimmy,” he said.

“Jimmy? The man who picked us up yesterday?” He was a good-looking guy, and seemed nice.

“That’s the one,” Tom answered. “I’m working with him, and it seems that he has a little crush on you. He asked if we were a couple.”

“And what did you say?” I smiled.

Tom continued, “I said no, we weren’t, but I was doing you.”

My facial expression must have been scary, because even before I could say a word Tom kept talking.

“No, no, no. Just kidding! I’m just kidding!” I calmed down, but was still apprehensive. “Really, I’m just kidding. I didn’t tell him that. I did say that we were dating.” Tom looked at me for approval, hoping his little joke hadn’t upset me.

“Okay,” I said, calmly. Then teasingly I said, “Was he devastated he couldn’t have me?”

“Actually, he sort of asked if we’d be interested in sharing.”

I was shocked again, but not mad. “You mean a three-way? He really said that?”

“Pretty much. He wanted me to ask you, but I told him you wouldn’t be interested in that kind of thing. Would you?”

“Of course not!” I replied. “No! I’ll do just about anything with a guy, but I don’t want to get kinky with a group of people. I hope you know that.”

Tom looked at me with a strange expression on his face. I didn’t know why. I thought back at what I had just said, and realized that I had said something I didn’t mean. Well, okay, I meant it, but I didn’t mean to say it. “I’ll do just about anything with a guy” isn’t something I should tell a guy whom I just had slept with for the first time, even if he was a good friend and my boss.

“Tom?” I said, as he continued to stare.

“No,” he said, snapping out of it. “I mean yes, I knew you weren’t interested. That’s what I told him.”


As we were parting, Tom said, “See you at the rooms before dinner. Jimmy is ‘assigned’ to wine and dine us again tonight.”

“Okay.” Then just to tease, I said, “He is kind of cute!” It’s good to keep men guessing!

When I was done with my meetings I went back to my room. Tom wasn’t back yet. I took another shower to refresh myself, then laid down on my bed. for a nap or at least a short rest. I soon heard Tom next door, but I stayed relaxed. Before long he knocked and came in.

“Everything go okay?” he asked.

“Yes, great, we even finished early. How about you?”

“Just a couple minor issues. I don’t think we really needed to even make the trip, but it makes the client feel better.” He sat on the edge of my bed and leaned in to give a slow, leisurely kiss. “It makes me feel better, too.”

“Mmmm,” I answered, returning the kiss, which turned decidedly less leisurely. We were getting turned on when I said, “We don’t really have time. It’s almost dinner time, and I have to get dressed.”

“Yes, I noticed you weren’t dressed,” he grinned, looking up and down at my towel-clad body.

I grinned back at him. I had to be careful or I would give in and have sex right now, but then we would miss dinner. That wouldn’t be good. I was hot for this man, right now, but it would have to wait for a couple hours.

“I got something this afternoon,” he said. “Are you adventurous?”

I looked at him quizzically. He sounded mysterious. I didn’t answer.

“I’m taking a chance here.” Now he sounded nervous. “If you say no, or tell me to stop, that’s fine with me.” There was something in his hand. He brought it up to my chest, pushing it against my breast, down under the towel. Then it started vibrating.

“What’s that?” I asked. I wasn’t alarmed, just curious. The vibration was light, and it felt pleasurable. When it reached my nipple it felt very good. “Ohh, that’s nice.”

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes, but what is it?”

“Just a little vibrator,” he said innocently. “It’s just to tickle you a little.”

“Mmmmmmm. That’s nice. But I wouldn’t call that tickling.” It was indeed pleasurable, sending tingling demetevler escort sensations from my nipples throughout my body. In just a few moments I thought I could feel my pussy getting wet. I moaned some more.

“Oh, you do like that. You are enjoying it.” he said. “And you’re dressed just right for it. He leaned over my chest. He removed it from my nipple but replaced it immediately with his mouth and tongue. I felt his hand on my leg, then on my bush. I felt a vibration in my pussy, then it moved right onto my clit.

“ANGHHNNNGG!” I was surprised by the powerful surge that shot through my body as it vibrated directly on my clit. Pain and pleasure, I felt like my body went limp and stiff at the same time. It lasted only a moment. Perhaps I knocked it off my clit when I jerked. I now felt the vibration on my slit. Now just pleasure. Oh, God. Pleasure. The vibrations in my pussy, so near my clit, and the sucking and teasing of my nipple by Tom’s mouth.

“UNNNG,” I cried. I could hear Tom’s voice, but I had no idea what he was saying. Strange sensations were traveling all through my body, taking turns, surging here and there. My body lay open, arms at my sides, legs spread, nothing but tiny shocks pinging through me.

Soon I felt a surge deep inside me. My pussy felt like – yes, there it is. There it goes. Small, high pitched squeaks filled my ears. For a moment I wondered what they were until I realized they were mine. They sounded different. Higher, louder, perhaps And then, my pussy exploded in orgasm. My body trembled. I made noises. I stiffened, then relaxed, then did it again. My pussy was empty, but cumming. The spasms decreased.

“What was that?” I asked when I could.

“Just my little surprise,” Tom said. He was stroking my labia, wet now, and pushing something, his ‘surpise’ I guessed, against my hole.

I looked at him gratefully. “Your little surprise was very nice. But you didn’t have to be nervous about it.”

He looked back at me, smiling. “That’s not the part I’m nervous about,” he said. I felt him pushing harder against my hole. I was enjoying the stimulation. It felt like his penis was trying to get in. Just then something entered my vagina. It felt like a penis head, but just the head. I thought it must be the thing he had been using on me. It was now inside me. I could feel it. I raised my head up and looked at Tom in wonder.

“That’s the surprise,” he said. “It’s supposed to go inside you. If you don’t like it it’s okay.”

I didn’t say anything. I was adjusting to the feel of it inside me. My vagina pulsed on it a little, perhaps still sensitive from my orgasm.

“It feels okay. Kind of good. Now what?” I asked.

“You can just leave it in there for a while,” he answered.

“While I walk around?”

“Yes, it can stay in as long as you like.”

“What about the vibrations?” I asked. I remembered vividly when it was vibrating!

“Well, it can do that, too, if you want.” He looked at me and smiled.

Just then I felt a vibration, deep inside me. Inside my pussy. OH! Oh, my, it tingled. Ewwww, little sparks, my pussy was alive!

“What IS that?” I asked.

Tom showed me his other hand, with the remote control. “It’s an egg. A toy. This controls when it vibrates. The man who sold it to me said it is very pleasurable, but not to leave it on too long.”

“Turn it off,”I said sternly, looking right at him.

He turned it off, and looked at me warily. Now what?

I looked right back at him and said, “Turn it on.”

His face lightened and he turned it on.

“UHHHHH.” The sensation was a surprise when it first came on again. I got used to it in a few seconds, and it felt very good. Quite stimulating.

“Should I keep it in during dinner?” I asked.

“That would be fun,” he answered, He looked like he had already had that idea.

“Turn it off.” I said. “That gets to you after a minute! Okay, give me the remote.”

“No, that’s mine,” he said.

I was surprised. “What? You get to control it? No, not fair.”

He smiled devilishly. “That’s what makes it fun!” He ran off into his room, saying, “Hurry and get dressed. We’ll be late.”

I could take it out whenever I wanted, but I was excited. And not just from my orgasm. This was a little sex game that even Ralph and I hadn’t done. It sounded like fun.

A little while later Tom called over. “Are you ready?”

I called back, “AlmoOOOOOOOST!” Oh, God, my pussy erupted in the middle of the word. It took a second to realize that Tom had turned my pussy on – literally – with his remote. “TOM!!” I yelled.

He stuck his head around the corner, a big grin on his face. “Yes?”

I threw a towel at him. “Be careful with that thing!”

Tom turned it on several more times before we made it down to the dinner. I was almost used to it by then, getting a surprise but not yelling out anymore. Just before the elevator doors opened he did it again, and I otele gelen escort said, “Don’t do that around people, or we might have a lot of explaining to do! Now behave!”

Jimmy was waiting for us, as we arrived a little late. He gave Tom a handshake, and me a quick hug. Just as I leaned in to him my pussy exploded again. My body stiffened, my eyes bugged open, and my mouth dropped. I’m not sure how much of this Jimmy saw, but I started coughing to cover my strange actions, giving Tom the dirtiest look I could. I wasn’t too successful, though, as I also was trying to stifle a laugh.

“Are you okay?” Jimmy asked.

I assured him I was, just a cough. I wondered how many times I would be coughing during dinner.

Just as I was about to order, the egg came on again. I waited for a moment to speak, until it turned off. I waited. But it didn’t turn off. I felt the continual vibration pulsing through my pussy. Tom was totally ignoring my looks, so I gathered my strength and gave the waiter my order. I must have sounded funny.

“Are you okay” Jimmy asked again.

“Sure,” I said, smiling weakly. “I’m feeling a little flush, but I’m fine.” I was calming my body down, which is hard to do while your pussy is twitching with desire.

Tom did turn it off, but just for a few minutes at a time. He let it on more than it was off, and I came to be able to control myself pretty well. On the outside. Inside, my body was a mess. My pussy was on fire in a way I had never known before. I don’t really remember eating. I’m sure I wasn’t a very good conversationalist. When dinner was over, Tom suggested that he take me back to my room, as I wasn’t feeling too well. I just nodded. I was beginning to perspire.

When we got into the elevator I drew my hand back to give Tom a playful slap. Before I could follow through, my body convulsed as my pussy received an even stronger shock.

“WHAAT?” I was confused, then finally understanding. “That thing has a higher speed?”

“Yes,” Tom said, smiling, as I got another strong shock.

“Stop that before I cum!” I ordered, getting desperate.

He did it again.

“I’m going to kill you,” I said. Smiling of course.

He did it again as we exited the elevator. “What?” he asked.

“I said I’m going to kill you,” I repeated, laughing. Tears were coming from my eyes.

He did it again just as we got to the his door. “What?” he asked, pulling me in tight.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I mumbled through our joined lips. “I’m going to fuck you silly.”

He got the door open and we tumbled inside. We pulled at each other’s clothes. We were both turned on, especially me. I reached into my panties and got the damn egg out of my pussy.

“Oh, God, what a relief!” I said, pulling the panties off. I was now completely naked. And I wanted him. I wanted fucked. He finished stripping his clothes off as I embraced him, kissing him deeply. My pussy felt empty now, but his hand reached between my legs as if he could read my mind. A finger – no, two fingers – were shoved roughly into my vagina. I humped my engorged clit against the heel of his hand. I pushed my hips hard into it. In just a moment I was cumming. Hard.

“UNNNNGGGG.” My hips kept pumping into his hand, I kept squeaking, my arms around his neck supported my body to keep me from falling to the ground. I went limp.

Tom carried me over to the bed and laid me gently down. His hands stroked over my body, calming me down.

“Holy shit!” I said. “I’m not sure I want to do that again.” But I was still tingling all over.

I felt his erection pushing into my stomach. I reached down between our bodies and enclosed it in my hand. I pushed it down between my legs, moaning as I felt it slide between my labia. I heard Tom moan too. I looked at him and realized how turned on he was. And I certainly was.

“Fuck me,” I whispered in his ear.

He raised up, placed his penis at my entrance, and pushed it hard, all the way up my pussy, filling me, pushing the air out of me. Both of us moaned loudly as he parted me. He kept it deep inside, holding it still, enjoying the feeling as my vagina was tight against his whole shaft. After a few seconds he pulled out slowly, nearly the whole way, then shoved roughly back in the whole way, and held it there again. He did that a few more times before he started plunging in rapidly, moaning with each thrust.

I knew he wouldn’t last long. Neither would I. I reached for my clit. Almost as soon as I touched it I erupted in a tremendous explosion. My pussy tightened around Tom’s shaft. He couldn’t hold off, and wasn’t trying to. His cum spurted out hard, while he moaned loudly as well. If the next room was occupied they heard quite a show.

As I came down from my climax, I realized Tom was still deep inside me. He was still hard. My vagina kept twitching, and his erection showed no sign of shrinking. I squeezed him hard with my pussy muscles. He looked at me. balgat escort He didn’t smile, but looked pleased. And horny.

He shifted one leg on top of mine and slid his hands under my ass. Then he rolled over, holding my pussy close so he didn’t fall out. I was now laying on top of him, still fully impaled. We both moaned again. I rocked back onto him, feeling his erection deep inside of me. I rocked back and forth, enjoying the sensation as if I had not cum yet tonight.

I sat up on Tom, raising my hips up, pulling his penis out somewhat, then sitting down on it, forcing him deep. I raised up again, further, and pushed down again, harder. The sensation was great, and I kept doing it.

Tom reached up and grabbed my breasts, pinching the nipples, driving me crazy, playing with my mounds as I bounced on his lap. I came again as my nipples and pussy were linked by electrical shocks shooting between them. I screamed with my release. My pussy spasms tightened around Tom’s shaft, but I kept going, raising up on him and them letting my body plunge downward, forcing his dick through the narrowed tunnel. I suppose it caused him some pain, but I wasn’t thinking of that at the moment. I just came and came, possibly the longest orgasm I had ever had.

I dropped down, laying my body on his, my breasts mashing against his chest. His dick was still hard, deep inside me, and it still felt good. I felt satisfied, not urgent, but content. I moved my hips in a circular motion for a pleasant sensation of his rod massaging my insides.

Tom was moaning. It had been a while, and he still hadn’t cum. Not for the second time. And he seemed to need to. I rotated my hips a little, moving his penis inside me against my walls. He moaned more, and I sat up on him, rotating my hips more and eliciting more moans from him as his erection pushed hard against the sides of my vagina. His hips pushed up at me, lifting me up as he drove his penis deeper. He was squeezing my breasts, just squeezing, not playing. My nipples felt ignored, needing some attention. I pinched one between my thumb and finger, pulling it hard.

My other hand went to my clit. I pushed against it, sending shivers through my body. I kept rotating, then raising up and pushing down on his penis. Before long I came again. I was exhausted, and getting sore. Tom’s erection was still hard but not ready to cum yet. I got off him to give my vagina a rest.

Tom was disappointed, but very happy when I wrapped my hands around his erection. I pumped my hands along his shaft, soaked with my pussy juices and his own cum, while his head shook from side to side. He wanted to cum, he needed to cum, but he wasn’t ready yet. He had cum just a little while ago, and he was something over 35 years old. I was impressed he had been able to keep his erection after cumming, and felt bad that he seemed to be in agony trying to cum again.

I moved my hands around his shaft in different directions, getting both pain and pleasure from him. I squeezed his balls in one hand while stroking with the other. It was pleasurable to him, but I thought he was near tears in frustration. He was moaning.

“Shit,” he said. “Shit. I want to cum.”

“I know. Baby. You can cum. You can do it.” I moved my finger from his balls down toward his ass hole. He groaned again when my finger reached the hole and I put pressure on it. More moaning. I kept one hand pumping his hardened shaft.

“Come on, Baby,” I said. “You’re going to cum. Big gobs of cum. You want to, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he moaned. “Oh, yes, uhhhh.” His hands gripped the sheets, pulling them up.

As I pumped his dick, my finger, wet with our juices, slid into his ass as he cried out, moaning more. I pushed it deeper in, deeper, until I reached his prostate. I pushed against the wall of his prostate, making him cry out.

“Come on, Baby,” I said again. “That’s it. Give it to me. GIve Suzie your cum. Let it go.”

As I pushed against his prostate and pumped his shaft, his cum came boiling up in a mind blowing explosion. Tom cried out, in relief that sounded almost like pain, as his cum came out the tip of his shaft. His deep purple head contrasted with the white, creamy cum. His shattering orgasm actually pushed out just a little sperm, oozing out his slit. I slid my finger over the head, sliding through the cum as Tom’s body relaxed. His penis softened almost immediately, and I played with it as the rest of his body softened as well.

“Shit,” he said again. “Oh, damn, I’m sorry. I couldn’t cum. I’m sorry. Thanks, you were great. You felt so good.”

He thanked me and apologized several times while I soothed him, finally recovering his senses. I went to the bathroom and got a warm, wet cloth. He hadn’t moved a bit. I sat beside him and stroked his wet penis with the cloth, cleaning him off. Cum was all over the place as his cum and mine had leaked out of my pussy and gotten smeared around. I wiped him off as good as I could for several minutes while he smiled and murmured his approval.

I went back to the bathroom and began to clean myself up as well. What a mess!

“SHIT!” I heard suddenly from the other room.

“Now what?” I thought. I went in and asked.

“Susan,” he said. “I forgot all about a condom. I was so turned on that I didn’t think.”

“I know,” I said. “I did the same thing. It’s okay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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