A Weekend At The Lodge

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Thanks as always to todger65 for taking the time to edit my writing. I am not Stephen King and consider myself extremely fortunate that he/she has taken time out of their day to edit my work.

A Weekend at The Lodge


Not that it matters a lot, but it started one Friday evening. Marcy and Bill go out to dinner after work on Fridays. What made this Friday unique was the fact that it had been a hard week for both, which means hard drinking to make up for it. The one other factor that made it unique were a couple of special cookies Bill had purchased on the way home from work.

Normally desert comes after dinner. Marcy and Bill had the kind of week that screams for desert before dinner. Purely from the standpoint of enjoying life, they may have stumbled on a great idea. Nevertheless, they ate the cookies before heading out to dinner and drinks. One of the many interesting things about the couple is that they get extremely horny when they drink and are under the influence of the evil weed.

They both had the best of intentions. Each felt that the other deserved a good fucking and set out to delete the week behind them and embrace the night in front of them. The combination of alcohol and marijuana cookies helped in that regard immensely.

Marcy and Bill are an attractive couple and are used to some casual flirting by the people around them. This particular Friday, both were hyper aware of the glances, comments, and casual touches that they both received in their favorite restaurant and watering hole. Not only were they aware individually, but they also were lubricated enough to want to talk about it with each other. Further proof that pot and alcohol equal horny.

Bill started things off, “Marcy, you are not going to believe what Jim’s wife Sharon just did. She squeezed my cock!”

Marcy trembled a little and put her hand on her husband’s thigh, “Why does that make me hot?

“While Sharon was squeezing your cock her husband ‘accidentally’ squeezed my tit and tickled my nipple. While attempting to apologize he just happened to rub his erection against my ass!”

“Fuck honey, your experience was way hotter than mine! Next time squeeze his cock and see what he does.”

“You know what he will do. He’ll keep escalating until the next thing I know his cock will be in me. Do you want him to fuck me?”

“Do you want Sharon to fuck me?”

“I think we need to go home and fuck each other before we do something crazy.”

That is what they did. The door had been opened and an exciting new world was revealed. It was up to them now as to whether they would walk through it. Of course, they did. This wouldn’t be much of a story if it ended here.


The following morning, a very happy and sexually satisfied couple sat down to breakfast. Bill had done the cooking to express some of his appreciation for the previous night. He was smiling to himself as he ate and reminisced about the night before. The open conversation they had the helped him to realize that his lovely wife got as excited as he did by the flirtations they had experienced. He did not want to lose the new openness, “I’ll be honest. Last night I got extremely excited when you told me about Jim’s attempt to bed you. I think you found it exciting too. Am I wrong? If not, then the question is what do we do about it?”

“I did find it exciting. When you told me about Sharon, I got horny thinking about it. Telling you about Jim made me even more excited. I think if you had told me to go for it, I might have done it. I’m not so sure about it this morning.”

“I get that babe, but if the right people were available at the right time would you follow through? Would you enjoy sex with other people?”

“Only if I knew without a doubt it wouldn’t come between us. I love you and I don’t want to lose you over a thrill.”

“I feel the same way. I am not interested in a relationship with another woman. What I find exciting is the idea of you being brought to extasy. I want you to come your brains out as much as you want, and I don’t mind if I get some help making that happen.”

“So, you wouldn’t screw another woman if I was agreeable?”

“I didn’t say that. It is just that your happiness comes first. I wouldn’t mind if I got some fun out of it as well.”

Marcy was thoughtful, “How would we go about it? I don’t want to act like some needy whore wife. That is not my style in any way, shape, or form.”

“There is no hurry. I know that just the idea makes me horny as hell. Let’s milk that for all it is worth and see what the future brings. In the meantime, come here woman!”

Bill pulled an enthusiastic Marcy into his arms. They started in the kitchen, moved to the living room couch, and ended up back in bed. Their exertions led to a nice Saturday nap. When they awoke, they snuggled and Bill had an epiphany, “Assuming we decide we want to have sex with other people, we don’t have istanbul travesti to figure out how to do it or who to do it with. All we have to do is let ourselves be seduced.”

“That’s a great idea! But we must do it together. I don’t want you having an affair and telling me about it later.”

“I would never do that. The whole other people thing is for us as a couple, not just one of us. Although, I think I would enjoy watching you enjoying yourself.”

“Goodness, you are naughty today. I admit it turns me on thinking about you watching me while some big cock services me. Now come here and fuck me again!”


To say they gave the idea no more thought and moved on to other things would be incorrect. The fact was that neither of them could stop thinking about it. Neither thought about what kinds of fun that they could have for themselves. Instead, both thought about the fun their spouse could have. Each wanted the other to have an amazing experience. That mindset would make it possible for their marriage to remain solid if the opportunity ever arose to have sex with other people.

The upcoming weekend was a three-day weekend due to a national holiday. The couple had reservations at the local state park lodge. They had spent their honeymoon at the lodge and tried to go back every year. They always reserved the same room each year not only for nostalgia’s sake, but also because it provided easy access to the swimming pool. The sliding door from their room opened onto the pool deck. The pool bar was conveniently located within feet of their room.


It was a beautiful evening for a drive as the couple headed to the lodge. The hour drive let them shed the weight of the work week and redirect their minds toward a relaxing weekend. Neither expected anything exciting to happen with other people, but they both tingled with anticipation. In the worst case their fantasies were being well fed and that would lead to amazing sex between the two.

Marcy and Bill checked in, got things settled in their room, and went to dinner at the five-star restaurant in the lodge. State park lodges had come a long way from the days of primitive cabins. The lodge is in fact a very well-run hotel that happens to be located within a beautiful state park.

An after-dinner stroll on the walking path around lodge was followed by a visit to the lodge bar. The lodge bar is a not a hole in the wall that serves cheap beer. It is in fact quite large and well equipped. The bar can easily seat thirty people. Tables surrounded a large dance floor increasing the capacity to well over a hundred. The band was finishing setting up their equipment as the couple arrived.

The couple found seats at the bar with a view of the dance floor and settled in for a few hours. A short time later another couple sat down near them and they struck up a conversation. Bill was the kind of person who had never met a stranger. He could, and did, talk to anyone that came within conversation distance, “Hello folks. How are you this evening?”

The handsome couple he had directed his question to smiled and the gentleman responded, “We are doing great. The week is over, and we have a long weekend ahead of us.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I’m Bill and this is my wife, Marcy.”

“This is my wife Gera and I’m John.”

“It’s nice to meet you both. Have you and Gera been here before?”

“Yes, we try to come at least once a year. We came here on our first anniversary and have returned every year for the last five years.”

“Marcy and I have a similar story. We spent our honeymoon here and come back every year to celebrate our anniversary. This will be five years for us as well.”

The two couples settled into easy conversation. They had a lot in common and Bill was cautiously optimistic that John and Gera could be the kind of people that he and Marcy could have fun with. Sex hadn’t occurred to him at this point. That was about to change.

Ten minutes before the band was supposed to start John leaned over and whispered to Bill, “We’re going outside to catch a buzz if you guys would like to join us.”

Bill turned to Marcy and whispered, “They are going outside to smoke a little rope. Do you want to go?”

Marcy had a few drinks in her by this point and smoking some pot sounded like a great idea, “Sure. Let’s go.”

The two couples went outside and found a secluded spot. John pulled out a vape pen and they passed it around. Soon enough the four people had developed a pleasant buzz. Bill got a bit spacy, as one does when partaking of marijuana, and he began checking out the couple they had just met. Gera caught his attention first. She was about five-foot four inches tall with brown hair cut in a pixie cut that served to outline her pretty face. Her brown eyes sparkled with humor. His eyes worked their way down her body checking out her pert c-cup breasts, narrow hips, and nicely rounded butt. Her short dress displayed her slender istanbul travestileri legs to great effect.

While Bill was evaluating Gera, Marcy was evaluating John and she liked what she saw. His six-foot two-inch height made him three inches taller than her. He kept his brown hair relatively short, and his hazel eyes were slightly downturned. She realized that he was checking her out while she checked him out. When her eyes reached the crotch of his slacks it became obvious, he liked what he saw. She shivered internally at the size of the bulge he was sporting.

Unknown to Bill and Marcy, John and Gera were on the hunt for a couple to have some fun with. Bill and Marcy appeared to be an excellent possibility. When they had gone outside Gera had felt a rush over her body as she watched Bill walking. The guy had a great ass. Just now she caught him checking her out and returned the favor. Bill wasn’t as tall as her husband, but he was very fit and sported a substantial bulge that seemed to get even bigger as his eyes ran down her body. If the truth were known, he could have taken her right on the spot and she would have enthusiastically let him. She knew that John would have enjoyed the show.

The talked and laughed while passing the vape pen and lost track of time. The sound of muffled music caught their attention, and they went back to the bar for some dancing.

The band started out with some fast tunes and the two couples danced through the first two before taking a break. A few songs later the band played a slow song, and the couples went back onto the dance floor. Gera and John took advantage of the semi-privacy to talk about the young couple they had just got high with. Gera started the conversation, “So, what do you think honey?”

“They have potential for sure.”

“You just love her long legs.”

“That is true. I couldn’t help but notice you watching his ass.”

“Yes, he has a nice ass, but did you see the size of his bulge?”

“I can’t say that I did. I don’t usually check out guys bulges. It isn’t an area of interest for me. I did notice Marcy has a nice figure.”

“I noticed that as well. I think we need to see what tomorrow brings, but we should talk to my sister and her husband.”

“So, you think we might be able to seduce Bill and Marcy?”

“It is worth a shot. They are both too juicy to let the chance go by.”

A few moments later John felt a tap on his shoulder.

Bill smiled, “Do you mind if I cut in?”

Bill and Marcy were standing there. The couples switched partners as the song continued. Bill and John swept their new dance partners into their arms and continued to dance. Bill liked the feel of the petite woman in his arms. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest and his crotch began to respond to the stimulus. Gera chuckled softly, “I think someone slipped a section of pipe into your pants kind sir.”

Bill started to pull away in embarrassment. Gera wouldn’t let him, “I didn’t say I minded.

“Actually, I am flattered. It feels like you find me attractive.”

“That I do. I usually have better control and better manners. We are married people after all.”

“I can’t speak for Marcy, but I am sure that my husband doesn’t mind. We are only dancing.”

Gera rubbed her pelvis against his rapidly growing erection, “That is quite the monster you have there.”

“Thank you, but I think that you have something to do with the rapid growth.”

Meanwhile, John and Marcy were having a similar experience. Marcy wasn’t nearly as vocal as Gera, but she nevertheless felt John’s erection rubbing against he as they danced. She could tell that he was exceptionally long, and she wondered how it would feel sliding into her. She shivered a little at the thought.

The song ended and the two couples returned to the bar. Nothing had been said, but an undercurrent of sexual excitement had developed. When they sat back down John sat next to Marcy and Bill sat with Gera. The couples still talked as a group, but the dynamic had changed. As the minutes passed Marcy found herself in conversation almost exclusively with John. Occasional glances confirmed that her husband was doing the same with Gera. When the next slow song started it seemed only natural for Marcy to dance with John and Gera to dance with Bill.

Marcy looked forward to feeling John’s erection rubbing against her again as they strolled to the dance floor. He swept her into his arms, and they began to dance. As the song progressed his hands slid down her back and onto her hips. His hands followed the movement of her hips as she swayed against him. Marcy was getting aroused at the feel of his erect cock rubbing against her and she did not complain when his hand gently squeezed her ass. He leaned in and kissed her neck while the hand that had been caressing her ass suddenly grabbed it and pulled her against him.

Marcy let out a gasp at his audacity and gently pushed his hand off her ass, “Please don’t’ travesti istanbul do that. Everyone in the place can see what you are doing.” In her heart she wanted him to continue. In her heart she wanted to see that long cock hidden in his pants. In her heart she wanted him to fuck her.

Bill’s pants were becoming painfully tight as he danced closely with Gera. Gera had a hand on his chest and her fingertips brushed across his nipple sending a thrill through him. As they danced her hand slowly glided down his chest to his stomach, and finally brushed his erection. Bill’s hands were on her hips and he instinctively pulled her hard against his erection, “You had better stop squeezing me like that. I don’t think management would like it if I took you right here. Not to mention our spouses.”

Gera smiled mischievously, “Mine won’t mind. What about yours?”

“I don’t know, and I haven’t asked her. Until I do, I think we need to back off a bit.”

“You don’t find me attractive?”

“Of course, I do, but I love my wife and I won’t do anything that might cause her pain or without her approval.”

John and Gera took the resistance of Bill and Marcy with good grace. Both were excited at the possibilities. It was obvious that Bill and Marcy were ripe for seduction. It was time to back off a little and let the couple think. There was no sense in scaring them off.

The couples danced some fast tunes before taking a break at the bar. A few drinks later Bill and Marcy were ready to go to their room. John figured that their horny factor was about a ten and the couple wanted to jump each other’s bones, “Why don’t we go outside again before you guys go to bed?”

Bill readily agreed and they went back outside to the secluded spot they had found earlier. A few tokes later the conversation swirled around to Gera, “Marcy, John is an excellent kisser is Bill as well?”

“Bill is a wonderful kisser. He makes my knees weak whenever he kisses me.”

“John does that for me. Why don’t we compare?”

“Uhm, I guess. If Bill is ok with it.”

Bill looked at his wife, “Sure, why not.”

Bill tentatively pulled Gera into his arms while John confidently pulled Marcy into his. Marcy was a little resistant at first, but if the truth be told John had gotten her motor running and she was very aroused. She did not resist as his tongue entered her mouth. Quite the opposite in fact. Her tongue met his in a tangle that went back and forth in the most pleasant of ways. She thought about him undressing her and seeing him undressed. His bulge intrigued her.

Bill noticed right away that Gera’s mouth was much smaller than Marcy’s. For some unknown reason that turned him on. Her lips were soft and supple. He sucked her top lip slightly into his mouth and ran his tongue across it. He released her lip and their tongues met. Gera gripped his erection through his pants and as their kiss deepened, she stroked him. After a few minutes Bill forced himself to end the kiss, or he’d fuck her right where they stood.

They all moved apart and stood for a moment in aroused silence. They were recovering from the hottest kiss any of them had every had with anyone but their own spouse. Finally, Bill shook John’s hand, “We hope to see you both tomorrow at the pool.”

“We will be there.”

When Bill and Marcy arrived at their room the door was barely closed before they were in each other’s arms and kissing passionately. Clothes were on the floor and they were on the bed in seconds. The entire evening had been a torturous foreplay and no more was needed. Bill entered her immediately and they fucked liked animals. Their orgasms happened fast and with an intensity they had rarely experienced. It had been quite a night.


The following morning Bill and Marcy had breakfast and prepared for a day by the pool. The sliding door from their room fed onto a shared patio with the neighboring rooms. The pool was ten steps away and looked inviting with the sun glistening off its miniature waves. They were both avid readers and were perfectly happy to sit and read while enjoying their alcoholic beverage of choice. Their choices changing over the course of the day and as the mood took them. The couple took their relaxing seriously.

Both got lost in their books and it took a moment for them to realize they were being spoken to. Bill looked up to see Gera standing in front of their beach recliners, “Good morning neighbors!” Bill was confused for a moment until he saw John exiting the room next to theirs, “Talk about a small world. I wondered who was doing all the groaning and moaning when John and I got back to our room. I’m surprised they didn’t hear you at the front desk. You two got feisty last night, didn’t you?”

Marcy smiled up at her, “Yes we did thank you very much.”

Gera sat down next to Marcy, leaned over and whispered, “As did we, thanks to you two. You had my husband ready to cum in his pants and your husband almost made me cum in mine! Nobody has every kissed me like that before. You are one lucky woman.”

“Yes, I believe I am!”

“What’s that honey?” Bill looked at his wife questioningly.

“Gera was just telling me that you are a good kisser.”

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