Abby , Bernardo (A Quiet Night In)

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This is a new updated version of a story I had posted here a few years ago under the name “Rachel Picabia” (it’s written from a female perspective). I think it was Laurel’s favourite of all my stories, so here it is again…

Alex Tzara


My best friend Cat (an unrepentant flame-haired flirt) has invited herself and Shane over to the flat to sample Bernardo’s fine culinary skills. Nothing wrong with that, is there? My Italian Stallion hubby just happens to be a master in the kitchen and, if there’s one thing Catriona loves (other than the tongue of some bright-eyed eager-to-please young skater-punk), it’s a nice Italian meal. Especially when it’s free. I guess that must be why she was so keen to spend the evening chez Abby and Bernardo – excellent food and the chance to show off her new blond goateed toyboy. Yes, I’m sure it was nothingto do with the fact that last night I got a little tipsy on our girls’ night out and spilled the beans about the dirty videos Bernardo and I have been making together.

Cat wasn’t at all shocked by this revelation. In fact, to tell you the truth, she seemed quite turned on by the idea.

“Maybe we should do a porno together,” she said, giggling out loud. “Me, you, Shane and Bernardo. Could be my big break into showbiz. I always KNEW I’d be a star one day.” She threw me a silly glamour-girl pose, shaking her tumbling red hair from side to side and pouting over her shoulder at me with those glossy pink lips.

I could feel my face flush, as I looked around the bar, convinced people were listening in to our conversation. “Oh, yeah,” I said, ‘Like I’m going to let a hussy like YOU anywhere near my husband!”

“Hey!” She thumped me playfully on the arm and grinned.

So, here we are – the four of us – enjoying a quiet night in together. The plan: have a nice meal, drink a little wine, watch videos and just generally have a bit of a giggle. Bernardo is through taking care of the spaghetti. Cat and Shane are sprawled together on the couch.

“Why don’t you pick out a video?” I say, refilling Cat’s glass with red wine. I nod over at the fifty or so tapes stacked along the wall.

Shane chuckles. “Yeah, Catriona told me the kind of video’s you like.”

“SHANE!” Cat puts a finger to her lips. “Ssssssh!.”

I glower down at my redhead pal and then turn to Shane. He smiles and strokes his blond goatee like some villainous modern-day Fu Manchu.

I can feel my cheeks burning up with embarrassment. “Well, Catriona shouldn’t be telling you stuff like that. Not if she wants to keep her friends.”

Catriona smiles, a little sheepishly. “Don’t be mad, Abby. This boy has ways of making me talk. Just two minutes of his turbo-tongue special and I was singing like a canary.” She tugs the end of his pointed little beard. “And, that thing tickles, by the way!”

I clamp my hands over my ears. “La la la la. Too much information!”

“Promise I won’t be a bad girl ever again,” says Cat, giving me her puppy-dog look. “Do you forgive me, baby?”

I’m already heading towards the kitchen door. “I’ll think about it.”

She arches her eyebrow and smirks. “And, where do you think you’re off to, young lady? “

“I’ve got a hot date with a mysterious Italian.”

“Made you an offer you can’t refuse, did he?”

“You two behave while I’m gone.”

In the kitchen I pinch my husband’s cute bum through his jeans and kiss him on the cheek.

“Try this sauce,” he says, as he pours the pasta shells into the pan of bubbling water and adds a little salt to the large pot of bolognese. He’s finally managed to sweet-talk his mother out of her secret recipe and the smell is wonderful.

I dip a finger into the warm red liquid and run my tongue over it. “Mmmn, delicious.”

“So are you,” he says, grinning, as he brushes his fingers through my hair. He kisses me full on the rosy lips and gently squeezes my breast through the thin material of my blouse. I can feel my nipple harden to his touch.

“So, do you fancy a quickie before dinner?” I giggle, only half-joking. I’ve had three glasses of wine and my inhibitions are already drifting away from me like the steam rising above the cooker.

Bernardo’s raises an eyebrow. He’s got that devilish little smirk that drives me wild. I feel his hand brush up the inside of my thighs. Tickling over the smooth, bare skin. I shiver. The pupils have grown huge in his hazel eyes.

Drawing my mini-skirt up with one hand, Bernardo uses the other to follow the shape of my pussy through my black silk panties. Rubbing the soft material back and forth against me. This feels sooooluxurious and I’m soon groaning my approval. “Hmn. Send my compliments to the chef,” I whisper.

Bernardo pulls the damp silk to one side and tickles his fingers through my pubic hair.

I allow my legs to open wider as he nuzzles my neck, my whole body flushing. I know his caresses well – they drive me wild most nights – but there’s an added buzz of excitement this evening. It’s that same thrilling rush suadiye escort of blood through the system I’ve felt every time he’s persuaded me to perform for the video.

I was camera-shy at first, of course. Too embarrassed to even bare my boobies for the lens. That didn’t last long. Suppose I must have a major exhibitionist streak running through me, cause now I could give Jenna Jameson a run for her money as far as on-screen slutiness goes. I guess there was always a bad-girl trapped inside me, just waiting for an excuse to break out and go on the rampage.

I breathe in the smell of the bubbling bolognese, dark fantasies flooding my mind. What if someone sees me like this? What if Cat or… or… Shane wander into the kitchen for a glass of water?

Bernardo slips two fingers into my wetness, moving them slowly in and out. His thumb softly circles the hood of my clit. Teasing me. Not quite touching. I love how his fingers feel inside me. Thrusting. Stroking upwards. That spot. The spot that gets me hot.

I imagine the neighbours peering in at us through the steamed up window. I think the site of me with my skirt hiked up, getting finger-fucked up against the cooker might actually render Mrs. Gray speechless for once in her life! I giggle at this thought but the giggle soon becomes a moan. This is nice. I can see us reflected there in the window. The movement of his hand. I’m just getting into the rhythm of his strokes when he pulls his two slippery fingers out of me and sucks them into his mouth.

“Mmmn, delicious,” he says, a cheeky grin spreading across his dark face, as he enjoys my feminine flavour. He turns me around so that I’m facing the window and pushes my tight skirt up over the cheeks of my arse. Hearing Bernardo unzip himself, I lean forward against the sink and thrust my bottom backwards so that he can enter me from behind. He doesn’t even bother to pull my knickers down – just pushes the soggy material to one side and easily thrusts his thick cock into me. I can feel it inside me, slipping messily in and out . I push my hand down the front of my panties to rub my clitoris and squeeze my muscles tightly around him .

I can’t believe we’re doing this. Catriona and Shane are just through that door there, and my husband’s fucking me hard against the kitchen sink.

“Hmmmmn,” I groan. ‘I’m… I’m… I think I’m… oh, God. Yessss!’ I can barely muffle my squeal as Bernardo grabs hold of both hips, grinds himself hard against my buttocks and ejaculates deep inside.

While he zips himself back up and begins serving up the spaghetti, I hurriedly sort out my panties and skirt and grab another bottle of wine. My legs are trembling and I can feel Bernardo’s warm milky love trickling between my thighs. My body is flushed and glowing all over and I’m feeling so incredibly horny that I could explode. I wouldn’t mind another frantic fuck session, right now on the cold floor or maybe over there on the kitchen table, but I’m starting to worry about our guests. They must be wondering where we’ve got to.

Sticking the bottle under my arm, I grab two of the steaming plates and follow Bernardo through to the sitting room, feeling hot and flustered.

As soon as he pushes the door open, all my fears evaporate. My best friend and her young blond lover are far too busy enjoying our home video efforts to be interested in whatever we’ve been up to in the kitchen. The shaky footage of me thrashing about in the back garden was obviously too much for them and they were unable to contain themselves any longer. Cat is now on all fours on the carpet, staring at the TV screen with her skirt hiked up around her waist, her pale white buttocks wobbling as Shane furiously hammers his cock into her from behind.

There on the video, I’m spread-eagled in the garden, muddy legs thrashing about in the wet grass as I run a black vibrator over my glistening labia and clit.

The pair are so engrossed in this brazen image that they haven’t even noticed we’re back in the room and are now standing, gawping, behind them. The bottle of wine drops from beneath my arm. CRASSSSH!!! Shattered glass and red liquid all over the carpet. Catriona and Shane slowly turn their shocked faces towards us. The four of us stare at each other in stunned silence.

Eventually, Cat shrugs her shoulders and giggles. “Bernardo, honey – why don’t you show us your new video camera after dinner?.”

Less than an hour later, I sit down on my director’s stool, switch on the camcorder and bring the viewfinder up to my eye. With very little effort, the four of us have fairly convincingly transformed the spare room into a make-shift hospital bedroom. I had some costumes left over from a fancy dress party, so we’ve decided to attempt a vague ‘doctors and nurses’ type plot. Satisfied that everything is in place, I press the record button and shout, “Action!”.

Toyboy Shane is wearing a long white surgical coat and has a stethoscope dangling from his neck to indicate that he is playing the “doctor”. Catriona, meanwhile, yakacık escort is sitting up in the beige armchair before him – her face level with his bulging crotch area. Her fiery hair is concealed under a nurse’s cap but she has already removed her panties and unfastened her white uniform to reveal those gorgeous plump pink breasts squeezed into her black lace bra. She glances across at Bernardo who is lying supposedly sleeping beneath a single white sheet on the bed, a hospital name-band clearly visible on his right wrist. My poor husband is the “patient” in our little medical drama.

Catriona slowly pulls down Shane’s zip and his long thick circumcised cock immediately springs out and just about pokes her in the eye. She grins up at him and then, delicately clasping his balls in her hand, runs the tip of her tongue up the full length of his shaft causing it to glisten enticingly in the artificial light. Glancing across at me, she grins. I already have my mini-skirt hiked up around my waist and my knees spread. Using two fingers I gently caress the tender mound of my pussy through my knickers.

“I had no idea you were such a dirty little bitch, Mrs. Nardini,” says Catriona, shaking her head. “We’ve not even started and you’re gagging for it already.”

“Ssssh!’ I say. “You’re not supposed to talk to the director when the camera’s running.”

“Oh, I forgot.”

“Never mind,” I say encouragingly. “We’ll make an actress out of you yet, darling.”

Reassured by this, Catriona rests the palm of her hand against her grinning boyfriend’s hip for support and wraps her lips around the tip of his impressive member. Firmly clasping it with her other hand, she begins to move her head rhythmically back and forth, her lips and tongue moistening Shane’s cock as he gently fucks her face.

I zoom the camera in for an extreme close-up of Catriona running her wet tongue around the ridges of Shane’s huge red helmet. Pausing briefly to gaze teasingly up at him, Catriona suddenly sucks the whole thing into her mouth.

“Wow! That looks amazing!” I gasp, as I thrust my free hand deep into my knickers. “Deep Throat meets E.R. Where did you learn to do that, Cat?”

Shane frowns at me, suddenly becoming quite professional. “Thought we weren’t supposed to talk when the camera’s rolling!”

“You’re quite correct, dear. My mistake,” I nod. “Carry on, Doctor!”

While Catriona kisses and licks and sucks and slobbers over his proud young penis, I scratch my nails through the mound of fine black hairs between my thighs. The smooth fabric of my underwear is already slippery with girlie-juice. I feel my cheeks burning scarlet as the warm tingles of excitement wash up over my body. Licking my lips, I push a finger up inside myself, pressing it against that special spot. Burning up like a furnace.

Shane groans as Catriona moves her mouth back and forth on the head of his glistening prick. He looks like he might cum any second.

“Cut! I want to see some doggy action,” I command, my fingers slurping inside my underwear. “Positions, please.”

It’s fun being the director.

“NOW, people!”

Toyboy Shane draws his slippery cock from my friend’s mouth as she clambers round onto her knees and grabs hold of the armchair so he can easily penetrate her from behind. He pushes the starched white uniform right up over her pretty, white arse and Catriona thrusts backwards, eagerly awaiting his entry. I’ve often imagined her like this, in my most secret fantasies: on her knees, those puffy pink lips spreading open to reveal her soft centre, pretty little red hairs curling around her glistening cunt.

I notice that my husband is avidly watching the scene from his bed, a huge birthday-boy grin on his face. Not strictly in the script, but I’m not about to tell him he can’t watch something as amazing as this: my best friend getting taken from behind, right here in our house, as I sit her brazenly fingering myself. It’d break the poor boy’s heart.

Shane unclips Catriona’s bra and she wiggles her whole body so that her huge breasts fall out from their cups. She squeezes and pulls at each of her dark nipples until they stand out all thick and hard.

I can feel my heart thudding as my fingers slip back and forth over my clit. I’m sure I’m going to explode any second. Through the black and white viewfinder I watch as Shane grips his fat cock in one hand and buries it deep in Cat’s pink slit, pushing himself hard up against her arse.

“Hmmn!” she sighs, breathlessly.

I get to my feet – slowly, so as not to jolt the camera too much – and, with my spare hand, drag my knickers down to my ankles. Stepping out of them, I stand there with my legs spread wide, clutching feverishly at myself. Through the viewfinder I can see Shane’s prick appearing disappearing appearing disappearing as it slides in and out… in and out… in and out. It’s almost shiny: slick with Catorina’s honey. I can smell her scent from here. It fills me with an animalistic hunger. The slut-beast growls inside şerifali escort me.

“Better check on your patient, Cat,” I say, glancing over at my husband, who is looking a bit left out. Poor lamb. “Shane – I want you to come over here and lie down for me, honey.”

Shane draws his cock from Catriona’s pussy and she groans unhappily. He shrugs his shoulders, and playfully slaps it against her pale buttocks. “Sorry, nurse – director’s orders.” He shuffles towards me and rolls himself onto his back, his manhood sticking up thick and hard like a bratwurst sausage. Stepping over him, I drop to my knees. With two fingers I part my flushed labia and plunge down onto him, gasping. I allow my eyes to flicker briefly shut as I enjoy its solidness, then turn the camcorder, still firmly gripped in my right hand, towards Catriona. She is already feasting on my husband’s prick.

Bernardo is, of course, delighted to receive such tlc from my best friend. “Thought I was never going to get a shot at you,” I hear him say.

Shane is moving inside me, now, his hands gripping my hips, my pussy clasping tight to him like a muscle to a rock as he fucks me with shallow strokes.

“Go on, girlie!” I say. “What you waiting for? There’s a patient in distress.”

Cat looks at me and laughs, a little startled. She’s obviously thought about doing this for a long time. I bet she never thought it’d happen and that I’d be right there watching. Clambering up onto the bed, she lowers herself onto my husband’s bulging hardon, dropping forward so her tits brush over his hairy chest. Sliding herself backwards and forwards, grinding herself hard against him. “Hmn, that’s nice,” she purrs.

I’m finding it a little hard to concentrate on my camera duties. This is so wild. The site of my husband fucking my best friend. The feel of Shane’s muscular chest under my hand. Strong hands gripping me. His cock – much thicker and longer than Bernardo’s – stretching my pussy lips wide open. Wet with excitement. I’m surprised how different he feels inside me. Filling me completely.

I deposit the camera on the floor, leaving my hands free to play with my throbbing clitoris and to rub at my small breasts as I hump my best pal’s boyfriend. He feels so big inside me. His hands tight on my hips. My fingers circling where it’s most sensitive. Nipples burning up. Looking into Bernardo’s eyes. Watching each other fuck like animals. We’re fucking like…

“Oh, God.” I yelp, clenching my teeth. “I think I’m going to… oh… hmnm… yuh!”

Through half-closed eyes I can see Catriona and Bernardo turning to watch my contorted face as the energy sparks from my clit up over my belly, an electrical storm all the way to my swollen breasts. One loud squeal of joy, and I drop forward onto Shane’s chest, the climax exploding through my sex.

“Woah!” gasps Shane. He can feel my cunt spasming around his prick, juices squirting out over his balls and pubic hair, getting him all sticky with my pleasure. He rolls me over onto my back and I lie trembling and panting for breath, gasping aloud as he draws his cock out, and kneels above me, wanking furiously.

“Yay!” Catriona giggles and crawls between my still shaking legs.

Seeing a good photo opportunity, my husband grabs the camcorder from the floor.

I feel Cat’s hair tickling my thighs as she lowers her head, staring up at me with such intensity, her pupils big and black in those green eyes. And then she begins to lick me: her tongue running up between my buttocks, over the sensitive perineum, and up to my pink flushed lips. Drawing them apart with her fingers and probing as deep as she can. I feel her warm tongue wriggling inside me as I curl my fingers in her red hair, squashing her nose up against my pubic mound. Those waves still flowing through me as she flicks at my clit. Soft. Hard. Hard. Soft. Hard. “Oh, God!” It’s almost too much. Too intense. But, soon enough, those familiar sensations are growing inside me again as Catriona hungrily laps at my pussy.

This scene is driving Shane wild. He groans loudly, his legs shaking, as a shower of warm cum squirts from the tip of his straining cock over my face and into my mouth. I greedily gulp back the thick creamy fluid as Bernardo thrusts the camcorder into Shane’s hand.

Catriona is flicking her tongue roughly over my clit and I can feel my third climax coming… coming… it’s coming… its coming. Fingers tightening their grip on my friend’s fiery hair. Watching my husband kneels down behind her and plunge his prick into her from behind. I hear her moaning between my thighs, feel the heat of her breath as Bernardo fucks her hard. The sound of his body slapping up against her arse. My engorged clit burning burning burning up and yes it’s here it’s here it’s…

“Uhnh!!!!” My body buckles.

Bernardo shudders and pulls his slippery cock from Cat’s pussy, squirting his milky love all over her arse and into the fine hairs of her cunt.

I’m barely able to move but, somehow, I find the energy to push Cat onto her back, burying my face between her thighs, breathing the smell of her sex in through my nose as I lap up my husband’s cream. Bernardo sucking on her big swollen tits. Me licking her till she loses it, loudly thrashing and screaming, thrusting her cunt into my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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