All Thumbs!

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He glances in the rear view mirror to check his reflection again. The day is waning and dusky shadows are just starting to creep over the landscape. He smiles and sees his teeth flashing white in the mirror, keeping one eye on the road, he rumples his perfect hair, trying to adopt a bad boy image. It is not possible, his flawless face and smooth skin can never be anything other than boyish, possibly with a hint of mischief thrown in.

His sleek dark car cuts the air almost silently, tires at one with the road, caressing it as it eats up the miles. He tears his eyes from the mirror, a frown creasing his full lips, furrowing his forehead. Her image floats before his eyes, the long hair, eyes that seem to follow him, and her hips, oh, to lay his head upon her belly and feel those hips under his fingers. A shiver runs along his spine, visibly shaking his body. If only the photograph is even close to her appearance he fears that he will fall instantly in love.

A blind date, well sort of, he has seen the one photo, and he has studied it so that he has every detail burned into his memory. As the shadows deepen, his lights turn on and he concentrates on the road. A song runs through his mind and he smiles as he recognizes the tune he has begun to hum, “Devil Eyes.”

His headlights pick up movement on the side of the road, and his eyes are drawn to the figure that stands just off the pavement. It as if it takes a lifetime to reach her. His car moves in slow motion as every detail is burned into his brain.

Short, with a defiant stance, unruly short dark hair on top of a round face, eyes gleaming in his headlights. Sandals with legs that seem to grow up out of the ground coming together in a perfect V, the headlights piercing through the light cotton skirt. Hips thrusting outwards, drawing the eye upwards to look longingly at the the perfect waist and torso that blossoms into the most tantalizing breasts.

Almost unable to take his eyes from the heaving breasts, he finds his mouth watering as he catches sight of her supple white neck, so attuned to the moment that he can see her pulse beating, beckoning his lips. His tongue slips forward as if touching that beating flesh, and then he finally gazes into her eyes and he is lost.

Time stands still, he cant even breathe, the car seemingly stopped…and then he sees her thumb, larger than life, it grabs his attention – hitchhiking! His tires squeal on the pavement as his senses return, his breathing labored as the car finally comes to rest on the shoulder of the road. His blinker casting strobe like effects into the woods. She is bathed in red from his taillights as she slowly, almost floating, approaches his car.

The red light bathing her face gives an eerie cast to her features, her eyes burning bright like twin campfires in the night. He pushes the button and the passenger door unlocks just as her hand touches the handle. bursa escort She peeks in, her lips quivering as if afraid, her tongue licking slowly along her bottom lip.

Her blouse gaping open as she leans in to stare at him. His eyes fixated on the pale strip of skin, exposed, lit by the harsh interior light, that separates the heaving twin globes of her breast. She cocks her head quizzically at him, and hiking her already short skirt higher, she slides in fluidly, melting into the seat.

He can smell her, a pleasant mix of oranges and soap, faintly tinged with mint. His lips curl into a smile as he lifts his eyes to study her face. She smiles back revealing pearly whites that gleam, perfect lips, like a little bow, and he feels his manhood stirring. Shifting in his seat he puts the car into gear and pulls back out onto the blacktop, letting his car eat up the road.

His eyes fixed on the road ahead, he sees movement as she adjusts her blouse, tugs at her skirt and shifts in the seat. Not one word has yet been exchanged, yet he feels a comfortable peace settling between them, an almost physical presence that can be touched.

She leans back in the seat, her perfect breasts jutting forward as she runs her fingers through her hair. His cock twitches in his pants and his lips part as a low moan slips unbidden between them.

She turns towards him, letting her gaze roam appraisingly over his face, down his chest until her eyes stare at his crotch. As if on cue it grows, almost as if her gaze were stroking him. And with that thought in his mind, he grips the wheel tighter, his face flushing with colour.

As time rushes by, his moans get louder, his ass pushing down into the seat, the tightness in his groin becoming impossible to ignore. She lifts her eyes to stare at his face and she reaches her hand forward, resting it lightly on his crotch. His hips lift and push at her hand, its heat seeping through his jeans, turning his cock to a molten rod.

She slides closer, both hands working at the button, and then as his zipper is lowered he feels the relief of his cock being freed, the tightness in his balls as her small hands hold his turgid cock. He concentrates on breathing, in and out, in and out. He cannot let his mind acknowledge what is happening or he will surely lose touch with reality.

Her fingers soft and nimble as they hold his throbbing member, he can smell his own arousal and as he takes a deep breath her arousal as well.

Shaking his head to stay focused on his driving…not wanting to lose this moment, afraid that if he speaks she may pull away. She slowly strokes his cock, her fingers loosely holding him, unable to wrap her hand around him, she places both hands on him and uses her palms to rub up and down.

He stiffens, holding his breath as he sees her bending, stealing a glance he witnesses her tongue as it moistens her lips. The bursa escort bayan first touch of her wet tongue to his winking slit sends his body into a paroxysm of spasms, even his tight sphincter convulsing.

She hesitates for just one second before plunging her lips over his cock. Her hot mouth a tight sheath for his rock hard shaft. He grabs her head and pushes her down hard on his swollen prick. Bucking his hips upwards, fucking her hot wet mouth with short stabs, his cock driving deep into her tightened throat, her gagging caressing, massaging his head.

He pulls to the side of the road, putting the car in park and finally lets her up for air. She pulls off his cock just enough to drag in a deep breath and down she goes again. This time the feelings more intense as he realizes she is swallowing his cock, and he does not have to hold her in place.

He reaches along her back and finds her ass crack. His finger dips in and follows the heated groove til he hears her moan. His finger pushes into her ass, tight and dry, he rams it home….and holds her in position with just that one probing digit. His other hand grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her head up and down….fucking his cock with her face.

Long deep thrusts, she gags and drags in a breath to be forced down onto his long thick cock once more. He searches along her crack until he finds her slick opening, pushing his thumb deep inside. In and out, rubbing his thumb and finger together through the thin membrane.

He releases her hair and tears at her blouse. Ripping fabric, he grips one breast tightly in his hand, and bodily pulls her up by it, her lips coming off of his cock with a wet plop. Keeping his fingers buried in her ass and cunt….he gobbles her nipple into his mouth, sucking, nibbling, tearing at the swollen bud until he feels her body shivering, her moans filling the car.

The smell of their bodies driving him wild….he digs his teeth in at the base of her full nipple and pulls, chewing at it. She screams, anguish overridden by carnal lust, it fills the interior of the car, unable to escape. Her cunt pouring over his hand, her vaginal walls sucking at his thumb, sphincter trying to tear his finger off.

He lets go of her nipple, and her hand flies to it, covering it, protecting it as she uses her other hand to feed him the opposite nipple, she screams before his lips even touch it, her hips grinding at his hand.

He lets her ride his hand, while his teeth scissor at her breast, until she stills, her body quiet but for the clenching of internal muscles and the laboring of her breathing. He lifts her face to him by her chin and covers her mouth with his own. Biting her lips, sucking her tongue deep into his mouth until she groans, her small hands pushing ineffectually at his chest.

His moans vibrating her lips, as she struggles for air. He lifts her and pushes her escort bursa backwards, pushing her skirt up to her belly and climbs over top. He looks deeply into her eyes as his cock finds her pulsing cock hungry hole. He thrusts true and deep, bottoming out at her back wall before his cock has fully penetrated, his ungh of disappointment makes her shiver.

She winces as his cock hammers her vagina…his length painful as it pushes at her cervix, threatening to push through. She bites her bottom lip, and pushes at his chest, as he pulls out, she quickly turns under him, pushing her ass in the air.

He looks in awe at the winking brown eye, and remembers how it strangled his finger. With a deep groan he reaches under her, pinches her clit hard between thumb and finger, and pushes his cock into her ass, slow steady pressure until his balls are resting on her perineum.

Her futile struggles are contained by his weight pushing down on her and her screams seem like a love ballad to his ears. He holds still, buried balls deep in her hot tight quivering ass. Waiting for her body to adjust to his girth, his length.

As her anguished cries morph into moans of pleasure, her body starts to move under him…she starts a rhythm and he follows along, fucking her ass, rubbing her clit, grabbing a handful of hair and jerking her head back sharply.

His tumescent cock and tight tingling balls take over his actions and his hips become a piston…plowing her ass hard and deep and fast, until his passion rises, his balls pull tight to his body and he feels the pressure, overwhelming him…taking control of him.

Her long low moan, her quivering body, her convulsing muscles that squeeze on his cock, and her swollen clit bucking out of control in his fingers, his cock explodes, filling her ass with his seed. The very essence of his life bursting from the tip of his cock and filling her bowels. So deep in her bowels that she feels the pressure in her cunt and in her belly.

Their mingled screams and moans of pleasure imbibe the car, saturating its very fabric with primal lust. He pulls his still spurting cock from her ass and pushes it gently into her quivering cunt….slow shallow strokes as her walls milk the last of the spunk from his flagging cock.

Weak with the force of his orgasm, he reaches to flip her over, dropping fully onto her, placing his lips tenderly on hers, and passionately kissing, while his waning cock rests between her still parted thighs.

As their breathing returns to normal….he moves from her, and helps her to sit. Looking at each other, a smile creeping onto both of their faces, she looks outside. They have been parked right outside her home.

She nods once at him and slips from the car….pulling her skirt down as she walks away. Shaking his head, thinking of all the things he should have said, he watches as she turns and waves at him before disappearing behind the door.

Running fingers through his rumpled hair….he checks the time…he will only be a few minutes late for his date….and as he glances in the mirror, looking back at him….is a bad boy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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