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Sighing, I slide my key into the lock. It’d been a long day at work, and I was so sick of people. I just wanted to go home, cuddle my kitties, and watch some Dr. Who. My plans instantly changed when I stepped inside to find my boyfriend waiting for me.

“Well, this is unexpected,” I said, smiling and closing the door behind me.

Instead of replying, he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms, hugging me close to him as he claimed my mouth. His lips were surprisingly soft, but there was an edge to his kiss that immediately made heat start building in my core. He nipped at my lower lip, causing me to gasp. He immediately pressed his advantage, using that opening to slide his tongue into my mouth, tasting me.

He toyed lightly with the buttons on my coat, not trying to take it off, but teasing me with additional touches before he grabbed my hair and broke off the kiss my jerking my head back to expose my neck.

He kissed and bit me a few times, each touch of his mouth making me moan louder. The heat that had been building inside my core intensified until I was positive that if he were to slip a hand up my skirt, he’d find me soaking wet.

Then, he stopped, releasing me and turning to go back into my living room. I leaned against my door for a moment, letting the cold of it stabilize me before I removed my coat and heels. I brushed my hand down my pencil skirt, smoothing the lines of it to try and regain some sense of dignity. And then I looked down at my chest, noting just how easy it would be to make my cleavage even more pronounced. I quickly tugged my black wrap shirt down until even I was impressed with myself.

“You’re a dick,” I said as I sat down on the far side of the couch. I made sure I was leaning forward.

He looked at me innocently as he turned on the T.V. and booted up the XBox. “Me?”

I glared at him, debating whether I wanted to move so I could bite him. “Yes, you.”

He shrugged guilelessly. “I just missed you. Should I apologize?”

Something inside me softened as I met his gaze. I missed you too, love. “Yes.”

“Well then,” he said, reaching out and grasping my hand. “I apologize.” He brushed a kiss across my palm and then slowly down each of my fingers.

I fought to keep from squirming as desire once again pooled inside of me. I reached my hand to cup his face, and he again kissed my palm before meeting my gaze. This time, his eyes sparkled mischievously, but there was still an incredible tenderness in them. I settled back, and decided to watch Dr. Who with him, putting off how badly I wanted him. I knew that waiting would make things even more intense, for both of us.


I stretched, letting out a surprisingly sensual moan. We’d been cuddling on the couch for hours, and while I loved how gently he was caressing my body as I lay against him, I was starting to get sleepy and relax-the last thing I wanted to do tonight. No, tonight was for payback. I propped myself up on my elbow, looking down at him.

Unable to help myself, I grazed my hand across his face, and then slowly traced my thumb over his lips. I then leaned down and ran the tip of my tongue across them before just briefly touching them with my own. Then, I pulled back and swung a leg over him, causing my skirt to ride up and reveal my tattoos as I straddled him. His eyes snapped open at that, the sudden interest causing him to grab hold of my hips.

I smirked and rolled my eyes as I transferred my weight to that leg and then stood up. “I’m heading to bed,” I called over my shoulder as I shook my hair out of the bun I’d clipped it into. “You can stay up, though, if you’d like.”

As I knew he would, he also got to his feet, following me as I stayed just out of his reach and walked to my bedroom. There, once I was facing the bed, I turned to face him. He reached out to touch me, but I held up a hand. He stopped, and instead just watched. I ran a hand through my hair and looked at him from under my lashes, biting my lip at the intensity of his gaze.

Then, I ever so slowly began to tug my skirt down, sliding it until the shirt was just barely Çankaya Escort still tucked into it. Then, started running my hands up and down my sides, my fingertips sliding over soft fabric and softer curves. I slid my index finger under the hem of my skirt, noting the way his gaze followed as I ran it around, pulling my shirt out from under the skirt and then sliding my hands under that, revealing glimpses of my stomach.

I suddenly changed tactics, and began moving my hands up my body, cupping my breasts and touching my satiny soft skin as I slipped my hands down my shirt and into my bra.

“Alex…” he moaned, obviously wanting to be the one touching me.

I didn’t reply, but instead sat on the bed and slowly began inching my skirt up my legs, revealing the bottoms of my tattoos. I spread my legs a bit wider, and moved my hand up my skirt, lightly stroking the insides of my thighs. I didn’t need to go all the way up to my sex to know that I would find it wet-I could feel myself aching to be filled already. Honestly, that hadn’t gone away since the searing kiss he had greeted me with.

I moved my hands back to my shirt, sliding them under it and slowly inching it off of me, enjoying his rapt expression as more and more of my skin and tattoos were revealed. When it was finally off, I threw it at his face. He caught it, but the distraction allowed me the time I needed to step forward and press him against the wall and kiss him deeply. This time, I slid my tongue into his mouth, tasting him briefly before moving away and going up on tip-toe. I lightly bit his earlobe. I moaned into his ear, my voice breathy. “I’m going to make you want me so bad it hurts.”

And then I stepped away.

The look of frustration and desire on his face caused me to grin. He stepped forward, intent of pushing me onto the bed and claiming me as his clear on his face. But I again held up a hand, and he stilled. Pouted, but didn’t move closer. My grin widened.

I returned my hands to myself, again roaming them over my soft skin and curves, each time tugging at my skirt a little bit more. Finally, it slid down my legs, and I stepped out of it, noticing the way he traced my curves with his eyes.

I again sat down on the bed, and then laid on my side. I ran my hand ever so lightly over the fierce ink of my dragon tattoo, before moving my hand further up my hip and skimming the lines of my lace panties. As I moved my hand to caress my sex, I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide, allowing him to watch as I stroked my clit lightly before sliding my fingers deep inside myself.

I thrust them only a few times before I removed my hand, lifting my glistening fingers to my mouth and sucking my wetness off of them. That time, when he moved towards me, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop him, unless I safeworded.

I was totally fine with that and enjoyed the way he felt as he settled his hips between my legs. Even through his jeans, I could see just how aroused he was, and wrapped my legs around him, rubbing against him as much as for his pleasure as for mine.

I went to hug him closer to me, and pull him down to kiss me, when he took one hand and held my wrists above my head. He thrust against me and kissed me deeply, as he used his other hand to find a pair of handcuffs in my nightstand. Once he did, he clasped my hands with them.

Because I didn’t have a headboard he had nothing to cuff me to. Instead, he leaned back. “If you move your hands, you’ll be punished.”

I smiled, and moved my hands down just an inch, testing him. Faster than I could blink, his hand was around my throat, squeezing just tight enough that moving would be difficult, but not enough to hurt. This is your punishment? I thought, amused. And then he started rubbing me through my already soaking panties. I arched my back, trying to get more of the sensation. And then he smacked my sex. Hard.

I yelped, flinching away from him, but his hand on my throat held me in place. “I told you not to move.”

I looked at him, my eyes big. I was more Keçiören Escort playing at being wounded, than actually offended, but his eyes still softened. “Are you going to listen to me this time?” I nodded, and he removed his hand from my throat. He kept his other hand at work, though, stroking me through my panties. He stopped long enough to remove his shirt and undo his belt, casting both to the floor amidst my own discarded clothes.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me. And then he rolled, shifting it so that I was on top of him. I bit my lip and began to rock back and forth, using the hard length of him to try to satisfy my craving. I barely noticed as he undid my bra, but my attention snapped back to him when he started to suck hard on one nipple as he rolled the other between his fingers.

I moaned, again arching my back and rocking faster against him, the mixture of the pleasure and pain getting me close to the edge of an orgasm. I clenched, fighting it, and then leaned forward so that I could kiss and bite his neck again. Not that he needed help getting hard-but I loved the way it made him moan.

It also allowed me an excuse to slide off of him and continue kissing my way down his body, stopping only to unfasten his jeans and slide them off of him. Now the both of us were only in our underwear-but I was soon to fix that, at least on his part. I continued kissing my way down his legs, and then back up again, carefully avoiding his member.

I could see it twitch through his briefs, especially when I paused to stop and put my mouth against the tip. We were still separated by a layer of cotton, but I could tell this was driving him crazy. I slid my fingers up the underside of the briefs, gently stroking his balls, but still avoiding direct contact with him.

He groaned and grabbed my hair with one hand, and yanked that pesky fabric out of the way with the other. I knew he wanted to force my mouth onto him, but I tensed my muscles enough that he’d have a hard time doing it. However, to be perfectly honest, I was having a hard time resisting, myself. Seeing his shaft so erect, knowing just how silky soft he’d feel against my lips and down my throat, it was all I could do to not give in to his insistent hand in my hair.

I tore my gaze away from his cock and looked at him. He was biting his lip and watching me.

“Please take your hand out of my hair,” I said as calmly as I could.

He immediately obliged. “Sorry, I just really want to fuck your mouth.”

“I know,” I replied, smiling evilly as I dropped my face down so my lips were just barely touching his tip. I stuck my tongue out, lightly tracing along the well defined head of his cock. He flexed, causing it to rise up just enough for me to take it into my mouth, and after that I was lost.

I ran it in and out of my mouth, maintaining eye contact with him as I took it deep into my throat, and back out again. I lightly bared my teeth, using just enough to increase his sensitivity but not enough to hurt, and then stroked my tongue against his shaft. He flexed again, and seemed close to cumming, but I wasn’t about to let my fun be over that soon.

I removed my mouth and again straddled him, feeling him wet from my mouth against my already soaking panties. Once I was again upon him, he started playing with my breasts again. I moaned, but quickly rolled off of him.

He didn’t waste any time before he slid my panties off and tossed them on the floor. He ran his fingers lightly against the slick wetness of my slit, just barely teasing my clit or my opening, depending on where he was. Then, he moved two fingers deep into me, so quickly it almost hurt. Any pain I might have felt, however, was immediately cancelled out as he began stroking against my g-spot.

I moaned, low in my throat, and spread my legs wider. I wanted more, and was internally debating asking him for another finger, when I heard a buzzing. I opened my eyes-when had they slid closed?-to find him holding my magic wand. He’d just turned it on, and quickly clicked through the Etimesgut Escort various speeds until he found one that he liked. He pressed it against my exposed clit, and I bucked at the intense pleasure.

“Holy shit,” I breathed. If he keep that going, between the vibrations and the way his fingers were continuing to massage me, I’d cum within moments. He seemed to realize this, and grinned at me before hitting a button on the wand to make it pulse. I groaned, long and hard, as I realized that he had intentionally set it in such a way that I probably would remain on the edge of an orgasm until he switched it back. “You’re evil.”

“You still love me,” he retorted, moving his fingers out of me for a moment before adding not only another one in my pussy, but also one on my ass. I clenched tight, partially in surprise but mostly in pleasure as he began to thrust his hand in and out of me.

“Oh, god,” I moaned deeply. He removed his pinkie finger, swapping it out for an actual butt plug that was probably about as wide as one and a half of his fingers, which he also began to thrust in and out of me. Adding the anal in, even with the pulsing inconsistency of the vibrator on my clit, brought me to the shuddering edge of an orgasm before I really realized what happened.

But he didn’t stop. He kept going, and no matter how much I squirmed and screamed, the supreme waves of pleasure kept washing over me.

Suddenly, while I was still trembling from that mind-shatteringly good orgasm, he slide himself deep inside of me, holding my legs up on his shoulders as he moved in and out of me. Not only did he feel incredibly large in this position, he was able to hit my g-spot with every stroke, keeping the pleasure going. Somehow, he lasted a very long time, despite how fast he was pounding into me. Surprised, I looked down and realized why-he was wearing a condom, the first time in our relationship that he’d done that. From the way he was biting his lip, though, I had the feeling that it wasn’t going to be able to hold him off much longer.

I squirmed out of his hands, and rolled over into doggy position. As I did, he slipped out of me, and again, he had such a look of frustration on his face that I almost laughed. Instead, I wiggled my ass enticingly.

He smacked it, hard enough to leave a handprint. Because of the butt plug still inside my ass, it barely hurt, but instead actually felt good. I again wiggled my butt, and he again smacked my ass. Not as hard this time, but he did continue to smack my ass, making it nice and red and warm, before he removed the butt plug.

I pouted, though I knew he couldn’t see me, but had to bite back a moan of surprise as he slid himself inside my tight ass instead. He had no such qualms, moaning loudly and he grabbed my hips. He moved in and out excruciatingly slowly-it didn’t hurt, exactly, but every time he went in, he was able to go deeper, and I was loving every second of it. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, and wasn’t even a little surprised when I started to feel my juices running down my leg.

Instead, I just arched up, and rocked back against him, forcing him deeper into my ass. Then, it seemed like he had tired of going slow, because at that moment he grabbed my hair, pulled my head off of the mattress, and began to slam into me, hard and fast. I moaned loudly, uncontrollably, enjoying the feeling of him using me.

I clenched my muscles, trying to make myself as tight as possible for him to make it even more intense. I couldn’t tell if it had helped, considering how much lube there was on him at this point, but it definitely made a difference for me. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm again, and it seemed like, despite the condom, he was almost ready to as well.

I reached one hand down, in between my legs. I didn’t have to do more than touch my clit as my body rocked back and forth before I was cumming again. He moaned my name loudly and I knew he was as well, blowing a huge load in my ass. Luckily, it was caught by the condom, but I could still feel the intensity of his release.

Then, he let go of me, and I sank onto the bed, limp. It seemed the only thing keeping tension in my muscles before had been the desire to orgasm-now that both he and I had done that, we were utterly spent.

He withdrew from me, removed the condom, cleaned himself off, and then pulled me back against his chest, holding me tight as we fell asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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