Aunty’s Darker Side Exposed Ch. 04

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Introduction: After various sets of messages and comments, I have finally written the fourth part of this series. This is long and rich with eroticism, and would ask your patience. I hope to satisfy the arousing of the readers whom wanted this to happen. Thank you.

A quick recap: Sushant’s aunty is a dominant partner in her marriage with his submissive uncle. She is a highly empowered woman, the only female Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G.) of the state. Sushant happens to stay with his aunty in his parents’ absence, where he finds out her various instincts as a dominant party in her marriage with his uncle. Aunty enslaves Sushant as well in her shade when she comes to know about the degradation of his academics’ progress. Sushant falls in love with his Aunty’s domination upon him and he decides to move in permanently with her.


I called for the cab to get in it. The driver started to take the cab away from the school area. Apathetically, I placed my paining lower back firmly on the seat by not applying much pressure on it. I had developed a habit of hating Mondays even more, not because it’s the first working day after the weekend, but because of the pain I have been experiencing on my buttocks after every Saturday’s judicial punishments.

I was poor in answering to her oral tests on the Reporting day and didn’t improvise much either on the other day. Aunty used a 4 feet long and a 2 inched thick bamboo cane to roughly and mercilessly smack 20 times on my teeny butt. Following her sadistic side, there was an equally softer side of her as well. She placed me over her knees and used the entire weekend to rub the soothing ointment on my welts with a wet cotton fiber, for a good dozen of times. I loved her dominant presence in my life. It has been two months since I moved in with Aunty and Uncle, and I had never been able to take her out of my mind since then.

The cab driver stopped at the lawn of the house. I came out of the cab to get in the house. Aunty had a half day and she was already home, her beacon light SUV was already in the lawn. I unlocked the door with the key. There was no single pupil in the hallway as I entered in. I assumed that they must be in their room. I started to walk on the stairs to go to their room’s window.

As soon as I took my eyes in, My late thirties’ Uncle was laid in the bed on his stomach, and tears were flowing down rapidly from his eyes. I had a peek at Uncle’s ass and it had fresh creepy red lines all over it. Aunty was still in her tight latex suit with the thick whip and the wooden cane placed at the side of the bed. I could assume what uncle went through on his punishment day. Aunty liked her married life under the crack of the whip. Though he was very less error prone since adapting to the slavery, Aunty still punished him ruthlessly on weekly basis to keep him broken.

Beyond her senior police inspector service, Aunty never refrained to follow her prepared schedule for things. Aunty got a syringe, and small cylindrical Diazepam ( sleeping dose) bottle from the side drawer. She kneeled in to sanitize Uncle’s whipped ass skin with a wet cotton fibre. She pulled the plunger backwards to fill the needle with the dose. She leaned in again to insert the needle in his loose ass skin. Aunty pushed the plunger forward to inject the dose in him. She was more like an expert. Uncle’s body shivered in pain as soon as she injected it in him. His eyes edged closer to get shut after getting drugged by the sleeping dose.

I continued to peep in as aunty stepped back to place the tools in the cupboard again. I massaged on my already hard penis after getting the view of her fleshy pear body in the latex with her muscular legs and her full forty inched ass sticking out of the tight suit. She started to unzip the suit out of her body. I kept on massaging on my pants as she stripped herself to her black lace bra and matching lace panties.

I had goosebumps running all over my body as I checked her out in the whole. Aunty’s 5’9 bulgy structure looked more divine in her undergarments. By the continuously rubbing on my shaft while looking at my goddess, I developed some precum on my tip. Aunty raised her hands behind her head to tie her open hairs in a high looped bun and dressed herself in the loose T-shirt and shorts. Uncle was well asleep by now as Aunty helped the blanket on his nude whipped body. She held his head close to her bust, while rubbed on his head and kissed on his forehead, showing her deep love for his submissive husband. I started to depart from the window.

I entered my room and jerked off roughly on my shaft. Changing myself to some comfort wears, I came out of the room to eat something. As soon as I came out, I saw aunty already in the couch with her bare feet under the shorts laid flat upon the table. She was reading the newspaper. She heard the slamming on my door, and turned her head backwards. My feet started shivering automatically as soon as our eyes met. Aunty smiled at me, denizli escort I smiled back.

I went downstairs in the kitchen to get something to eat. Aunty kept her eyes straight on the newspaper while continued to look at the tories. She turned her eyes at me and asked for a glass of water. I started to take my shivering feet towards her with the glass in my hand. I handled it to her, Aunty took it from my hand with a smile and gulped it down. She got the glass on the table.

“Turn around son.” Aunty said in her heavy and stern voice.

I didn’t waste a moment and turned around without a word. Aunty grabbed me by the waist from the back and she slide my shorts down from the hip. I felt nothing covering my butt as it was entire bare before her. Aunty roamed her fingers over my bare ass. I fussed heavily in pain as soon as her fingers roamed over the swollen welts. My freshly turned adolescence didn’t matter to my late thirties Aunty, as she checked out my butt in the whole. She didn’t say anything, and turned me around from the waist.

She did look at my hard penis sticking out from my shorts in its full length. Aunty tapped on her legs and looked at me. I knew what to do, and got laid over her knees. Aunty adjusted my skinny body against her substantial thighs. She started to rub the cold wet cotton on my ass. I moaned a little in pain. I loved her touch on my bare butt. My hard penis was between her knees as she continued to do it. My bottom felt nice and cool once she was done.

“It would be healed by tomorrow son.” Saying that she patted on my butt a little. Aunty leaned forward to plant some sweet kisses on my butt. My dick had a massive discomfort between her knees as aunty kissed on my butt for the fifth time. I held myself still and tried not to moan. Aunty dropped me off her knees. She placed me next to her on the couch. Doing that, she held me tightly in her arms.

Aunty wrapped her stout fat arms around me and made her thick body to press against my medium structure. My head was laid very comfortably on her full round 34D cups. She kissed me on my cheeks; rubbed gently on my back. I felt so little under her.

“How’s the school son?” Aunty inquired in her soft tone. She kissed at the side of my head.

“It was good aunty.” I didn’t let her say anything in return and asked in a low tone, “How is uncle? Is he fine?”

“He would be good enough to do the chores this night. His skin tackled the breaking from the edges even after the one dozen of strokes with the cane and whip simultaneously. He forgot to do Ananya’s dirty knickers two nights ago so he had it coming anyway.

I have already called Dr. Anushka to pay a visit tomorrow. He doesn’t needs a treatment right now but he will surely do after I punish him again tonight. Fair to say, but once I would get done with it, he would be in a heaps of pain so bad that would fear even an image of a knicker in his head, and would never forget to clean it again.” There was no regret flowing down her stern voice. Aunty didn’t tolerate mistakes, I knew that. She kept her soft fingers running under my hairs.

“Does the Devansh guy from your school still bothers you, son?” Aunty added. It was the same guy that has been constantly bullying me since last month. I have never talked about him with anyone. I didn’t know how did she come to know about him.

“Aunty…..” I mumbled.

“Anyways!!” she stopped me in between “I think my nephew is growing up, he shouldn’t be treated like a kid anymore. Am I right son?” Aunty looked in my eyes and kept running her soft hand in my hairs. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. I stayed mum and kept looking in her eyes. Aunty’s eyes were angelic and hypnotic. I got drowned completely in the beauty of it. “Am I right son?” Aunty raised her pitch. I was up from my arousal.

“Yes..yes.. masi, you are right!” I said sluggishly.

“Your uncle’s family have a little religious trip arranged for 30 days from tomorrow. He would be leaving tomorrow night.” Aunty informed me.

“And?” I interrogated.

“And son, I am letting him to go with his family and some old friends. Beyond the anonymous status he possesses in our marriage, Anmol is still a highly respected man in the society. I love him for that. Your grandmother who is also my mother was very fiercely keen to keep Ananya with her for some days. I didn’t stop her from taking Ananya with her. That leaves both of us alone in the house for a while.” Aunty kept talking as her expressions started to change a little.

“What’s the point masi?” I asked in an apprehensive tone.

“I would be without a husband for some days, son. We have not been apart from each other ever since I took charge. I don’t want to be alone without a partner, without a husband, without an appropriate and competent SLAVE.” Aunty’s raised exquisite pitch on the last word felt very demanding. I stared deeply in her angelic eyes. She had a sudden denizli escort bayan worry and sadness in her eyes. I couldn’t have appreciated any less spark in my Aunty’s eyes. I loved her so much.

I started to bend down on my knees at the floor. I kissed her one foot from the top and then did the same to the other one. I raised my head from the ground to look at her, “I could be what you are looking for Aunty.” I kept kissing her feet. Aunty was already looking down at me with an anticipating smile, like she knew the script.

“Are you sure son?” Aunty kept running her hand in my hairs as she asked in her soft voice. I felt like a little pet to her. I was longing to show my reluctance but her strict tone and tempting eyes forced me to do the complex stating. “I’m sure, Aunty.” Saying that, I kissed on her feet again.

“I would test your skills till tomorrow to approve your submission to me.” Saying that Aunty slid her shorts down to the knees, and exposed her lace panties over her wide hips. She held my head and forced my face on her panties from the front. Aunty’s heavy palms rubbed my nose on her panties, I sniffed on the black lace covering her pussy. It had the honeyed smell of aunty’s pubic region. Aunty stopped me in between.

Aunty turned around and lounged on the couch. She looked quite fine and erotic in the couch. Her ass was thrice the size of my face and was laid just a millimeter away from me. I couldn’t see anything at front but just her wide gigantic butt close to my face.

“I’m feeling a little tired from the work and then whipping him. Aunty wants you to lavish her butt with attention son.” Aunty said, and instantly closed her eyes in the couch for a little cat nap. I had to pass in my slavery test, in order to be what I wanted to. I wedged my little face between her very wide butt. She had me deeply inhale her asshole, in long deep sniffs just because it felt comfortable to her. ‘Inhale’ she ordered in her strict accent while kept her eyes closed. I filled my lungs with her ass air.

Eventually she was tired of my inhaling and said, ‘Now, lick it’, making me lick her asshole as she started to drift off to sleep. Aunty was snoozing in a minute, but my job was far from done. I licked and slurped her anus repeatedly until told otherwise. I didn’t want to displease her and kept on doing it. Aunty had a body to die for and I was getting the best out of it but only for sometime. She had a long hour sleep and my face was accustomed to the smell of her ass fumes from the anus as it was lost in her big butt in the meantime. I was suffocated, used and toyed by my mistress.

Aunty woke up after an hour. She took her head down to have a look at me. My fatigued tongue were still licking her wrinkled anus. “Stop it son, it’s done now.” She said in a trembling voice and followed by a big huge yawn. I got my face out of her wide crack. Aunty lifted her big body and sat on the couch. She held my sweaty face to clean it with a washing cloth.

“You have done a tremendous job son. Aunty is delighted to say that you passed your round one comfortably. You are such a proud substance.” Aunty’s accent was medium and filled with appreciations, and she patted on my cheeks a little. I was a little gleeful. “Now come here son, and let Aunty reward you.” Aunty fit her hands on my narrow hips and dragged me forward. She started to rub on my clothed pubic area from the front.

“I want to use you son, use you as a man because you have grown up and you are not a kid anymore. Am I right?” She said with her soft hands touching all over my pubic area beneath the shorts. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“Yes masi, use me.” I muttered slowly with my eyes closed. Aunty grabbed the sides of my shorts and ripped it apart with the strength in her arms. She threw the pieces sideways. I was in shock following her desperation. I was left totally naked under my waist.

Aunty held my shoulders and brought my body up. She placed my head over her breasts which was covered with the T-shirt, and I felt her round bust under my cheeks. Aunty used her feet to fit my penis between them. My 7 inched property was surrounded by her feet.

“Look at your length, it’s not of a boy nomore.” Saying that, she got the grip tighter between her feet. She rubbed on it softly by moving the skin back and forth with her feet. I had some heavy breathe running down my nostrils. Aunty rubbed my face on her boobs while kept giving me a footjob. My open mouth in pleasure was fitted on her big bust as I moaned heavily in pleasure.

Aunty kissed on my head and kept rubbing my face on her round bust. “I love you, son. You are the best slave any woman can get.” Aunty kept repeating the same words for a minute after subsequent laps of few seconds. She continued to jerk off my dick with her feet. Suddenly Aunty’s pitch started to go up with little anxious grinding between her teeth, and she increased her pace on my penis. She glued escort denizli my head on her bust and hugged me tightly from the top, while kept doing my dick hardly between her feet.

My dick shoot out some thick jets of cum. I cried loudly in pleasure as it happened. She grabbed my cheeks and planted two lovely peck of kisses on my teeny lips. Aunty pushed me away from her and I fell down on the floor. As soon as I reached the floor, my eyes roamed around to see the mess that was created there. Aunty’s top of the feet, thumb and few fingers were covered with my white liquid.

“Who will clean it slave?” Aunty questioned in a steamy tone. I was afraid to answer but I did with the fake ease over my face. I went forward to take the wash cloth from the couch.

“Did I forgot to tell you son? You have to use your tongue!” Aunty looked at me with her wide eyes and little grin. I kept looking at her for few seconds to give away my undesired feeling about doing it. Aunty didn’t change her reactions and kept looking at me. Suddenly I was left with no other option but to do it in order to serve her whim.

I bent down to take my head on her foot. I used my tongue to clear out my thick and smelly white goo from the top of her foot. I did the same to her thumb and fingers of the feet. Aunty also made me lick away the cum from some edges of the couch where the jet sprinkled some drops. Aunty smiled at me with her beautiful face and pointed her fingers towards the bathroom. I entered in it and used the mouthwash to orally rinse off the dirt from my tongue.

I came out of the bathroom. Aunty was up from the couch and was taking the shorts back on her 40 inched butt. I reached at her side and looked at her fairly shaped brown face. “Prepare the tea for both of us son. Don’t bother to cover yourself from the bottom because by the end of this second round, you just came 10 years back in your life. By the end of the fourth, Aunty would give you a new birth. Now start to move on beta.” Aunty’s tough and stern words were enough to scare me.

I went into the kitchen with just the T-shirt on my body and started making the tea for both of us. Aunty climbed the stairs before entering in her room. She came out of it after a few minutes with an emblem labelled file. I assumed it to be one of her police department files. In the meantime, I served the tea in two cups. Both of us had a nice large sips on the cups with a reluctant silence in the air.

Aunty ordered me to get my mathematics book from the room. She ticked off the chapters that she wanted me to get done for the Reporting day. Aunty didn’t let me leave and kept me with her to teach me some valuable mathematics formulas. I sat down on the cold floor with my bare teeny bottom. She was a good enough teacher as any normal Ph.D professor. Aunty kept herself busy on the phone calls regarding patrolling in areas, raids and some criminals’ encounters. I kept my focus in my mathematics book. We were there for almost two hours.

“You can move son. You are supposed to keep yourself trapped inside the room until 9 and come out directly for the dinner. Are we clear?” Aunty raised her pitch as she commanded in a judicial tone. I answered in her favour. Aunty held me from my waist and kissed on my cheek and said softened her tone again as she came near to me, “Aunty loves you so much son.”

“I love you too, masi.” She smiled after hearing my gentle words, I smiled back. I gathered the ripped peices of my shorts from the floor and started to move in my room.

Disobeying her orders, I was still very keen to go to her room because I have never left myself out of seeing the actions. I watched from the crack of the window as Aunty started to go towards her room. I checked her presence in the nearby and made my way with silent feet at the window of her room. I fit my eyes in, and saw aunty approaching uncle’s bed side. Uncle was asleep with the dose over his head. Aunty bent forward to kiss on both of his cheeks,

“It’s not all up-to me baby, you have played your part by choosing your role in this relationship. I know you would forgive me.” Aunty was talking to a slept uncle. He didn’t hear anything what she just said. Aunty stepped back and took the leather whip out of the closet. She held the glass full of water in her hands and splashed it hardly on uncle’s face. He was up from his sleep in a rush.

Aunty spoke out loudly in her strict tone, “Let’s go baby, it’s time for your punishment 2.0.” She looked very angry, and attractive at the same time. Uncle had an obedient look over his face. He prepared to sluggishly get himself out of the bed and bent over the edge to give aunty the full access of his already well whipped ass. With time, the welts on his ass from the earlier whipping were swollen. Aunty had a little sorry look over her face after looking at the swellings, but it didn’t take a second to change into the fierce expressions again.

Aunty swung the whip in the air and brought it down with a heavy intensity on his red ass. The striking sound was similar to a gunfire. Uncle cried loudly in pain. I had my feet shivering by the sound of it. Aunty stepped back again and started to drop the whip with no less impact on his already loose butt. Uncle’s cries echoed through the entire room and went higher and higher with each stroke.

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