First Meeting

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I just let this one flow, I have to admit I don’t know where it is going and this is all there is so far. I am not into the humiliation and pain side of BDSM, and have not written anything else touching the subject. I suspect this is not worth continuing but I will take advice…

* * * * *

I felt a little nervous I have to admit. I had been talking with a woman I had never met for some months over the internet and after a lot of toing and froing we had decided to meet up. Our conversations had ranged from day to day activities to intimate sexual fantasies, detailing lusts and desires, some of which had been deeply secret and never spoken of before.

In both our cases it seemed an urgency had developed where we needed to explore these desires in the flesh, an overwhelming longing to feel each others bodies in the closest possible way, to taste the nectar from each others loins and find release from hidden frustrations by allowing them to rise to the surface and explode, within the dark privacy of an illicit coupling.

I had a cottage deep in the countryside and Mira had agreed to fly to me. The thought of flying to another country for the sole purpose of sexual gratification aroused both of us. It made the whole thing more exotic and determined. This was not a case of a quickie with somebody in a nightclub or a local affair, constantly in danger of being discovered by a neighbour but more of a sexual adventure, an odyssey into an orgasmic existence, a dimension you could step into to, away from the real world and submerge yourself in pure unadulterated sexual fantasy.

I had seen pictures of her, intimate, revealing pictures. Pictures of her in all sorts of poses and places. Pictures of her carrying out set sexual challenges set by me, I felt I was prepared for her. When she came through the airport exit gate I caught my breath. She had smooth ivory pale skin, deep red hair and blue eyes which although clear in the pictures shone in real life. She was gorgeous. She wore clothes for travel, just a pair of jeans and T-shirt but her full breasts almost greeted me themselves in anticipation. We said nothing, she walked right up to me, stepped into my arms and we kissed passionately our bodies pressed hard against each other. My cock Bahis Sitesi was already erect and she knew it, pressing harder against it.

From there I took her bags and led her to my car. There was already an electric charge in the air and I sensed we both walked as if on a cushion of air. There was always the risk of on meeting, the heightened expectations from our time in the cyber world, would come crashing down. I knew what she really wanted and had planned a special introduction to our new relationship. I knew what I was going to do to her before I let her explore me. The anticipation had my cock hard for virtually the entire two hour drive. We talked, stopped for a meal and generally behaved with decorum. A temporary state.

The cottage was a traditional farm workers cottage some 300 years old, rendered and painted white, bowed walls from the age and topped with a thick thatched roof. It was set in several acres affording considerable privacy with lawns, woodland, pasture and a length of river. I open the door and let her in. I had already prepared it and the woody smell of the burner gave the house a warm cosy feel. The front door opened to a small hall and then into the living room which was connected with internal passages to a dining room, study and kitchen. Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Ancient ship timbers were embedded in the construction and the ceilings were low.

Mira loved it and wanted to explore but I had another ideas. I sent her to the bathroom to bathe. The flight had been long and with the traveling I wanted her to feel comfortable, it also gave me time to set some things up.

A while later she came out wearing a dressing gown and wandered into the main bedroom. She gasped and stood completely still. I was already naked and throbbingly erect. I said nothing but undid her gown letting it fall to the floor. Naked she was exquisite, her full breasts jiggled slightly as the material fell away, her nipples visibly hardened under my gaze. The cherry red buds growing erect.

‘I thought we would be…..Oh my God….now….you mean now, straight away….I mean ..we.’ she stammered as nerves hit her but mixed deliciously with a sudden moistness filling her pussy. I took her hands and led Bahis Siteleri her to the bed, she still didn’t realise where this was going. I pushed her back so she fell flat on her back, squealing and giggling, her breasts bounced freely and her legs fell open revealing the red bush separated by pink, wet puffy lips. She expected me to fall on top of her. I didn’t. Telling her to sit I gave her a soft leather harness which fitted like a bra without cups, her generous breasts squeezed through the holes.

From under the bed I produced two soft leather garters lined with silk which I slipped over her feet, up her legs to rest high up on her thighs. Then, taking her exquisite feet in my hands I pushed her legs back, knees bending until her thighs squashed against her tits. I told her to keep this position which she willingly did, holding her legs with her hands. The look on her face was one of complete sexual abandonment, her eyes glinted behind hooded lids as the excitement built deep in her belly. On each garter where small catches, back and front. The ones on the top sides of her thighs clipped to the leather strap under her tits, holding her thighs hard against her bosom.

Again from under the bed I came up with two ankle bracelets made of soft leather and lined with silk. These I slipped on her. The ankle bracelets attached to the garters. She now lay naked on her back, her thighs pulled and held right back against her tits, with her ankles tied against her the heels touching her buttocks. Next I placed individual cuffs around each wrist which in turn were attached to silken ropes on either side of the bed. These were in turn attached to a pulley system rigged to a heavy beam across the bed in the ceiling. Similar ropes where attached to the ankles and with the touch of a switch in the wall, small electric motors pulled Mira, in her bondage up from the bed. Her thighs were pulled wide open, her arms pulled high and wide. From a cupboard I brought into this a specially designed cushion, one which would rest under her back, taking some of the strain from her arms but leaving her in no doubt as to her restricted position. To demonstrate, I gave her a gentle push, allowing her to swing a little from side to side, the cushion gently Canlı Bahis Sitesi rolling with the motion.

All that remained was to relax her neck. A collar did the trick, designed as the bracelets and garters but with a strip of leather which fitted behind her head and attached to the ceiling. From this another strip fitted across her mouth. Mira, although silent and clearly highly aroused all through my preparations, was a little tense.

‘Relax Mira, just relax into it.’ I said. She looked fantastic and her pussy was very wet. The delicious folds of flesh beckoned as they hung there in all their exposed glory. Her most secret orifices were fully on show as she watched me as I took in the site. My cock twitched and precum dribbled as my urgency was driven home to me. Mira, whom I had learnt so much about from herself, now swung before me, her body at my sexual mercy. In her gaze I started to stoke myself, slowly running my hand over my erect cock, running my fingers over the sensitive head lubricated with my liquid. I wanted to cum but knew that by waiting I could experience much more.

From the landing I carried in a stool. Innocent looking at first but when placed in front of my lovely lady, it served as perfect dining chair. Mira’s eyes widened as I sat before her, her pussy positioned inches in front of my face. Her juices were virtually running as I started to run my tongue over the stretched skin of her buttocks, licking close to her pussy and arse without touching. I kissed her skin, tasted her smooth thighs and smelt her wonderful scent, a musky perfume as it filled the bedroom. After a while I licked her, a long slow tongue lick starting at her arse, sliding over the erotic skin behind her lips and pushing deep into the wondrous furrow, the pink lips parting, her love juices saturating my tongue and then without hesitation, I ran the flat of my tongue over her engorged clitoris. She jerked violently as I continued up, raking through her bush and onto her soft belly, her pussy now pressed against my chest as I licked the soft flesh of her midriff and tongued her belly button.

The taste was intoxicating. Her body. Her juices.

Mira was now in a state of almost painful arousal. Her eyes screamed for an orgasm and she grunted at me, begging for her climax. I looked into her eyes, desperate to sense her orgasm reaching for her, to see her body convulse in spasmic pleasure but I wanted her to wait.

She was close, so I sat back.


Is this worth continuing with?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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