First Claim Ch. 01

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“Woman, the clothing. Remove it.”

Her shudder at his growl was the response Trel sought. A little apprehension would provided emotional distance and protect her in ways he couldn’t. It wasn’t much of a plan. Pray the Goddesses it would be enough.

His gaze returned to the report-pad in his hand, maintaining the aloof attitude. Acutely nonhuman senses monitored her movements. He could have done it from the next room. This close to her, the slide of jeans down those curvy legs was just a very effective way to drive him insane. Resisting the glance up at her tiny indrawn breath as the bra dropped off her shoulders probably cost him ten years off his life. He could afford it. Protecting her meant she wouldn’t be with him then.

His sensitive ears cataloged her progress but nothing was more evocative, more compelling than the fragrance of her excitement. His command to remove her clothing had triggered an immediate response in that delicate spice.

Her arousal perfuming his dwelling forced him to beat back the instinctive, possessive answer his nature clamored for. A cruelly limited range of expression was all he was afforded in this setting. Denial born of control could slice away a male’s soul. A fact he’d been unaware of before meeting her.

She was bare and Trel let her stand before his desk for several minutes, pretending to ignore her. Luckily he could regulate sweat, that indication of his emotional involvement would have been ridiculously obvious.

Over twenty earth years separated them from the moment he’d known who she was to him. Every one of those years had been a test of his discipline. At times, Centurion honor was all that stood between her and the brutal revelation of his claim.

Brutal only described the choice he would not ask her to make, not what would have occurred had he been free to claim her as a Brintex should. Seducing his mate was supposed to be a sensuous, intoxicating journey into pleasure. One she could not resist.

Mated females enjoyed their Centurion’s undivided attention. Mate-bond meant there would never be another female for the Centurion as a male’s genetic code imprinted his female. Deeply passionate and immensely powerful, Centurions were by necessity possessive, attentive lovers.

How things normally were had nothing to do with them. Trel jerked his thoughts from the luxury of seducing his woman with the erotic courtship he would have given her. This reality was what they had. He would make it every bit as erotic as he could but he would not permit her the pain of falling in love with him.

Human females were hauntingly sexual like no other humanoids he’d ever encountered, but his mate, she was something more. It was her loyalty, her ability to love so deeply that had stopped him cold the first time he’d met her. That same quality was what commanded him now. He had witnessed her destroyed by love once before, that pain was something he would never allow her to endure again. Neither of them would survive it.

Letting her gaze at him added tension to the little female, a pleasing response as her scent ripened. His six foot, ten inch frame was seated but perhaps still daunting as she stood exposed. The heavy black mane streaming down his back and framing vaguely nonhuman features didn’t seem to bother her. Her scent had never carried the cloying aroma of distain or any of the other offensive human responses to new races.

He’d been told Brintex appear a bit feline to earth’s humans. Perhaps it was the tilted eyes and pounced cheek bones. Yet, humans could look to one of their own native races and see the Brintex stamp. Aztec descendents were mostly earth humanoids now, much smaller than a normal Brintex, but there was no doubt the Brintex Empire had visited the blue planet long ago.

Currently her delectable spice was flavored with sexual embarrassment. She was not used to this. Nothing in her human world could have prepared her for what he was about to require. As long as the emotional wall of her uncertain fear was maintained, her surrender would not be a gift she regretted. To that end Trel chuffed in apparent disgust and dropped the report-pad to his desk.

Looking up slowly he allowed heavy brows to draw down in a scowl. His eyes move up her thighs, remained on her freshly denuded surnim for a long moment and then up her temptingly soft belly to regard heavy breasts. A mature woman, she was soft and Trel had to give up on the superior snarl to keep from drooling like an idiot. She was suitably impressed with his command of the situation without it, he hoped.

Patience, he reminded himself. She was willingly presenting to his service. Apparently jojobet the entire known universe had suddenly come into fine point alignment to hand him this woman. He thanked previously unknown gods of chance and luck because no amount of logistics or lust could have mapped the events required to bring him this opportunity.

Trel stalked around the desk to stand before her. His intention was to intimidate with his height, his difference from her comparatively tiny form. Intimidation on every level was required to reinforce the emotional protection his female needed. Towering over her, he allowed himself to touch her, his hand barley grasped her chin to turn up her face. She looked at his mouth, not meeting his eyes.

“I will have you, Clair of earth. You are now property of a Brintex Centurion until such time as you are released. I will not harm you. Come,” his hand moved to her elbow as he directed her to the piece of furniture behind her. Releasing her arm he motioned at the seat. “Sit.”

He watched closely. No detail of her response could be missed, no nuance of reaction ignored. If for one moment his little mate did not enjoy her submission Trel had to know it. This was a huge gamble on so many levels. As a first sexual experience between them it was much like walking her into an inferno and hoping his burning body protected her long enough for her to reach the other side unscathed.

She stared at the preparation station with no small amount of apprehension flowering into her intoxicating scent. A little fear but no hint of terror, revulsion, or any other rejection.

She would have every damn thing he could find a way to give her and his control was one of the gifts she craved. His precious mate knew herself to be sexually submissive and Trel thanked the Goddesses for that small blessing. His hand swung back and landed on her bottom with a loud crack. He’d been careful to cup his hand so the sound was sharper than the sting. “Now,” he commanded in a low growl.

Clair gasped and stumbled forward, turning awkwardly to scramble into the devise hung with thick, leather restraints. The narrow pad was not actually a seat when the devise was in proper alignment. It was a support that would shift to force her pelvis up.

She sat and leaned over to fumble with the straps, her breathing hitching a notch as she attempted to insert her slender foot in the stirrup and wrap the leather strap around her ankle.

Trel growled and bent, gently pushing her trembling hands away he swiftly pulled the strap around her ankle. Even that small task could not be left to another. He would insure the binding could not hurt her. Grasping the other foot he easily moved it to the stirrup and secured that strap. Straightening his hand landed on her midriff, slight pressure and she tilted back to standard station one.

Clair let out a startled squeak as her body shifted and she found herself on her back, sort of. A blunt pad, positioned at the top of her ass, thrust hips up. Her feet were secured to stirrups that had swung wide as the contraption moved. She ended with her legs bent and elevated so not only bare pussy but also her back entrance was clearly visible. Her hands were clutching the top of a short bench that supported her upper back and head. The huge Centurion stood between her legs and leisurely studied her most private flesh.

He was looking at her. It wasn’t cold, but there was no codling in his regard. She’d known there wouldn’t be but the reality of Trel taking her was nothing like she’d imagined it would be. She’d been imagining for a very long time, at every opportunity, and still, she’d under estimated how this would feel.

Breathing in sharp gasps, Clair sank into the flames of surrender. They licked across her inhibitions, a ravenous blaze that could easily consume her very soul. Oh mercy, he was just standing there examining her. The OBGYN table on steroids restrained and displayed her. Like the huge male regarding her, it removed all her choices, stripping away modesty in the most delicious, commanding way possible. It made her feel more than naked, more than displayed. It shouldn’t have been a shock, but it was.

Trel pulled a remote from his pocket and raised the platform, bring her to a comfortable level to handle. He took his time examining the delicate female before him. The sight of her presenting was a memory he intended to savor slowly, soaking in every detail. Her sweet body was shaking with excitement as she worked her way through this explicit submission.

Lush was a good word for her. She was everything a fully mature warrior needed. Round thighs to spread for him, a plump jojobet Giriş surnim to pump his seed into and the welcome cushion of her generous back mounds. Those coupled with her compelling scent would have captivated him. That she was his mate forced a much more basic craving.

Iron control kept his features fixed as the entire universe faded. Clair was a dangerously curvy goddess, bone melting beauty the weapon she wielded. How did males take this, viewing their mate and not fall on them like starved beasts? Her excitement displayed in the glossy fluid flowed from her pretty surnim, thick and creamy, plentiful enough to lubricate her other entrance as well.

The human word ass was abrupt, harsh even. He liked the feel of the crude word in his mind as he looked at what he knew was a virgin opening for Clair. His woman was not his own but her ass would be.

The deeper scent of shame was creeping into her excitement. Trel smiled inwardly. His little mate was such a repressed female in human society. She thought ridiculous things about her generous body; her thoughts were betrayed by her choice of dress and decorum. Perhaps her station in life had something to do with her clothing, but not much.

He glanced at her face because he couldn’t resist the pull of her soul. Those expressive green eyes would destroy him if he spent too much time looking into them. He had been tempted to use a hood but decided not because it might decrease her pleasure. His shatteringly beautiful mate wanted his dominance. She would have it.

She looked away as he glanced up. Good. He would let her have this moment to hide from him, but it would not last long. He intended to share this pleasure and that meant surrendering her right to conceal anything, even her eyes.

“Your preparations are adequate,” he gave her restrained approval. So far she’d followed instructions without fail. Her hunger for approval from him was another intoxicating flavor to her scent. “What follows will insure you are not damaged.” Trel switched subjects, partly to keep her off balance, mostly because he couldn’t bring himself to let her experience real fear as he reached for the next item. Assuring her she would not be damaged also worked as a warning that let her anticipate with trepidation but not fear.

She nodded, obviously unsure if she should answer verbally. His statement hadn’t been a question and he was pleased she chose silence.

Pulling on a single glove, he picked up the small vial of minerals. Strictly speaking, the mineral cream wasn’t required to protect her, but it would add a whole new level of sensitivity to her experiences. It was also for him, an indulgence he could allow his possessive drive.

She swallowed when the glove snapped on. Her wide eyes followed every movement as he coated two fingers then carefully set down the little jar. Trel stepped around her leg and came to her side. His bare hand grasped her breast at the base and squeezed firmly to force the peek up, soft flesh puckered for him, presenting a dainty nipple. Not for long, he mused as he slathered the cream over her nipple and rubbed it into the surrounding circle of coral flesh. With each stroke he returned to her reddening nipple and rolled it firmly, pulling up as he did so.

Clair groaned softly but he ignored it, concentrating on her breast as he manipulated the tip. He switched to the other breast, grasping it just as firmly to present the nipple for him to work the cream into.

Her hands fluttered off the headboard as he gave her nipple a rolling tug, Trel snarled. She gripped the board again. Moving swiftly he was behind her head pulling straps around her wrists. Clair’s mouth opened but the protest died as he stood still a moment, the threat of his inaction clear as he watched her. Her mouth closed and he casually strolled around her fully restrained body to stand between her legs.

He doubted she was conscious of her demands on him but her subconscious was being crystal clear. She needed his complete dominance and had not even allowed him that one concession, to leave her hands free. With that unspoken request she’d confirmed his assessment of her desires and freed him from any reservations about those needs.

Clair’s panting picked up. The enhanced sensations from her breasts were becoming more pronounced. He paused and watched her nipples swell and redden as the minerals worked into tender flesh. Her areolas puffed up from her breasts as they became engorged, nipples more than double in size and length already. Both breasts were swelling as the demand for blood filled her veins. Sensitivity of those heaving mounds would be jojobet Güncel Giriş increasing as they became firm, jutting up off her ribs in lovely invitation.

She raised her head to stare down, her expression slightly shocked but her scent told him she was pleased at the sight. Satisfaction had little room in the deluge of responses she drew from his soul, but it was there as he watched her. Perhaps she had contemplated the barbaric human method of lifting mature breasts. Now she would never need to and it appeared she didn’t mind.

Trel coated his fingers again and reached for delicate folds he’d resisted so long. His intention clear, Clair gasped and hitched away from him the tiny bit her restraints allowed. Trel did not pause but his eyes met hers as his fingers petted the lip of her surnim, his snarl a command and possession as he coated her with the cream.

Clair jerked her eyes back to the ceiling but the whispered expulsion of air was easily heard. “Oh, God.”

He was content with that and focused on the pleasure of watching his fingers manipulate her, spreading her wide, deliberately pushing in shallowly, up and around, exposing every hollow as he rubbed the cream into those beautiful lips. He paid special attention to the dainty protrusion at the top of her cleft and the upper swell of her mound. He liked the softness of her as he petted, stroked and spread her.

The mineral was working and her surnim becoming engorged. Like a ripe fruit, its dripping center strained open in presentation she could not control. The lovely pink turned a fascinating shade of blushing scarlet.

Quickly coating fingers again he applied the cream to her ass, gaining another shocked gasp from her. This time he didn’t bother lifting his attention. His gaze focused on fingers circling tender pink muscles. Oh yes, she would swell here as well, becoming incredibly sensitive, needy for his use.

She resisted but he paid no mind and firmly pressed a finger against her opening. Not entering, but only because he chose not too. The cream would not allow her to refuse and neither would he. It wasn’t time yet.

Watching his thick digits work her was far more emotionally charged than he’d been prepared for. Possessive dominance was natural to his kind, but he’d never felt such a searing drive. He would have her here but more than that, he would have her begging for it. Her submission had to be that deep, that powerful and he wasn’t sure she was ready for this. Could he pull back if she needed him too? It might not be possible.

The moment of doubt passed as his mate showed him exactly how powerful she was. Her answer to his sexuality was swift and humbling. Again she rejected any control on his needs, her hunger fueling him.

Her pelvis jerked slightly, pressing down and he breached her. It didn’t hurt, he would have scented the change immediately if he had caused pain. She was so tight, there would be a fire for surrendering but she was not pulling back as he carefully pressed in. Her response was intense pleasure and shock.

Sweet little thing was wallowing in carnal gratification and ashamed of her response. Of course, her need shot up with her little discovery that she wanted her ass fucked. Complete subjugation of her body thrilled her.

Pressing in and withdrawing in careful thrusts, he showed her why a good deal of her instructions had been devoted to her anal preparations. Taking care of those requirements, the deep cleaning of her body, had primed her mentally to some extent. Now it was his job to insure her uncertainty about this surrender turned to pleasure.

Little mate was loving the surprising sensations. It was time to add another level of indulgence. His other hand administered a gentle slap to her exposed rump, causing the flesh to move pleasingly. His hand remained kneading soft flesh and pulling the globe open for his penetration. She writhed on his fingers with each thrust. Her swollen surnim clenched and gushed, betraying her excitement as he stroked into her.

Her pleasure at his taking her ass was an intoxicating scent. Pleasure that was dependant on surrender, spiced with humiliation and given an erotic push with her secret shame at loving all of it. Well, not so secret now. He allowed her no retreat from his possession.

The door beside them chimed loudly as someone requested entrance. Trel grunted in that direction, not able to take his gaze off her lovely ass slowly receiving a second finger.

The door opened, Clair gulped in a shocked gasp and froze. Her realization that someone was entering the room and he was making no move to cease his invasion of her exposed flesh exploded in her scent.

Trel almost chuckled as his mate learned that she had seriously underestimated his ability to provide for her. Erotic submission was the only area he was permitted to care for her, she would have more than she could imagine.

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