Butterfly Ch. 04

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Chapter IV – Sherry’s Diary: Weekend at Jen’s

Dear Diary,

Yes, my diary, it’s time to pretend I’m writing to Jen … again. Maybe one day I’ll get enough guts to share all this with her someday… maybe… sigh…

Jen– I was so happy when you told me you’d be back in Florida for two weeks house sitting for your aunt! I’ve missed you so much since you moved to Atlanta! 🙁

Thanks for inviting us down to the house last Saturday! We had a great time, but it could have been even better. I think you might even have a hint of my feelings toward you now, but of course, I chickened out again.

I’m sorry you got sick from too many rum runners. To be perfectly honest, I was trying to get you drunk so I could seduce you. I thought it would work, too, but nothing seemed to go right that night.

You didn’t know we brought our scandalous swimsuits to wear in the pool. I was very disappointed when you told us you had just shock treated the water so we couldn’t go in. We thought about going clubbing and ending up at Beach Bunnies, but you thought you should be home when your aunt called to check on you (the old slave driver!). We were reduced to renting that stupid T&A movie just to turn you on. (Yes, Kyle was in on it, too. I’m so desperate to get you in the sack that I wouldn’t even mind sharing him with you or you with him – for a little while.)

Anyway, it was kinda exciting sitting there with you drinking and watching those 80s-haired bimbos shake their fake boobs around in that retarded movie (I wished that movie had more sex and nudity and less teasing). I liked looking at you more. You made me hot just lounging on the couch in your t-shirt and shorts. I wanted to jump your bones, or at least ask you to share that king-sized bed in the master bedroom with us, but I stayed patient.

But I guess we drank a few too many, huh? Jen, I’ve never seen you so wasted. I couldn’t believe you when we were making ice cream sundaes. You remember, right? You started yelling “I love nuts! And cherries! Mmmm, lick them nuts and cherries!”, then picked up those two maraschino cherries by the stems and ran your tongue underneath them. I joined you and our tongues brushed for a second… woah! At that moment, I was so hot and so wasted that I finally had enough nerve to rip off your shorts and lick your cherry. Do you remember that I squeezed your tit? I’ll never forget.

But right then, you got a very odd look gaziantep escort on your face. I thought you were going to scream or slap me or something, but you ran out of the room. I was shocked, but then I heard a horrible retching sound from the bathroom and realized that you had gotten sick.

I’m so sorry I made those drinks so strong. I was trying to lower your inhibitions, but I guess I overdid it with the Captain Morgan. I felt so guilty about making you sick that I went in there to help you clean up and get upstairs to your room. You were really out of it.

But after you were in bed, that image of you and the cherries played through my mind and I began to feel horny again. Kyle was pretty turned on, too, and soon we were naked and fooling around on that giant bed in the master bedroom. I don’t know how we ended up on the floor beside the bed, but after a few minutes, there we were on the rug, fucking away in the dark with me on top.

That’s when the really kinky stuff began. Kyle mumbled something about wishing we had gone at it like this downstairs while watching the movie, and I got a sudden naughty idea. I maneuvered us so that Kyle had his feet under the bed and his head pointed towards the closed bedroom door, then stretched forward to grab the knob and swung it open.

The faint nightlight in the hall seemed really bright flooding into the formerly pitch-dark room. Kyle’s eyes about bugged out, and my heart pounded even harder as we had hot sex in an open room with you in the same house.

Our wild motions were taking us a little closer to the doorway with every thrust. Kyle and I realized this at the same time and gave each other a wicked smile. Without saying a word, we both knew exactly what we would do; we began to actively scoot ourselves towards the open door.

I felt my tits bounce crazily as I tried to inch us along the carpet with my knees. Soon, Kyle’s head was out in the hall, then his chest and shoulders, then his torso up to his waist. When I got to the doorway, I reached out and pushed off the doorframe with both arms, starting a soft squishy noise as my juices ran between Kyle’s legs onto the cool wooden floor. I looked back and saw him push off the wall with his feet, sliding us clear of the bedroom rug.

Our wet skin slid more easily across the waxed hallway floor, headed right for you. In just a few seconds, we were konya escort at the landing at the top of the stairs. A thrilling shiver shot through me when I realized that were visible from most of the house. I looked down at the sofa where you had been sitting an hour before, then watched the sweat on Kyle’s smooth chest glistening in the dim light. When I looked up, his head was almost bumping against your door.

Now only a thin piece of wood separated us from you. I was facing your room, so near that when I leaned forward to kiss Kyle’s forehead, my hair brushed against your door. I didn’t try to muffle my moans or our squishy noises at all and mentally screamed for you to get up. I thought about opening your door myself, but held back in case you’d be freaked out. So I stared at that doorknob wishing sooo hard to see it turn and for the door to swing open.

Oh, god, did I want you to open your door and see us. I even hit the light switch to turn on the overhead light, making me feel like we were suddenly fucking in a spotlight. Kyle looked terrified for a second, but I calmed him by bending over and laying my chest on his face, my cheek against your door. As he kissed my nipples, I closed my eyes and imagined the scene that would follow if your door would open.

It would swing open slowly and I’d see your pretty sleepy face peeking out, your hair still messed up from your slumber. You’d stare in shock for a moment, and I’d smile seductively and straighten up, bathing our sweaty nude bodies in the full glare of the light bulb over my head. I’d keep leaning back until I was lying on Kyle’s legs, and you’d open the door wider, your eyes magnetically pulled to where Kyle ‘s shiny slick cock moved in and out of my red, wet, puffy cunt lips, your nipples slowly and visibly hardening into little bumps beneath your nightshirt.

I imagined you standing in the half-open doorway, deciding whether or not you should close the door while carelessly pulling the front of your nightshirt up to your belly button. I’d sit up, beckoning you forward while blowing you a kiss, then smile with satisfaction as you ‘d open the door a little wider and slip your hand into the front of your panties. I imagined watching your fingers move under the thin cotton fabric as I mimicked your actions by reaching down to tickle my clit and massage Kyle’s balls.

I’d savor the moment when you finally lost kayseri escort your inhibitions and pushed your panties down over your slender hips to the middle of your thighs, then let them fall down your long legs to your ankles. I imagined you rubbing your mound, your hands still partially covering yourself to my frustration, until you became dizzy with lust and sat on the floor right behind Kyle’s head.

I imagined you flipping your panties off your foot and over the banister to land downstairs, then openly and eagerly masturbating, your beautiful pussy finally open to my lecherous eyes, your thighs spread far apart so I could watch you tickle your clit and plunge your fingers deep inside. I imagined grabbing my tits and slowly licking my own nipples while you watched me and I watched you.

I wanted you to scoot even closer, your feet brushing my knees, as I came and screamed in ecstasy, then hear you moan and watch you wet the hardwood floor and Kyle’s hair right between your legs when you came as well.

I’d get up slowly so you could see Kyle’s rock-hard cock pop out of me and slap back against his wet skin, then stand in front of you with my feet on either side of Kyle’s head and my crotch in your face. I’d gently pull your head forward, and your eyes would meet mine as your tongue stretched out and touched my yearning pussy for the first time.

I’d pull you in closer so you could taste me while Kyle watched everything from below and jacked himself off. After only a few seconds of feeling your lips and tongue caressing my clit and lips, I’d be in heaven as my best friend made me come for the first time. My flowing juices would wet your pretty chin, dripping down into Kyle’s waiting mouth. We’d hear him groan beneath us and would turn our heads just in time to see him pump his cum onto his washboard abs up to his chest.

I’d take your hand and help you up, then slowly peel your PJs over your head to expose all of your luscious body to my lecherous gaze. I’d throw your nightshirt down the stairs to join your panties, kiss Kyle goodnight, then lead you back into your room, where we’d spend the night doing things I’ve long dreamed of doing with you…

Of course, you never came out. But what did you mean the next day when you made some crack about “public affection” with a big smile on your face??? Did you hear us??? Were you turned on? Where you fingering yourself in bed listening to us fuck in the hallway? Did you even peek under the door to try to see us? Would you have joined us if you weren’t feeling sick? I’d like to think so. And, no matter what, it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

But now who knows when we’ll see each other again. I wish you wouldn’t have moved away, but I’ll be thinking of you every time I come…

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