Corrupting Kelly Ch. 01

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The candle light was flickering between the bushes at the house next door and Don knew something was going on again. He hurried over and slipped into his tennis shoes and hollered out to his wife Kelly.

“Honey. I’m going for a short walk. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Don rushed out the back door before Kelly had time to question him on where he was going or perhaps ask him if she could join him on his walk.

Don’s heart began to beat at a faster rate as he walked around the tall bushes that divided the two yards. He slowly made his way toward the back bedroom window where the candle light was flickering.

This was the third time this month he saw it going on and it was only the second week of June. He was determined to find out what had been going on at his neighbor’s house these past few months.

First it started with a black Cadillac, than it was a green Mercedes and now for the past four weeks it was a Hummer. It never happened until dark and they would never leave until early morning before the sun rose again.

OK. Frank and Connie had frequent guests. What seemed so strange was the fact that the whole house became dark shortly after their guests would arrive except this bedroom light. Even if they were playing cards, why would they play back in the bedroom under candle light.

Yeah. Don was on the neighborhood watch program and he was only doing his neighborly duty. That’s it! This wasn’t wrong. What if something was going wrong at Frank and Connie’s house?

He only had a few feet to go before he reached the window. Don found it strange that the shade wasn’t pulled down. He had only a few more steps before he could see for himself what sort of activities his neighbors were doing so often with their guests.

Don could see shadows of at least two people in the room as he carefully walked along the side of the white house.

There she was! It was Connie standing near the window! Oh my God! She’s only wearing a thin black nightie. Oh my God, look how beautiful she looks in that tiny little outfit. Don could see Connie’s long blonde hair trailing down to her waist and such a lovely figure.

Oh my God, she’s turning this way. Don quickly moved away from the window as he watched Connie near the window. She was dancing, not standing. She was smiling and appeared to be wiggling her body as if she were enticing someone in the room.

Don’s heart was beating faster as he kept watching his gorgeous neighbor standing in the window. Suddenly. She was gone from the window. The only thing Don could see was the light of the candle flickering on a wall inside the room.

He could see shadows. Shadow’s of people inside the room. Maybe two or three, he couldn’t say for sure but there was someone else in that room with Connie. Whom did the Hummer belong too?

Why would Connie be wearing a nightie and dancing in the bedroom, while they entertained? Was the Hummer a rental? Don was sure he saw a tall man walk out of the Hummer this evening. Don couldn’t really see him because it was so dark, but he knew it was a tall muscular man.

Don slowly walked toward the edge of the window being as carful as he could not to be seen. Thankfully there wasn’t any Moon light tonight so it was almost pitch black outside. Luckily, Don had worn his black shirt that evening and would certainly blend into the darkness of the night.

He had a plan that if anyone did see him, he could run away and get back into his house before anyone had a chance to see who was peeping in on them.

Don was standing next to the window now as he gently eased his head into view and peered inside the room.

Oh my God. Don couldn’t believe what he was watching! It was Connie on the bed with another man. They were laying back on their side kissing. Connie was still wearing the little black nightie but the big man had his hand inside the thong rubbing her pussy as they kissed.

God, why was she doing this to Frank? She’s cheating on her husband! Not only is Connie cheating on her husband with another man but a black man!

Don’s heart was beating so rapidly that he could feel his chest pounding as he continued to watch his blonde neighbor kissing her lover. Where was Frank? Why was she cheating on her husband?

The huge black man continued playing with Connie’s pussy as they kissed and Don could see their tongues mingling together in a heat of passion. Don’s dick was getting hard watching Connie with this black man.

He couldn’t help himself right now from being excited watching his attractive blonde neighbor as she gave herself to this black man.

Don watched as Connie got up on her knee’s and motioned for her lover to lie back on the pillow. Connie pulled off the tight thong the man was wearing to reveal a huge black shaft that stuck straight up at the ceiling.

He was so huge that it looked almost three times the thickness of his own dick and appeared to be at least 9″ long! Connie didn’t hesitate to crawl between his legs and begin sucking yalova escort of the huge black shaft.

Don could see the man moaning as he laid back and watched the beautiful white house wife suck his dick.

Where was Frank tonight? How long has this been going on? Weeks? Maybe more than one guy, there were other cars here at the house. Connie was a slut! A whore! A cheating housewife slut! How terrible could she be for cheating on her husband?

Don couldn’t think about that at the moment, all he could do was concentrate on watching the erotic scene taking place in the bedroom. His dick was so hard at that he wanted to take it out and stroke it while he watched them.

Connie looked like a pro as she sucked that long black shaft as her head slipped down the entire length until her nose touched the man’s pubic hair. She kept deep throating the man as Don fumbled with his pants and pulled out his own dick and began stroking it as he watched his pretty neighbor.

Don had never thought that watching a white woman and a black man could be so erotic and stimulating. The contrast of their skin had much to do with it and perhaps the fact that she was a married woman played a big role as to why he was so excited.

After several minutes, the huge man lifted himself off the pillow and helped Connie take the little black nightie. Don could see her full breasts jiggle free of the thin material as it was pulled over her head.

He laid back down as she followed him and laid across the top of his body as he squeezed her ass with his big hands. They were kissing again as her little white ass wiggled in the grip of this man’s huge hands.

Connie’s tits were smashed against his chest as Don watched their tongues mingling in the dim candle light. The sight was incredible and Don tried to take it all in as Connie was flipped over onto her back as they continued to kiss.

The man lifted himself up enough to begin kissing his way down her neck and began licking and biting around her beautiful breasts. Connie’s hands were massaging the back of his head as she watched him bit her nipples.

He kept taking each nipple between his teeth and gently stretched them out until he let them go and repeated this several times and lowered himself further until he was licking her navel.

Don could see Connie talking to the man as he starred up into her eyes and finally raised himself as she spread her legs open for the man trying to coax him to mount her.

This was almost too much to bear to watch but Don was almost paralyzed in his spot on the ground as he watched the big guy move into position to screw the blond wife below him.

Don watched as Connie arched her legs back until her knee’s were touching her tits and saw the big guy move forward until the giant black shaft was posed at the entrance of her tiny white pussy.

Don watched in amazement as the big guy skillfully rocked his hips allowing the big head of his cock to slip along the crease of Connie’s pussy slit.

Connie had reached down around her thigh’s to help guide the huge man inside her pussy. Don watched the expression on Connie’s face as she arched her head off the pillow and starred down between her legs to get a better look at the giant black cock that was about to slip inside her pussy.

Suddenly, Connie’s mouth gasped open and her body sort of jerked and tightened for a few seconds as she remained still. Don knew what had just happened, the huge cock had just popped inside that tight pussy of hers and she was trying to adjust to its size right now.

Don watched as the black guy begin rocking his hips and saw Connie’s feet rest on the back of the man’s thigh’s as he continued to work his huge shaft inside her.

This was so erotic watching his beautiful white neighbor getting screwed by this huge black man.

Don knew it was wrong. She was committing adultery at that very moment! Where was Frank? Why would she commit such an act? Don thought they were happily married!

Oh God, it felt so good stroking his dick right now that he didn’t care much about that right now. Don’s only concern right now was watching what was taking place in the bedroom right now.

Perhaps later he would find out more and maybe talk to Frank. Maybe he could somehow ask if they were having marital problems. This wasn’t the time to think about that right now. This was too exciting to pass up and he wanted to see it to the finish.

Yes. He wanted to wait until he saw the man cum and fill her pussy with his black seed. That’s right! The guy wasn’t wearing a condom! He was screwing Connie bareback!

Thoughts of previous conversations with them about wanting children filled his mind! Was she safely taking the pill? If so, they were not always reliable! How could they explain a black baby?

Don was getting more aroused each second his mind thought about the situation and watched as the man began pounding himself hard into Connie’s tight edirne escort pussy.

Don could see her fingers digging into his shoulders as her ass got pounded into the moving mattress below. Her nails were leaving wilts on his back as he shoved himself into the tiny white housewife below him.

Don could hear Connie moaning through the glass now as the man continued to screw her harder. Don could see the wetness on the huge cock each time it withdrew from Connie’s pussy. Don saw her legs begin to shack and listened to her scream as she had an orgasm.

Don watched as the man continued pounding into her pussy and within minutes shot his load of sperm deep inside Connie’s waiting belly.

The man rocked himself a few times as he caught his breath and began pulling himself out of her tight pussy while holding onto her ankles with one hand. He was kneeling on the bed as he held Connie’s ankles and starred at her gaped open pussy apparently looking at the huge load he had just deposited inside her belly.

Don watched as Connie dipped her finger inside her pussy slit as she leaned her head off the pillow.

“Oh God Felix. What have you done to me again?! I need to get this out of me right now before I become pregnant!”

Don couldn’t believe what he had just heard Connie telling her lover. Apparently she wasn’t on the pill because she had concerns about becoming pregnant!

Don kept stroking his cock as he watched the interracial couple on the bed. This was so hot! Better than watching a porno flick!

How could Connie do this to his good buddy Frank? She just screwed a black guy and took his seed into her unprotected belly!

Don wanted to cum himself, what he just witnessed was maybe the most erotic display’s he had ever saw.

Don watched as the man turned his head toward the foot of the bed and began to speak.

“I think you better come over here right now and take care of your wife.”

What did that man just say? Whom was he speaking to in the room? Could he have said what I thought he had just said?

Oh my God! There’s Frank climbing onto the foot of the bed! He’s naked too! Oh God! What is happening in there? Look! Frank’s getting down to the edge of her ass, sticking his face into her pussy!

His starting to stick his tongue into her slit! Oh God! How filthy could this get?! Look at that man! Frank? How could you do this to yourself? Don’t do it! Take your mouth off her pussy. There is cum in there from another man!

What’s wrong with you Frank? Are you blind? She’s full of cum from another man and your licking her pussy?

Don stood there stroking his dick as he watched Frank lapping at Connie’s cum filled pussy. The man was still holding onto her ankles keeping her ass elevated off the mattress as Frank cleaned out her pussy.

Connie had moved her hands onto the back of her husband’s head keeping him pushed against her wet filled pussy as she looked up at her lover.

Don watched the big guy letting go of Connie’s ankles now as she propped her feet onto her husband’s back while he ate her pussy clean. The big guy laid down next to her as they began to passionately kiss while Frank cleaned out her pussy with his mouth.

Don saw them kissing so passionately that they appeared as if they were in love. They stoped kissing as the man lowered his head to gently suck on her nipples. Don saw Connie tighten her grip on her husband’s head as he slurped up the seed from her pussy.

Suddenly, Don had his own orgasm and shot his load of cum against the siding of the house and let out a loud moan. Don had closed his eye’s for a few seconds as his sperm hit the siding and ran down onto the ground.

Don opened his eyes and looked inside and saw that Frank was still down licking her pussy and glanced up at Connie’s face only to see her starring back at him.

Their eyes met for a split second until he quickly moved away from the window and zipped his pants up and ran back to his house.

What was he going to do now? Connie must have heard him groan as he shot his load and saw who standing outside their window. What was he going to do or say to them now?

She must have seen him and knew who it was because she starred right into his eyes. What had he done? He could get arrested for trespassing and peeping into their home! What was he going to do if they called the police?

Would he tell them the truth and tell them what he saw? He couldn’t do that, they would want to know why he was there peeping in their house!

What if they tell Kelly what he was doing? How could he explain what he was doing outside their window at night looking in?

Don walked inside the house where Kelly was still watching television. She was wearing her pink pajama’s and looked sexy but not as sexily as he just saw Connie wearing.

He sat down next to her of the sofa. She was watching a movie as he placed his arm around her and she turned to give him a kiss on the erzurum escort lips. He turned to watch the screen thinking about Connie with that black guy and seeing her get pounded by his huge cock.

Kelly put her hand on her husband’s lap pointing out a wet spot.

“Honey. What’s this on your pants?”

“Oh, I think I brushed up against the wet bushes walking in the back yard.”

Kelly didn’t say anything else but turned to look back at the television set as he thought about that cum stain on his pants. Hopefully she believed what he told her.

Don sat back and tried to relax as he closed his eyes and thought about that image he saw next door. Never in his wildest dreams would anyone think that Connie and Frank would turn out to be swingers.

He couldn’t help thinking about seeing Connie with that black guy and how attractive and erotic she appeared tonight. Kelly was just as attractive as Connie with long light brown hair and a hot figure.

Kelly was very attractive with full hips and a tiny waist which was topped off with a nice pair of tits that would cause any man to drool. Don always thought his wife was sexy and loved to see her wearing spike heels. She had a great pair of legs and overall she was absolutely stunning.

Don wondered how Connie and Frank got involved in that sort of lifestyle. He could never imagine asking his own wife to try something like that. She would kill him even if he asked. Maybe even leave him for just thinking about it!

Later that night, Kelly was climbing naked into bed. They always slept naked and felt her warm body next to his as they lay cuddling under the blankets. Kelly gave him a passionate kiss before saying good night and turned around pushing her ass against his legs.

Don circled his arm around her waist as he lay their thinking about Connie and Frank. Don hoped that Connie would never bring up the subject. Maybe she would be too embarrassed to ever mention it to him.

It was a typical Sunday afternoon and Don was out in the back yard where he had just finished trimming the grass. Kelly was gone shopping like she normally did on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was just a picture perfect day.

“Hi neighbor.”

Don turned around to see Connie walking into the yard wearing only a thin bikini. She was carrying two glasses of iced tea in her hands as she walked closer to Don standing in the yard.

“I saw you out here cutting the grass and you looked so hot so I thought I’d bring something over that would help cooling you off.”

Don nervously smiled at Connie as she walked right next to him and smiled as she starred into his eyes. She gave him the glass of iced tea as she kept smiling at him. Don glanced down at her breasts spilling out of the tiny bikini top and saw the red bit marks her black lover had put on them last night.

Don took a sip of the drink as he looked back into Connie’s eyes and saw that she was still smiling at him.

“Don. I came over here this afternoon to speak to you about what happened last night.”

Don felt his heart drop and skip a beat as he heard those words coming from Connie. God. He was in a lot of trouble now. He could just tell that she was about to say something about why he was peeping through their window last night.

“Don. Listen to me carefully. I don’t ever want this to get out in the neighborhood about the little activities that Frank and I do on our weekends. Can you understand what I’m saying?”

Don nervously shook his head that he understood Connie and tried to smile at her as he shakily tried to respond.

“Uh. I’m very sorry that I saw what happened over there last night. I was just checking to make sure everything was all-right last night. I saw that the house was dark and saw a flicker of light coming from the back bedroom and wanted to make sure there wasn’t a fire or something.”

OK. He lied but it seemed like a believable story to Don and hoped Connie would buy it. Don took another sip of the tea as he waited to see how she was going to respond to him.

“I’m glad I have a neighbor that is so concerned enough to come over and have a look. I should thank you for your consideration and thought.”

Connie stepped close to Don as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek brushing one of her scantily covered tits against his arm in the process.

Don was embarrassed feeling her tit against his arm and felt her as she moved her body across his shirt giving him chills. Don wasn’t expecting to hear what Connie said next.

“I could hear you when you when you came last night. Is that the first time you ever saw a black man fucking a white woman?”

Don almost choked on his tea as Connie stood smiling at him waiting for his reply. Don couldn’t bring himself to verbally answer Connie’s question but finally got one word out.


Connie laughed lightly as she took a sip of her tea and replied.

“I thought so. Frank and I have been doing this for a few months. He has his kinky side like most men. He just can’t get enough of seeing me getting screwed by my black lovers. I guess you saw that he likes to do clean up duties as well?”

Don still could not speak freely and just sort of grinned at Connie in disbelief that she was talking so bold and forward with him about last night.

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