Couger: Predatory Instincts

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The first time I saw Kade Logan was at at a garden party, or rather about three hours before, in my friend’s garden, hauling stacks of wood over his shoulder. I had moved in with my best friend, Francine, a fellow divorcee after my long, drawn out divorce. I had spent eighteen years with a husband who cheated on me with women half his age. I bore him two children who were ivy league students, and I, by all accounts, was a good wife. But I turned forty, and apparently forty did not amuse him. He was moving on, and moving up. In this case, up meant a twenty-two year old fashion model who called herself “Jahana” and fancied herself a photographer. He was no longer content to be the husband of a forty year old woman named Rachel, no matter how well I maintained my body and kept up my appearance. I had been left, dumped, better-dealed.

The thing was, I felt free. Finally, after eighteen years of marriage and twenty years with him altogether, I felt free. So, I decided when the divorce papers came through, that I would live with the shamelessness of a man. I took lovers, both men and women. I became… I hate the word slut, so I will say ‘libertine.’ And after a year of shamelessness, I saw him. And a whole new chapter of my life began. He was nineteen, and looked a few years older. A company had been hired to set up the garden area for the event and the company was one of those that mostly hires young men who take up several odd jobs here and there to get by. It was a warm summer day and I sat on my friend Francine’s veranda, feeling quite useless in a sundress and sandals. I watched this crew of random people, most of them milling around, doing their best not to work too hard in the heat, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of one of him. He was working hard, and that was the first thing I noticed. He took pride in his work, though it was trivial. He was beautiful. He was tall and his skin was lightly browned from working outdoors which made his blue eyes even brighter. He wore jeans and a white tee shirt with a button up blue shirt left open and slung over it and work boots. He was glistening with a light sheen of sweat. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I felt like a horny letch for staring. Francine noticed him too, and we stood at the veranda like two predatory vultures swooping in for the kill.

“Quite a bulge the boy has in his jeans.” Francine said with a grin.

Yes, I had noticed that too.

“When is their break?” I asked.

“Oh, I think I could ask the foreman to spare a man to help with some indoor chores any time we like.” She said.

I went to the kitchen and made a pitcher of iced tea with eight glasses of ice for the crew and brought it out on a tray. There was a chorus of “Thank you, Ma’am” and several of the men took a glass gratefully. But MY young man did not. He kept working, nodding at me with a polite smile when he caught me staring. The foreman took a glass and shook his head.

“That one’s my best worker. He does the job of three of the others, useless bastards.”

“I noticed he seems a dedicated fellow. What’s his name? I would like to give him a good reference if he needs it.”

“That one’s Kade. Kade Logan.” The foreman nodded with respect. “Nice kid. Hard worker. Trustworthy. Never have any complaints about him.” He took a moment to bark orders at a group of young men who were lazing around, avoiding their work, and the three men reluctantly went back to moving tables.

“You said Kade is a trustworthy sort?” I asked and the foreman nodded. “Because I was hoping to find a trustworthy sort to help with some of the indoor preparation. I need some furniture moved and some heavy plants rearranged, some pictures to hang, that sort of thing. Do you think you could spare the boy for an hour…” I thought about it. “Or two.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. Once he gets that wood hauled out of sight then sure, I’ll send him in. If he’s any trouble, just let me know. Never known Kade to be any trouble though.”

“He seems a nice boy.” I said, staring at young Kade, who stopped by the table to guzzle down a glass of iced tea. I watched it slide down his gorgeous throat.

“Yeah, well, the ladies love him.” The foreman said, glancing at me with a knowing look. I blushed. So, I was that obvious. “I’ll need him back in an hour.”

I waited inside, in the sitting room with the big open door to the veranda. Francine shook her head at me with amusement and went about instructing the workers where to set this table, this chair and this light fixture. I went about trying to look casual and reading an issue of Vogue while I waited for him. A few minutes trabzon escort later, I looked up to see him standing in the doorway, the sunlight making him appear Godly.

“Ma’am, you need some help with something?”

Oh yes, I did.

It occurred to me with a great deal of amusement that this was the opening scene of every cliched pornographic film.

“Yes. I need you to… eh…” Damn, I didn’t know where to take it from here. “…take down that painting and hang it in the dining room.” I pointed to the large oil landscape that graced Francine’s sitting room and winced. Francine would kill me, but I was making things up and couldn’t think of anything else. Francine’s house was always perfect.

He looked at the painting, taking a white cloth from his back pocket and wiping his hands clean of sweat. He studied it a moment, and I was surprised at the intelligence in his eyes.

“That painting?” He asked, nodding it’s way. “The Charles Mettigen? If you don’t mind my saying so, I think you may want to leave it where it is. The light is perfect in here for it’s palette. Further back in the house and it would be shadowed and lose it’s sense of…” He paused to find the right word. “Resonance.”

I was quiet a moment, a bit stunned by his intelligence. It was a Charles Mettigen, and he was right that it belonged where it was. In a way, I feel relieved he said something. If I had moved the painting, it would surely infuriate Francine. I wasn’t thinking clearly at all. This young man had made my brain drop into my panties.

“You’re right. Perhaps you wouldn’t mine moving that plant then, the big fern. I can’t lift it.”

He smiled.

“Of course. Where to?” He went to examine the fern, lifting the 80 pound pot off of it’s low marble base easily.

“The bedroom.” I said, feeling particularly cougerly. “The guest bedroom right down the hall. The first door on the left. I’ll run ahead with the base and open the door for you.”I ran ahead and opened the door, watching him easily carry the thing inside and set it on the ceramic base I carried in. “Perfect.” I said, which was ridiculous. The fern was too large for this room, and it didn’t belong in here at all.

He glanced at me and scratched his temple.”You sure?” He asked.

“Yes. It’s… unconventional. I like it.”

“Do you usually move plants around in your friend’s house?” He asked with a small smile.

Oh my.

“I… um… I just thought… I don’t know what to say.” I said, stunned and a little embarrassed.

To my surprise, he took my hand in his and stroked it provocatively.

“It’s alright. I think I know what you want.”

And yes, he knew exactly what I wanted. He kissed me, his mouth tasting like honeyed tea and lemon. He took off my dress and kissed my neck, delighted in licking and sucking my breasts, and dipping down to my navel. He fucked me well with his fingers, and he was good at it, very god considering his age, but I wanted more than this. I tugged at his jeans and he stood up, giving me the perfect view. I propped myself up on my arms and watched him unfasten his jeans and tug down the denim, letting his cock spring free.My God.I even gasped.It was, quite honestly, the largest penis I have ever seen in my life. Impossibly long and stunningly thick, with a raging purple head the size of a plum. He was hard the way only teenagers get. He was so big that it actually concerned me for a moment, but only a moment.

I knelt down in front of him, on the floor and worshipped his cock, sucking and licking, sliding it between my breasts. He loved that. My breasts are big and I squeezed them around his shaft, taking some lotion from the nightstand to lubricate the way. He pumped his hips against me, his muscles rippling beautifully. He fisted a handful of my hair and with the other hand, grabbed the enormous shaft and stuck it back into my mouth. I could barely fit it in my mouth. It occurred to me, quite shamelessly, that this beautiful monster needed the attention of two worshipful devotees. I stood up and said,”Stay here.” and I slung his tee shirt over my naked self, stepping into the hall to call for Francine.

“Francine, dear… come here.” She did and looked at me with delighted awe. “Francine, he’s gorgeous, and he’s hung like a horse. Seriously, it’s impossibly huge, and he’s so good…”

“Unless you want me to join in then, stop tempting me.” She said.

“Please do join in. It’ll take two of us just to suck him off.”

We were absolutely shameless then. And we did. Francine came back into the escort trabzon room with me and to my amazement, Kade did not even react to this, just held that huge cock in his hand, casually stroking it to stay hard in my absence. He looked at Francine and gave her a knowing smile.

“Kade, do you mind if a friend joins us?”

“The more the merrier.” He said, like it was nothing.

He gave Francine similar attentions, but by now we were rushing a little. The clock was ticking. He coaxed us both to lay on our backs on the bed as he stood at the bedside, our legs open to him.

“I want you both to be ready and wet.” He said. “Or it’ll hurt.”

He fingered both of us, two fingers, then three and then four, at the same time, Francine and I luxuriating in the shameless roughness of it.

“Do you kiss each other?” He asked, and really we did not, but for him, we would have done anything he asked. Francine and I looked at each other and shrugged, giggling, then moaning at his fingers working us so well that we were dripping wet. She nodded and I turned my head to the side to kiss her. I was surprised that I liked it so much. I had never kissed another woman, though she had. “Is that new to you?” He asked, as his fingers punished us.

I nodded.

“You like it?” He asked.

Yes, I nodded. He smiled. It wasn’t a sexy smile, or a perverse smile, but oddly, a gentle, spiritual smile. He was happy I had found something I liked. He was a teacher here. For him, there was no shame in this, no stigma. When we were ready, he flipped me onto my hands and knees and carefully pushed himself in. It was uncomfortable, and he seemed a little quietly apologetic about it. He was good, a little rough around the edges due to his youth but he was good. After a while, it stopped hurting and was a wonderfully delicious feeling of being completely full. He was careful, obviously aware that the tool he was blessed with (or cursed with) could be painful if used roughly. He worked me into a warm, smoldering frenzy and I came one of those teeth clenching intense orgasms. He bent over to kiss the back of my neck before slowly sliding out of me and moving to Francine who I had not realized till then had been receiving the attention of his fingers until then. I watched lazily as he did much the same with her, though for her it hurt a bit more. He was more careful, but the pain wasn’t going away. I watched her fluctuate between pleasure and pain but the pain was outweighing the pleasure. She said nothing, did not ask him to stop, but he did, slowing down carefully and pulling out of her.

“Oh, you don’t have to stop. I want you to have fun too.” She said, typical of Francine- trying to make everyone else happy.

“Who says I’m not?” He smiled softly.

He slid down, his head between her legs and she gasped and moaned as he brought her to a climax, hers softer and more lingering than mine. When she relaxed, Francine and I slid off the bed to our knees and finished him together, sharing him with our mouths. When he came, it was so messy and so much that it coated our mouths, our chests and our hair. Francine giggled after he jolted and jerked, finally finishing.

“My God, it’s like bathing in it!” He groaned a little and I felt bad.

I think she embarrassed him, but it was clear that she hadn’t meant to.

He smiled a little and said,

“Sorry. Was it nice though?”

Nice? He had a weird sweetness about him.

“It was more than nice..” I said, and he seemed to accept that without ego or self deprecation. For him, it just was. I felt predatory and some dark part of me liked that. My inner bad girl.

“Not that part. I mean, that’s always… a mess.” He laughed a little. “But it didn’t hurt too much? For you?” He indicated me.

“No. In fact, it felt wonderful.” I slinked my way to the bathroom to clean up, leaving him with Francine.

When I came back a few minutes later, he smiled at me, pointing to a snoring Francine who lay with her head on his chest.

“I have to get back to work.” He said, mouthing the words.

I helped him gently move Francine off of him and he stood up, still half hard and glorious in his nakedness. It didn’t bother him at all, to be naked, and yet it didn’t seem he was proud of it either. It seemed a natural state. He stepped into the bathroom to clean up and when he came back, he had his boots and his jeans on.

“I think my shirt’s kind of… um…” He was right. His tee shirt I had worn had semen on it. He pulled the button up on, looking dashingly disheveled trabzon escort bayan and almost unbearably sexy.

“Shower?” I asked, tracing a fingertip down his shirt.

“No time. The foreman’ll give me grief if I don’t get back to work.”

“That’s a shame.”

He indulged me in a long, slow, smoldering kiss and I didn’t want to let him go. It wasn’t only the sex. There was something about him; a shameless sexuality mixed with a strange kind of innocence, and that wise intelligence in his eyes. I had certainly indulged in scandalous sex before, but never with someone who was so easily content with the way of the world. My lovers had always wanted to hold all the power, or stroke their egos. They had always wanted there to be a secrecy to sex. Shh, don’t talk about it. Don’t admit to it. That’s right, we’re forty and we’re virginal. Somehow, sex was a thing to be ashamed of, even when you enjoyed it. Especially when you enjoyed it.

A half an hour later, I was freshly showered and wearing an entirely different dress, a tight copper colored Herve Leger. I had brushed my damp hair into a sleek pony tail. Any thoughts I might have had about being discreet were tossed to the wind. The foreman said nothing but smiled and shook his head at Kade, who did not seem to register the nod. The other workmen engaged in the kind of congratulations for conquests that young men do, but Kade quietly and stoically just smiled his soft smile and continued working. I appreciated his tact. When Francine appeared a on the veranda a while later, also showered and in different clothes, the eyebrows perked up all around. We were obvious, and it appeared this was not so unusual. We were certainly not the only bored, rich housewives he had serviced, but we were not surprised, or offended by that. Of course he did. He was young, gorgeous, vigorous and had a cock made for circus porn. We sipped iced tea and watched the preparations for Francine’s garden party come together beautifully, but mostly, we watched him. The foreman did not seem to appreciate our distracting presence though. He gave Kade a warning look that indicated he expected the boy’s focus to be back on work. There would be no more lunch breaks to fuck rich socialites, or at least not soon.

The stage for the band had been set up, the equipment brought in, the garden set with tables and chairs, the huge potted plants arranged to encircle small spaces for privacy at certain tables. Caterers were setting up their stations. Decorators set up beautiful draped strings of lights within a massive covered tent of pale blue. It was all something out of the latest trend magazine. Francine was an expert at such things, while I was an absolute flop at putting together any kind of social event. I was brilliant at attending them. The workmen were starting to pack away their tools, getting ready to leave and I felt a sudden rush of panic. Maybe I would never see Kade again. But that was silly, and I knew it. He was nineteen, and he was a one time thing. But still, I felt that panic, and then a bit of sadness. I felt like another person entirely as I approached one of the other workers, this one a skinny, shifty eyed young man with acne.

“Excuse me,” I said, cornering him in a semi-private part of the garden. He looked stunned that I was talking to him, then briefly panicked, followed by hopeful. He looked down at my cleavage in the Herve Leger bandage dress I had wriggled into, hoping that my wet hair might seem on purpose with a sleek look. “Maybe you could help me.”

“Yeah, sure. For you, anything.” He smiled, showing a snaggle tooth. He set down his toolbox and tried to look James Dean cool.

“Could you possibly give me Kade’s phone number. I would ask him, but I can tell your boss is not too happy with the idea and I don’t want to get him into trouble.”

“Oh.” He said, his hopes dashed. “Um, yeah, OK. You uh… need any company or anything? ‘Cause I got time, man. I got time and skills…”

I plucked at the embroidered patch on the gas station button up shirt he wore that read “Bruno” and said,”Shut it down, Bruno. I just want that guy’s number. Can you help me or not?”

He gave up with a sigh.

“Yeah, OK. Hang on.” He pulled out a cell phone and and a business card and pen from my purse since I had left my cell phone in the house.

When I had the number, I smiled sweetly.

“Does your boss allow you to accept tips?”

“No, it’s not that kind of job.”

“Well then, your boss won’t have to know.” I said, handing him a $100 bill, which he took with a big smile. “About anything.” I added.

“OK, yeah. I’m with ya. No problem.”

He picked up his toolbox and took one more long look at my body in the tight dress before he turned and left, joining the other workers in a van. I felt dirty. I felt predatory. I felt uninhibited. I felt a spark. I wondered what the hell I was doing. I tapped the business card and smiled. I felt fantastic.

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