Eighteen Ch. 02

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I had just gotten out of the shower. I toweled off and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. As I opened the drawer to get some clothes out, I felt someone put their arms around my waist. I turned around and there was my daughter Janie, standing there, nude.

Just a week ago Janie and I had sex, just a few days after her eighteenth birthday. We hadn’t had time to follow up our lovemaking on that occasion. Here she was now, her tits pressed into my chest. I felt my cock stir as she started planting kisses all over me.

Janie pushed me towards the bed. I sat down and she got down on her knees. I laid back and Janie took hold of my shaft and began to flick her tongue all over the tip. My cock was really getting hard now. That is when my daughter started to suck up and down my root. Janie took as much down her throat as she could.

I was moaning softly as Janie then pulled off of me and got on top of my chest. Her huge breasts were directly in my face. I reached out and started to massage those melons. Janie pushed her ass against my rigid cock, rubbing her crack against me.

My cock was standing straight antalya escort up. Janie was breathing heavily as I caressed her brown nipples with my fingers. Janie heaved her ass up and her pussy was directly above my cockhead. She then started to lower herself. Her pussylips parted for me. Her warmth enveloped my love piston.

I lifted my hips up to meet her. I slowly pushed my cock in as she lowered herself. We started slowly fucking one another. I kept stroking as her pussy muscles worked their magic on me. After a few minutes I began to pound my shaft into her. Janie got loud as she took all of my seven inches.

“Daddy, make me pregnant please,” Janie was whimpering.

“You aren’t on the pill?” I said with surprise.

Janie nodded ‘no’ to my question. I had been sure my wife had told me she had gotten Janie on the pill to prevent any such surprises. I had already cum in my daughter’s pussy once and here I was buried inside her once more. My willpower was very weak at the moment. I kept shoving my prick into her as she milked my staff for all it was worth.

I was beyond making artvin escort logical choices at this time. All I knew is I wanted to keep fucking my hot little daughter until we both exploded. Just then Janie reached back and found my ball sacs. She gave them a hard squeeze. I let loose with a hot jet of my love cream.

Janie’s eyes got big and she clamped down harder around my cock. She began to orgasm uncontrollably. I pinched her nipples hard and we both cried out. I exploded again and again my in baby’s tummy. I showered her with every drop of cum I could muster.

“Give me all your cum Dad, I want your baby!” Janie screamed at me.

I pushed into her hard one more time. The last of my sticky cum blew into her tight pussy. Janie collapsed on top of me. We lie there for some time, not being able to move an inch. I was breathing hard and trying to recover from the hottest fucking I ever experienced.

Janie finally pulled off of my chest. She went into the bathroom to clean up some. When she returned she lay on her back on top of the bed. I turned to look at her beautiful body. I was getting beylikdüzü escort aroused again. I flipped over between her legs.

“Oh my God Daddy, can you do it some more?” Janie asked me.

I didn’t think it possible, but I was rock hard again. I pushed the head of my cock past her pussy lips and slid in easily. Janie gasped and placed her legs around me. I took my daughter one more time. I pushed in all the way to the bottom. Then pulling out, just leaving the head of my cock inside her, I then drove into her up to the hilt.

“Jesus!” Janie shouted out.

I kept stabbing her with my thick love python. I couldn’t stop myself now. I wanted her more than anything and I planned to have her. We fucked for at least a half hour more until I felt her pussy spasms growing. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I plunged in all the way and shot the remainder of my love seed. Time seemed to speed up as Janie tighten around me and took the last of my cum from me.

My daughter was a love dynamo. I didn’t know how I would ever keep up with her nymph passion. We finished up and got showered once more. Janie kept telling me she wanted my baby and how she wanted to keep trying until we got it right.

I know I can never give her up now, but what happens when she finally is pregnant? I will have a lot of explaining to do. Until then I might as well enjoy Janie’s incredible body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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