Game Night Proposal

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Just a warning for anyone reading, this is the first story I’ve ever written and submitted here, plus, English is my second language and I have dyslexia so there might be a few mistakes. I welcome any and all criticisms as I wish to improve my writing In the future. I also want to thank HeyAll for his help correcting this work.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and consenting, I in no way encourage or condone incest in real life and simply write this story as fantasy and fiction. Do not read this if you are under 18 or have trouble differentiating between fact and fiction.


The evening started well enough with dinner and game night, settlers of Catan had been a tradition for us many years back. My son, 23-year-old Henry, trying as always to go for the ports on the sides of the board while my daughter Kim, Henry’s twin, and my wife Evelyn just tried to get as many cities and bonus points as possible with little foresight into the long game, meanwhile I had been content with hoarding all the wheat and ore in the board.

“Damn it, Dwight, think you can leave some of that ore for the rest of us?” asked my wife.

“Sure, if you promise not to take the wheat port ill give you some of my wheat every time it rolls,” I answered.

“You got a deal buddy,” she said not knowing the foolishness of her words.

In the end, my diabolical plan worked and after getting that port for myself I traded my wheat that I didn’t give to her for any resource I needed. I won the game easily in the end as I usually do, and the kids went on with their regular teasing.

“Don’t worry we can play ticket to ride next week, Henry always beats me on that one,” I said as we put the board back in its place.

The kids were cleaning the table while me and my wife were dealing with the dishes in the kitchen.

“Well, we weren’t able to meet Jean and Marcus tonight but at least we could spend more time with the kids,” I said to my wife

“Yeah, it’s too bad we couldn’t see them, but I won’t complain about a longer game night,” she said.

Another part of the weekend my wife and I liked to do was our special time with other couples. Ever since we started dating, Evelyn and I would regularly hook up with other people for some kinky fun. Swinging was one of the strongest parts of our marriage and we´d met lots of different fun people along the way.

One couple that always came to mind was Martha and John, we had met them in one of the swinger’s bars that we always frequented. They were a bit older and had been in the scene longer than us, so they taught us many fun things and naughty secrets. But nothing prepared us for what they told us about their family.

“WHAT?! You mean…. You guys…. And your kids?” exclaimed Evy.

“Jesus Evy, they’re grownups,” said John, “we started shortly after Kevin turned 21 and Lily was 25, we talked to them about our lifestyle choice, they had a lot of questions, one thing led to another and well… we’ve been doing it ever since,”

Me and my wife couldn’t believe what we were hearing, this was a kink beyond anything we could imagine, a taboo prohibited by most societies for centuries. We probably should have been more mortified or grossed out, but the truth was we were more fascinated by this revelation than anything else.

“But now that the kids have all moved out and have their own families now, we can’t play with them like we used to,” said Martha “That’s why we decided to go back to swinging, to meet other kinky couples.”

Evelyn would ask them many questions, about their favorite activities and if they were ever afraid that they would be caught.

“Well yes, of course, we knew that it was forbidden and we could get into a lot of trouble, but honestly, that was part of the fun,” said John smiling while holding his wife’s hand.

I didn’t know how I should react, if in revolting horror and disgust or more interest so I decided to let Evy take the lead and do as she did. As I waited for her reaction, she started to rub her hand on my crotch while biting her lip, hearing the naughty stories about our friends and their even naughtier family “we still see each other and take advantage whenever they come around, of course only when they come alone without their families. Who knows, maybe we could invite you guys over and partake in the fun” and with that, Evelyn immediately jumped on top of John and started kissing him passionately as she undid his pants, taking the hint I proceeded to do the same thing with Martha and had the best sex either of us ever had.

Despite the incredible turn-on for us, we didn’t contact Martha or John after that. I could tell Evelyn felt a bit guilty about her reaction. She knew that we should have been more concerned about this information especially as parents ourselves. myself, I pretended to also be as conflicted as she was while pretending that I wasn’t incredibly excited by it. I had thought about contacting them again but decided Girne Escort that I couldn’t do it behind my wife´s back.

Coming back from my reminiscence to the kitchen with Evelyn, we went to the business of deciding our private fun for the rest of the weekend.

“So, wanna go to the club tomorrow? Or should we just try to contact one of our friends?” I asked her.

“Actually Dwight, did you hear that the Johnson’s were going to have an orgy at their house? Maybe we should visit them,” she said.

Excited by the sound of it I answered, “oh yeah, maybe we´ll meet some old friends there, I heard Tommy and Linda are close with them,”.

The sound of a clearly fake cough behind us interrupted our swinging schemes.

“Oh, sorry Kim,” my wife blushed with embarrassment, “we thought you and Henry had gone upstairs to sleep already,”

“Nope, not that sleepy yet,” she said as she went to get some glasses off the cabinet, “what were you guys talking about?”

Neither of us had told our kids yet about our lifestyle, not that we were trying to keep it a secret or felt guilty about it it’s just that we never found the time or place.

“Oh nothing, just talking about us maybe seeing some friends tomorrow,” I said.

Kim smiled “oh really? To do what? Fishing? Bowling?”

“Maybe some swing dancing?” chimed in Henry as he also came into the kitchen to get some alcohol from the cabinet.

The joke did not go over our heads. Shit, were we too loud? Did they know already? I couldn’t possibly imagine how they would react to the news of their parents being swingers, most likely they probably would just ignore the fact and go on with their lives like nothing was going on.

“Yeah, maybe meet some other couples and see if they would like to switch dance partners,” was the last thing she said before they both left the kitchen.

My wife closed her eyes both in shame and trying to hold back her laughter, and I just cracked a smile.

“little shits, the balls on them to tease us about it,” she said.

“They don’t seem to be too bothered by it honestly, most people would probably pretend like they knew nothing,” I answered.

“Well, they aren’t most people, are they?” responded Evy.

That was true, we had raised our kids in the best way we could. We hardly ever lied to them, talked to them honestly about anything from the birds and the bees or relationships. Consent and their responsibilities as adults, we wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be afraid of sex and to make the best decisions they could once they were adults and in my honest opinion, we did a damn good job with both.

But being so liberal and open about their parents and their swinging? That went to the point of weirdness even for us, though considering our previous experience with Martha and John it was clear that our level of weirdness was tame in comparison. Feeling humiliated and ashamed with a little hint of amusement, Evy and I left the kitchen to see our children and found them at the table drinks in hand and filling two other glasses with my whiskey.

“Finally, they return, care to join us?” said Henry

Clearly it was time to discuss our little hobby with them, if they had a few questions for us then we had to be honest with them. We sat down with them believing this to be the start of a serious discussion with some pretty heavy and intimate revelations, instead, they gave us the drinks and started a conversation that neither I nor my wife expected.

“Come on guys, you weren’t that subtle,” said Kim.

“Yeah, you guys kinda suck at keeping secrets,” followed Henry.

My wife laughed, relieved at the casualness that Kim and Henry were taking with this.

She said: “Well, we didn’t know how to bring it up with you guys, or if we even had to. It’s not something that most people want to know about their parents, certainly not something they would want to talk about,”

“Yeah, well most people suck, they’re close-minded and prudish and don’t let themselves enjoy life in a responsible way, that’s why we live our lives the way we want to, in a responsible and mature manner of course, but still, enjoying ourselves as we can,” said Kim with me and Evy readily agreeing with her.

Definitely had done a great job with them, they made us so proud. We knew that Kim had been fooling around with a few guys and girls for some time now. We talked with her about protection, how to be smart about sex and we trusted her to not screw up too badly which of course she never did.

“And that’s why you have the reputation of the best slut in college,” said her brother.

“HENRY!” yelled Evelyn, I was ready to admonish him as well.

“Hell yeah bro, I get all the fun at school,” she responded winking and high-fiving her brother. Our anger turned to laughter and the evening seemed to be getting more and more surreal.

“Don’t knock yourself down, you’re pretty slutty yourself. I can’t imagine how many girls you’ve bedded at Kıbrıs Escort this point,”. She followed.

“As hard as it is for you to believe my dear Kimmy, I’ve only been with four girls in my life and I have been a gentleman with every single one of them,” he said.

“A gentleman by day and a beast in the bed?” she said.

“Well… I’ve tried my best,” he said smiling and taking another sip of his bottle.

“By god Evy, we raised monsters,” I smiled with the rest at the unbelievable stuff that was coming out.

As they kept talking, I could see my wife listening with great fascination, turns out we were interested in their sex lives more than most parents should. They assured us that they always used protection and that they waited for the right person to be with, though they were certainly quite promiscuous as if they were the spitting image of their parents.

“Oh Kim, tell them about your first time. They’ll love it,” said Henry

“Oh jeez, Uhm, I’m not sure they would be very happy to hear about it,” responded Kim worryingly.

“Please tell us Kim, we won’t judge you or anything,” said my wife with more interest than I expected.

“Well… remember Cousin Richie?” said Kim to our surprise.

“You didn’t, no way,” I said, Richie mas my sister in law’s son, one year younger than Kim

“Well, we might have fooled around a bit when we were teens. You know, kissing cousins,” said Kim.

That was one hell of a revelation, but understandable to a certain degree.

Kim continued “We didn’t do anything too serious, and we both just wanted to experiment,”

My wife and I didn’t know how to respond to this, so we just sat in silence before our son interrupted.

“Well like you guys always said, as long as its consenting and both were of the same age range, I don’t think it’s that necessarily wrong, even incest between adults,”

That word brought back memories of John and Martha as well as the electrifying eroticism of their family stories. I kept checking on Evelyn to see her reaction and found her in as much a loss for words as myself.

Henry and Kim just seemed to keep looking at us as if waiting for a reaction or push back, finally, Evelyn spoke.

“Jesus Christ guys, you two make us seem like a priest and nun at the monastery,”

“Oh, one of your kinks?” said Kim slyly.

“You two wouldn’t believe the things we’ve done,” said my wife.

“You don’t know, maybe we would like to hear,” said Kim daringly.

It was at this point that things were getting pretty far and I thought it was time for all of us to go to bed, besides, I had a large pole growing in my pants from this conversation and I desperately needed to get rid of it.

“Well, it’s getting late, and I think it’s best for all of us to go to bed so if you don’t mind,”

I stood up and picked the cups of glass now bereft of alcohol. I noticed my two kids staring at each other with what looked like a bit of disappointment as if they expected this conversation to continue. We said our goodnights and left for the bedroom.

As I closed the door I started talking “I swear those two, they’re unbelievable. Hey darling, I know this might sound really weird but…”

I was interrupted by my wife pulling me into the bed. She could be pretty ravenous when she wanted but this was rarer, she was like a woman possessed clawing at my clothes and taking everything off in record time. She hadn’t reacted like this since we had that conversation with John and Martha.

She kissed and bit me in every other place mixing the electrifying feeling of pain and warmth as she kept going lower and lower on my body, her hands moving aggressively with her nails trailing along with every kiss. Her hands seized my cock pressing tightly on the organ, twitching every time I could feel her breath on its head.

Her tongue scaled up my shaft before her lips wrapped around it, the heavenly feeling of her hands and mouth working me as she stared directly into my eyes with the most incredible horniness in her sight. She sucked me off, her hands felt warm on my balls, she caressed them in the way that she knew made me go crazy. I grabbed her head and rhythmically pulled and pushed it, both of us connected in our timing as she craved for my climax, my gift for her.

She lowered her gaze and closed her eyes focusing on the physical act while I tilted my head back overwhelmed by the sensations. I know it was wrong, and that I shouldn’t have done it, but, when I looked down again and she looked at me again, my wife’s face had been replaced with Kim’s. My initial reaction of horror was quickly overwhelmed by a feeling of unbelievable excitement at the prohibited nature of this fantasy. Kim, my girl, my sweet daughter. So wrong, so good.

I couldn’t hold on much longer and she knew it, my eyes told her so. I came inside her mouth, never breaking eye contact as she kept jerking me off making sure every last bit came out. Standing up in her nude Magosa Escort glory she tasted my cum and enjoyed every second that she had it inside her mouth before swallowing it.

“Christ Henry, that was amazing,” she said.

“Oh baby, you made daddy feel so good,” I answered with both of us too elated to take notice of what we each said.

She fell on top of me, holding each other and allowing our warmth to become one in the precious afterglow of our lovemaking.

Evelyn gathered herself and said to me “Dwight, we need to talk about something. It’s about the kids,”

The start of that awkward conversation was interrupted by the sound of a young man very clearly clearing his throat as if trying to get some attention.

“Guys, what the fuck,” said my wife to Henry and Kim standing at the door and staring at us as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Oh, please don’t let us interrupt you guys, after all, dad hasn’t done his part yet, right mom?” Said Kim. I stared at her feeling the guilt of what I just imagined her doing.

“Kids, this is kind of a private thing right now. Care to give your mother and me some space?” I said.

“Well, we just thought that since you two got your rocks off after hearing us talk about our own sex lives that you might like to hear some more for inspiration,” said Kim.

“Henry, that’s not what happened we swear, we would never do that,” said Evy with a hint of guilt in her voice proving my son’s point.

“Mom it’s ok, trust me. Doesn’t bother us, right Kim?” asked Henry to his sister.

“That’s right doesn’t bother us at all. In fact, kinda turned us on,” answered Kim smiling.

“Guys, we were just… wait, what?” I said trying to figure out what was happening right now.

Kim and Henry sat down on the bed each flanking our still naked bodies which we tried and failed to cover. My wife was as nervous as I was and clearly out of our comfort zone.

“Guys please, you need to leave right now,” I said trying to pretend like this wasn’t getting me horny again, something which my wife could definitely feel under her.

“We just wanted to talk, nothing wrong about that, a nice family discussion,” said Henry enjoying the view.

“This isn’t a good time for that,” said Evelyn who was as uncomfortable looking at Henry as I was looking at Kim.

Her imagination had betrayed her letting it wander into forbidden territory and now felt guilty having the subject of her taboo fantasy right next to her in such an intimate moment. Although, the wetness of her crotch now leaking down my leg revealed that she was also getting excited by this whole affair.

A nervous Kim stuttered her words “Actually, there was something we wanted to talk about. Well, more like an offer, or maybe a request? Not sure what it is really,”

Kim looked at her brother, clearly too tense to ask directly and hoping he could take the lead instead.

“We wanted to know what you guys felt about maybe having sex with us,” said Henry as if pushing through his nerves and getting rid of some weight off his shoulders.

My wife and I stared at Kim and Henry for what seemed like an eternity, flabbergasted at what they had just asked us not knowing what to answer.

“I mean, it’s not as uncommon as people think,” said our daughter.

“Yeah, and remember what you guys told us? as long as it’s between consenting adults it’s not wrong, well, we are all adults here and you can bet that we are consenting.” Followed her brother.

This was anything beyond our wildest imaginations, like some kind of bad plot from an incest porn film or the fantasies of some sick fetishist. But no, it was happening right now and right here in our bedroom, my wife and I sitting naked with our son and daughter right next to us asking us for an illegal and forbidden act. It was something we really should have immediately refused, reprimand them for, and even consider therapy for them. And yet, somehow, we just stayed there as if waiting and hoping for a good argument that could convince us, as if the allure of something so taboo wasn’t enough to make us want to do it.

“I know it sounds weird and probably feels like you should refuse but honestly, it’s not that bad, I think. We all know each other; we trust one another, and we all know none of us could hurt anyone here,” Kim said trying really hard to convince us, she seemed both excited but still nervous about what she was saying.

“We’ve had this fantasy for some time now,” said Henry “Kim and I have talked about it and planned on how to talk to you about it. We knew you guys were playing with other couples and that you liked kinky things so… I don’t know, we hoped that maybe you would be a little receptive to the idea,”

Evelyn and I stared at each of our kids, trying to find the words we couldn’t think off or maybe that we didn’t want to say. God damn it, I wanted to do it, I wanted to have Kim and know what it felt like, to take our relationship to such a place and enjoy something no else is allowed to. But I knew it was wrong, it wasn’t supposed to be. So then why was it so hard to say no? why did my wife take as long as I did to say anything. In any moment of insecurity Evelyn had always been there for me to show me the way but, this time, she was as lost as me.

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