Girls Night Out With Wife Ch. 01

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I have always enjoyed crossdressing. I remember dressing as a female for halloween when I was younger and would get so turned on. One night while lying in bed with my wife Cindy, she placed her silk panties on my cock. She noticed how excited I got and asked me if I liked it. She then asked me to put them on. I was really turned on and so was she. I then mentioned how I have always enjoyed dressing up and still did it once in a while when she was not home.

She had a big smile on her face and asked me to show her. She told me to get dressed up like when she is away. I went to the closet to pulled out my bag of clothes and makeup. I showered, shaved my body and started to apply my make up. After 45 minutes or so, I walked into the bedroom where my wife was enjoying a glass of wine. She looked at me and said I looked cute. She then had me walk around in my heels for her.

After a few minutes she stood up and said that I needed some assistance. She said he was going to go shopping for me and we were going to have a girls night out.

The next day she arrived home much later than usually. She had several bags and shoe boxes in her hands. She instructed me to shower and put on some new panties she bought me. I did as she said and then she had me sit while she did my makeup. She went to beauty school before getting her law degree. She was amazing and really transformed me into a beautiful girl. She had an expensive wig that made a big difference in my look. She then pulled out a few outfits that were my style. They were very sexy and showed off my thin adana escort body. Once we were done, she asked me how I felt. I said sexy. She said good because we were going out to a club. She also got dressed up like a sexy little club girl. She was looking so hot.

I was nervous but excited. It was a new club that I hadn’t been to before. There was a line at the door but Cindy walked right up to the doorman and gave him a kiss. I guess she had been there before. She said something else and pointed to me. He nodded and opened rope. We walked right in without paying. I followed her into the club trying to keep up in my 6″ heels. It appeared to be a mixed club with both gay and straight people. We got to the bar and she went to order drinks. I said I would have a beer. She looked at me and said, “No you will not, you are a woman now, you need to act like one.” She order two martinis and handed me one. The music was good and Cindy was dancing around while we had our drinks. A few people came up and talked to her. She introduced me as her cousin Vanessa from LA. One guy came up and gave her a big kiss on the lips. I was surprised. He introduced his friend Tony to me and we started talking. He was saying how good looked. I just smiled. Cindy then walked off and danced with her friend. He was getting really close to her. Tony then put his hands around me and pulled me close. At first I was a little reluctant but then felt comfortable with his strong arms around me. I started feeling more comfortable. I then grab his hand and eskişehir escort said “lets dance” I led him out to the dance floor where Cindy and her friend were dancing. Cindy looked at me and smiled. I was really turned on dancing in my heels. I started to rub my ass up on Tony’s crotch. I could feel his cock getting hard. Tony grabbed my waste and pulled me in as if he was already fucking me. He then pulled me around as I faced him. Even with heels I was a few inches shorter. He put his hands around me and grabbed my ass as he kissed me. He said he liked the smell of my perfume. Cindy had insisted I put it on. I am glad I did.

Cindy then came over and grabbed my hand. She suggested we go to the lady’s room while the guys get us some drinks. I started to touch up my lip gloss when Cindy handed me a couple of condoms. She said I am going to need these. I started to protest but Cindy stopped me and said Tony has the biggest cock and she wants to see me suck it.

When we got back, the guys were there with the drinks. Cindy wasted no time putting hers down and suggested we go back to her place to party.

We walked to the car and Tony opened the rear door for me. He is such a gentleman. I got in and he sat next to me. As we drove away, I put my hand on his leg and started to rub it. I was curious how big a man’s cock could be. Just then he undid his belt and pulled out this big cock. Cindy turned around and mentioned to her friend that Vanessa was in for a treat tonight. Tony then took my head and lowered sakarya escort it down on his cock. At first I wasn’t sure what to do but I then started to lick and suck while I was jerking him off. I must have looked like a little whore giving head to a guy in the back seat while my wife watched. After a few minutes, I could taste the pre-cum. It was so sweet. He then unloaded a big wad in my mouth. Cindy started to clap and announced that was my first blowjob.

I was a little dizzy and still had cum on my face. Tony handed me a napkin then put away his cock.

We got back to the house. Tony said he had to take a taxi home as he was traveling the next day. He gave me a kiss goodbye and said he wanted to see me again.

I followed Cindy and her friend into the house. Cindy suggested I make them drinks. I stop by the bathroom to freshen up and put on some more gloss. I looked in the mirror and was amazed how nice I looked and how good it felt to get picked up by a guy in a club. I came back to the room with drinks. Cindy was already sucking her friends cock. As I set the drinks down, Cindy called me over. She told me she wanted to share his cock with me. It wasn’t as long as Tony’s but it was thicker. I didn’t hesitate and went right down on him. After a while I could tell he was ready to cum. Cindy held my head down while he exploded in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had sucked two cocks on my first night out.

Cindy told me if I was going to dress like a slut, I would be treated like one too. After the guy left, Cindy handed me one of her silk nighties and told me she wanted me to sleep in it from now on. She said I should get some sleep because we were going shopping in the morning. She said I was to dress as Vanessa but be more conservative as we would be out in public. I was excited and nervous and couldn’t wait until the next day.

To be continued Part II

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