Good Friends Fuck

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One Saturday night after having a great supper sprinkled with a couple of bottles of wine my daughter 11 at the time comes to me and tells me they made new friends from Toronto, and their parents were going bowling so she would like us to go and meet them. I convinced my wife that it would be a good thing for us to meet the parents of their new friends. We changed into appropriate attire and went to bowl. John was tall and slim; Mary was average height and was dressed as if she was going to have a drink at a bar. After about 20 minutes of play she left and came back dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. We left the bowing alley and as soon as we got in the car my wife said to me what a bitch. One night about two weeks later my wife and I were sitting outside having a glass of wine when we saw a strange car stop in front of our house. I got up and looked and saw that John and Mary were coming towards our house. I told my wife and she told me “get rid of them”, that was easer said than done. Before I knew it they were sitting with us and having a beer. We had a nice evening and John told us that they were avrupa yakası escort in Québec for his job, as the company he worked for in Toronto got acquired buy a company from Québec and they transferred him here for about 4 years.

One stormy night during the month of January Wendy and I went to their house for drinks like we had been doing for the last couples of months. At about 10:00 that evening we ran out of wine and being in Québec you can buy wine or beer at any corner store till 11:00 pm. John and I left to get more. On the way to the store we got stuck in a snow bank, and since John and I were well on our way in our drinking we could not get the car out of the snow. I got on my cell phone and called Wendy and Mary to ask them to come meet us with shovels. After what seemed to be about 30 minutes we got free and went back on our way to get more wine.

We went back home to dry off and have our drinks, and as we got in the house Mary yells to John “we are in my room changing, come see the nice ass that Wendy has”, John quickly istanbul escort went down the hall see. I went to get a drink and after about 5 minutes I was wondering what was happening in that bedroom, so I went to see. I found my wife lying on the bed with her pants off and John rubbing her ass and Mary lying next to her. I got on the bed next to Mary and started rubbing her. I glanced over at Wendy and saw John fingering her. After about 15 or 20 minutes Mary asks to change it up and wanted her husband to rub her, so John switched places with me and he started to rub his wife.

This went on not much more than what seemed to be 10 minutes (you have to remember that we all had a lot to drink and time was hard to judge). Mary said “John fuck me” and he got on her and with one stroke buried his man meat into her. Seeing this I got on top of my wife and did the something. The next thing I remember is hearing “switch it up” from Mary. Then next thing I know I was fucking John’s wife and he was fucking mine. As I am fucking the hell out of this woman I’ve met only a few month’s mecidiyeköy escort ago she says to Wendy I want to taste you and moves to her pussy, pushing John out of the way (you have to know that Mary has to control every thing that happens in her life and it does not matter who or what is in her way) and licks this beautiful pussy.

This was the first time that my wife had a woman lick her bottom lips, so you can imagine how incredibly hot this was to see I was fucking Mary doggy style while she was licking all the good pussy juices out of Wendy’s pussy and in turn Wendy is making John’s manhood disappear in her inviting mouth. All of a sudden I look at my wife blowing off the other guy, and at that same instant I see John pull out of her mouth and deliver his load all over her beautiful firm 36C tits. Seeing this brought me over the edge. Wendy see’s that I am about to explode and says don’t come in her so I spilled my love juice all over Mary’s back.

We all collapsed on the double bed in fatigue and a drunken state. By this time we have come but not the woman so I buried my face in Wendy’s folds hoping to hear the angel like moan of my wife but to no avail, so Mary pushes me aside and replaces me and tries but Wendy was too drunk to come.

Not for the first time since meeting her I wondered just what amazingly good thing I’d done in a past life to deserve such an incredible wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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