Guilty Pleasures Ch. 05

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It was with mixed emotions that I lay there in bed pretending to be asleep when I heard my husband finally ascend the stairs to our bedroom. He slipped into bed quietly beside me, and then only moments later the sound of his gentle snoring told me he was asleep.

I lay for the longest time remembering the vision of him standing there in the laundry room, my black panties wrapped around his hard stiff cock as he stroked it. Eventually spilling his hot sticky spunk, remembering the way it seeped through the material looking so wickedly decadent. I slipped my hand inside the waistband of the frilly red-laced panties I was still wearing. I was wet, very much so, and began fingering myself as I lay there on my side. I came minutes later, soaking the crotch of my panties even more than they already were. The same panties I would be wearing over to Sue’s place in the morning.

As we’d already prearranged and discussed, I called Sue first thing, just before she left for work. Curious as to what I was planning to do next, I only hinted at it briefly, not really giving her any details. I still wasn’t sure it would have the same impact on Jared that it obviously had on my husband, but I was curious to find out. I knew it would drive Susan nuts all day wondering, but it would also make for an interesting discussion later if everything worked out the way I hoped that it would.

“I need to ask you for two small favors,” I had then added. “One, I need to use your washer as I plan on having an accidental spill of coffee on my white skirt,” I said hearing a knowing giggle on the other end of the line. “And two…I’ll also need to borrow a pair of your panties after that.” Once again she giggled, though she tried pressing me for details as to why it was important that I do that. Once again I told her she’d find out, when I called her later provided everything went the way that I hoped it would. Though I also left her with another tease, telling her I had seen Rob masturbating out in our laundry room the night before, and had a question for her regarding that too. Once again she pressed me, even more curious, but I told her she’d have to wait until later on that night for all the details. Frustrated perhaps, she still laughed and told me I could wear any of her panties that I wished to, and that her really sexy lingerie was in her bottom drawer as opposed to her top drawer where she kept all her every day stuff.

Armed with my plan I headed off to their place minutes later.

I was very pleased to see that Jared was up and basically waiting for me when I arrived. He seemed a bit more relaxed and friendly as I came in. Even more importantly, I could smell freshly brewed coffee coming in through the kitchen. I hadn’t been sure when I’d actually implement my plans, but I was already aroused just thinking about it, still wearing my twice now cum-filled panties as I headed upstairs to Bill’s study.

“Coffee’s almost done,” Jared told me. “I’ll bring us up a cup as soon as it is.”

“Us?” I smiled inwardly asking myself. That was a good sign as I thanked him and then headed upstairs. So far so good. Now it was just a matter of arranging things and staging a small little accident that I hoped would put my plans into play.

As I settled into Bills desk, I was pleased to see he did indeed have one of those plastic mats beneath his chair. I wasn’t planning on spilling much coffee anyway, just enough to stain my white skirt, though I hoped I would indeed get the small stain out of them after I did. It would be a small price to pay if I pulled this off however, and then finished placing things in such a way that I would be careful so as not to spill coffee on anything except for myself when I did.

It wasn’t long after that, that Jared came back upstairs carrying two hot steaming mugs of the fresh smelling brew. It needed to cool down some of course before I actually spilled any, and I needed to drink most of it before I did. But that would also give us a chance to chat about what had happened the day before, or so I hoped. Pleased when Jared was actually the one raising the subject.

I was glad he had taken a seat sitting in front of me, just where I wanted him to be when I had my accident. I could respond in kind far more easily when I did.

“Can I ask you something?” He began, once again appearing a bit nervous, a slight flush already beginning to spread across his face. I knew then it was something of a sexual nature, and I felt a slight flush actually begin in my own face, hoping it was.

“Sure Jared, ask me anything. And don’t be shy either. By now…I’d hope you know we’re well past the being shy around one another stage, so whatever you want to ask me about, feel free…and don’t hold back.”

I had again worn another tight fitting top, sans bra, so I knew that my breasts were well molded, nipples already beginning to grow erect which he noticed as he periodically sat there staring at them.

“About yesterday…” he hesitated slightly. I smiled urging him to continue. “Were you serious the exchange izle when you said you’ve never even seen your husband jerk himself off before?”

This was working out even better than I’d anticipated. I now knew I could incorporate my seemingly own flustered emotions when I spilled the coffee, ensuring that I took another drink as I wanted the cup to be nearly empty when I did.

“No, oddly enough, I haven’t. Though I’ve asked him to do so for me a number of times. He’s played with it a little for me of course, but that’s about it. Maybe men in general are just too self conscious about doing that in front of someone, which is why I was so pleased…when you did…for me.”

It was a joy to see the smile on Jared’s face when I said that. I glanced down towards his crotch, purposely…though there was no way of course that I could see him as he sat in front of the desk, though for a moment I did so as though having x-ray vision or something. I smiled as he fidgeted in his seat, as though I actually might have.

“So…was it anything like you hoped it would be when you…ah, when you stood there watching me?” he nervously stated, and immediately adding to that before I could even respond, apologizing in addition to that. “I’m sorry that it ah…well you know, that it sort of ended the way that it did with the carpet thing and all.”

I drank the last of the coffee I needed to before sitting my cup down on the corner of Bill’s desk. It was now just a matter of time, bidding my time waiting for the perfect moment.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said actually blushing a little, appearing to be flustered. “Though I have to admit Jared, I found it very, very arousing, watching you. Having never actually watched a man so openly pleasuring himself, and then cumming the way you did, well…it was just pure erotic, and to be honest…”

I reached for my cup, my eyes locked on his when I did, my hand as I hoped glancing off the side of it as I now felt it leave the desk, dropping down into my lap just the way I’d planned it. The moment it did, I stood up alarmed looking down at myself. Sure enough, there was just enough coffee to have made a rather large noticeable stain on my skirt, and nowhere else.

“Fuck!” I cried out in alarm, startling poor Jared as he stood too, unsure of what to do himself. “And my new skirt too!” I exclaimed further. I didn’t hesitate however, immediately unzipping my skirt dropping it where I stood. I caught an appreciative glance out of the corner of my eye as Jared took in the frilly laced red panties I was wearing as opposed to a simple thong. “Where’s your mom’s laundry room?” I now asked. Obviously I knew where it was, downstairs in the basement, but I didn’t recall ever being down there when I’d seen Jared in the past. “I need to get these washed before the stain sets in!” I said worriedly.

As I’d hoped, Jared immediately told me to follow him. Seconds later we were racing downstairs towards the basement, me in my likewise soiled panties as I ran after him.

As I’d asked her to do for me, Susan had sorted out a pile of whites, which sat in a basket next to the washer as though preparing the next load. In addition to that, she also had a small pile of bright colors next to it, which I’d also asked her to place there for me.

As I stood there in front of Susan’s washer using some of her pretreatment on my skirt before tossing it, and then some of her own whites in the washer, I could almost feel Jared’s eyes boring into my ass as he stood behind me patiently waiting. As he did, I could feel a renewed trickle of my own moisture and smiled to myself as I knew I was adding a bit more of my female essence to them, hoping he’d be considering that too when moments later I turned likewise taking them off. Much to his surprise.

“Damn, a little of the coffee soaked through and into these too!” I said as I turned now slipping them off. “Thank god there wasn’t as much,” I then added, not feeling at all embarrassed to be standing there in nothing but my skin tight top once again, another reminder of yesterday perhaps. Tossing my red panties onto the colored pile, I now looked over at Jared. His eyes just then coming up to meet mine after standing there gazing at my openly displayed pussy.

He swallowed.

“Jared? Do you think your mother would mind if I were to borrow a pair of her panties? At least until mine are washed?” I now asked.

He swallowed again, looking at me, his lips having gone dry as he licked them. “No…probably not,” he slightly stammered.

“Good, could you show me where she might keep them?” I now asked. This time, I purposely led the way, which I was pretty sure Jared was pleased to see me do as he followed me back up the stairs to his mother’s room, staring at the back of my bare ass the entire way.

“Where’s she keep them? I asked turning towards him once again as we entered her bedroom. I already knew of course, but I was also curious if he would.

“Well, a the family pile izle lot of her stuff, bras and panties and things are in her top drawer, but her really nice stuff is actually in the bottom drawer,” he told me. I didn’t react as though his knowing that would be out of the norm, thanking him and smiling at him as I bent over, opening the bottom drawer. I knew as I did so, I was again giving him a perfect view of not only my ass, but most likely my puffy swollen lips as I rummaged around in Susan’s drawer, especially with Jared standing directly behind me as I did so. I was half hoping he’d just walk up to me with his cock sticking out, and shove it in. Not at all surprised when he didn’t.

“Wow, your mom’s got a lot of nice stuff,” I said still looking. I smiled upon seeing a pair of crotch-less blue panties, but quickly discarded them. “A bit too obvious,” I thought. I wanted to find something I could actually wear and sit around in for a bit, giving him some food for thought without making things obvious. I found three different pair that I thought would work, and then decided to make a game out of that, holding them up in order to show him. “What do you think Jared?”

I held up a pair of black lace, a similar pair of white ones, and then a pair of light blue almost sheer panties that left very little to the imagination. I found it interesting that I could actually be standing there not even wearing any, though his eyes were suddenly glued to the three pair I was holding up.

“I’m not sure your mom and I even wear the same size,” I told him, though I happened to know we did. “And I know this might sound a little silly under the circumstances, but would you mind telling me if they look ok when I try them on?” I now asked. “I don’t want to look silly in them, even if I’m only going to be wearing them while I’m waiting for mine to get washed,” I then added, hoping my somewhat flawed reasoning would be enough.

“Ah sure…he said actually taking a seat on the end of his parents bed as I began to step into the black ones. Looking down, I again grinned to myself, adlibbing here as things progressed. “Would it bother you if I took off my top?” I now asked, though he was once again staring directly at my openly displayed pussy. “Blue doesn’t go very well with black,” I then told him. “We won’t know if the bottoms look ok, with that color of top on,” I then informed him. Jared however merely agreed, accepting my crazy logic as quite natural as he sat there nodding his head trying to look serious and concerned for me.

I now stood, the panties not all the way up yet, still draped just above my knees as I now slithered out of my top, tossing it over onto the bed. I didn’t even meet Jared’s eyes this time as I looked over towards him, his eyes looking elsewhere as I once again bent over, now pulling Susan’s black lace panties up into place.

“What do you think?” I asked, and then turned slowly around so he could give me his honest opinion. His hesitation once again proving to be perfect, as I pretended it was some sort of indecision on his part, or that they didn’t look very good on me. “No?” I said already taking them off. “Let’s try the white ones then.”

I had already known when picking the white ones out they wouldn’t look very flattering on me. They rode a bit too high up on the waist for my tastes, but having a slightly smaller waist than Susan did anyway, they’d look disproportionate on my body. Even so I once again stood, turning around waiting for Jared’s approval or disapproval.

“I like the black ones better,” he told me enthusiastically. As he did, as he sat staring at my body, I took the moment to glance at his crotch, sure enough…pleased to see that there was a nice sized bulge already noticeable when I did.

“Yeah me too. But let’s see how the blue one’s look,” I said making a bit of a show out of it, taking off the white ones, and then holding up the almost sheer blue ones, turning them about to ensure I had them the right way, and then acting like I wasn’t sure if they were actually inside out or not. Once again I caught Jared looking at me as I stood there wasting time, but giving him plenty to look at as I did that. I finally slipped them on, liking not only the way they looked on me, but even the way they felt. Susan might not get these back as I turned looking at myself in the mirror first, and then back around once again facing Jared. “Well?”

“Oh yeah…those look really nice,” he told me. “Better on you than on…” He caught himself looking up towards me. I grinned at him.

“So you have seen these before on your mom then?” I asked teasingly. He truly was blushing now, nodding his head.

“Yeah, by accident,” he explained. “I once walked in on her while she was getting undressed,” he told me. “She happened to have that very same pair on at the time,” he then added.

“Funny you mentioned that,” I now said implementing the second phase of my plan. “It just so happens that the chapter I’m the first lady izle just starting to edit deals with an experience similar to that,” I told Jared.

The truth was, there was no such chapter, but I decided to use that as further enticement, not that he really needed any. I could clearly see Jared was once again as hard as a rock now. It was more a matter of his working up the courage in an effort to seduce me, if he was in fact ever going to.

“Oh?” Jared said obviously interested, “Tell me about it.”

“Well it is pretty naughty, but as we both are grownups here, and as you did masturbate for me so openly yesterday, I guess it’s ok for me to tell you what happens in the story,” I told him. I then crossed over to the bed sitting down on it, and then lay back making myself comfortable. I patted the bed next to me, indicating that Jared should perhaps do the same while I told him where I was at in the story.

He was blushing again, but smiling too as he lay back on the bed next to me. “Go ahead, tell me. Like you said…we’re both adults, and I am curious,” he stated.

“Well, as you already know, I’m editing the experiences and exploits of the main character whose memories I am reading through here. One of which was one he’d had when he was just about your age in fact. He indicated…in the story…how he’d gone into his mother’s room to ask her about something. Used to seeing her in various stages of undress, it wasn’t uncommon for him to have done so, or even in seeing her partially nude, or even in the nude all together. As he stood there talking to her, watching her undress, he recalls how she was wearing a particular pair of very sexy underwear at the time. She had removed them, discarding them onto the floor in preparation for bathing for the evening prior to retiring, and then asked him to gather up her things, and take them into the laundry for him, which he of course did.”

“Of course,” Jared said nodding his head as though envisioning something very similar himself.

“Anyway…when he got down to the laundry room he noticed that the crotch of his mother’s panties were still a bit moist, so he sniffed them, and in doing so, found it to be rather arousing. So then he decided to do something else with them too,” I said winking.


“Well…they obviously felt nice, slinky, sexy…so having an erection, he proceeded to stroke his young cock with his mother’s panties, eventually having an orgasm, and cumming in them,” I told him.

“Wow…that is nasty isn’t it?” He said looking at me curiously.

“Nasty hot!” I responded back. “Admittedly Jared, and since we’re talking openly like adults here, I will be perfectly candid with you about it, I thought the scene as he wrote it was very, very erotic. I could easily see this young man, standing there stroking his hard erect cock with his mother’s panties, eventually showering them with a nice thick creamy load of cum, much like yours was yesterday, when you came!”

Jared was obviously horny, aroused…but he was also getting fidgety again. I knew then he was struggling with his feelings and emotions. It was time to ease off and let things settle down for a bit.

“Anyway…thought I’d share with you what I was working on, but speaking of which, I guess I really should get back to doing just that.” I sat up, standing up once again turning towards him. “While I do that though…would it bother you if I just worked the way I’m dressed now? I mean…unless you have friends coming over or something, it would just feel sort of sexy/nice to stay like this for a bit, at least until my clothes have been washed and dried.”

“Oh no…go right ahead!” He assured me. “I don’t have any plans for today either, and none of my friends are coming over either, so you don’t have to worry about that. But that reminds me, I probably should go downstairs and check on the laundry, see how it’s going,” he said standing up. “And after I do that…I’ll bring us up some more coffee.”

“I’ll try very hard not to spill it this time,” I said winking at him once again, and then followed him out the door of his parent’s room, soon after heading back down the hall into Bill’s study as Jared ran downstairs to check on the laundry.


I’d have given anything to see what he’d do when he did. Wondering if in fact…he would. The subject had certainly been interesting enough for him, and he was certainly hard and erect. I half hoped he’d only use my panties just enough to get even more aroused, imagining him standing there sniffing them, and then wrapping them around his dick to stroke himself with. Perhaps, having done that, and with me sitting half naked in his father’s study, he’d return even more aroused. After all, I certainly was!

It was perhaps twenty minutes later when I heard him returning. Plenty of time for him to have gotten off if that’s what he did. He was smiling as he brought us in two fresh cups of hot coffee. This one I’d be more careful with. I couldn’t afford not to. I stood and walked over to sit down on the small little couch as opposed to remaining behind the desk. And though he could clearly see my exposed breasts of course, it was the sheer light blue panties I was only wearing that caught his immediate attention. To my surprise, rather than taking a seat in one of the two chairs, Jared actually joined me on the couch.

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