Hockey Rink Rendezvous Pt. 03

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Go ahead and read the first two installments. They’ll certainly help set the tone. Please let me know what you thought of the story. -EF


Four days had passed since my sister and I had made love in the locker room. I was sitting at work on a Thursday night and all of my tasks were complete. I was just waiting on the varsity hockey team bus to arrive from their game in Hibbing.

The team arrived fifteen minutes later and immediately began hauling their gear into their locker room. Before long, the players, coaches and trainers had left and I could head home. I had started my truck as the bus pulled in, so I expected it to be nice and toasty. As I turned away from the building, I could see my truck was shut off. I made my way across the parking lot only to find that it wouldn’t turn over.

“What a piece of shit!” Actually, it was a pretty decent ride for a nineteen year old guy like myself. It was a 2006 Ford F-150 with nearly every option except leather seats. I had inherited it when my grandpa passed and until now, hadn’t ever had a problem with it. I returned to the building. As I walked across the parking lot, I called my sister.

“Em, my fucking truck won’t start. Can you come give me a ride?” She agreed immediately. “Thanks, Em. Okay. Bye.” As I stood at the door of the arena waiting for my sister to arrive, I remembered that I had forgotten my lunch box in the office.

When I returned with lunch box in hand, Emily had just walked in. We met along side the ice rink. “Hey dude. You ready?” I was indeed ready but I wanted to have a little fun before we headed home.

“Actually Em, I was hoping we could maybe mess around first.” I explained while sporting an unsure grin. We both had agreed it was simply too risky to play at home and our sexual relationship could only continue elsewhere.

“You little fucker!” She played mad but smiled and slapped me half heartedly. “Your truck isn’t broke. You just wanted to get me down here so you could fuck me.”

“No, honestly. It won’t.” I was telling the truth but I could tell she didn’t believe me. “But you’re here… So… Do you wanna?”

Her “anger” subsided and she moved forward for a hug. “I’d love to, dude. But I’m on my period.” She explained. Even though we were siblings, her touch felt differently when the subject was about us having sex. I was disappointed but understood. Our embrace broke and she must have seen the disappointment in my eyes as she quickly offered a solution.

“But” her hands reached for my belt. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have SOME fun.” She undid my belt and squatted in front of me. My pants slid down to around my ankles, exposing my ghost white legs to the below freezing temperature of an ice bursa escort rink.

My sister reached through the slit in my boxer shorts and took hold of my penis. My body shivered as her cold skin touched my manhood. Wasting no time, she placed my still flaccid member between her lips. I let out a groan as my sister went to work on me.

Emily moved her head side to side as my unit moved in and out of her mouth. Removing it, she kissed the shaft top to bottom before devouring it again. My hands assisted her as her lips traveled up and down my now semi erect appendage.

“Eat my dick, whore” I heard her purr as the pace of the blow job quickened momentarily before she removed my unit from between her mouth.

“I love when you talk dirty to me, brother.” I grabbed her hair and forced my rod back down her throat.

“I said eat it!” I demanded her and she happily obliged. My head fell back as I pumped in and out of my sister’s succulent mouth. I was nearing climax and wanted more of my sister. Her menstration complicated things but I had another idea. If I didn’t think of something quickly, I was going to cum in her mouth. That would have been fine. But. I wanted more. I removed my self from her mouth and stood her up.

“I have to fuck you.”

“Eric, you can’t! We can’t. I’m on my period. No!” She tried to reason with me.

“Stay here. Don’t move”. I had a plan to do something I had always wanted to do. But I needed something else. I pulled up my pants and set out on my way.

“Eric” she sounded frustrated “Where are you going?”. I didn’t answer and moved further away from her and into the darkness of the sleeping ice arena. I bolted for the office and retrieved a bottle of lotion the building manager kept in there.

Returning to my sister at rink side, I spun her around and pressed her front side firmly against the hockey boards. She purred at my continued roughness. I pulled down her tight fitting yoga pants as she stuck her ass out toward me. I greeted the site of her buttocks with a slap across the left cheek. She whimpered as I crouched behind her and licked her convex bottom. Goosebumps covered her rump as I did.

I licked her ass crack and kissed her butt cheeks before massaging two lotion covered fingers on to her tight little hole. My finger sunk into her warm cavern with a little resistance and I lubricated the first couple inches of her back door

“Eric, I haven’t had anal in over a year. Since Pete and I broke up.” She explained while I greased up my hard on and prepared for penetration. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” I was pissed that that little dweeb had had the audacity to fuck my little sister’s ass. I malatya escort wasn’t about to let her know that I hadn’t ever experienced the sensation of my dick buried in a gal’s poop chute. Well, or a guys for that matter.

I kissed the back of her neck and reassured her. “Em, just relax. I’ll go slow.”

“Eric, really. I think we should-”

Just then, I pressed my thick cock head against her well lubed butt hole. It penetrated her but barely. I reminded her to relax as I pushed in a little further. I’m pretty sure I could hear her anus stretching around my thick shaft.

“Eric, holy fuck! It hurts. God damn it, you’re big! Please, please go slow. Owwww!” The head of my nearly nine inch member had sunk completely into my little sister. After nearly a minute, I pushed further into her. The heat against my wood was like nothing I had ever felt.

“Are you okay, sister?”

“I’m okay, dude.” She was breathing heavily. “Just keep going. But slowly, please.” I cautiously drove more of my length into her. I could feel my sister trembling now. I pushed further into her and she continued to accept me deeper into her anal passage. The grip of her rectal muscles against my cock was almost painful, but a constant reminder for me to tell her to relax. As she relaxed, I would push further into her.

Minutes passed and finally my entire length was inside of her. Emily’s tremble had quit and I felt her pushing back against me slightly while I buried the last couple of inches. Slowly I pulled out and pushed back in. It was shortly after I began making small strokes into her butt when she released her first sound of pleasure. A soft moaned escaped her lips and into the big space we occupied.

The pressure that had first greeted my pole was subsiding and I could begin to appreciate the new found texture and warmth of her rectum. I reached under her North Face jacket and sweater and groped one of her firm breast.s Her hand cupped mine from outside of her clothing.

I slid out exposing nearly four inches of my shaft to the frigid temperatures of the Eveleth Hippodrome. I pumped it back into her faster than before but still with caution. She moaned loudly and my pace quickened if only slightly. I felt her pushing against me and with time and a few more squirts of Jergens, I was pumping my junk in and out of my sister with ease.

She screamed loudly as the sounds of our anal love making echoed throughout the deserted building. Her jacket now unzipped and her shirt untucked and pulled up over her chest, I pressed her firmly against the glass of the hockey boards as I railed her from behind. She gasped dramatically as I pressed her exposed body up against çanakkale escort the frosted glass of the hockey boards. Even though the arena was near dark, I could see her heavy breathing creating condensation on the glass. I gripped her hips and rammed my cock deeper into her.

“Pull my hair, Eric.”

I yanked on her hair and reeled her head back. My lips landed on her neck as I attempted to tear my sister in two as I plowed into her from behind. With a fist full of beautiful brunette locks, I slapped her exposed butt cheek. She screamed and begged for more.

“Oh Eric, fuck your baby sister’s tight little butthole. Yeah, fuck me brother”

Her hips bucked wildly while we worked in unison to bury my erection as deep as humanly possible inside of her ass. She bent over and backed her behind onto me. In the throes of our taboo love making, the only thing keeping my sister upright was the hold she had on the hockey boards in front of her.

I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her upper body close to mine. I felt up one of her teenage titties and rolled a rock hard nipple between my fingers. I fed her two fingers and she sucked them like a nursing animal. I licked her face and continued to pump her ass with my monster cock. My fingers slipped from her lips and once again, I pressed her tightly against the boards.

Her brother’s long forceful thrusts deep into her had her screaming for mercy. I buried my length into her one final time before I was over taken by the sensations of climax. My sister’s teenaged ass was then loaded with several spurts of my hot cum. My own ass clenched as thrust myself deeper into her. I turned my sister’s head to me and kissed her lips from behind her.

I removed myself from Emily’s now gapping asshole and gobs of my semen leaked out and on to the flooring at rink side. I rested my head on her shoulder catching my breath for a minute. Soon a kiss to my forehead brought me back to reality.

My legs were freezing as was my softening genitalia. I pulled my pants up and Emily’s shirt down as she slipped her pants over the ass I had just spent the last fifteen minutes worshipping. She turned to me and once again, we kissed. Our tongues danced together as we basked in our incestous glory.

With one last kiss on her cheek, we headed to the door. I turned back to look at the scene of our anal encounter and in the faintly lit arena light, I could barely make out my sister’s figure in the condensation on the glass.

“Oh shit!” Once again, my sister broke my daze. “I kinda forgot Mom’s car was running and unlocked the entire time.” She laughed.

As we climbed into the car I made a suggestion “Swing into the gas station, I’ll put $10.00 in her tank. No sense in mom getting fucked in the ass on this deal.”

My sister sent a backhand across the console that connected with my stomach. I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. I was a lucky guy. To have a sister like her was great. I was lucky enough to make her my lover too.


Tell me what you think.

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