Hung Soldier

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I trudged down the sidewalk, shielding my face from the sandy wind. The wind was bad, but I’d been through much worse. I finally reached the barracks and went straight to my bunk. I threw my jacket and hat into my locker. My bunkmate, Bran (his last name), was passed out on the top, snoring away at 9 in the evening. Probably taking a post-work nap so that he could hit the gym and bar later tonight. We had a bar on base, but a three beer limit so it didn’t amount to much except a way to de-stress a bit. My roommate wasn’t a bad guy but I didn’t particularly care for him too much. He was just kind of ignorant and focused way too much on himself. He was actually a nice guy, just cocky and dumb. The only good thing about him is that he was good to look at.

The good thing about him though was he gave me masturbation fodder. He was tall – somewhere around 6’1″ or 6’2″. He was built like a fitness model with arms like tree trunks, a wide V-shaped back, and an ass as hard and smooth as polished steel. He walked around without a shirt so I’d seen his abs plenty of times and often dreamed of what he looked like without pants. For now I ignored his loud snoring, grabbed my laundry and headed out again.

The wind was still bad but not bad enough to keep me from going anywhere. I pressed through the sand and made it to the laundry facility – a lone little building on the far side of the base. I put my laundry in and got it going. Lucky for me, only a couple of people were doing laundry at this time of night. Once it was all washing, I headed back across base to the gym.

At the gym I worked up a good sweat. Unlike Bran, I wasn’t muscled. I instead focused on some quick reps and a few miles on the treadmill. I was fairly lean and liked myself that way. After my workout I went to the spa and then back to the laundry facility. I flipped my laundry to the dryers and then went back to my barracks. I lay on the bed and got out the book I’d been reading…

I jolted awake. The barrack’s lights were out and most of the unit was back and sleeping in bed. The glow from my watch told me it was already 1 in the morning. I’d accidentally fallen asleep. I threw my jacket on and headed to the laundry facility. Just as I suspected, as I got there the building was empty. I began loading my dry laundry into my laundry bag when I heard it… moaning?

It was barely perceptible but I definitely heard someone moaning and grunting. I followed Bycasino the sound around the back hallway of the laundry facility. The only thing back here was a set of private bathrooms that locked. I listened at the door and heard the moaning louder on the other end of it. It was definitely a male voice, and he wasn’t just moaning like he was having sex, he was moaning like he was getting straight jackhammered. I heard the slaps of legs on ass.

My dick hardened instantly. Everyone at the base knew I was queer but no one mentioned it. Part of our “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. We all just pretended we didn’t know, but they’d known me long enough and spent enough nights out drinking with me that it wasn’t a secret. Unfortunately though, homosexuality was deeply frowned upon and I hadn’t been fucked in 236 days. I only knew that because I’d gotten laid the night before I left on deployment and we were on day 236 of our mobilization. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be the guy in that bathroom.

The moaning stopped just as the man let out “Hoooooly Fuuuuck” with a deep vibrato as though his chest convulsed as he spoke. It only took a few seconds before I heard sounds of cleaning then zipping. Shit, they finished up fast. I started to turn to walk back to the laundry area when the door opened and some guy walked past me in a shameful hurry. I didn’t recognize him, most likely from one of the other units on base.

“Hey.” I heard from behind me. I knew the voice. I turned to see Bran, tall and wide, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. “Listening in?”

“No.” I yelled back immediately, half in panic. Before I could move his hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder.

“I know we aren’t really friends, but you can’t tell anyone about this.”For a moment I actually saw the arrogance leave his face, replaced by sincerity and fear. “I know you’re comfortable with being open, but I’m not.”

I looked at the meaty hand on my shoulder and back to his eyes. I would have expected him to threaten to beat me up if I told anyone like a schoolyard bully, but I wasn’t met with that; I was instead met with what looked like fear and friendship. “Yeah.” I said hesitantly. “You should know I would never do that.”

“You swear?”

“Yeah. Promise.” The thought had never crossed my mind. Yeah, I was open about myself, but I would never out someone else. He was dumb and arrogant, but wasn’t mean and didn’t Bycasino giriş deserve me to be.

“Thank you. I know I should be more careful but its just so hard to go this long without some release and there aren’t a whole lot of private places on base. This is about the best I’ve found – laundry facility bathroom at 1 in the morning.” he chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, tell me about it,” I smiled, “I haven’t had release since I’ve been here. At least not with someone else.”

He looked at me confused, one eyebrow raised. “How have you gone this long? You’ve actually not been laid since we’ve been here?”

“Yeah. Not a lot of gay dudes on base.”

“There’s enough. I’ve got four of them I’m doing on the regular.” He smiled a cocky smile. I just gave him a slow nod and looked around, back to the door, and back to him.

“How are you not even out and you’ve found that many guys?”

“Word of mouth. I found one by accident and he spread word to another and then he told another…” He looked me up and down, his eyes going from friendly to hungry. “I’ve got enough in me for another. Lord knows you could use it if you haven’t had any since you’ve been here.”

My head jolted a little. I wasn’t expecting that. I looked him up and down, still leaning in the doorframe of the bathroom. His tight shirt clung to him in the best ways and his arms bulged. “Yeah… I mean… I could sure use some I guess.” I said. I was intrigued but the whole situation still had be caught off guard, like I couldn’t decide if this was a dream or real life.

Without response his hand moved from my shoulder to my chest and grabbed a fistful of my jacket, pulled me inside the bathroom, and closed the door. He locked the latch and shoved me against the wall with one hand. “I hope you can handle me. I’m rough… and big…”

I smiled at him, mirroring his cocky smirk. “I’ve had rough. I’ve had big.”

Still holding me against the wall, he reached down with his free hand and unbuttoned my pants then pulled them down to my knees. He used both hands to move me over to the sink, turn me around, and bend me over them. I could hear him unzipping and pulling his pants down. I heard the click of a bottle lid and the squirt of liquid. I knew the sound of lube when I heard it and I was glad he came prepared.

A moment later I felt a thick finger probe itself into my hole. It pushed in and out for a few moments Bycasino güncel giriş before being joined by a second. He probed for a few more minutes, loosening me up, then pulled it out.

The emptiness hadn’t left for more than a couple seconds when I felt the familiar press of something against my ass. I was used to it, but this felt just a little bit different. I tried to look back but he held me down, one hand grasping the back of my jacket. I felt him push, the pressure building. I felt more and more pressure but it wouldn’t go it. “Jesus, how big are you?” I said as he continued to push.

“Bigger than you’ve had before.” he replied.

I wanted to doubt him… I’d had a few 8 and 9 inchers before, but the more he pushed against my hole the more I realized he probably was bigger. In a moment, the pressure became pain. He had entered and I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was indeed bigger than anything I’d ever taken before. My hands clenched and my teeth gritted as I stifled a scream. The pain dulled down into the pleasurable sensation I’m used to, but didn’t go away entirely. He began pushing and I could feel his massive shaft sliding inside me.

By the time he got where any normal cock would bottom out I heard, “Halfway there.” and slowly pulled back out until only the head was left. He moved faster this time, going in and out. I could feel him shoving it deeper and deeper, farther than any person had been inside me before. One meaty hand held me down and the other grabbed at my hip, holding me in place as he worked himself in and out.

The pace picked up, the gargantuan cock pounding in and out now with reckless abandon. I understood the moans the guy before me was making, because I was doing it now too. I half screamed and half moaned in both pleasure and pain, completely forgetting where I was. “FUCK.” I screamed as his hips jackhammered into me. After minutes of this, he suddenly went balls deep and stopped, quivering for a moment and he let out a moan himself.

I lay there, bent over with my face still on the counter where the sink was. My breath was hard and heavy, so was his. Slowly he pulled himself and let me go. I turned around and looked at him as he leaned against the back wall and lit up a cigarette, his horse cock sticking out a 45 degree angle downward.

I would never have thought I’d ever have the chance to fuck a cock that big if it hadn’t just happened. It was a sight to behold. “Next week?” He said between puffs. Same time, same place, same hole? I just stared for a moment longer at the gargantuan piece of meat that hung between his legs as he just stood there regaining his breath.

“Fuck yes.” I replied. “I’ll be here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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