Hypno Reversal

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Rob was expecting a pretty exciting night. He had heard of x-rated hypnosis shows but was pretty convinced it was just paid actresses more-or-less stripping with a storyline. He didn’t care though. The idea of hypnosis always turned him on a bit and even if fake, the idea of some hot babes being hypnotized to do some naughty stuff ensured Rob bought a ticket near the front of the stage.

The show opened with pretty standard stuff, Rob imagined. The hypnotist introduced himself and told the crowd they’d have a really fun time, or at least some of them will! He went through some counting drills that made Rob sleepy but the guy was done with it pretty quickly it seemed.

The first act of the night called for some ‘volunteers.’ Rob knew it was staged when a hot blonde was called up from the back of the room. Man, was she a babe. Rob was already starting to chub up thinking about what was going to happen.

You could imagine Rob’s shock (and intrigue) when he, too, was called up. He wasn’t an actor! I wonder if this hypnotist was going to make this girl dance for Rob! How exciting.

They were going to play a game, the hypnotist explained. Rob and the lady, named Sarah, were given little white boards. They were each told to write something they would have the other person do under hypnosis.

Bingo! Rob thought!

He quickly jotted down his answer.

“All finished?” The hypnotist asked. They both nodded in agreement, each excited about what they wrote. “Great! Now I should have explained more about this game. It’s called ‘Do unto others’ and it’s pretty simple. You’ll each be writing something you want the other person to do, and then YOU’LL have to do it! Hopefully you were nice to the stranger next to you!”

WHAT? Rob thought frantically, looking down at his answer. Well, no worries. It’s not like Rob was hypnotized.

Sarah was asked to turn hers over first. “Pretend to be a chicken,” she said. “Oh shoot.” And with that Sarah got up and started clucking around the stage. She flapped her arms and did her best to pick at the ground. The audience was laughing along. After a minute the hypnotist asked her to return to normal.

“Alright, Rob. What did you hope Sarah would be doing for you?”

He turned the board around, embarrassed. “Give me a strip tease…”

“Oh my,” the hypnotist said. “Already off to a fun start! Can we get some music here?”

The sound guy started to play some provocative music. Not like Rob was actually going to do anything of course. Rob stood up to tell them, sorry but I’m not dancing. Instead he stood up and started gyrating his hips towards the crowd.


His face Starzbet showed his utter shock but his body betrayed him. He shimmied over towards Sarah and started to wiggle his butt in her face. He grabbed her hands and wrapped them around his front, having her work her hands into his chest. The screams from the audience and Sarah egged Rob to go further. He let go of her hands but they stayed in place as he began to unbutton his shirt.

With each button more and more of Rob’s sculpted, yet rounded, chest became exposed. Dark chest hair started to show. Then more. Then nipples (which Sarah started to play with). Then some of Rob’s tummy hair. Then his abs. And finally Rob untucked his shirt fully and shimmied if off his shoulders.

Panic still was frozen on Rob’s face but he grabbed Sarah’s hands again and rubbed them all over his chest. He would rub her hands up his chest and then down his stomach, going a bit further south each time. Against his better judgment he drew her hands down onto his crotch which she freely squeezed. The panic hadn’t done much to waiver his boner, unfortunately.

As she held onto his crotch, Rob lifted his arms to flex for the audience. Rob wasn’t a bodybuilder by any means but he had a pretty thick frame and good arms. He gave each of his biceps a kiss as he continued to wiggle his butt against Sarah as she felt him up.

Then he leaned back and whispered to her to take off his belt.


Sarah happily obliged and blindly undid his buckle. All too quick his belt was pulled out of the pant loops and joined his shirt on the floor.

“Do you want to see more ladies and gentlemen??” The hypnotist yelled to the audience. Their approval was obvious.

Rob turned around to face Sarah so she could see more clearly and work his pants easier. She was hesitant at first but Rob thrust his tent at her a bit to get her going. As the button and zipper were undone his pants pooled, exposing his clothed hardon to Sarah up close (which she eagerly fondled) and his rear to the audience. Cheers erupted.

A bit awkwardly, Rob bent down to undo his shoes and step out of his pants as well. He kept his socks on for some reason though.

As he stood back up, facing Sarah, he placed her hands on his back and then guided her arms slowly down his back until they were resting on the flannel fabric of his boxer briefs. Feeling a bit rambunctious herself, she hooked her thumbs into the top and dragged down Rob’s underwear a few inches to expose most of his hairy butt to the audience.

She gave it a playful smack. It humiliated Rob but also turned him on Starzbet Giriş that much more. He was trapped in some hypnotic state with his ass on display, his boner begging to be set free, and no clue how far his embarrassment was going to go.

She turned him around to face the crowd and he panicked. His underwear had nudged down a bit in the front so most of his pubes were showing and was only a thin sheet of fabric away from 100 or more people seeing his dick!


“Okay okay, let’s take a pause here for a second,” the hypnotist said.

Oh thank god! Rob thought.

“Rob, I’ll give you two options from here. You can either lose the underwear but can use your little white board as a shield. Or you keep the underwear but have to keep your arms away from your crotch for the whole night. Which would you prefer?”

Rob thought about it. The board was definitely large enough to cover his 6 inches but who knows what else could happen on stage. And what if he dropped it or something? The alternative was basically the position he’s in now already, and he would get to keep his underwear for sure. While not an easy answer, Rob said, “I’d like to keep my underwear on.”

“Alright, so you will. Now Sarah, you have two choices. You can either make Rob stay this way for the rest of the night including his way home (SHIT!) or you can have him continue his dance for you for 2 minutes. BUT you get to pull his dick out of his fly (WHAT THE SHIT FUCK!)”

The audience started to scream out what she should do. They were mixed but clearly wanted to see my dick more than anything.

“Well,” Sarah said. “I would feel bad for him being exposed like that…”

“Remember, Sarah, he did expect the roles to be reversed tonight.”

“OH that’s right!”


“Rob,” she asked me, “if the roles were reversed would you make me take off my bra and panties or keep them on.”

“Answer honestly, boy,” the hypnotist said.

“Nnnnno no no no. Take them off! Fuck no! I’m sorry!” Rob yelled, trying to change his answer.

“Well, in that case.”

As Rob stayed facing the audience in a flex, Sarah reached around and dug her fingers into the fly of his underwear. The second he felt her skin touch his he was incredibly excited and terrified. The next two seconds went by so painfully slowly as she pulled him out of his last, protective layer. And not just his dick but she had managed to cup and pull out his balls too.

The audience lost it.

Rob was now standing on stage in front of over a hundred people with his hard cock bobbing out of his underwear. He started to get back Starzbet Güncel Giriş into the groove of the music which only made it wiggle around wildly. He would turn around and grind up on Sarah, then face the audience again to show off his meat for their hungry eyes.

The two minutes of the song went on for what seemed like a humiliating eternity but not a second did his hard on subdue.

Finally when he finished the dance he realized he was able to regain control of his body. He quickly shot his hands down to cover himself and turned around to stick his dick back into his underwear.

“What a first act! Now, Rob, I have an offer for you.”

“No way man! Fuck you!” Rob yelled back.

“Ah, ah. You might want what I have to offer. You can either go back to your seat, or leave, or do whatever. But you’ll have the memory of what just happened and how you tried to humiliate this poor Sarah. OR I can make you forget this whole act even happened. It’ll be like you never even came up on stage. The whole memory, POOF, erased.”

Rob was reeling with anger but also he was red in the face from shame. He knew this act would haunt him for at least months if not the rest of his life. Fuck, some friends or co-workers may even have been here tonight. He didn’t want to remember.

“I guess. I guess, please make me forget.”

“Probably a good choice there, Robby. Now Sarah, you too get to make a choice.”

Oh fuck what now? Rob thought.

“Would you like Rob to shuck his underwear and pose for some photos (which is strictly prohibited for these shows, Rob thought!) or have him masturbate right here on stage?”


“Oh gosh…” Sarah thought.

“Remember, he won’t remember either way.”

“Oh, haha, I guess you’re right. In that case, let’s make this first act X-rated! Cum for me Rob!”


“No way am I doing that! You can’t make me!”

“Rob, I already am.”

Rob looked down in shock as his own hand was betraying him, reaching into his underwear and tugging on his firm cock. His other hand helped him wiggle down his underwear to fully expose himself to the crowd and an eager Sarah.

Rob was conflicted on whether he hoped he’d cum fast or not but the eroticism of the evening didn’t really leave it up to him. Not 45 seconds after starting to jack off was his body tensing and then..

“Oh god, FUCK!” Rob yelled as three ropes of white cum flew out onto the stage.

“Oh wow!” Sarah commented. The crowd whistled and cheered. Some laughed.

As soon as the wave of pleasure washed over him, robotically Rob got dressed on stage there in front of everyone and made his way back to his seat.

The show was about to begin and Rob was so excited! He’d never been to one of these before but was hoping to see some hot chicks get naked.

“What a great start!” the hypnotist on stage began. “Now, for my second act I’ll need two couples!”

Wait, second act?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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