The Guys’ Weekend Ch. 01

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The final bell rang at school, and we knew that summer had finally begun. That night, I had plans to hang out with my best friend, Jamey, down at the campgrounds that my family owned.

We’ve been best friends for years, and we’ve always had a little gay humor. Like, sometimes he’d tell me to suck his dick, just as a joke, or I’d kiss his cheek. But we both knew that we loved each other like brothers. Or… Maybe more.

We are both in college, And we’re both seniors.. He is 6′ and I’m 5’10. He’s blonde, fit, and kind of muscley. I’m slim, and I have brown hair. My name is Stephen.

We had both been looking forward to the campgrounds forever. We go there every summer. I head to the side building to meet with him.

J: Finally you get here! Jesus, did you walk from China?

S: Shut up. Just get your shit and let’s go.

J: Hey, fuck you!

S: Yes, please.

We grab our stuff and get into his car. It’s a really long drive, but we don’t really do much in the car. We get to the campgrounds and immediately go to claim the grand cabin at the top of the cliff. That’s the one we’ve always wanted to stay in. It’s stocked with all kinds of luxuries, unlike the wooden cabins. We hoped today we’d finally get it to ourselves. We walk up to the door.

J: OK, the moment of truth.

He tries opening the doorknob to see if anyone had locked it for themselves. It opens.

S: Oh my God! Yes! We are the shit.

We laugh and go inside. We look around the cabin. So far, the only thing I see is the living room, which has a huge leather couch, two recliners, a chandelier, and a massive TV. The kitchen has a marble island, and a refrigerator stocked with soda.

We both go to the bedroom to put down our stuff. It is beautiful. There is a king bed, with two dressers, windows overlooking the river, and a master bathroom with a huge shower.

S: Looks like we’re sharing a bed!

J: Mmm. I know what I’m doing later.

S: Haha shut up…

We unpack all our stuff for malatya escort the weekend and get settled.

J: I’m gonna go get a shower, is that cool?

S: Yeah, go ahead. I’m gonna get something to eat.

He nods and starts undressing. This was nothing new, we had both seen each other naked before because of the camping stuff. It was just something that happened. None of us thought anything of it.

After about ten minutes, he got out of the shower, got night clothes on, and walked into the living room.

J: Holy shit, it’s already 10 o’clock!

S: Oh well, we’re here all weekend to go o the gym and the pool and stuff. And no one’s stopping us from staying up late.

J: True. You want a Coke?

S: Yeah, thanks man.

We sit in the living room watching TV for awhile when Jamey suddenly says, “Truth or Dare?”

I get excited. This is my favorite game. “Dare.”

J: I dare you to take off your pants.

S: Wow, hardcore.

I grab my waistband and decide to pull my boxers off too, just to mess with him. I undo the zipper and button, and pull everything down.

S: How’s that?

J: Oh, nice. Haha

S: Truth or Dare?

J: We always do dares, so lets just stick with those.

S: Alright, I dare you to take off everything.

J: OK.

He starts taking off his shirt, and I can see his somewhat muscley figure start to show. He then takes off his pants and underwear, revealing his cock. I looked at it, I’d never noticed how nice it was.

J: You liking what you see? 😉

S: Oh, yeah, of course.

J: I dare you to… Jack me off.

I was stunned. We’d never done anything that far. But I couldn’t give in to the game.

S: Alright…

I walk over to him and touch his dick. I slowly wrap my hand around it and start moving up and down.

J: Ah, get off! Haha I thought you wouldn’t do it.

S: I don’t crush that easily!

J: Whatever, dare.

S: I dare malatya escort bayan you to lick all over my body.

J: Oh, God… *sigh* ok.

He walks over to the couch where I am, and he starts at my hand, licking all around. He has his hand on my chest, and its slowly moving down, without him realizing it. His hand touches my dick and he gets shocked.

J: Sorry man.

S: Don’t be. You have to lick it.

J: You think I won’t?

S: You think you’re so bad, don’t you. Haha.

J: Challenge accepted.

He grabs my cock and puts it in his mouth and starts blowing me. I sit there in complete shock. I did not see that coming.

S: Jesus! Haha ok you’re done.

J: Told you.

S: You win tonight. We’re doing more tomorrow.

J: Deal. You going to bed?

S: Yeah, we probably should. Uhh… We’re naked.

J: Yeah… Haha. Can we just sleep naked? I’m comfortable.

S: I don’t care.

We head to the bed and get underneath the blankets. I remember that Jamey does stuff in his sleep. Talks, walks, and who knows what else.

S: Night, man.

J: Night.

We fall asleep. At about 3 in the morning, I feel something moving in the bed. I look over and Jamey has gotten out of the bed and is jacking off by the window. I go over to wake him up.

S: Jamey?

J: Kiss me.

S: What?

J: I haven’t stopped thinking about tonight. I love you.

S: Uhh…

J: Just try it.

He puts his face close to mine and kisses me. His warm lips are amazing on mine. I don’t pull away for a second, then I snap to reality.

S: Jamey, go to sleep. This isn’t right.

J: Whatever.

He goes to the bed and lays down, still with no clothes on. I got on some sweatpants and a T-shirt and went to bed and fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up to find Jamey in the living room watching TV. He had on some athletic shorts, but still no shirt.

S: escort malatya Hey…

J: Morning!

S: Do you… Remember last night?

J: No?

S: Oh. Ok. Never mind.

He looked at me confused. He could tell that I was uneasy about the whole situation.

J: Did I do something stupid in my sleep?

S: Yeah…

J: I didn’t get drunk did I?!

S: No… You kissed me…

He got red in the face almost instantaneously. He looked down at his phone and started doing something else. I walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast. It was extremely awkward. After a half hour, he finally said something.

J: Apparently my dream happened in real life…

S: What do you mean?

J: After last night, I started feeling… Different. Truth or Dare was fun. I had fun. I don’t know… Something about it just seemed… Right.

I stared at my plate, thinking about everything. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun, too. It felt amazing. All of it. Maybe even the kiss… I threw away my breakfast and looked at my phone to ease the awkwardness. I was washing the plate I used and I turned around to see myself face to face with Jamey.

J: I wasn’t asleep yesterday… I did it because I wanted to… Haven’t you ever wanted to experiment a little?

S: I… I don’t know…

J: Just… Think about it.

S: I’m… Going to go take a shower.

I walked to the bathroom praying that he wasn’t going to follow me. But a part of me wanted him to…

I got into the bathroom and started taking my clothes off. I started thinking about Jamey’s naked body… And how amazing it is… I was starting to get hard. I couldn’t take it anymore… I wanted him. I needed him.

I ran out of the bathroom and found Jamey on the bed.

J: Whoa, someone’s excited. Where ya-

I cut him off with my lips. I grabbed ahold of his face and shoved my tongue in his mouth. His tongue was so warm and moist. I pulled away and smiled at him.

J: I knew you’d come around.

I pulled the blankets off and saw that he had a hard-on. I looked at him smiling.

J: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

He moved his face closer to mine and kissed me gently, moving down my neck and stomach. He got to my hard, 8 inch dick and smiled.

J: Wanna shower?

Part 2 Soon:)

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