Dinner Date

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My bangs stick to my forehead from the sweat as I lift my hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I look around the kitchen, going over a mental checklist, making sure that everything is ready, or will be soon. The steaks are covered with foil, resting. The cream reduction is almost ready. The frites only need a couple more minutes. Salad’s on the table. I take a deep breath and wipe my hands on my apron before taking a sip of my beer. The sauce has finished, so I pour it over the steaks before I pull the golden brown potatoes out of the sizzling oil and carrying everything over to the table.

As I’m busying myself with some cleanup, I hear a perfunctory knock at the door before you step inside without waiting for an answer. The words I was going to say are lost as I take you in, standing there in a tight khaki skirt stretched across your full hips and thighs. My mouth begins to water and it has nothing to do with the rare filet mignon waiting to be consumed.

You start to say something, I think it’s a compliment about the food, but I can’t be sure as all I can think about is that I have to have you. I step up to you and place my hands on your hips before seizing your lips with my own. You’re taken by surprise by my sudden passion and stiffen in my arms for a moment before you relax into the kiss and wrap your arms around my neck.

“Nice to see you, too,” you say as I move my attentions your neck, easily accessible due to the open collar of your blouse. You gasp as I lightly sink my teeth into the soft, smooth skin and you press yourself against me. Your leg slips between mine and you whisper in my ear, “Eager are we?” as you feel how hard I am through the thin fabric of my dress.

I pull back and look at you, the corner of my mouth lifted in a teasing smile. “What do you think?” I reply as my hardening penis twitches against your leg. I pull you tight against me, recapturing your lips with my own as I spin around and begin urfa escort making my way towards the bed, pulling you behind me. My left hand presses against the small of your back and I clumsily move my way closer to the bedroom. My right hand has succeeded in unbuttoning your blouse right around the time my heel catches on the step into my bedroom, sending me crashing to the floor, dragging you along to fall on top of me.

You pull back, concern filling your eyes but before you can ask if I’m okay, I pull your blouse off and press my lips against the soft skin of your breasts right above your bra. Your eyes close and you let out a moan as my fingers close around your breasts, squeezing them lightly through your bra. Reaching behind you, I unclasp your bra and you quickly shrug out of it. My lips close around your nipple and I begin to suck as I reach down to pull your skirt up around your waist.

I’m painfully hard now, and you can feel me pressing into you. Your hands move to lift the hem of my dress, sliding up my smooth thighs. You shift on top of me and begin to stroke me through my panties, my hard length pulsing at your touch. I push you up and grab the hem of my dress and pull it over my head, tossing it aside before quickly removing my bra and taking your hands to help you up before guiding you to the bed, pushing you back onto the mattress.

As I lower the zipper on the side of your skirt, I look in your eyes and whisper, “Grab the headboard and don’t let go unless I say you can. Now close your eyes.” Your pupils widen and your eyes glaze with lust before you obey. “Now lift your hips.” As your ass comes off the bed I pull your skirt and panties off and toss them over to join my discarded dress. As you lie completely bare on my bed, your scent hits my nostrils and my mouth begins to water at the heady aroma. Going against my instinct to immediately devour you, I decide to tease you a little escort urfa bit first. I start by kissing your right foot and kissing my way slowly up your leg, your scent growing stronger as I get closer to your center. About three quarters of the way up your leg, I stop and pull back. I look at you and see you biting your lip, your hips gently moving as you long for me to touch you. Your eyes are still closed, though, and your fingers still gripping the bottom of my headboard. I decide this deserves to be rewarded. I move up your body and take your nipple between my teeth and give it a gentle tug and a quick shake of my head, like a dog with a toy. Your gasp is quickly cut short as I move my lips to yours and kiss you, my tongue caressing yours as my fingers run through your hair. I pull away and hear you give a soft whimper, but you don’t offer any other protest.

Grinning, I move my way down to repeat the process, this time with your left leg. As I reach the same point on your left thigh as where I stopped on the right, I feel you tense, silently pleading with me to keep going, to move higher, to taste you. I don’t disappoint. Your curls tickle my nose as I slide my tongue through your slick folds, your scent and taste driving me crazy with desire. My tongue moves in long strokes over you, broad and flat at the bottom, but to a point by the time I reach your clit and flick the tip over the hard bundle of nerves, making you gasp in pleasure. Your hips begin to thrust in time with the strokes of my tongue and you moan out “I need you inside me.”

I turn my head and bite your thigh. Not hard, but enough to remind you that I’m in charge right now. Nevertheless, I give you what you need. My tongue focuses on your clit and I slip a finger inside you, rubbing against your slick walls. As I start to massage your g-spot, I pull my mouth back enough to look up at you, your eyes tightly shut and your hands remaining urfa escort bayan in place only through sheer force of will. “You can open your eyes and let go now,” I whisper. You look at me, your pupils dilated so large that I can’t see the blue anymore, though the distance and my lack of glasses don’t help with that, and your hand tangles in my hair, pressing my mouth firmly against you. I slip another finger inside you and begin to move my tongue faster against your clit. Your breathing becomes faster and shallower until finally your body goes stiff, your hips pressing hard against my mouth, the tips of your fingers pressing into my scalp. I lighten up with my tongue as you begin to come down, but continue to gently stroke you with my fingers.

As your breathing becomes normal, you whisper, “Come here.” I pull my fingers from you gently and shift up the bed, my body still between your legs, my cock hard and aching. I hover over you, our breasts pressing together, my hair falling around our faces like a tent, limiting the world to just the two of us. We kissed, long and hard, your fingers running through my hair and scratching over my back.

With a shove, you roll me onto my back and slowly lower yourself on to me, your tight, wet heat closing around me, making me groan with pleasure. I sit up, my eyes glazed with pleasure, and wrap my right arm over your shoulder. We kiss as you ride me, my cock moving in and out of you, I can feel you squeezing me as I gasp and moan, my eyes going unfocused as I get closer and closer to the edge. You push me onto my back and lower your head to my breast, continuing to move your hips against me. I let out the breath I was holding as your lips close around my nipple and begin to suck, your fingers skillfully manipulating my other breast. My hands wrap around your shoulders and my fingers begin to dig into you as I shudder and convulse as my orgasm overtakes me. You continue to move against me for a few seconds longer before your body collapses atop me, completely spent. I kiss your cheek and stroke your hair as we lie there basking in the aftermath.

After a few blissful, languid moments, you break the silence. “You know, when you invite me over dinner, it would be nice if I got to eat it while it was still hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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