Just Say Yes Pt. 10

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Cockhead Tease

This story is based entirely on a comment left by an anonymous commenter on Just Say Yes Pt. 2 where he said, “A friend’s distant cousin owned a motorcycle shop and his wife ran the office.”


As usual, my day started by sitting at my desk and processing invoices and worked on the accounts.

Over the last few days, I had been working on a business case for one of the company’s former regular clients. I had seen that the finances of Williamson Engineering were really in trouble. The business had lost quite a few customers as they had shifted their work offshore.

Williamson Engineering specialised in precision engineering, and there was little room to diversify. I had discovered several of the clients that Williams Engineering had in the early years were no longer providing us with any work. In the beginning, Williams Engineering specialised in precision repairs in the automotive industry. Their niche market was customisations for high-end motorcycle frames.

Standing up, I went over to my boss’s desk. “Mr Williamson. I have noticed that we used to get a lot of business from Hotshot Motorcycles,”

I was wearing a gossamer-thin blouse, provocatively short mini skirt and seamed sheer stockings. I was sitting on the edge of my boss’s desk, and the lace bands of my stockings were just visible.

My boss looked up from his computer and gazed at me. Staring at my miniskirt, my husband replied, “Hotshot Motorcycles was one of our first clients. It’s been some time since I heard that name. What are you proposing?”

“Why don’t you give them a call and invite them over here,” I suggested. “We company could use some extra work and the new machining equipment is ideal for the frame manufacturing process.”

“Hotshot Motorcycles is owned by a couple of renegade bikies,” commented my boss.

Just then, I had a flashback memory: when I first met my husband, we were into the bike scene. I really liked the leathers that we wore. We toured around on Mark’s bike with me riding as a pillion passenger. I remembered the feeling of the throb of the bike’s engine between my legs. God those were good times I thought as I momentarily reminisced the early years of our relationship.

I drifted back to the present as my boss said, “. . . I’ll give them a call.”

Shortly afterwards, I could tell that my husband was stressed. He just got off the phone to the team at Hotshot Motorcycles. “Are you Ok, Mr Williamson?” I asked. “You seem tense.”

“That was a hard call. Jay and Todd have agreed to come over and meet with us, though.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.

“Let me do something for you, for a change,” offered my boss. He stood up and moved me back, so I was pressed up against the edge of his desk. “Come, sit back on my desk.”

I reached around and cleared a space on the desk and sat on it. Leaning back, I stretched out my arms to grab the stilettoes of my heels. I held my legs as wide apart as they would comfortably go.

“I love it that you don’t wear knickers anymore,” said my boss as he lowered his face down to my smooth exposed pussy as he caressed my nylon clad legs.

I loved the way my boss ate me out. His hands touched the bare skin above my stockings as he pulled my pussy lips apart. Whenever he looked up at me, I could see my wetness smeared on his face.

Thinking back to former times, he used to lay me back on his motorbike with my head resting on the handlebars as he ate me. I often wore short leather skirts back then, and in my mind, I could smell the leather aroma mingled with my own scent.

“Oh, God. This feels so nice,” I breathed as my boss nibbled on my sensitive clit. Ever since I had got pierced, my clit was always nice and hard. The new sensations on my clitoris always made me very wet.

My boss’s tongue rubbed the sensitive skin and teased the jewellery. I let go of my heels so that I could play with my nipples. These, too, were always sensitive after being pierced. I undid a few buttons of my blouse, which allowed my fingers to touch my bare skin.

I knew I was going to cum soon and my instinctive reflex was to close my legs. My boss would have none of that, so he forcibly held my legs apart as he continued his assault on my clit. I knew the tension in my legs that was being resisted by his strength would soon set me off, and the strain in my muscles would make my orgasm more intense.

I pinched my nipples between my fingers as I became lost in the sensations. Just then, my boss started to hum, and the vibrations resonating through my clit took me back to those amazing feelings I had when I sat behind him on his motorbike all those years ago. I used to cum as I squeezed my legs on the leather seat while gripping onto his waist.

Squeezing my legs against my boss’s firm grip and pinching my nipples, I came as I screamed his name. “Oh fuck Mark, that’s it. I’m cumming. Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” I panted over and over as my boss continued to lick me as he held me down.


On Tuesday, Beylikdüzü escort the two owners of Hotshot Motorcycles arrived for their meeting with us.

I met them at the front door to the building and then led them upstairs to our office. I had bought a tight leather miniskirt, especially for this meeting and was wearing a thin white blouse and fishnet stockings.

I heard one of the men say “nice arse,” as I climbed the stairs in front of them.

When we got into the office, I introduced them to my boss. “Mr Williamson, here is Jay Wilson and Todd Campbell.” I then sat at my desk. I had the opportunity to take a closer look at these two.

They were a few years younger than us and were obviously in the bike scene. They both wore black denim jeans. One of them had a white T-shirt under a leather jacket. I could just make out some tattoos on his arms has he extended his hand to shake my boss’s hand.

The other man wore a black T-shirt, and he had some tattoos visible on his upper arms. They both had goatee beards with moustaches. I liked this rugged look, and this also took me back to when I first met my husband: he didn’t have any tattoos, but he used to dress in dark jeans when we rode around.

The two men kept glancing in my direction: my stocking tops and garters were visible below the hem of my miniskirt. My sling-back shoes stretched out my legs. I have always been proud of my legs, and I liked how much more attractive I looked when wearing heels. The shoes combined with the fishnet stockings accentuated my appearance.

My boss asked me to get some drinks, so I went out to the small kitchen area. I had to swivel my chair towards the two men as I got up. I am sure they caught an unobstructed view of my pussy. I felt a little turned on that they couldn’t keep their eyes off me.

I didn’t think these guys were the tea-and-coffee type of people, so I brought back some cold beers.

When I returned to the office, there was obviously some tension in the room. I hadn’t been keeping up with the conversation, but it seemed that there was a stumbling block in the final details of the deal being negotiated.

Jay looked at Todd, and then Todd came right out, “We’ll agree to send you this business as long as we get to fuck your beautiful secretary.”

“That’s my wife you’re talking to,” protested my boss.

Jay reiterated, “Ok. We’ll agree as long as we get to fuck your wife.”

My boss took me over to the other side of the room. I was shocked at first. How could I be used in this way? “Do you really think this is a good idea?” I asked.

“This contract would be worth quite a lot of income for the business,” he said. “We could use the money.”

Todd moved over to where we were talking and said, “We will sign on for five years, but we will need your wife as a gift every so often.”

“What do you mean by ‘every-so-often’?” I asked cautiously. I was not entirely comfortable with this deal.

Realising that my stance was wavering, Jay said, “Once every three or four months.”

I responded with, “Twice a year.”

“You’ll need all that time to recover after we have fucked you,” said Jay.

“We’ll agree if we get to fuck you twice a year,” offered Todd.

“I’ll agree on two conditions,” I said, feeling somewhat caught off guard.

“We’re listening,” Jay said.

“First. You must wear condoms at all times. It’s safe sex or no sex.”

“That’s reasonable,” said Todd with a big grin.

“And second. My husband is there to look after me.”

“He won’t be part of this deal. It’ll only be us fucking you if you agree,” asserted Jay.

“I want my husband there to protect me,” I said.

Jay and Todd conferred, and then Todd said, “We can live with that if he is ok watching you get the fucking of your life.”

I reached out and felt my husband’s erection through the fabric of his trousers. Oh my God, he was as turned on as I was. While I hadn’t expected to be part of the deal, I couldn’t get away from the fact that ever since we had talked about this contract, I had these horny memories going back a few years when Mark and I were younger.

I looked to Jay and then Todd and said, “I am sure my husband will enjoy the show.”

Jay turned to my husband and said, “Are you ok with this deal? There is some major amount of money involved.”

My darling husband ever-so-slightly nodded his head and whispered, “Yes.”

“We’ll book a hotel,” said Jay as he smiled at me.

Todd was doing something on his phone, and he turned to Jay and said: “Here, all booked.” He handed me the phone, so I could see the booking confirmation for a plush room in one of the leading hotels in the central city.

“Oh my. Is this really going to happen?” I asked.

“We’ll see you in room 804 on Saturday. You get the deal written up and bring it with you,” said Todd. “We’ll sign it there, and then you’re ours to fuck for the afternoon.”


I was very nervous and a little excited about what I was about to do.

We Beylikdüzü escort met Jay and Todd in the lobby of this plush hotel downtown. Both of them looked me up and down as I stood there in my black miniskirt. The tops of my stockings were just visible under the hem.

Jay called for the elevator and stood aside to let us walk in. The lift was fitted out with mirrors on all the walls. Todd used his security card and pressed the button for level eight.

Jay reached out and lifted the hem of my short dress, but I slapped his hand away. “You’ll need to sign the contract first!” I exclaimed.

Todd led the way to room 804 and opened the door for us. It was a standard-sized hotel room with regular hotel furniture. There were two swivel chairs in the middle of the room. The big bed which had been stripped of its cover. It finally dawned on me what I was being asked to do when I saw the pile of towels and a box of condoms on the nightstand.

Mark handed our service contract to Todd. He came over and looked me up and down and said, “You still happy to let us fuck the living daylights out of you?”

I didn’t answer.

“Look, lady, this is a lucrative deal for you. We can send our business elsewhere if you would prefer,” said Todd.

I stared Todd straight in the eyes, “You sign and, yes, I’ll agree to your demands.”

Jay instructed Mark to sit in one of the chairs and then got out a pair of handcuffs from a bag. “What’s this,” protested Mark.

“You can watch as we pound your wife, but we don’t want you taking part,” explained Jay.

“My husband is here to protect me,” I added.

“Lady, we’re not going to hurt you in any way. In fact, you’re likely going to be begging for more,” teased Todd.

“As Todd said, if you don’t want to go through with this you are free to go, and we will take our business somewhere else,” added Jay.

I went over and whispered in Mark’s ear, “Are you really ok with this deal?” I asked. “Do you want me to be used like this, so we get this contract?”

Mark said, “Yes.”

Looking over at Todd, I said, “You sign the deal, and I’ll lock Mark up.”

Todd grabbed his pen and said, “That’s more like it.”

As Todd initialled each page and signed at the bottom of the third page of our service contract, I pulled Marks hands through the bars at the back of the swivel chair and handcuffed his wrists together. I gave him a passionate kiss and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” replied Mark as I patted his trousers.

“Someone’s excited,” I said as I rubbed his growing hard-on.

Jay came over and told me to unbuckle Marks trousers. “Your husband is getting off by us using you.”

“Don’t be so crude,” I challenged.

“Fair point,” conceded Jay.

I had managed to wiggle Mark’s trousers down, and his boxers had slipped off too. He had an amazingly hard erection which I pumped. I unbuttoned Mark’s shirt and brushed his hard nipples.

“Enough of that,” said Jay. “Strip off for us but keep your stockings and shoes on,” he instructed.

I gave the men an impromptu strip show as I undressed.

“Todd, look at this. Anne’s bald pussy is nice and pierced!” said Jay.

“Fuck, you’re a hot MILF,” said Todd. “We could see your nipple piercings last week, but we didn’t know you were such a hot fuck-toy.”

I was told to kneel on the swivel seat, and I rested my abdomen on the chair’s back.

Todd had unzipped his trousers and had pulled his hard cock clear. Todd produced a foil pack of little blue pills. He popped one pill and swallowed it then handed the packet to Jay.

“What are those?” I asked.

“They’re Viagra,” explained Jay. “We plan to pummel you for hours.”

I saw that both men had rolled fresh condoms onto their beautifully hard cocks.

Jay fed his cock into my mouth as Todd came up behind me. I felt his hands spread my arse cheeks apart. I willingly sucked on the cock in my mouth as I felt two fingers get pushed into my wet pussy.

I had had a lingering fantasy of being taken by a gang of men, and it was at that moment that my mind drifted into thinking of Mark and me all those years ago when we rode around in our bike club.

Todd used the pads of his fingers to press down on my soft, spongy G-spot while Jay had grabbed my hair and was pulling my face onto his cock. The next thing I know, both men withdrew and swivelled the chair around. Todd fed me his cock as Jay started to play with my pussy.

They would do this for about a minute before swapping around roles. It felt like this wasn’t the first time they had worked together like this. This stop-start-swap mode left me on the verge of an orgasm without ever reaching the peak.

I heard a buzzing noise as a vibrating head was pressed up against my pussy lips. “Oh God that feels good,” I panted.

Both men swivelled the chair around, and I caught sight of the Hitachi magic wand. Jay fed me his cock once again as Todd started to play with my pussy.

The feeling was exquisite as I felt Escort Beylikdüzü two fingers press down on my G-spot with the head of the wand pushing up against my clit. The men swivelled the chair around again. “Argh,” I panted in frustration.

“Do you want to cum?” asked one of the men.


“Beg for it,” was their reply.

“Let me cum. God. I want to cum,” I said.

The men swivelled the chair around again just as I was close.

“LET ME CUM, PLEASE!” I yelled.

“I want you to say, over and over ‘I’m a dirty Fuck toy’,” said one of the men.

“I’m a dirty Fuck toy . . . I’m a dirty Fuck toy . . .” I said.

“Look at your husband, as you say that.”

I looked directly at my husband, who was sitting there lustfully looking at me. I could see his beautifully erect cock twitching as I said, “I’m a dirty Fuck toy . . . I’m a dirty Fuck toy . . .”

The men swivelled the chair around again.

“Argh,” I moaned. “I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . . I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . .”

I had lost track of who was playing with my pussy but, as I yelled out, I felt the pace of the fingers plunging into my very wet pussy increase. The other man had stopped feeding me his cock and was holding me down to the chair.


“Argh,” I moaned again in frustration as the men swapped around again. “I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . . I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . .”

I felt the head of the wand press more firmly against my clit. The captive ring attached to my VCH piercing must have been just touching the vibrating head as I felt these intense vibrations being transmitted directly through my clitoris.

“I’m a dirty fuck toy . . . I’m a dirty fuck toy . . .” I panted. “Please let me cum,” I pleaded.

It felt like the two fingers pressing down on my G-spot were making me even wetter. The person holding the wand began rubbing the spherical head back and forth over my clit and pussy lips.

That was enough to push me over the edge as I had the most explosive orgasm of my life. I looked over at my husband with heavy-lidded eyes as I screamed, “I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . . I’M A DIRTY FUCK TOY . . .”

I felt the fingers in my pussy pull out as the head of the wand was pressed directly over my pussy lips. I felt my squirting orgasm splash on my thighs as the vibrating wand caused my cum to splatter everywhere.

“Oh God, I’m a dirty fuck toy . . . I’m a dirty . . . Oh God . . . I’m a fuck toy . . .” I panted deliriously.

I lost control of my body as I began to buck on the chair as my legs shook. I was being held firmly by the two men as the vibrating wand pressed into me.

“Oh God, Please stop,” I pleaded.

The wand was removed, but as I caught my breath, one of the men plunged his hard cock into me and began to fuck me vigorously.

“Oh God, I’m a dirty . . . Oh God . . . I’m a fuck toy . . . I’m a dirty fuck toy . . .” I gasped as my orgasm continued.

I could see Todd getting undressed so it must have been Jay who was fucking me. His hands were gripping the armrests of the chair as he relentlessly pounded into me.

I looked over to my husband. “I’m a fuck toy . . . I’m a fuck toy . . . I’m a fuck toy,” I whispered.

I could see some pre-cum oozing out the head of his cock as he twisted and turned testing the restraints holding him in the chair. He was obviously enjoying seeing me being used by these two men.

I looked over at Todd’s whose body was covered with tattoos. God, I loved tattooed men, I thought to myself.

Jay plunged his cock into me deeply one last time as I felt his cock swell up and spasm inside me. I could feel the warmth of his cum inside me as he filled his condom.

Jay pulled out of me, turned the chair, so my arse was facing Todd as I felt another man’s cock enter my well fucked, twitching pussy.

Todd’s cock didn’t feel as full, but it seemed to feel deeper inside me. Todd began fucking me gently, and I could feel the head of his cock press up against my cervix.

I watched as Jay rolled off his used condom and put it in the bin. Jay began to get undressed. He had a few tattoos, not as many as Todd but what stood out – literally – was his two hard nipples. They were both pierced. I watched, mesmerised, as I watch him roll on a new condom. He was getting ready to fuck me again.

Todd pushed his cock into me as I felt his cum pulsing into his condom deep inside me.

Jay rolled the swivel chair over to the large window. He then assisted me up as my legs felt like rubber. I was pressed up against the cold glass as Jay thrust his cock into me again.

My hands pressed onto the glass to stabilise me, but my legs felt wobbly. It was Jay’s thrusting cock pushing up into my pussy that kept me from falling down. With each thrust, my tits knocked on the window. I could hear my nipple jewellery lightly tapping the glass.

Jay whispered in my ear, “The whole world can see that you are a dirty fuck toy.”

“Mmmm. I’m a dirty fuck toy,” I mumbled.

“You’re gorgeous. We’re really going to enjoy fucking you.”

“Mmmm,” I hummed.

Jay began to thrust into me deeper, which caused my feet to lift off the floor with each stroke.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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