Suzy and ‘Mistress’ Danielle

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I have been chatting to a contact about our shared fantasies centred on her giving up a little control to me, but with me in my feminine guise as she and I both loved the feel and look of this. Finally, after a couple of earlier meetings – both involving sexual encounters – we met again, and we had the space and time to make some more of our shared fantasies real. I have written this mostly as a narrative, as I cannot recall our conversations exactly and I preferred to stay as close to what happened as I could… and making up dialogue would detract for me.

I had rented a serviced apartment instead of just a hotel room as would allow me to buy food to eat in and to enjoy walking around and playing in different spaces. The apartment was a short walk from the station that both of us could get to. I was at a team meeting that morning, and in theory should have been heading to a training event the day after, which was in completely the opposite direction to my clandestine meeting. It all felt a bit naughty as I booked somewhere to stay that meant a very early start for me to get to the training when I would normally have stayed close to the training venue instead! In the weeks leading up to the meeting Suzy, my FWB, and I had shared many an email about what we liked, and having already spanked her ass and shaved her pussy whilst she was tied to the bed the last time we met we both knew this was going to go further. In hindsight though, the lead up flirting and fantasising, whilst a key part of why it was great also contributed to why it was not as successful as it might have been as between us we actually planned in our heads far too much to do in the real world!

The real difference to our previous meetings was that Suzy was, and still is, really turned on by the idea of meeting with me dressed in a favourite femme outfit. She loves the idea that I enjoy this and she was very keen to play. Taking this further as we chatted and flirted, my interest in anal, toys and a desire to play further grew. Suzy was ok about the idea but worried about cleanliness and I bought an anal cleaning kit as I was hoping she was going to play with my ass as I was hers. This planning helped, but did take a little of the spontaneity away. As the day approached and our phone chats continued she had a huge climax talking about the idea of being controlled by a Domme with a cock (as she put it!)

I spent the morning at the team meeting, not as well focused as I should have been, and then headed in the opposite direction from my next training day appointment and up to the meeting with Suzy. I had already painted my toenails a deep, dark red to add to the feminine guise I was about to play, and I really rather wanted to do my nails as well! I arrived and got into the apartment, showered and shaved smooth as usual – legs, cock and ass all hairless and ready for play. I dressed normally initially and saw Suzy outside having a quick smoke of weed to calm her nerves. I called her over, and let her into the apartment, and we immediately kissed long and hard. My hands immediately roamed around her ass and thighs, seeking out the firm flesh. She was wearing thigh highs, giving me easy access as I had instructed, but before we got too far we needed to get food and drink. It was still only 4 in the afternoon and we had plenty of time. Suzy had arrived in flat shoes, but she knew that once in the apartment I was now in charge. I had her put her 4 inch heels on and stand for my inspection. I stroked her all over her dress as it clung sexily to her curves, then lifted up the hem. Her skimpy black panties were my target, and I slid them off – I was instantly aroused as her mound was completely bare, smoother than I had ever seen her. She told me she had been for a wax and she felt it had left her really silky, much better than I had managed to shave her. First a quick light touch, and I then knelt to inspect and run my tongue over her mound, sending shivers up her, before dropping her dress back down and taking her hand. We were off to shop.

As we walked to the nearby supermarket we chatted about desires, her recent attempts to find a master locally and how it had been less than successful for her and slightly dissatisfying. We wandered around the shelves and as her dress finished well above her knees, she was conscious of her nakedness underneath all the time. I grabbed her at one point and leaned in as we pretended to look at something, so I could slide a hand up inside her dress and stroke her smooth pussy again… wet. She was forever smoothing down her dress, and I was forever suggesting things to reach down or up high for… and was constantly aroused as I caught glimpses of stocking top and pale thigh above.

Finally I relented and we strolled the short distance back to the apartment, still talking about sex, about how she felt being naked under her dress with all these people around and what I was going to do to her when we got in. Once behind the closed door of the first floor apartment I poured a glass of wine of wine each. I had cleaned my ass earlier and now told Suzy to clean her ass ready. Whilst she did kağıthane escort this I went to change. As we agreed I was to be her mistress that night and I was very excited. I stripped and put on my 6 strap black lacy suspender belt, and some sheer seamed black stockings. The feel of the 10 denier nylon clinging to my legs and moving as the straps tugged at it was delicious and my cock was already partly aroused.

Over these I slid on lacy black panties which showed my semi hard cock through the semi-sheer black lace front. Next I added a lacy black camisole top that an old school friend had sent me… It had been hers and she sent it me as a gift and an encouragement to indulge my fetish which she too likes, and it was even more arousing to know this was hers. Over this I buttoned up a white fitted blouse. Finally I slid on a close fitting black skirt which slid nicely against my stockings when I walked, then added my low heeled patent black court shoes and breathed deeply. I had heard Suzy leave the bathroom and return to the lounge and dining area so, still slightly nervous, I opened the bedroom door and walked into the room to greet her. I need not have worried, she smiled, and grabbed me for a kiss. She could not stop grinning, and I instructed her to stroke me through my sexy clothing, let me feel her hands as they felt me through such erotic and sensual items. Her hands roamed around my ass, my legs and my body as we kissed and the sensations were electric, sending shivers up my spine and blood pumping into my cock. I had been a little worried, but Suzy was so aroused by it I realised it had been the right thing to do. Now as I relaxed into the role I was playing I wanted to spank her and lick her pussy before we ate our meal, and then continue with more adventurous sex afterwards.

I turned her around, bent her over the table and lifted her dress. Her gorgeously sexy ass was pale and creamy coloured and I could see her pussy lips were beginning to part. I pushed her ankles apart and leant her face down on the table. I stepped to one side so she could see who was spanking her – a tall cross-dresser in heels and stockings, a bulge in ‘her’ skirt giving away how aroused this was making me! I started slowly, a single blow to each cheek to warm her up. She jerked slightly as each one hit but said nothing. As I continued I changed target areas to spread the heat and sting around and revelled in seeing my hand prints on her cheeks. Suzy began to squirm after about 30 light blows so I knew she was getting aroused. I could see her pussy lips had opened a little more and were easily visible between her widespread thighs so I began to spank harder. She was panting a little now, and moving around to ease the torment. I stilled her with a hand on her back. Then started again. Once I got to about 60 blows and she was really beginning to squirm I decided I wanted her over my knee.

I sat down in an upright chair next to the table Suzy had been bent over and bent her forward again, this time over my knee. I lifted her dress once more and instructed her to use one hand to stroke my stocking covered legs, the most electric and delicious sensation for someone who has never had this and for whom it felt really somewhat taboo! My blows rained down again, her ass grew redder and redder, heat emanating from it when I held my hand close to her firm cheeks. Eventually she was panting hard and asked me if she could take a break but not stop altogether. I dipped a finger between her cheeks and found the spanking had made her dripping wet. Her pussy lips parted so easily, they were slick and shiny, and I used her juices to coat her smooth bare mound and still hooded clit and then brought some back to her rosebud. Before I spread Suzy’s thighs for my aperitif I wanted to prepare her, and I used her own juices to slide a finger into the tight ring of her rear hole. It caught her by surprise and she gasped, then cried out “no” … so I started to spank her again. Suzy just relaxed, accepted her fate and let me carry on, it was a delicious moment! I eased my finger in only to the second knuckle as Suzy’s anus was tight, but I was planning on going back and exploring more later.

Finally I stood Suzy up and sat her down in a comfy chair then spread her thighs, lifting them over the arms of the chair and spreading her lewdly for me to enjoy. I wanted to see her hairless, pale creamy mound in all its waxed glory. It looked, and then tasted, divine. I slowly lapped at her thighs and stroked her nylons as I worked my tongue towards her cunt. It was open and waiting, the warm up had really got her going. I finally licked lightly at her outer lips, and she thrust forward trying to get more purchase. I moved back, slapped her inner thigh, she parted them again properly and I went back to tasting her juices. They were divine, and I lapped up and down her opening slit for a while until she tried to close her thighs on me, approaching orgasm. Not acceptable I though and I pushed them apart and went back in, nibbling her clit finally and inserting a single finger into her cunt. She clamped on my head, elit escort istanbul her spasming thighs held me in place as she came on my tongue. Copious amounts of her love juice ran from her onto my tongue, she tasted divine, sweet and salty at the same time. Mmm.

I kissed Suzy hard on her lips, forcing my tongue into her welcoming mouth, letting her taste herself before we could start to relax. After she came down from her high we decided we both needed food and more wine, so we quickly warmed through the flans and shared the pre-prepared salad. It was a really arousing meal for me. Both Suzy and I were in very sexy femme clothing, both still fully clothed (though Suzy had lost her panties earlier) and I had deliberately kept the blinds of the dining and lounge area partly open. We were on the first floor overlooking a reasonably busy street and it was quite a rush to think someone could see me dressed as I was, never mind what I was doing to Suzy!

Our chat was away from sex for a while, and as we sat and ate it was lovely to reach over whenever I wanted to feel Suzy’s thighs in her stockings, and to have her stroke her foot against my nylon covered legs. Of course as her Domme I had the right to fondle her whenever and wherever I wanted to and reached over at intervals to stroke her tits through her dress and bra, knowing I would be working on them shortly. At one point I took a couple of carrot sticks and ordered her to open her legs and lift up her skirt. I dipped each one into the outer folds of her soaked pussy lips and then fed them to her. Suzy then asked me if she could stroke and fondle me as she was aroused by looking at me in my outfit, even more than she thought she would be when she told me of this fantasy. I agreed and every now and she would reach down and run her fingers lightly over my nylon stockings, or up inside my skirt, or over my blouse with my lacy undergarments on, and it felt both naughty and amazingly sexy.

This playing and teasing got us both aroused so it was time I took control again, and I asked Suzy to stand up. At last I was going to see more of her as I undid her dress and let it slip to the floor. She stepped out of it and smiled at me, heels, thigh-highs and her black lacy bra on display but her smooth pale pussy uncovered and available, lips already parted between the creamy white flesh above her stocking tops. We kissed long and hard, and my tongue snaked into her mouth as I ran my hands all over her spanked ass and slid it between her cheeks and on round to her wonderfully smooth pussy. She was sensitive after her earlier orgasm so I was careful and teased her only very lightly at first. It felt fantastic to have her hands roaming around my skirt, lifting it up to fondle my stocking tops and the straps of my suspender belt. She continued on, and slid her hand between us as she reached to feel my hard cock inside the lacy black panties.

Suzy has always said she loves my ass, and told me its firm and tight for a man my age, and she enjoyed roaming around it and sliding her hands all over the silky back to my panty fabric. She played under my blouse and over the top of my camisole until finally I undid her bra and slid it off. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I lowered my head and licked around the base of her right tit. I love her tits, and lapped at the flesh for a long while, wetting it all before I finally arrived at her nipple. I took it between my teeth and nibbled at its hardness, gently at first but then harder as I slid my hands around her ass and between her cheeks again. Suzy moaned as I worked on her right tit and got her nipple really hard and sensitive. I stopped, slid my tongue across her chest and started all over again on her left tit. Finally, after working on her tits with my tongue for a long time, my hands kneading her tortured cheeks, both her firm fleshy globes were wet and glistening and her nipples peaked and hard.

Eventually I turned her round and bent her forward again over the table, her perfectly ass presented to me for our pleasure. We had talked a lot about this – my desire to play with her ass and if the opportunity arose maybe even fuck her there, and her desire, tempered by her concern over cleanliness, to experience this exploration. I widened her stance, pushing gently at her heeled feet with my own black heels, and then I slid two fingers easily into her cunt, all the way in, her juices were running so easily. Using her own juices I slicked up her rosebud and then slipped the tip of a finger inside and she gasped…

“Slowly”, Suzy begged me, and I smiled but agreed.

Even though she was wet it was clear her own lube was not enough, so I reached for the bottle I had brought and liberally coated all my fingers and poured an amount around and onto her rear hole. Slowly but surely I worked a single digit into her tight rear passage until it had sunk all the way to my knuckle. I cannot describe just how fantastic it felt to me, the slick tight feeling was so different from her pussy and so amazingly sexy. Suzy moaned in delight as I rested my finger all the way in, a sound fatih escort that was just so arousing. I started to slide it in and out, so slowly easing my finger out as the tightness was so erotic. Even as I did this Suzy bucked back against me again and begged me to be gentle. I was, and carefully slid my finger deep inside her butt hole again.

After a couple of long, slow and deliberately careful penetrations of her gloriously tight ass I knew I wanted to feel both her holes full. Reaching under her and between her widespread thighs I eased a finger from my other hand slowly into her pussy, which clenched around me as I buried it to the knuckle. It was mind-blowing for me to feel both digits moving with the thin membrane separating them and with all the overload on new things and sensations my cock was as hard as I think its ever been and incredibly sensitive. I had never felt so aroused, but I had been aroused for ages by then, and that has been my downfall… I eased a second finger into her pussy, and Suzy bucked and ground against me.

“Are you OK?” I whispered as I leaned over her prostrate form to check she was OK with this ever increasing violation of her most secret and private parts of her body.

Suzy just nodded and slumped forward to let me have my way. I wanted more than one finger in her ass, so neglecting her pussy I slicked a second digit and began to work at stretching her tight ring. She groaned and begged me again to be slow, and I pushed her back down and promised to take it easy. Slick, lube, pussy juice and finally the first part of a second finger went in, and Suzy gasped as she stretched. She told me she felt so full, yet so empty in her pussy. I got more and more of my finger in until I could start to fuck her ass with two finger, two hot wet fingers filling her tight rear hole. I was loving it and it seemed she was too as she was squirming. I was determined to try the plug next, because I knew that if we were going to have anal sex, the plug would be needed to open her up.

A pattern evolved. Lots of lube, I eased the tip in and rotated it, lots more lube, eased a little more in, and soooo slowly more and more of the plug found its way into her incredibly tight ass. Suzy groaned and denying me entry, she began to get agitated. It is only a small plug and I knew I could take it easily (!) so I was really hoping she could too… but it became clear we could only get her ass stretched so far in the time we had. Maybe we should have taken even more time and kept on slowly trying, out and in, a little more at a time, but we both wanted to fuck so I slowly eased it back out. By this time we had been playing for almost three hours and I was more than ready to cum. I was as horny as hell and still our blinds were partly open and we could see people below oblivious to the raunchy scene in the apartment.

I had my anal beads with me too, and I whispered in her ear that I would like to see how many she could get in. Suzy nodded her agreement as these started very small and she was still wanting to experience a full ass. I kept Suzy bent over and found her own vibrator from her bag. Using the tip to open her pussy I reached for the beads and fed the tiniest one into her now very slick ass, and she barely flinched. The first bead was less than a centimetre wide but one by one the I pressed on each of the lubed beads and they went in. The sight was incredibly erotic as the shiny purple ball stretched her ass before popping inside to join its friends, leaving fewer and fewer outside, but they were getting bigger and Suzy was getting fuller. I toyed with the vibe on low between her dripping wet pussy lips, and up towards her clit. I got four beads in easily, and she was breathing hard and moaning, moving around and trying to move her hand to her pussy. There are ten beads on the string which is ten inches long! The widest two are both 2.5 cm and I can take them all on a good, clean, day and I love them but it was clear Suzy was not used to this treatment.

I paused, and smoothed her ass, played with her pussy lips and left the vibe on her clit. She was moaning and squirming, but when I asked if I could go on she nodded and smiled back at me. Her tits were squashed hard against the table, her legs wide and thighs taught as I eased beads five… six and then seven in, at which point she squealed and begged me to slow down. I spanked her ass with my hand a couple of times as I grinned and said I would go at my pace for now. She grimaced again and slumped a little but accepted it. I took her rabbit vibrator and slowly slid it into her now gaping pussy. Her cunt lips were wide open and clasping around her vibrator, deep red and engorged, wet and slick with her juices. God that looked good, and my cock strained inside its panties and skirt as I looked at Suzy’s pale ass cheeks speared by the last remaining three beads and with her cunt stuffed full of vibrating cock. Her legs shook with tension as she strove to take in all the sensations… I pushed again on the eighth bead and she growled, “No more…” I nodded agreement and then as I drove the vibrator back in deep and her clit met the tongue of the rabbit she exploded, and cried out loud. Her thighs clenched around my hand and the beads as her body shook as she came longer and harder than I had ever seen her, and I had brought her off with my face buried between her thighs a few times!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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