Tasty Lisa!

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I was naked, clean from my recent shower and shining with baby oil. I was sliding 3 fingers in and out of my puckered asshole, when there was a tapping on my hotel door. I was rock hard and my she cock was dripping with pre-cum as I stood up and walked across the room. My rock hard she-cock moved from side to side as I walked. I laughed to myself as I noticed myself in the mirror. I had no intention of getting dressed no matter who was at the door. I was laughing too because I wondered what it would be like if it were room service or a house keeper.

I swung open the door to find Lisa, with her shirt undone, boobies hanging out and a big grin on her face. In one hand she held the large and rock hard Dick of Leon, her tall and handsome cousin and in the other hand, to my surprise she held the even larger cock of her brother Tim, who is even hotter than Leon. She didn’t hug me or kiss me hello, she just dropped to her knees right in front of the door to my hotel and began sucking my she cock which immediately oozed out a large amount of pre-cum directly into her mouth. She replied with a Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

After that she began rotating between my she cock, her brother’s cock and her cousin’s cock. Sucking them all very nosily. I know it was no later than 11PM in the hotel, so I am sure someone heard us. It got me off knowing that all someone would have to do was to open their hotel door and look out of the peep hole. I knew there were a couple of nerdy young dudes beşiktaş escort next door, so I made sure I moaned nice and loud. Eventually, I heard the TV from the room across the hallway turn off, then I knew it was show time. I continued moaning as I leaned to kiss Leon and then Tim. Then I stood Lisa up, lifted her skirt and slid my she cock into her sopping wet pussy. “Damn! You are so wet!” I whispered. Lisa smiled and moaned to me that she just had sex 2 hours ago with Leon and Ali, both cumming in her pussy. Talk about sloppy thirds!!! Almost immediately I heard a clambering sound at the door across from mine. I assume that the two guys were switching places to see the action thru the peep hole. I made sure that everyone knew that we had an audience.

Within a few seconds, Tim slid his huge dick into my ass with one push as I fucked his sister in her hairless, sloppy and big-lipped pussy. I am sure it was a sight to see, but it was getting uncomfortable because we were standing and the guys had their jeans at their ankles and couldn’t coordinate anything smoothly, so I decided to take the party inside. I left the front door open, but forgot about the “show” once we made it into the hotel room.

I knelt down and began sucking Leon’s cock as Lisa went to suck on her brother’s dick, tasting my ass juice off of his rock hard dick. This went on for a few until Lisa laid down on the bed on her back and waved for Leon to come mount her. Tim walked away to istanbul escort get something to drink from my mini bar, but I told him I have my own stash and made him a cocktail while Tim slid into Lisa’s sopping wet pussy and began to pound away.

After Tim finished his drink I promptly turned around and gave him my ass. He fucked me doggie style as I leaned over the dresser in the room. We fucked for a while. I wanted to join Lisa and Leon, so we walked over slowly, still connected with his cock in my asshole. When we reached the bed we both collapsed with Tim on top of me. Then we got in a perfect position where everyone was connected in one way or another. I was on my back with my legs up and Tim had his cock inside of me. Lisa was on all fours on top of me sucking my dick while Leon was fucking her ass while I ate her pussy, which was slowly leaking sperm deposited from earlier before. It was a wonderful foursome.

A while passed and suddenly Leon started moaning louder. I watched his balls contract as he pumped a huge load of semen inside Lisa’s asshole. I leaned up and licked his balls while he came. Meanwhile Tim was still fucking the hell out of me. I felt like I was going to cum, but held back. As soon as Leon pulled out of Lisa’s ass, a river of sperm flowed out of her freshly fucked asshole and into my mouth. She leaned back, almost sitting on my face, giving me a better shot at her asshole as i sucked and licked her rosebud of all her bakırköy escort juices. It was sweet and sexy. In the meantime Tim was still fucking me very well. At that time I knew I needed some pussy too. I took control and had Lisa get on top of me. As she slid down my oily and sweaty body, I told her to mount my she cock. So Lisa slid onto my she cock, forcing Tim out of my ass and out of the way as well. No problem for him because as soon as Lisa leaned down to kiss me, Tim slid his dick into his sister’s asshole and we began to synchronize our strokes. Within a few minutes I felt an unbelievable orgasm building. My she cock was rock hard. In a few moments I was squirting a huge load of cum into Lisa’s well-used pussy, cause some of it to spill out onto me. The wet sensation was heavenly.

As me and Leon laid back on the bed, we watched as the brother and sister team got really busy. I can’t count how many times Lisa screamed out I am coming, but I know it was a lot. She was on her back as Tim fucked her ass then switched to her pussy then back to her ass again. This seemed to send her off to heaven. A few moments went by and Tim tensed up and began fucking his sister harder and harder. Within seconds he started coming in Lisa’s pussy. When he was done myself and Leon broke out into applause. They both laughed and fell out onto the bed.

Just then I realized that the door to my room was still opened. I jumped up to close it and that is when the 2 young guys from across the hall opened the door and acted like they were getting some ice. I walked slower towards them, giving them a good stare at my pretty package.

Eventually we all passed out from exhaustion. It was a good night to say the least.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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