Dominique Ch. 09

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i felt hot, almost feverish, but my sweat was cooling on my skin. Like i just walked out of a sauna. Only i wasn’t going anywhere. i was strapped down on elbows and knees. my mouth was closed and i was breathing hard through my nose.

my senses slowly reawakened and i realised the left side of my face was stuck to the soft leather of the training table with my sweat. i blinked my eyes to focus them. It was very quiet. i lifted my head and smiled as my face peeled off the leather. The memory of sultry humid summers skittered though my hazy mind. i put my head back down. Keeping it held up was too much effort. i sighed.

“Just relax pet…” It was Andrew, my Master.

my body jerked slightly when i felt His hand on my ass. my ass was still hot from Paul’s particular brand of flogging. i felt the whole of Andrew’s hand against my skin as if for the first time. my skin was so sensitive. So alive with hot tingles. Then His hand began to move. It slid smoothly across the skin of my oiled and flogged ass. i think He was feeling the extent of the welts there. All i know is it felt delicious. His hand became my world.

Andrew has large hands. Large and yet not meaty. Sinuous. Long fingered and yet perfectly proportioned. When i measure my hand up against His i am amazed each time by the difference of the size of them. They are almost exactly twice the size of mine. i like to examine them and kiss them, they are so beautiful. i sometimes smile to myself because i think He would make a good ‘hand model’. Like in commercials. But i wouldn’t tell Him that.

“Mmmmmm…” was all i could say.

His hand slid so smoothly and effortlessly over the cooling yet still hot skin of my ass. The skin of his whole hand and each finger constantly in contact with me. It felt as though each of His fingers was spread slightly apart from the next. His touch was soft and gentle, but with a purpose.

i sighed again in utter bliss as His hand moved in a large circular shape around and around my ass. His fingers occasionally dragged over the edges of the butt plug embedded in me. my cunt fluttered around the inert egg inside me each time He did it. i found myself rocking ever so slightly with the motion of His hand.

Every now and again He would change the motion from a large circular shape around my whole ass to a figure eight motion that brought His fingers maddeningly close to my pussy. Or He would break finger contact to glide a minute distance above it, so close i could feel the air move with the motion. The skin of my ass might have been cooling, but my cunt was not. i could feel myself spasmodically gripping that damned egg with each pass of His hand.

Round and around and around. All i could think of was His hand. His large warm smooth hand caressing me and making everything that mattered come into focus. And what mattered was His touch. i would do anything for His touch. i just wanted Him to keep touching. Yes like that yes more mmmmm oh that feels so wonderful mmm oooohhhhh mmmmmmmm You are sooo teasing me Master mmmmmm oh goddd that was so close please please just touch me there mmmmm yes oh no stop teasing me stop oohhh goddd so close please touch me please touch me touch me touch my cunt touch it feel me feel how wet You make me ohhh what are You doing ohh Sir more oillll oh mmm warm oil sprayed over my ass dripping down over me mmmm Your hand again mmmmm ohhhhhhh jessussss yesss touch me there ohhh mooorrrrreeee ohh noooo don’t just touch me please morreee move them ahhh what ahhhh please ohhhh Sirrr the plug it’s tighttt ohhh noooo nooooo don’t tell me that it will hurt ahh fingers ohh sliding in a little ohhh nooo Sirrr don’t pull it out fassttt ohhhHH…..




“Ooohhhmmmmmm….” i shuddered hard.

“Do not fucking speak!”

SLAP! Square in the middle of my right ass cheek.

SLAP! Left cheek.


“And anyway… Who said you could cum, slut?”



“Listen to Me you stupid whore!” i lifted my head quickly and my face peeled off the leather again. i looked at Him imploringly.




“Nnnmmmmm…” i bit my lip.

“Are you listening!”

“Ye… yes Sirrr…” i managed.

“… I was just wondering…”



“I was just wondering, Who gave you permission to cum dominique?” His eyes were blazing.


“Uugghhh…. oh…oh dear… i…”


“i’m sorry Sir… i … i.. didn’t mean to… i mean i …”




“Ooohhhh Sir… oohhhhhh…”

“Stupid fucking slut…”





He stopped. He straightened up and moved out of my line of sight. He was headed for the toy box area. i brought my head back down until my forehead rested on the soft leather. my body trembled with need and adrenaline. my ass was at least as hot as it was before. i closed my eyes and saw shooting stars across the çapa escort inside of my eyelids.

Perspiration and oil dripped down the skin of my arms and legs. When i moved, my elbows slipped a little and the straps tightened. i tried to relax. my bowels felt so vacant. The hole was as hot as the rest of my ass.

God i didn’t even think about trying not to cum… i mean it’s not a rule, as i know it is with some Dom/mes and subs, unless Andrew demands it. But i guess given the circumstances, i really should have tried to show *some* self-control. i was just glad that the egg was turned off. It’s a wicked little device, that egg. i wondered if i could stop myself from cumming if He turned it on again.

i took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

my body trembled.

i wondered how red my ass was. Then i wondered what Paul and kate were doing. i looked around toward the lounge area and couldn’t see either of them. Then i heard a soft muffled moan from directly behind me. God. It was almost more exciting not knowing what was happening to her. i smiled to myself.

i dropped the smile when i heard my Master’s footsteps approaching…


“Alright… it’s time,” I thought to Myself as I looked down into the toy box and massaged My temples with My fingertips. Just how far did I want to go? Oh I’ve tested her before. In fact I have tested her many times. Rolled back her limits. I’ve taken dominique to places she had never dreamed about.

dominique is well aware of her ‘rights’. she can stop whatever I am doing, at any time, by saying the word ‘red’. she knows this. she is regularly reminded of it. But she has never used her safe word. she has protested. she has complained. she has even moaned in pain. But she has not said ‘red’.

Does that make Me a good Master, or a bad Master? Should One explore limits, or run up against them? Obviously it depends on whether One is ‘playing’ or ‘punishing’. And on what One wants in a Dom/sub relationship. It also depends on how quickly One reaches a submissive’s limit. ‘Timing is everything’…

Have I ‘tried’ to make her use her safe word? No, I must admit I have not. Not in the sense of ‘trying’ to find exactly where her limits are. I have always been mindful of her inexperience. Of her innocence. A paternalistic protectiveness perhaps. I have pushed her though. But never right to the edge. I’ve never pushed too hard.

Well… it was time to see just how much dominique was prepared to suffer for her transgressions. I looked up at the wall and scanned the various choices I had. I made up My mind.

It was time to push too hard.


When i heard my Master’s footsteps, i swung my head around to see Him, and His piercing eyes caught mine. i could not tear my gaze from Them. The look in His eyes was one of sheer determination, of such concentrated conviction, that i almost gasped as i drew breath.

Without looking down to His hands, i knew He was holding things. i was afraid to tear my eyes from His. i was getting scared. i moaned softly as i exhaled. The skin down my arms prickled.

“Paul, can You give Me a hand here?” my Master asked.

“Sure,” came Paul’s reply and His footsteps approached me.

“Can you grab the spreader bar and handcuffs from over there please?”

There was no answer, but i saw Paul come into my view as He strode over to the toy box area and retrieved Andrew’s requests.

“You can put them over there,” He said, pointing toward the whipping post.

Paul then came back over towards me and walked around to my left side.

“Let’s get her off here. And You can take off her nipple clamps. she will get a nice reminder of what is to come when You remove them.”

Oh the nipple clamps. my nipples were so numb i hadn’t even thought about them. Oh god. i braced myself as Paul’s hands came around my body, one on each side. i gritted my teeth in anticipation. He squeezed His hands gently around my breasts and He whispered.

“Both at once, nice and quick.”

i was thankful i was still strapped down. my back arched as the clamps were removed. i hissed between my teeth as the pain flooded outward from my nipples and through my breasts. It felt like every muscle in my body became taut as i kept gritting my teeth. It seemed like an eternity before the pain started to subside and my need to breathe took over. i panted as the pain ebbed away.

i was being lifted from the training table. i hadn’t even felt the straps come loose. i found my feet and my Master turned me toward Him. His strong hands were around my shoulders. Paul was behind me.

“I am going to prepare you for your punishment now dominique. Do you understand?”

i nodded.

“Speak when you are asked a question dominique.”

i found my voice.

“Yes Sir.”


i knelt and saw kate. my jaw dropped.

“Look up at Me pet.”

i looked up at Andrew.

“I have been istanbul escort bayan thinking dominique, and I have changed My mind about something. Earlier today I denied you the right to use your safe word for the duration of this punishment. you know what I am talking about don’t you…”

“Yes Sir,” i nodded, “i couldn’t say ‘red’.” my eyes flicked over to kate again. my god.

“That’s right… well, I am going to allow you use of your safe word if you think it is necessary.”

“Thank You Sir.” i chewed my lip. He moved closer to me. i concentrated. i was looking almost straight up at Him.

“Pay attention. Bracelets pet.”

This was a common command. i bowed my head and raised my arms up, bringing my elbows almost together, palms at the ceiling, fingers toward my Master.

“Good girl.”

my breathing noticeably quickened as He closed the ratchet of one handcuff around my left wrist. my heart was beating in my ears.

“you should not be so quick to thank Me pet… I am going to MAKE you use it. Do you understand? MAKE you. I am going to punish you UNTIL you say ‘red’. Am I making Myself clear?”

“Y.. yes Sir.”

i was on my knees and He dragged me by my handcuffed wrist over to the whipping post. i tried to keep up.

“When you say ‘red’ your punishment will be deemed complete. Do you understand?”

“Y.. yes Sir, this girl understands Sir.” i caught my breath.

“Hug the post.” i did so while i knelt.

i wrapped my arms around it. my Master moved around to the opposite side of the post and fixed my handcuffs through one of the u-bolts that hung from each of the eye-bolts embedded in the post. The one He used was at the height of His waist. He closed the ratchet on my right wrist.

“dominique… your punishment WILL suit your crimes. YOU will determine when that is. And WHEN you choose to call a halt, I will either be pleased, or displeased. I would suggest you try to please Me… do you understand?”

i turned my face up to Him and looked Him right in the eyes. i set my jaw.

“This girl understands Sir, and she will make You proud.”


Funny how W/we can sometimes miss the most important moments in O/our lives. The memory moments. It is often not until much later that it occurs to U/us that something important happened at that very moment. But what W/we do get, is a ‘lasting impression’. What I saw at that very moment would become ‘My lasting impression’.

I looked down on dominique. Her lithe frame and tanned skin reflected flickers of candlelight in the darkened room. she had tossed her long black hair over one shoulder and had turned her face sideways. Some strands had stuck across her forehead. her head was against the post, her chin resting on her shoulder. she had a determined look in her eyes.

“This girl understands Sir, and she will make You proud.”

W/we were both distracted by another moan from kate. dominique’s eyes focused. her mouth opened in apparent disbelief as kate moaned and shuddered once again. I shook My head knowingly. Paul had just about outdone Himself. kate was certainly a sight!

Earlier Paul had flogged dominique while kate rode her tongue. But He knew instinctively that I had no further need for kate. He had led her a few steps away and behind dominique, to keep from distracting My slut. He then proceeded to tie kate in a tight and interesting kneeling bind. Paul is a Shibari expert and there is no end to the combinations and ties He has in His repertoire. I hadn’t seen this one before, and it certainly was special.

I could see why kate had dominique’s attention.

she had knelt on the floor with the cock gag still in place. Paul told her to grip it with her teeth as He threaded the nipple clamp chain through the loop of nylon string that was attached to the end of the gag. she was not to let go of the gag. He pinched her nipples to firmness then bent her head down and pushed up each breast. she immediately moaned and started breathing hard through her nose as each clamp was attached to her nipples. Paul then dropped a blindfold over her watery eyes.

He worked very quickly and tied kate’s elbows together behind her. He then encased her down to her wrists with rope. He had passed this rope between her legs from behind and the lips of her pussy bulged around a large knot He had tied where the rope re-emerged. The rope then shot almost straight up, just a bit out in front of her and passed through a pulley on a track attached to the ceiling above her. He then threaded it through another pulley six feet above and behind her, then back down. He tied off the end of the rope into the back end of her blindfold, the result causing any movement of her head to painfully tug on her nipples, or the knot being moved back and forth between the lips of her pussy. The coup de grace though was the buckling of the butterfly vibrator over her clitoral region, behind the rope. He had switched it on and was sitting and relaxing on the lounge, sipping güngören escort His marguerita and watching.

I had lost count of the number of times kate had cum. her body was dripping with sweat and she was almost constantly shuddering. I was not surprised dominique was amazed. So was I. W/we both watched as kate shuddered anew and moaned out another muffled orgasm. I pulled My t-shirt up over My head and off. I threw it on the floor. It was getting hotter.

I looked down on dominique and smiled as she slowly shook her head in wonder. I decided to let her watch, while I moved around to her feet to attach the spreader bar.

I buckled each end of the bar just above her delicate ankles. I arranged her like a ragdoll. Lifting and placing each leg, knee and ankle just so. I decided I had had My fun with the egg and reached up, brushing My fingers down over her pussy from behind.

she moaned softly as I did it but I wasn’t in the mood to pleasure her. I took hold of the nylon drawstring and drew it out slowly. I wrapped it in My t-shirt and placed it on the floor behind Me. I then brought My wet fingers up to My mouth and savoured her flavour. In a moment I took both hands and placed Them on each cheek of her ass. I massaged her firmly, feeling the warmth of her skin and leaned down to kiss the upturned cheek of her ass. My god, her skin was so smooth and warm, it was an effort not to use her right then and there.

I shook My head and remembered where I was. I turned around and picked up the egg, I stood up and walked around beside her again, trailing My fingers along her flank as I did.

“Look at Me dominique…”

she did.

“Push your ass out a bit more… arch your back…”

she did.

“Good girl.”

she looked amazing herself…


i shifted slightly on my knees to steady myself. i think it was worse knowing… knowing i would be taken right to my limit. Knowing Andrew would not stop, and would increase my punishment in intensity, until i stopped Him. And i was to only to stop Him when i could take no more.

i wondered if kate had ever been taken to her limit. her body convulsed once more and i wondered how much more she could take. Then i wondered how she could possibly tell Paul if she had had enough. my eyes focused and i realised the straps of the cock gag were hanging loosely from its edges. she was holding it with her teeth!

“Look at Me dominique…”

Oh god.

i did.

“Push your ass out a bit more… arch your back…”

i did.

“Good girl.”

i chewed at my bottom lip. i glanced down at Andrew’s hands. He held a whip in each of Them.

Oh god.

Andrew was taking His time. At that moment, i just wanted to be through this. He was swishing His blonde Horsehair Whip with the black braided leather handle back and forth in His right hand. He spoke evenly and almost without emotion.

“dominique…. in My hands I have the two whips you have tasted before… I will begin with the Horsehair, and then move to the Cat. you should know that once I begin with the Cat, I will not return to the Horsehair. As you know from previous sessions, both of these whips can be used gently to induce the desired response…”

God. Gently? i shuddered as i saw Andrew in my imagination, taking lusty full swings at my ass with the Cat. A trickle of perspiration ran into my eyebrow and dropped off, passing in front of my left eye.

“But W/we are not here for a play session dominique. I am not going to fuck around with you. Prepare to receive your punishment.”

i shifted my knees again, trying to get comfortable. i was spread out and so vulnerable. i spread the weight of my body between my knees and my arms, hanging though they were, from the handcuffs. They pinched, but i hoped it might distract me.

Swish, swish swish.


Oh noooo. He was starting too softly. i wasn’t ready for this.

Swish swish Fap!

Ohhhh. Noooo. Not fair… i don’t want to be turned on.. i don’t want to be…

Swish Fap!

i dropped my head between my arms. i closed my eyes. i felt like i was floating.

Swish Fap! Swish Fap! Swish Fap!

i bit my lip harder. i was NOT going to moan!

Swish FAP! mmmmmmm.

Swish FAP!! Ohhhh. That was harder!

Swish FAP!! Goddd! i turned my face up to Andrew just as He struck me again.

Swish FAP!!!


“Shut up.”

Swish FAP!!!

“I haven’t even fucking started!”

Swish FAP!!!

i chewed my lip harder, determined to look Him in the eye.

Swish FAP!!!

Then it stopped.

Andrew was breathing hard. He gazed at me intently. Demandingly. He stood over me and His chest was bare. He had removed His t-shirt. His muscles rippled. i imagined i could see the blood pumping in the veins in His neck. God He was so beautiful. His face was a study in concentration. i wished i could paint. i would have painted Him. To me, He was a masterpiece. Even in His most intense moments, when His anger or displeasure was directed at me, i still was a slave to His will. His skin glistened with effort. i was so lost. And so found. This was a Man i could honour. i couldn’t believe i was here. And i couldn’t think of anywhere else i would rather be.

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