Kathleen , Denise’s Secret

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Public Sex

John and I had just been at the gym playing a very long game of one-on-one. Since we were both fairly decent amateur players, it always took us forever to have one of us win by four points, the margin we set for quitting. That was fine by us, however, because we figured Kathleen and Denise had gone out on one of their regular shopping marathons. One of the big advantages of becoming a foursome was that John and I didn’t have to spend much time at the mall, anymore!

Instead, when we walked in the door, we found Kathleen and Denise waiting for us. They were in the bedroom chatting, but shut up as soon as we closed the door – so we knew something was up. Both of us winked at each other – usually when something was up it meant a hot afternoon or evening of sex!

When we walked into the bedroom Kathleen greeted us with a cheery “hello”, but Denise just waved. She had a sort of glassy look in her eyes, and both John and I immediately asked if she was okay. “She’s okay, boys” said Kathleen, “but we’ve got a surprise for you two, and part of it involves Denise not giving it away so she’s not going to talk right now, okay? Now, sit down over there in those chairs, and be patient.”

John and I move to sit in the two arm chairs near the bed. I have a very large bedroom. My apartment complex went “condo” last year, and after I bought my place the first thing I did was to knock down the wall between the two bedrooms, the third “bedroom” being my home office, and combine them into one very large room with a bathroom big enough for a garden tub. Kathleen loves the tub, and I love having enough room in there so that we don’t run into each other. The chairs are very comfortable, and also a great place to be a voyeur when the other two or three are having a hot time on the bed!

“We’ve been working on this surprise for months now” began Kathleen, “and we’re about ready to reveal it. You two have to promise to sit there and observe until I tell you to move, okay?” Both of us nodded our heads, since Kathleen’s surprises invariably involved us getting our rocks off.

“Now, let me explain.. My friend Denise, here, has had a problem for a very long time. As a good friend of hers, of course I wanted to help her in any way I can. So, for the past few months, when you guys believed we were shopping for hours and hours, I’ve been helping her overcome this problem. I believe she’s licked it now, and we’re going to show you the results. Show Beylikdüzü escort them, Denise!”

With that, Denise stood near the bed, bent down to grasp the hem of her loose summer dress, and lifted up over her head. John and I grinned in anticipation as we saw Denise’s rock-hard dark nipples and skin shining with sweat, her pubic hair glistening. Denise must be incredibly aroused, we thought, and then did a double-take as we saw the end of a dildo protruding from her pussy. She must have had all of it inside her, and I could tell from the look on her face now that it made her even more aroused to have us watch. She must be aching to cum, I thought.

“Denise has been cumming since about 8 this morning, John. That’s why she won’t talk, if she opened her mouth, she’d let out such a moan that you both might guess the secret. And now, Denise, crawl up on the bed and show them why you’ve been cumming so much!”

Denise turned and crawled up on the bed. When she was on all fours, John and I sat slack-jawed in amazement! There, protruding from Denise’s asshole, was another dildo! Not, perhaps, as big as the other, but since Denise had always felt pain when anything other than one of Kathleen’s slender fingers probed her ass, the thought of anything in her tight hole was astounding. It was also, of course, a great turn-on. John and I simultaneously unzipped and removed our pants, and our underwear, so that our huge hard-ons could spring free.

“I see that you’re intrigued by this, ” Kathleen grinned, “Every Saturday for months now, Denise has been practicing. First I got her to take two of my fingers, sliding them in and out covered with lube, and then we moved to a really slim vibrator. I wish you could have seen her cum the first time we did that! Over the last couple of months we’ve increased the thickness of the rubber cock we put in her ass until she felt she was ready to give you guys your surprise.. And today’s the day! Okay, Denise, you can tell him now…” Kathleen turned to the bed, and pulled both dildos out of Denise’s holes.

Denise let out a long, low, animal-like moan, as she came one more time. Then she turned to look over her shoulder, and said “I need you guys.. John, I want that huge fuckpole up my damn ass, I want you to fuck my hot tight asshole with your big fucking cock! And Dave, I want you under me so I can suck your damn cum out of your balls while you lick and suck my sopping wet cunt! Come on, Beylikdüzü escort get with it, I want to be fucked and sucked and licked over and over and over you studs!”

I wasted no time in getting on the bed to let Denise climb over me in 69 position. She began sucking my cock feverishly, up and down, moaning around it like she needed it in the worst way. I flicked her clit with my tongue, and she surprised the hell out of me as she began to cum right away. I guess she was hyper-sensitive from her morning “exercises” with the dildo. Seeing she was going to cum contiuously, I buried my face into her wonderful pussy and sucked and licked while my face became soaked with her juices.

While I began to work on Denise’s hot cunt, Kathleen had lubed up John’s cock and led him over to the bed. As I looked up over my face, I saw her slender freckled hand lead the huge knob of his cock to Denise’s asshole. “Fuck her in the ass, John!” she said “that cum-slurping slut wife of yours wants to feel your big cock fucking her tight hot hole! Come on, stud, put it in and fuck that woman of yours. Look down, John – Dave’s licking all the hot pussy juice he can handle.. give him a show, let him see you fuck her hot little ass!”

Denise took her mouth of my cock, and turned to her husband. “John, I have wanted your fucking cock in my ass the whole time we’ve been married! I want to scream out as you fill my ass deep with your hot cum! Kathleen has helped me to the point where I can take that huge cock up my rear, and I don’t want you holding back on me now! FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR FUCKING FUCKPOLE, JOHN!” she shouted.

Finally overcoming his fears, John pushed the head of his cock into her ass. I watched as the huge head spread her tight sphincter ring and then suddenly popped past it. I heard John’s moans of ecstasy as her ass, tighter than mine or Kathleen’s, squeezed his huge dick. John slowly but steadily pushed all nine inches of his cock into her ass, until his balls were dangling right over my face. I began sucking on Denise’s clit even harder as I felt her shaking with orgasm after orgasm. He stopped there, his cock deep in her ass, and said “Baby, that’s the hard part. My big ol’ cock is buried deep in your ass. Now, I’m going to fuck it like you’ve always wanted it fucked!”

“Oh shit this is too hot!” Kathleen said, “I need a cock in me, too! Turn loose of Dave’s cock, Denise!” When Denise slid her mouth of of my cock, Escort Beylikdüzü I felt Kathleen’s tight cunt slide right down it. As she began to ride it, up and down, John began sliding his big cock in and out of Denises’ ass. I watched, entranced, as he began going faster, and harder, slamming it in deep at times, other times going slow and watching it disappear into the tight hole as though he couldn’t believe it. Denise was moaning constantly and cumming interminably. Her pussy juices were gushing so copiously I was having a hard time keeping up. Kathleen’s cunt sliding on my cock was driving me crazy too. I knew I’d be cumming pretty soon.

John was the first to let loose though – with a huge groan, he said “Denise! Here it cums, I’m shooting a big load in your ass NOW!” I swear, I saw an spasm in his balls as he pumped more and more cum deep in her ass. There was so much of it that cum was leaking out around his cock, dripping into my mouth mingled with her pussy juice. I lapped up as much as I could, but Denise was grinding her pussy back and forth, sometimes over my nose, even, so I couldn’t always get to it. The combination of smell, sight and sound as he came in her ass soon put me over the edge and I began to shoot huge gobs of cum deep into Kathleen’s pussy.

Feeling the cum shooting inside her, she lifted off of my cock… then grabbed the shaft and pointed the cum-covered head right at her own ass! She sat her tight asshole down on my cock, until it was all the way inside. Then she grabbed Denise’s head and pulled her to her sopping, dripping pussy, saying “Denise, lick my pussy, please! Lick Dave’s cum from my cunt, come on, suck my clit, lick my cunt!” Denise SUCKED Kathleen’s clit between her lips and flicked the head of it with her tongue, while somehow finding a way to shove two fingers into her pussy. As Kathleen arched her back, she had such an intense orgasm that the whole bed shook. Denise kept licking and sucking and probing, giving Kathleen orgasm after orgasm until she finally grabbed Denise’s head and pushed her away, pleading with her to stop.

John slowly slid his cock out of Denise’s rear, exhausted for the moment, and let his wife flop over onto the bed. Denise had a look of utter bliss on her face and Kathleen, lying near her, looked content as well. John and I washed up, and then came back to lie in bed with our women.

I drifted off to a post-sex nap, thinking “I hope this doesn’t mean that John will quit fucking MY ass once in a while.” In fact, I think I’d love it if Denise and I were both on all fours next to each other, while Kathleen fucked her ass with a strap-on, and John fucked mine – such is fuel for another story.

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