Natural Scent

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Scene 1:

Beautiful blonde lady in a summer dress leisurely walks home in the afternoon sun. Across the road a handsome stranger sees the blonde and is mesmerized by her sexy beauty as she passes him totally unaware of his presence.

The stranger overpowered by his passion for her crosses the road and begins to follow her discreetly. As he walks behind her maintaining a careful distance, his eyes gaze at her beautiful wavy blonde hair, long shapely legs in high heeled sandals, her narrow waste line and her shapely bottom, becoming more visible as the wind blows her dress tightly against her body while she walks, swaying her hips like a catwalk model.

Suddenly, the stranger sees the blonde stop and rummage around in her handbag. He realizes she’s taking out her keys as she steps towards the front gate of her house. She walks in and turns around to shut the gate and as she does so her eye catches the handsome stranger across the road, she smiles, turns back round, strolls up the garden path, opens the front door and shuts it behind her.

The stranger filled with bemused excitement knows that he can’t just walk away. She smiled at him after all. What should he do? The stranger decides to knock on the door and speak to the lady. But what should he say? She might be offended at his advance and tell him to go away. He can feel a gentle throbbing in his loins as his passion for the lady grows. He knows that he must try. He just can’t turn away now. He walks across the road, opens the gate, walks slowly and nervously up to the front door and rings the bell.

Scene 2:

The handsome stranger is sitting in the living room on the sofa, still getting over the fact that she actually let him in for a chat. Lady luck was certainly shining down on him today. She’s gone upstairs to powder her nose. He sits nervously anticipating her return at any moment. He hears her footsteps on the stairs; she’s coming down.

‘Well David just what did you want to talk about? I’m not in the habit of letting in strangers, but you seem to be familiar and just nice, so I couldn’t really turn you away,’ she says smiling.

‘Oh what an enticing smile,’ David thinks to himself.

‘Well Alice, I’m very surprised that you let me in but I just had to try. You see, you are just the most beautiful and sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and I just had tell you that to your lovely face.’

‘Oh really? Well I’ve heard that before, but mostly from men in a wine bar who’ve had a glass too many,’ Alice replied, tilting her hear coquettishly.

‘I admire your bravado, David. That’s mersin escort just how a man should be. I must say though, you really aren’t at all bad looking yourself.’ David responded with a grin.

‘And I must tell you that I let you in for a reason. You see I have an uncomfortable itching sensation in a very sensitive area and I need you to do something about it. Would you help me out?’

David was astounded by Alice’s openness and felt a tinge of embarrassment.

‘Oh yes, of course Alice. But what is it exactly that you want me to do?’ Alice grinned.

‘Well why don’t you come upstairs to my bedroom and I’ll tell you.’

Scene 3:

David can’t believe what’s happening, as he sits with excited anticipation on Alice’s bed waiting for her to come out of her en-suite bathroom.

‘Please get comfortable David. I’ll be out in a jiffy. Just remove all your clothing and relax on the bed, and I mean everything. When I come out I want to see you naked.’

‘Um ok. But are you sure?’

Of course I am silly, just relax and do what I tell you. You won’t regret it I promise.’

David quickly removes his clothes and tosses them on the back of a chair, then lies down on the soft mattress and pillow. Now he’s naked on her bed his passion knows no bounds and his cock grows firm and hard, standing to attention. David admires it and gently rubs it up and down.

‘I’m ready Alice.’

‘Ok, I’m coming out. I know you must be all hot and excited.’

Then the bathroom door opens and out comes sexy Alice in a white bathrobe.

‘Ooh my! I see you really are excited, David.

‘Hehe yes, just can’t keep the boy down, David replies with a nervous giggle.

‘Oh don’t worry; I love it just the way it is. It’s just right, not too big and not too small.’

Alice says, smiling again and gently wetting her lower lip with her tongue. She comes and sits on the bed, resting one had on David’s naked thigh.

‘Why don’t you remove your robe, Alice? I’m dying to see you naked. You have such gorgeous legs and such a shapely bum.’

Scene 4:

Alice and David both naked on the bed kiss each other deeply mouths locked and tongues lustfully entwined.

‘So David, about this itch, it’s in my bum.’

‘Oh that’s ok; I’ll use my finger, that should make you feel better’.

‘Erm actually David, that’s not quite what I had in mind. I was thinking of something a little softer and wetter, like your tongue.’

David was taken by surprise and stopped licking Alice’s pert nipples.

‘Are you serious my dear lady?’ I’ve never put my mouth down there for someone before, but I’ll try it because you’re so sexy.

‘Oh yes please. Thank you, David. Afterwards, if the itch doesn’t go away then you can fuck me in my arse, as long as you want,’ Alice replied caressing David’s swollen penis with her fingernails.

‘Hmm that sounds really fun Alice. To tell you the truth, I haven’t really dabbled in anal sex. This will be my first.’

‘Well, well that’s even better for me, David. I do love first timers, Alice says jestingly.

‘Come on then my lady. Raise your bum and spread ’em wide.’

Kneeling behind Alice and bringing his face down to begin his erotic adventure, David spreads Alice’s gorgeously smooth bum cheeks wide with his thumbs. As he does so he’s hit by a very strong but familiar smell. He notices small, light brown pieces of Alice’s shit stuck around her bum hole.

‘Fucking dirty bitch!’ He thinks to himself.

It became obvious to David that Alice had been taking a shit while he was waiting and she hadn’t bothered to wipe her arse afterwards.

‘Yes, what a dirty fucking whore!’ David thought in annoyance.

‘Alice you’re very dirty and smelly down there and you haven’t wiped your arse.’

‘Ooh David, just you saying that makes me wet.’

‘That may be so, but I can’t really put my mouth down there, with that shitty smell. Go and clean up then I’ll do it.’

‘No David I need you to do it like this. It’s what I like, what I’m in to. Come on David lick me clean and get rid of that itch. Put your tongue inside, smell me, taste me. I love it,’ Alice begs.

‘Well I’d rather be doing this to your pussy which I’m used to. Ok at least let me wipe that shit away. No David do it as it is.’ Alice retorts in a commanding tone.

‘Afterwards, you can fuck me however you want.’

‘Alice, you really are a dirty and very naughty girl.’

‘I love being dirty in bed, David. After we’ve finished you’ll love it too, baby.’


Although David is put off by Alice’s shameless display, he can’t help but oblige. Alice was right. There was something exceedingly erotic about this dirty, smelly love play.

‘Ok here goes.’

As David brings his face down again to Alice’s impatient bum, he again smells the shitty stench coming from around her anus. It was overpowering.

‘How am I going to do this?’ He says to himself.

‘Does it smell nice and shitty, David?’ Alice questions teasingly.

‘Oh very Alice, it’s a very strong smell,’ as I’m sure you can appreciate. David holds his breath to avoid the stink and brings his mouth down on Alice’s tight shit hole and begins licking around it. Alice closes her eyes and sighs pleasurably. She knows she’s going to enjoy this.

‘Come on David, give me a good rimming. Take it slow. Slip your tongue inside. Ooh yes that’s it, baby.’

As David wiggles his tongue around the opening of Alice’s bum hole he has to come up and take a breath to avoid choking. As he does so that pungent shitty smell floods his nostrils and makes him wrench. But as he continues on with Alice’s coaxing, he finds this foreplay increasingly erotic. He begins to move his tongue in and out of Alice’s bum as far as it can go. Alice gasps with pleasure.

‘Oh David you’re good at this. I knew you would be.’

David removes his tongue and as if by instinct, locks his lips around Alice’s anus and begins to suck hard.

‘Ohhh David; I’m coming please rub my clitty and keep sucking like that, Alice moans.

‘Come on David lick and suck away at my shitty bum hole, my baby. Make it all nice and clean for me.’

David again pushes his tongue deep inside Alice’s bum and tongue fucks her hungrily, as she grabs his rock hard cock and begins to wank him off with the same rhythm.

‘Come on David come with me darling.’

David now realises how pleasurable this experience was turning out for him. His cock throbs and aches and leaks a stream of clear pre cum.

‘Oh I see you’re getting wet David,’ Alice says smiling, as his pre cum flows over her fingers making them sticky.

‘Now kiss me David. I want to taste your mouth.’

David, so absorbed in his lustful pleasure just continues licking and sucking around Alice’s anus which is now clean and washed with David’s saliva.

‘My darling David, didn’t I tell you you’d like it?’ I knew you’d love tasting my sticky, smelly bum hole covered in my shit. Come on baby kiss me!’

She pulls on David’s straight brown hair and brings his mouth up to hers. She can smell the aroma of her shit and David’s saliva on his lips and breath as she kisses him deeply, thrusting her tongue deep in to his mouth, then gently sucking on his lips, just to get the full taste of her own dirty bum from his mouth. Gently they lay down on the bed, tongues and lips playing with each other.

Alice reaches down to David’s throbbing cock and guides it in to her sopping and swollen pussy. They fuck hard and passionately until they both explode in to an unforgettable climax. It was especially unforgettable for David.

After fucking and resting for a while, Alice asks David to visit the toilet. Now it’s her turn. David gladly obliges. He knows he’s a changed man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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