Naughty at School Ch. 10

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Hello to all my readers. Here is another story of when I was first attending college. I hope you enjoy it.


A few of my girlfriends and I were in the gym one day practicing our dance routine when a couple of guys came in to play some Basketball. It was fun watching them run around and try to look at us at the same time. There was a new guy with them and he looked really hot. The girls all started talking together about the normal stuff like is he dating someone and if he had a nice cock or not.

Dance practice had finished and the other girls all left for classes or other places they had to go but I stayed around and watched the guys play. They finished up their game and all headed to the lockers to shower and change. The new guy gave me a big smile when he walked by and I smiled back. I took a chance and waited to see if he would come back out to have a chance to talk to him but I didn’t see him leave only the other guys.

Well, my daring side got the better of me and I decided to go and look for myself. I was still wearing my pink body suit and leggings which fit perfect for having a reason to go into the lockers even though it was the boys the lockers. I walked over to the door and opened it a little to see if I could hear anyone but I couldn’t hear anything. So I got more daring and just walked inside as if I belonged there.

I looked around and didn’t see anyone but I heard someone in the shower and thought I could catch a peek of him naked. I started sneaking over to the shower room door when I heard a voice behind me.

“What beylikdüzü escort are you doing in here? This is the men’s locker room.”

I turned and saw the new guy standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist and showing off his bare chest. I smiled at him and made up a story real quick. “Oh I didn’t know there was anyone in here yet. Ive always wanted to see the inside of the guys locker room and see if the stories are true so I thought I would take a peek.”

“What stories are you talking about?” He asked.

I began walking along the lockers opening them up and looking inside and bending over. “Well I’ve always heard that guys have all these pictures of naked woman hanging all over the room and in their lockers and I wanted to see for myself.”

“Well we don’t have a bunch of pictures hanging up so that should clear up the rumors for you.”

“Why not? Don’t you guys like looking at naked woman?” I continued walking around and picking up things and bending over in front of him. I could also notice his cock starting to grow under his towel.

“Yeah I like looking at naked woman but I don’t need to look at pictures when I can see the real thing. I’ve been with woman before.”

“Oh I believe you when you say you’ve been with woman before.’ I turned my back to him, bend over placing my hands on the bench then reached under me and unsnapped my body suit revealing my shaved pussy. “I’m curious if you know how to satisfy a woman with that hard cock of yours.”

He walked towards beyoğlu escort me and pulled his towel off showing me his thick hard cock. I spread my legs wider and pulled my body suit up more as he pushed his cock into my pussy. I feel his thick cock filling me up as I pushed back against him taking him deeper inside me. He held his cock in me as I moved my hips grinding against him. I looked back at him and watched as he started moving his hips and fucking me hard. He had a strong grip and every thrust pushed me forward as he continued pounding me with his cock. His cock felt so good in me I began moaning loudly and pushing back harder against him.

As he fucked me I heard him say. “Hey man you want some of this pussy?” I looked up and saw another guy coming out of the shower. I had forgotten about someone being in the shower when I came in. The guy looked over at me as I was getting fucked, smiled and walked towards me. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and started sucking him off. I was getting fucked hard from behind and had another nice cock fucking my mouth.

The guy behind me started grunting louder and slamming his cock into me harder and I knew he was going to cum. I kept pushing back to keep his cock inside me but he pulled out and shot his load all over my ass. When the guy I was sucking saw his buddy cum he sat down and pulled me towards him. I straddled him and guided his cock into my wet pussy.

This guy started thrusting his hips up lifting me and letting me fall back down onto his cock bizimkent escort forcing it nice and deep. He kept a good rhythm fucking me and soon brought me to my first orgasm covering his cock with my juices. He had not cum yet and was still fucking me hard when the first guy came back over and I started sucking him. I could taste myself on his cock along with the mixture of his cum.

The guy that was fucking me sat up and laid me back on the bench keeping my legs spread wide and never missed a stroke sliding his cock in me. My pussy was nice and wet and his shaft slid in my pussy easily. He now had my legs spread eagle and was sitting on the bench fucking me. The first guy started pulling my body suit up over my head then straddled my chest to tittie fuck me.

He squeezed my tits together against his cock and started fucking them with his wet cock. He pinched my nipples and took long strokes between my tits letting the head of his cock hit my chin. The guy fucking my pussy finally came inside me filling my pussy with lots of hot cum. Once he finished I was surprised at what he did next. He got down between my legs and started eating my pussy licking all that cum he just filled me with. He sucked and pulled at my clit and tongue fucked me.

In the middle of him eating my pussy the guy that was tittie fucking me shot a load of cum on my chest. He took and smeared his cum all over my chest and tits before he got up and had me lick his cock clean. The other guy was still tongue fucking me and licking cum from me when I climaxed again and filled his mouth with even more cum which he lapped up greedily.

When he was all done licking my pussy clean I smiled at them both slipped my body suit back on and went to the girls locker room to shower and clean up.


I hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to your comments. Keep watching for more stories and adventures.

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