The Transformation Ch. 03

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Over the last couple of months the wives pretty much stayed around the house, they didn’t go out on their usual monthly shopping trip. But, Bob and I atill managed to get together at least once a week so I could drain his balls.

It’s hard to realize that just three months ago I was a normal married guy with a life long fantasy. Now I’m my next door neighbor’s cock slave. About the only thing I think about nowadays is when I going to get to go play dress up with Little Bob again.

During one of our Friday get together’s, with the wives, Bob asked me if I’d ever been fishing. Finding out that I hadn’t been in a long time, he invited me on a weekend fishing trip. We’d leave on a Friday night and come back Sunday afternoon. I talked it over with Suzy and she didn’t mind so I accepted.

The following Friday evening we left for to go fishing. The large wooded lake was 100 miles from the house. Bob had rented a small cabin for us to stay in while we fished.

No sooner had we gotten out of eyesight of the wives Bill said, “Brandy, I know we’re going to have some fun this weekend. I even packed a little something extra for you.”

“I bet your did,” I said as I reached over and tweaked Little Bob through his jeans. He just smiled back at me. The rest of the trip was just small talk. I’d thought about sucking him while he was driving but decided that was too dangerous.

The two bedroom cabin was on a vert secluded part of the lake. We unloaded and unpacked our stuff. I found my bedroom and unpacked my stuff, including my hose and panties, Bob took up residence in the master bedroom. Afterwords, I asked if it would be OK to take a shower. He said to go for it, so I did.

Just as I was finishing up my shower, I heard the door open. Bob walked into the room and said, “I think I’ll join you.” With that he pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in.

“Come on in,” I said, “I was just leaving.”

“No, your not, your going to wash me,” and he handed my the liquid soap and a scrunchy.

I soaped it up and wash his back including his ass then had him turn around so I could wash his chest and arms. When I finish his upper body I got down on my knees and was washing his groin area when all of sudden Bob started pissing on me. It was splattering on my chest and running down and dripping off my dick.

I quickly grabbed Little Bob and pointed him a way from me, looked up at Bob and said, “What are you doing.”

I could see a big smile on his face, “I had to go. The thought occurred to me that me pissing on you would be very pleasurable and an act of submission on your part. By willing letting me pee on you is telling me that I’m your owner and I can do anything I want. Beside, the thought of it kinda turns me on.” I could tell it had and effect on him because Little Bob was at half mast and rising while still peeing.

I grabbed Little Bob, and pointed it towards one of my nipples, then slowly moved it to my other with his piss splatting all over, finally I pointed it down so it drenched my own little dick. When the stream sputtered to an end I rinsed Little Bob off, leaned forward and sucked him into mouth. I sensuously sucked away on him until he pushed me away a minute later.

“Not so fast, I want to enjoy this a little more before I cum in your mouth or maybe I’ll cum in your ass. Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to figure that one out. Thanks for the wash job,” and he stepped out of the shower.

I staid in the shower a few minutes longer washing off his piss. I was also trying to decide if I should go ahead and put on my panties and hose or just dress normal. I toweled off and headed to my bedroom. When Betturkey I opened the chester doors, it was empty. I checked my closet, it was empty. All my clothes were gone.

I hollered out to Bob, “Hey, where are all my clothes.”

Bob walked into my bedroom with a small suit case, “This is all the clothes your going to need this weekend.” He laid it on my bed and turned to walk out saying, “Get dressed.”

I opened the suit case and found, several teddies and pairs of crotchless panties, hose, black leather miniskirt, white silk blouse, blond wig, a pair of 3″ heels, a box of makeup, a large black dildo, butt plug and lots of lube.

I grabbed the makeup kit and headed off to the bathroom to put on my face. Having made time over the years to watch my wife put on her make up, I learned how to apply it. I put on the eye make up and lipstick pretty thick so I looked real slutty. Next I put on the black lace teddy, then the hose and attached the garters from the Teddy. Next, I put on my wig and a pair of black lace panties. I modeled for myself in the mirror, I still wasn’t passable, but I think Bob will be pleased. I stopped in the bedroom and slipped on the heels, then stumbled out to the den.

“Well, don’t your look all slutty. Having a little trouble walking?”

“Yes, it’s my first time in them. Do you like,” as I clumsily turned so Bob could see me from all directions.”

“Go get me a beer and fix yourself a drink, then we’ll have some fun. Oh, after you get the drinks go get the toys and lube I brought. And there’s a small black bag in my closet I need you to bring as well.”

I got the drinks and retrieved all the toys, his bag and handed them to him. He took the large black dildo and attached it to the wooden floor and tested it to make sure it wouldn’t come off.

He handed me the lube and said, “I want to see you fuck yourself with the dildo. I want to see how long a cock your man pussy can handle.”

Wow, that sounded really nasty, letting him watch me impale myself on that large black dildo. I got down on my knees and examined the dildo. It must have been 18″ long and 2 inches wide, it was huge. I smeared generous amount of lube all over it, rubbing it like it was a real cock. Bob was on the couch, cock out, stroking away.

After I placed a generous amount of lube in and around my asshole, I squatted over the dildo using the coffee table for support. I eased down until this tip was pressuring my anus. I used my legs to control my movement over the dildo and slowly lowered myself onto it. With only the head in I thought I was going to be split open so I slide back off. When it was completely out I’d ease myself back on, trying again.

“Brandy, I have one more thing for you, I think you’ll find this will really heighten your experience.”

He reached into his bag and pulled out a blind fold. He walked over and put it on me. Now I couldn’t see, it was just me and the dildo.

After about 5 minutes of working with the dildo I managed to get about a third of the dildo into my ass. When it was in as far as I could get it, I couldn’t squat comfortably because it was so long, I still had use the coffee table for support.

“Is that as far as you can get it in, it doesn’t look like you’ve got much in there?”

I nodded my head, “That’s as much as will fit,” I said breathlessly. That huge piece of rubber buried in my ass was having an effect on me. My breathing was ragged, I felt flushed and my little dick was leaking a river of precum.

“OK, so keep fucking yourself with it, pull completely off of it, then stuff as much back in as you can.”

I started fucking the Betturkey Giriş dildo, slowly at first, but as my asshole slowly got accustomed to it’s girth, the easier it moved. After a minute I felt something wet touch my lips and I could smell Bob’s scent. I opened my mouth and suck his cock in. It was already hard and his pre cum was flowing freely. I grabbed his hips so I could steady myself over the dilto while I enjoyed his man juice.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I didn’t want to be caught like this so I started to raise up off the dildo. Bob put his hand on my shoulders and held me down.

“Don’t move, if you stand they can see you. I’ll see who it is and chase them off, just stay where you are.”

I was going to take my blind fold off but I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move, my heart was pounding so hard I could feel my head pulse with every beat. I heard the door open and voices talking, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Then the door closed and there was silence but I did hear movement. I was to afraid to speak so I waited in silence waiting for Bob to say something.

“Brandy, take off you blind fold. I have someone here I’d like you to meet.”

Those words sent terror through me. He had someone else in the room, they could definitely see I had a dildo up my ass. I could feel the flush building in my checks as I steadied myself reach up and took off my blind fold. There standing in front of me was a very tall and stocky Blackman. I opened my mouth to say something but Bill talked first.

“Brandy, I’d like you to meet Larry. He’s paid for your services for the night, and he’s also agreed to let me watch.”

“My services?”

“Hell, do you think this cabin is free, I couldn’t afford it. Larry owns the cabin and I worked out a deal where the cost for this weekend is your servives,” he smiled.

Larry stripped standing in front of me, throwing his clothes on the floor. Up until that second I’d never seen a black cock live and in person. I had seen them on porno movies buy it didn’t prepare me emotionally for what I saw. Larry’s cock was very large, about and two inches longer and thicker than Bob’s and being black just added to the mystique. I started to reach out and touch it.

“Be careful little sissy, once you go black you never go back,” Larry said with a chuckle.

I’d heard that saying a thousand times before, but now I was wondering just why that was. Was it a great PR line to mystify white women into having sex with them or was there really something to it.

I took hold of his cock and carefully looked it over.

“It’s just like yours except it’s black,” he said quickly. “Well maybe not, I hear you have a clitty instead of a dick,” and he laughed. “Come on, suck my black cock bitch, I’m going to fill your stomach with my cum,” and he stepped up to me.

I grabbed his hips with both hand to steady myself and leaned over to catch his cock head with my mouth. I ran my tongue on and under the head of his cock as I suck it in my mouth. While I was making love to his muscle I looked up to find him starring intently at me.

“Man, Bob, this bitch can suck. You trained her well.”

“Come on baby, suck my black man meat, I’ve gallon of cum for you.”

I couldn’t get much of his cock in my mouth because it was so thick, but I was definitely having an effect on him. The taste of his pre-cum was sweet, almost like candy and it was really starting to flow now.

After another minute he grabbed the top of my head with his left hand and held it steady. With his right he started stroking his cock. He pulled all of his cock out of my mouth except Betturkey Güncel Giriş for the tip. Then I heard him moan, a second later a stream of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. His creamy load was delicious.

He tilted my head back further, pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed it all over my face as he continued to shoot his load, covering my face with his cum. When he finished he pulled back to admire his work and a large string of cum ran from his cock to his freshly smeared man juice on my face.

“Now this is my kinda bitch, you like my seed smeared all over your slutty face, don’t you?,” he was staring at me waiting for my response. I nodded.

“Good, Now clean up this mess, open up so you can clean me off.”

I licked all the cum off the head of his cock. Then he inserted the head back into my mouth and he stroked his cock while I gently sucked the last of his load out of his nuts. He pulled away and used his cock as a scoop and scraped his load from my checks and face to my mouth, where I eagerly ate it.

I’d been so involved with eating my first black cock that I’d forgotten that I was still impaled on the dildo. When Larry left to go get himself a beer, I worked myself off of it and put it away for cleaning later.

Coming back into the room, beer in hand, Larry said, “You missed a spot slut.”

He walked over and squeezed his still hard cock causing a large drop of cum to form at the tip of his cock. I sat up and licked the offending drop from his cock.

“Now I want me some of that sissy man pussy. Lay on your back over there on the floor,” and he pointed to a rug next to the fire place.

I got a throw pill off the couch for my head and lay where he instructed. Next he got between my legs and raised my heels and put them on his shoulders. As she leaned forward into me I was stretching muscles I didn’t even know I had.

With the head of his cock pushing on my ass hole, my heels just directly over my head, Larry looked at me and said, “I know some other brothers, that would love your lips around there cocks. They’d probably even like to ass fuck a little sissy slut like you. Think you could handle a room full of black guys.”

I felt his cock head push on my pucker hole. In a single stroke his buried he entire length into my bowels causing me to gasp. As he eased back out I started to breath again. He withdrew his cock until it was almost out, then held it there teasing me with his cock head, rubbing back and forth over my prostate.

He lunged again, slapping his balls against my ass. Then the he started fucking me long and slow. After what seemed an eternity of feeling his huge cock slide in and out of me, he stopped suddenly with his cock buried deep in me. He groaned and filled my bowels with his seed.

After Larry finished dumping his load in me he went to the bathroom to clean up. I was too weak kneed to move, so I just lay there with Larry’s seed dripping out of my ass, thinking about what had just happened. I saw Bob still sitting on the couch, hand covered in cum with a big smile on his face.

“That was very, very hot,” he moaned.

Larry came out the bathroom grabbed a beer and stood by the couch talking to Bob.

“Man, that sissy of yours sure has a sweet mouth and a nice tight ass. Would you be open to me setting up a little something with some of my friends tomorrow night. I know they’d like a some of the action.”

“Yeah, we can do that, but one stipulation, I get to watch.”

“Not a problem, if fact you can join us if you’d like. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and set everything up.”

“Sounds good,” Bob said as he got up and escorted Larry to the door.

With Larry heading out the door, I struggled to my feet and limped to the bathroom to clean myself up and change. I figured Bob still had something on his mind the way his cock had come back to life.

To be continued…

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