The Church Camp

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I Want

Jason’s mind wondered off and he started to think about the woman he had seen earlier this morning.

The whole group went for a swim in the ocean. It was just after ten, the sun was shining bright, the beach white and the water crystal clear. He watched her as she walked to the water. The feminine movement of her hips and buttocks. She was wearing a swimsuit, but he thought she would have looked even better in a bikini. Her firm butt was formed perfectly. The image of her curves was imprinted in his mind. When she came out of the water, he saw her full breasts and erected nipples. There was a hint of a cameltoe between her legs when her wet swimsuit clung to her body. Her skin looked smooth and evenly tanned all over. There were no tan lines that he could see, and he was sure she had tanned topless before.

Jason sighed and wished he had never gone on the church camp. It was hot and the air was humid. They were discussing Creation versus Evolution. He decided to concentrate on the topic and get the thoughts of the beautiful woman at least for awhile out of his mind.

Creation versus Evolution. One of the members was giving an explanation about science and the role it played in supporting the theory of evolution.

He decided that the woman’s bottom was created for a G-string. The tiny piece of cloth covering her vulva and pubic area, the thin line between her buttocks and the almost invisible strap around her hips. He pictured it in his mind. He decided that he will be a supporter of creation.

Damn, his mind wondered off again. He looked around and saw most of the other men are making notes, taksim escort and others are listening attentively to the guest speaker. He tried to make notes and think about something to contribute to the discussion, but he couldn’t concentrate.

The woman had long, shining black hair and in contrast, striking blue eyes. Her lips were full and looked soft. He wished he could touch her smooth skin. Just letting his hands glide over her legs, up, and over her firm ass.

Jason was abruptly brought back to reality when he heard the announcement that they will break for lunch. He packed his stationary away and followed the others to the tables in the centre of the groups of chalets. There were four groups of chalets. Groups A, B, C and D. The woman occupied group A, the sisters group B, the Reverend Mr. Smith and the elders group C, and the rest of the men group D.

One of the elders said grace, and they started to enjoy lunch. Jason situated himself at a table so that he could see the woman. The site was surrounded by tall trees, and where the rays of the sun broke through the leaves, it reflected like tiny crystals on her hair. She saw him looking at her, smiled and slowly moved the tip of her tongue over her lips. He felt his heart racing and the desire growing inside him.

He finished his lunch quickly and went to put his plate in the kitchen. Just as he entered the kitchen, the woman passed him and shoved a note into his hand. He went straight to the conference hall to his place, sat down and read the note. Just three words. “The beach. topkapı escort Midnight.” The rest of the afternoon he couldn’t concentrate at all. He was not only one. After lunch the “puppy syndrome” kicked in. Stomachs full, eyes closed. It was very hot and most of them struggled to stay awake. During dinner he saw the woman just for a moment, then one of his peers sat down in front of him and blocked his view.

Jason glanced at his watch. Finally. The last few hours seemed like an eternity. His room mate were fast asleep. He stood up, went outside and briskly walked to the beach. He only had his boxers on because it was very hot. A thin layer of sweat formed on his body. The sky was clear and the light of full moon stretched out over the beach and the sea.

He saw her silhouette. She was standing with her back to him, but he could clearly see that she was stark naked. When he reached her, he folded his arms around her from behind and started to kiss her neck. She moaned with pleasure and he cupped her breasts in his hands.

She turned around and pressed herself against him. He felt her hard nipples against his chest. They started to kiss. The tips of their tongues were playing around. His hands moved over the smooth skin of her back, down to her buttocks. She pulled down his boxers with one hand and gently played with his balls. He removed his boxers completely. She parted her legs a little bit and his fingers ran down between her butt cheeks over her anus and into her slit. His other hand was lightly caressing her shaven pubic area.

She tüyap escort pushed him down onto a towel she had brought and lowered her snatch to him. Her lips were swollen and her clit erected. He slowly parted the lips further and played with the tip of his tongue over the entrance of her vagina, up to her clitoris and he sucked it gently. When he tasted her flowing juices, he became more aroused.

She sat back and gave him a long and passionate kiss, then straddled him and lowered herself onto his penis, guiding it into her. She felt wet, warm and silky smooth. He entered her completely and she started to ride. First slow and then faster. His hands went to her moving buttocks and their mouths locked together.

She was about to come and sat down more on him so that her clit was rubbing against him. She went faster and when she came her vagina was even wetter and more slippery. His penis reached deep inside her. Her screams when she orgasmed were dampened by the rushing sound of the waves. She felt his penis pulsating and the warm cum filling her.

They remained in position for another while. Kissing and touching each other. When his penis slipped out, they stood up. The semen dripped out of her vagina and ran down her legs. She wiped it off with the towel. They got dressed and walked back to the site. The wind carried the smell of their love making away. Just before they reached the chalets, they kissed, said goodnight to each other and went their separate ways.

When Jason entered his chalet, he thought about the camp.

Church Camp For Young Married Couples: A course to help young married couples understand their role in society and live their lives according to God’s will.

“It is ridiculous. It is just so ridiculous that because this a church camp, I had to sneak off into the night with my wife,” he said out loud.

He smiled as he climbed into his bed. When he woke up the next morning, he was still smiling…

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