The Good Samaritan

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I had left the office and was on my way home, when I noticed Anne having trouble in starting her car; I went over and asked her if I could help. She said her car wouldn’t start, and I said that I had no idea how to do anything about that, but I asked if I could give her a lift home.

I was Anne’s boss and thought I should do my ‘Good Samaritan’ bit as she was stranded. It was her last day at work; she was leaving for another position elsewhere.

Anne was married; she was young, twenty four years old and very pretty. I was single and had never been attached to anyone in my forty six years on this planet.

As Anne was leaving this position, she needed to gather all her personnel belongings from work. She got all her things into her car, but I could not get all her things in my sports car, so got what I could with her in the front seat and said that I would deliver her other things to her tomorrow.

While we drove to her house, she had received a call from her husband to say that he would be late home, probably around midnight, so not to wait up for him.

After a cup of coffee, I thought I should leave, I made my excuses and said that I’d see her tomorrow with her other things.

I had never been to Anne’s home before; it was dark and within a few turns I was lost. I drove down a narrow country lane, pitch black.

I could see a few lights in the distance, I headed for them. I thought that I might find someone to ask directions from, but I was also bursting for a pee. I should have gone back at Anne’s place, ‘Shit.’

I approached what looked like a pub; there were three young men outside smoking. I parked my car and went towards the door and got naughty looks from the guy’s.

One of them was black, and seemed to be the shy one and didn’t say anything, while from one of the other two I got a wolf whistle and the another one said, “Nice car sexy, don’t worry we’ll look after it.”

Even if I say so, I have a great figure; I’ve seen and had many blokes in my time. That was the one reason why I never got serious with any one guy. I had a sexual appetite, and was always up for a bit of fun if the right person attracted my attention.

Usually I would corner off two of the ones I fancy and let them show me a good time. I have often had threesomes, I like it that way as most men cum too quickly. So if one did blow too quickly then that gave me another one to keep things going.

Well anyway; what one of them said had me worried to what they meant about my car, but didn’t dwell on it for too long, I carried on into the pub. I found the loos and did what I needed to.

As I left, I noticed two of the three boy’s back at a table, the black shy guy and one of the other two white guys. I carried on and walked towards the exit door. I was about to push it open when it flew open by itself, I almost stumbled over.

It had been opened from the outside by the third bloke I had seen on the way in.

He said, “Hi sexy that was quick, you in a rush darling?”

I steadied myself and looked at him and said with a wink, “I’m not your darling… stud.”

He flicked his cigarette away, blew smoke just to the side of my face and said, “You got the stud bit right, babes.”

He looked straight at me and smiled. I with a smirk on my face said, “Young boy I’d chew you up and spit you our before you knew what had happened.”

He let the door close behind me and said, “I’d like to see you try honey.”

Where did he get all his references from, darling, honey, babes, what a dick-head! But the big ‘BUT’ was he looked very fit, he was very young, and very good looking. I wondered if he was as good as his ego lead him to be.

I looked at my car, and then back at him and said, “Sorry…Hun, but my carriage is a bit too small.”

He looked at my car and nodded without saying anything. He then looked the other way down the street and said, “I’ve got a bigger one.”

He looked at a people carrier a seven seater vehicle. I looked at it and thought ‘what the hell,’ I can do with a quickie. And he was a good looking bloke and seemed sure of himself.

I looked back at him and asked, “How old are you son? Does your mother know you’re out?”

He looked to the floor and chuckled, he lifted his head slowly and said, “I’m old enough, and I don’t need anyone’s permission to be out on my twenty second birthday.”

I smiled and said, “Happy birthday son.”

He did look older than twenty, and I did wonder if it was his birthday, but what the hell, let’s give him a present.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Okay sonny, but not where it stands, you’ll have to find a better spot.”

A big grin came across his face and said, “No problem mummy.”

He stood up straight and crooked his elbow out for me to put my arm through. I looked at him for a second and said, “You’re a bit of a poser really! Aren’t you?”

I took his arm and we walked to the car. As we got to it he said, “Shit, just a second.”

He ran back to the pub and kept me waiting there for a minute. He ran back and erzurum escort said, “Sorry babes, I had to get the keys.”

I looked at him and asked, “Isn’t this your car?”

He pressed the bleeper and opened the door for me and said, “No, a friend’s, but he doesn’t mind me borrowing it for an hour or so.”

I got in and he walked briskly round to the driver’s side. He got in and started to drive. He drove slowly and looked right and left, for a darkened ally I presumed.

We got to the edge of the village, and the road ahead was dark. My pussy had started to tingle and I felt it as it got wet.

He looked at me as I fidgeted in my seat and he asked, “You okay there babes, looking for a big one?”

My pussy dripped and that arse-hole wasn’t making it better, I turned to him and said, “You think you’ve got the one for the job, do yah?”

He pulled over into a side turning; there were scattered street lights there, he pulled over and parked directly under one. With a tinted sunroof the street light filtered through just so that we could see each other.

He had obviously done that before. He turned sideways to me and said, “This fine for you babes?”

He placed a hand on my bare thigh and ran it up and under my short skirt. I grabbed it, stopped him and said, “You’ve been here before, haven’t you?”

He squeezed my thigh and said, “Hey babes, I didn’t say I was a virgin.”

I pushed his hand down and said, “No, I didn’t think you were.”

He let go of my thigh turned back into the driving position and placed a hand onto the key and said, “If you’re just going to be a prick-tease, we’re out of here.”

I laughed out loud and said, “A prick tease, I haven’t been called that in a very long time.”

He looked sideways to me and said, “We’ll that’s how you’re coming across honey.”

I wondered if he was aroused at all, I wondered if he had at least started to get a boner. If he called me a tease, then let’s see. I without hesitating made a grab for his cock. He still looked at me, I stared back at him. And there it was there was something there, and it showed promise.

I traced him out through his pants and squeezed it. He didn’t flinch, I could feel his cock get harder as I squeezed it in several places along its length.

I smiled at him and said, “If I’m a tease then it’s certainly working.”

He kept his eyes locked onto mine, he had a stern look. I with my other hand went to undo his pants and lowered the zipper. I did all that just by feel; I too kept my eyes fixed on his.

I freed his cock from his boxers, and got a good firm grip around his shaft for the first time. Bastard was fat; a fat throbbing cock pulsed in my fist. I wanted to look at it, but resisted. I stroked him and felt the foreskin across the head. He leaked pre-cum, I ran a finger across the tip and smeared it around.

I smiled lightly and said, “You’ve got a fat little thing there sonny, it seems to be very wet. You haven’t cum already have you?”

I said ‘little’ but he was far from that by the feel of it, he must have been a good seven inches, if not eight. I thought at that time ‘If he hasn’t cum, then this is going to be fun.’

He smirked and said, “It’ll take more than your hand to make me cum, mummy.”

I squeezed and stroked it just that bit harder. In return it felt harder and extremely hot.

I leant forward and stuck my tongue out, he did too. We flicked our tongues around each other’s, open eyed.

He still had both hands on the steering wheel. We continued with our tongue twisting and I continued with my stroking of his manhood, I used both hands. One stroked his shaft and the other I had open palmed on top of his cock-head. I pushed down onto his big head and smeared his pre-cum onto it.

I broke away from his tongue and brought up my pre-cum soaked hand. I still looked at him and licked my palm, one long lick from the wrist to the tip of my fingers, I said, “Sweet little boy aren’t we.”

He still held his glare, and I then said, “And don’t call me your mummy, you big shit. I’m not your mom. I’m Alice, and I’m going to take you to my wonderland.”

I let go of his cock and grabbed his head, I squeezed his head tight. I stuck my tongue deep into his mouth. I flicked and sucked on his tongue. I tried poking my tongue deeper and deeper down his arrogant throat.

He had reached down to the seat and I felt us travel back away from the steering wheel. I let go of his head with one of my hands and took off my panties. I threw them into the foot-well.

I got hold of his head again with both hands; it was a bit tricky, but managed to get my leg around and straddled across him. I felt his hard wet cock on my outer pussy. I squeezed his cock between us. I lifted high to get that cock near my pussy’s entrance, and then I rocked back and forth, left and right.

Then there it was in position; I stopped kissing him and looked at him, he stared back. I did not move as he placed both his hands onto my hips and pushed me down, erzurum escort bayan his cock went into me. I let out a gasp, “Fuck!” and my eyes closed.

He wasn’t fully in; he withdrew and pumped as I bounced up and down slowly I got him in inch by fucking inch.

After the first initial entrance I had opened my eyes, and we looked at each other as he got deeper and deeper into me.

He felt so nice, he was so hard; he stretched me out and opened me up. I felt great, as he pushed hard and fast. He brought me in with a tight hug. He licked and sucked on the side of my neck.

I was there, fuck I was so there. I’m not usually loud when I’m fucked, but that cunt was making me scream out loud, I cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah, oh yeaahhh.”

He kept fucking harder and made my orgasm last longer, it was glorious.

We slowed down and came to a stop with his cock deep in me. I huffed and gasped for breath.

He said, “let’s have a look at your tits love.”

I reluctantly got off his cock and we both started to strip.

He was very quick in removing his clothing, he moved into the back and started to lower all the rear seats so there was a large flat area. He lay on his back, held his hand out and said, “Come on love, jump on board.”

His cock still glistened with my juices on it. I climbed over the front seat, took his hand to steady myself and moved into the back.

He expected me to start fucking him, but I wanted to suck and blow him off. I grabbed his cock and started to stroke him. I held it at the base in my fist and there was plenty still to suck on.

Before I put it in my mouth I stroked it slowly but with a firm grip, I watched his foreskin as it rolled over his big knob. I licked the head and savoured my juices mixed with his fresh pre-cum.

I looked at him as I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock and took him in. I started slowly and built up to a hard suck and stroked him off vigorously. I twisted my fist around as I moved it up and down.

He was perched up on to his elbows and looked at me as I blew him off. I had my eyes closed and was well away with his cock when I felt a hand on my head. I looked up and he said, “Swing your arse round love.”

I kept his cock in my mouth and moved myself round. It was a tight space and found it a bit precarious to place my feet in certain places to get round. I managed and placed my pussy at his face. He instantly grabbed my arse with both hands and drew me in. He started to lick and suck my slit and clit.

I again started my work on his cock and he was just as vagarious with my pussy as I was with his cock.

The windows had steamed up and the whole car felt hot. All I could hear were sucking and slurping noises.

He brought up my orgasm really nicely. I had to slow down on his cock, and lift my mouth off as I cried out, “Fuck that’s nice.”

I ground my pussy into his mouth, he continued to suck my clit and holy fucking hell I had another fantastic orgasm. I felt like I was on fire, I had to have that cock in me.

I lifted my hips off him and let my orgasm subside. I was surprised and happy that he had not cum.

He let my arse go and I kissed his knob as I got up to move myself around on top of him. He again perched up onto his elbows as I grabbed his cock and pointed it to my pussy. I lowered down onto his cock and again took three to four bounces to get him fully in, it was his girth more than his length that took the time to get him fully in.

It felt oh so nice having that thing spread me open again. I could not straighten right up, so was bent over slightly as I started to ride that stud, and he was undeniably a fucking stud.

I went up and down on him at a slow pace, I wanted to feel that fuck stick slide in and out, every throbbing inch by inch.

It felt incredibly pleasant as I went up and his cock pulled my inner pussy out. He stretched me wonderfully, I actually felt like there was a cock between my legs which entered my body.

He started to raise the pace and pushed harder, faster and deeper. I kept up with him and we were going at a frantic pace when I felt it again. I fell on to him and ground my pussy down hard to stop him from moving. My orgasm came hard.

I cried out, “Oh shit fuck yeah, yes, yes, yesss.”

I pushed him down so hard he could not pump his cock into me. I stayed down and again forced my tongue down his throat.

I released the pressure off his hips and he started to fuck me again. I held his face and fought his tongue, while we both started to fuck at a fast pace.

Then, oh god how the hell did that happen, I cried out, “Fuckin’ hell I’m cuming again.”

I had never had two orgasms that close together ever. I had to pull away from his face otherwise I was likely to bite his tongue off.

I closed my eyes tight, my teeth clenched. I raised my hips and kept still, I could not help but cry out again, “Fuck me harder, come on harder you bastard.”

He pushed into escort erzurum me with his full length, hard and fast. Fuck that felt great and I told him, “That’s it just like that, fuck, yes, yes, yesss.”

He placed his hands onto my hips and grabbed my flesh, he pushed me down onto his cock, and I knew that was it.

His thrusts became slow and deliberate; he pushed deep into me and raised me up with him. I felt his cock blow a load deep into my cunt. Oh god that felt so incredible, to have a cock that I felt in my cunt explode his cum deep into my tummy.

He blasted five, six loads while I cried out, “That’s it cum in me blow it all, fuck yeah.”

Holy shit he was good, I was so tiered and felt well fucked. I lay on top of him as he lowered us and we both panted heavily.

It took several minutes for me at least to come to some sort of normality.

I raised my hips slightly higher and he flopped out of me. I rolled over and lay down beside him.

After a few minutes he got up first and started to put his clothes back on. I did the same when I had regained some strength. When we were finally clothed, he started the car and wound the windows down.

We hardly spoke a word as he dropped me back at the pub. His two other mates were stood smoking outside again.

I walked back to my car and he walked over to the black guy and threw up the keys for him to catch and I heard him say, “Thanks mate.”

I knew exactly what his mates were thinking, from the looks I got from them.

Both his mates went back in; my stud walked up to me, grabbed me and kissed me, he said, “You’re a good fuck for an oldie.”

I grabbed his cock and said, “You’re not bad for a little boy.” I knew he was far from little.

He let me go and as I walked away I said, “We’ll have to do this again some time.”

He smiled, winked and said, “I’m here with my buddies every Friday.”

He stood at the door and watched me get into my car and start it up. I lowered the window and asked, “Do you know how to get on to the main highway from here.”

After all, that was the main reason for me being there in the first place, I was lost.

He pointed me the way, and it seemed like I should have taken a right instead of a left from Anne’s place.

The next day I finished work and was on my way to Anne to deliver to her the other belongings which I could not fit in yesterday.

Anne greeted me at the door and asked me to come in for a coffee, which I accepted.

Anne was seated across from me and noticed the hickey on my neck; she looked at my neck and pointed to hers, she asked, “You had a good night last night then.”

I smiled broadly and said, “Yes I had a great time.”

As we continued to chat I heard the front door open and close. Anne looked at me and said, “That’ll be Dave.”

Dave was Anne’s hubby; I’d not met him before.

The sound of a few steps on the wooden floor, and then the door to the lounge opened and in popped Dave; the ‘boy stud’ from last night.

I took a deep gulp, and we both turned white as ghosts as Anne introduced us to each other.

Well, we shook hands and said hello, but I felt so embarrassed; generally not my character at all, nothing phased me, usually.

The way we froze must have looked weird and Anne asked, “Have you two met before?”

Dave was still transfixed to me and I looked at Anne and said, “No I think I would recognise this handsome man if I had seen him before.”

I squeezed Dave’s hand as I let go of it. He seemed to ‘wake up’ and looked at Anne and said, “Oh… no… no I’m pleased to meet you Alice.”

Anne asked me to sit down, but I made an excuse to leave and went home.

The next week went so slowly, work was busy but with my mind elsewhere, like on Dave’s cock, it could not get to Friday quick enough.

The one thing that got my pussy wetter was when I thought of Dave’s black friend being part of the act. I wondered a lot, all week if he and Dave were up for a challenge.

It was Friday; I had Anne’s number so I called her. I wanted to make sure Dave was going to be at the pub, but I obviously could not ask Anne that directly. So I made out I called to see how she was and how she was getting on with her new job, just girly chat.

But I slipped in a query to her and asked if she was busy that night. She said she was not as Dave was out with his mates and she was on her own. Anne asked if I wanted to come round but I apologised and said I was already occupied with something that night.

So Dave was going to be where he said, I just hoped that his black friend was going to be there.

I finished off a bit earlier at work and rushed home. I set about preparations to my body for a good night out. I ran a hot bath while I cleaned myself up from my unwanted body hair from the usual girlie places.

Everywhere from toes to shoulders, my long legs, under my arms, but I gave special attention to my pussy, smooth as a babies… well, you know.

I took a long soak, I fingered myself but not to orgasm, I wanted to save that and hopefully more of them for later.

I did my hair; it took a while, its frizzy blond, shoulder length. I massaged lotion into my fit body and I put on some light makeup and I added my body scent. Before I put any clothes on I looked in the full length mirror, god I looked good enough to fuck, even if I did say so myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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