The Real Thing

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I’d just finished fucking my artificial vagina Mk4. It was my best yet — a soft but tight concoction of foam and soft plastic bags all mounted in a plastic tube which I taped in place on my bunk. The addition of warm water was a stroke of genius if you don’t mind me saying so — it added weight, warmth and the kind of soft wetness that was almost like the real thing. The real thing — a nice tight pussy mmmmm.

It was an odd thing to turn my intellect to I know. But when you’re miles away from the real thing surrounded by what, with the best will in the world as I am one of them, could best be described as geeks. Rock geeks, ice geeks, biology geeks, even the female staff counted as geeks and not one of them was a likely candidate for a quiet grope let alone a full blooded fuck. Hence the artificial pussy — better than another right-hand job and not as good as the real thing but it was all I had. I suppose I was lucky really. Being a senior researcher did give me the privilege of my own, albeit rather small, bunk room. Much more private than the doubles the more junior staff had to share.

We tended to work 10 to 12 hours a day but that still left plenty of time for recreation and the creative activities. Some people took up photography or painting. I took up making pretend pussies to fuck as the best way to keep sane on this bleak island where summer was like winter anywhere else.

Sure the work was interesting but 12 hours a day was enough. I needed more and the conversation soon flagged as my colleagues were only really interested in their work and that was what I wanted to get away from. A few people used the small gym we set up to try to keep fit but most just gave up on any exercise other than that their research demanded of them.

Every three months the supply ship would arrive to rotate those who’d finished their research. For a few days afterwards it was great. New people, new supplies and a fresh mix of personalities. But the new people soon settled down to the research routine and became like all the rest. The latest batch did contain one interesting person though. Robert was a recent PhD and must have been 25 or so. He was not like most of the others in that he didn’t just talk about work. In fact he was quite happy to talk about his travels and his other hobbies so I spent quite lot of time chatting to him in the mess. Like I said to all the new arrivals “If there’s anything I can help you with just let me know.”

A few weeks later I was in my cubicle. A knock on the door.

“Dr Lander?”

“Robert. Come in, sit down, and you can drop the ‘Doctor’ just plain Paul will do.

“OK, thanks.

“What can I do for you?”

“Well to be honest I’m not sure. My work is OK, going well I fact but I just don’t feel I’m really fitting in here.”

“Of course you are Robert. Everyone gets on with you and that’s the most important thing in a small community like this.

“Yes I think that’s right but it all seems so, I don’t know, cold. People just exist in their own little research vacuums and that’s all there is.”

“Well if you wanted to build warm and loving relationships this is not the place you’ll find them — you know what academics are like. They are the same the world over in my experience.”

“But you’re not like that. We can talk other stuff as well as work.”

“I know how you feel. Sometimes it drives me nuts too.”

“How do you cope? You’ve been here for nearly a year haven’t you?

“10 months, 13 days to be exact.” I said. In the back of my mind my artificial pussy smiled at me. “Exercise.” I added.

“In the gym?”

“Yes.” I said, a little too quickly to push my lovely soft foam pussy back into its secret place. “In the gym. A routine. Takes your mind off the day to day stuff and helps you sleep too if you work at it.”

“Will you show me? I’ve never done any gym before.”

“If you’re sure, you’re welcome to join me and we can work out a program. Don’t get your hopes up too much though – the equipment we have here is pretty basic.”

“What should I wear?”

“Oh just shorts and a t-shirt will be fine.”

We agreed to meet after work that day.

‘Gym’ was a pretty grand description for the small room we had set aside for the few pieces of equipment we had but it was a distraction and that’s what we both needed.

Robert arrived a few minutes after me, dressed in long trousers and a t-shirt.

“I’m a bit embarrassed as I didn’t actually bring any shorts as it’s so cold here, but if it’s OK with you I’ll wear my boxers. They are quite decent!”

“No problem, wear what you are comfortable with.” He undid the flies of his trousers and stepped out of them to reveal some quite tight cotton boxers that managed to emphasise his bulge and his already quite fit backside. He didn’t look like he needed to work out to me. His broad shoulders and flat stomach completed the picture of a fit young guy — the kind of body I’d had ten years before.

We started off with the basic stuff, warm-ups, stretches yalova escort and breathing exercises. While he was stretching I was presented with a fairly close up image of his under shorts stretched tightly over his butt and his manly bulge. It wasn’t that I fancied him, I was never into men, but there’s something about a fit young body, male or female, that makes you look. So I looked. As he warmed up small damp patches of sweat began to appear under his arms and down the back of his shorts and I could sense a definite manly smell in the room.

We moved onto the machines. I showed him what to do and how to build up the reps as time went on so he didn’t strain himself. This meant working closer to him and on occasions we’d accidentally touch. The first time this happened he just smiled at me and raised his eyebrows slightly as if to say “Sorry, it happens you know.”

On one machine he had to lie face down and lift a weight with his legs. I stood beside him quite fascinated with the tendons and muscles moving in his legs, back and butt. His cheeks clenched into hard roundness and relaxed into softer globes as he pumped the weight. Then it was my turn and as I raised and lowered my legs Robert stood where I had stood and I had the peculiar sensation that he was watching my butt as I’d watched his. It didn’t really connect at the time. I just thought it was all idle curiosity and we carried on the workout until we had both had enough.

The shower room had separate cubicles but after he had showered he walked naked to the bench where he’d left his clothes. His butt was firm, white and beautifully rounded — quite a work of art I thought, he should be proud of it. As I watched he started to towel himself dry and as he rubbed his shoulders he turned towards me saying, “Thanks Paul, that was great. I hope it wasn’t a bore for you.”

“Umm no.” I said caught slightly off guard. Now I had a full view of his cock and balls surrounded by fine dark hair. “Anytime is OK with me. Like I said if there’s anything I can do to help…”

“Well tomorrow then? If its not too much trouble?”

“No that would be great. Look forward to it. Its good to have the company.”

We left then and I returned to my room. It wasn’t long before I took my pretend pussy from her hiding place and my lubricated cock was sliding effortlessly into her tight foam embrace. Usually I made it last as long as I could, savouring the joy of thrusting my hips against a firm object with a nice tight hole to stimulate my cock. Tonight was different though. I found that as I gently fucked, my mind was not thinking of an ex-girlfriend’s pussy but of her sexy little butt which once when we’d had a few drinks she’d let me fuck. She’d come like a train after a few minutes of butt fucking and so had I, filling her with my cum, but when we sobered up in the morning she’d said she didn’t want to do it again. No explanation and no discussion just a straight ‘no’.

With those lovely sexy thoughts I came and pumped my load into her absent anus with quiet grunts and thrusts. I was more satisfied than I had been for ages and rolled over and fell asleep with my cock still in my artificial pussy / butt.

I woke early in the morning and felt the tightness round my cock. I was immediately excited and in my drowsy state I fucked slowly while my mind drifting over various sexy cunts and butts I’d been in or would like to have. In my sleepy state it didn’t occur to me that my mind had drifted to a male bum. Tight, white male buttocks encased in close fitting under pants… Robert’s butt. The kinkiness of it made my cock harder and this made my artificial butt tighter and more exciting. I daydreamed of fucking his arse and it wasn’t long before I came, pumping my semen into the oiled plastic lining like it was a condom. Afterwards I fell asleep again, smiling to myself at my kinky thoughts about my colleague’s backside. If only he knew!

Robert and I carried on our workouts becoming better friends all the time only now when he was face down on the bench I was looking with more than academic interest. I was imagining what my artificial anus would feel like as soon as I got back to my room. At one stage I had to turn round because my own cock was beginning to stir in my shorts and I had half a hard-on. Now had he seen that, it would have been embarrassing. I had to be careful in the shower too as I didn’t want to be caught looking at his dreamy bum.

Things would have continued like that until I rotated out a month or so later, but you know fate has a way of buggering things up. Well in the circumstance that was an appropriate choice of words I suppose.

The quiet knock on my door came an hour or so after a workout. Robert stood there looking a little, well un-relaxed.

“Robert, come in. What can I do for you?” He stepped into the room and I pointed to the only chair while I sat on my bed.

“Paul, you said once that if there’s anything I needed to ask.”

“Of course. I consider us edirne escort friends, so ask away. What is it?”

“Its kind of embarrassing. I don’t know what you will think.”

“Well you’ll never know until you tell me. Anything you say here will be in confidence, you do know that don’t you?” This seemed to reassure him.

Suddenly he blurted out, “Erm it’s about sex. What do you do about sex?”

“What?” I said rather taken aback.

“Look can I be honest with you? You’ve been here longer than I have. You seem like the same kind of guy as me but you seem to have it all under control. I have been going nuts lately. I guess I need sex but none of the women here seem to be the type.”

“Amen to that!” I said.

“So what do you do? I mean masturbating is OK but it is a bit limited.”

“Christ Robert what a question!” He stood up suddenly.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll just work it out I suppose.”

“No its all right. I was just a bit surprised that’s all. Sit down — its OK”

“Really? You don’t think I’m stupid? Only I get so frustrated you know?”

“Yes I know. Me too”

“So how do you cope? Are you secretly shagging one of the women?”

“The chance would be a fine thing, but I don’t think any of them are interested.” My mind turned over the possibilities of telling him about my secret sex toy. How embarrassing to admit that me a grown man was fucking foam and plastic. But he looked so mournful sitting there, so I told him.

He looked a bit surprised and then to my surprise said. “Could I see it?” What could I do? I had nothing left to lose and he did seem quite interested. I reached into the cupboard and pulled it out.

“There,” I said. “That’s my Mk 4 — the improved version.” He looked at it for a while and then shocked me again.

“What do you think about when you’re … using it?” My reaction must have been a bit more obvious than I wanted because he looked at me with a sudden awareness.

“I think about fucking pussies and well other stuff as well.”

“Other stuff?”

“Yes. Sort of more kinky stuff.”

“What sort of things?” I noticed his breath had quickened a little.

“Well I had this girlfriend and just once she let me, you know, fuck her … butt.” There I’d said it. Robert was sitting up alert and tense. His trousers showed a healthy bulge between his legs which I was sure hadn’t been there before.

“Was it good?”

“It was fucking amazing. Tight, kinky, taboo, sexy. It was incredibly horny.” Now my cock was starting to get stiff at the thought of it. The atmosphere in the room was tense with sexual excitement.

“Paul I don’t know how to say this, but instead of your artificial pussy… what about the real thing?”

“That would be lovely but none of the women here would be interested.”

“I wasn’t thinking of the women…” And his look said it all.

“You mean.. you? You and me?”

“Yes. If you don’t want to I will understand. Only when we’ve been working out and in the shower I noticed your body and you looking at me and I’ve been thinking about you so I just thought…” He trailed off.

I was dumbfounded. Had I been that obvious? What to do. A decision to be made. The tension hung in the air as he looked at me and I looked at him. His broad shoulders, his trim waist and the tightness between his legs. What the hell. I was broad-minded and randy as hell. Why not?

“OK.” I said.

“OK?” He grinned.

“Yes OK. We can see what happens. It could be fun.” He smiled and relaxed.

“Wow! That’s so cool. I was so unsure but I had to ask, to offer..”

“To offer?”

“Yes to offer you my, you know, my body.”

“You want me to, to … fuck you?”

“Yes and I’ll do it to you too if you want.” What amazed me was how my cock jumped and by butt twitched when he suggested fucking me. I’d never thought of it before but the sexually charged feeling in that room made it all seem so obvious. Of course I wanted to feel his hard cock between my legs and sliding up my bum. Of course I did.

There was an embarrassed silence as neither of us knew what to do next.

“How shall we start? I don’t have any experience with another guy Robert. Do you?”

“Well yes, a little. When I was young there was this chap at uni who liked to play boys and girls he called it. Sometimes he was the girl and sometimes I was. We just used to lay there with our cocks between each other’s legs — no actual fucking but it was a nice feeling when he squeezed my bum.”

“Wow that’s so sexy!”

Robert stood up and held my arms. “We could start like this.” He said, taking my hand and placing it on his semi-erect cock. It felt beautiful growing hard under in my palm. I rubbed him through the thin material of his trousers and he smiled and started to move against my hand. Then I had an idea.

“I want to watch you fuck my artificial pussy Robert. I want to watch your butt pushing and tensing and maybe erzurum escort help it along a bit.”

“You’re right, you are kinky. That would be cool.” He laughed. I poured a little massage oil into the pussy and placed it on the bed while he stripped off. Robert knelt over it and I massaged his cock until pulling back his foreskin I told him to push forward and watched as his cock slide into the tight gap. It was really quite sexy to see another man’s hardness penetrating ‘my’ pussy and soon he was thrusting slowly in and out while I watched his beautiful round cheeks tensing, thrusting and withdrawing. I was soon naked too and kneeling behind him massaging his cheeks while he fucked with long slow motions. I stroked his cheeks and gently teased his anus with a finger. He moaned a little and told me it felt good.

My cock was rock hard now so I knelt up a little so that it was pointing between his cheeks. Pouring a little oil onto it I moved forward so suddenly as he drew back from his fucking my cock slide along the length of his smooth crack between his cheeks. We both gasped at the hard velvet of the contact. He spread his legs a little and I moved so my cock was now under his balls as he continued to fuck the pussy. My cock has now sliding from over his balls and right up over his anus. He wriggled and I noticed his little brown star was contracting and opening, winking an invitation. I moved so the tip of my cock caught in his anus. He immediately stopped thrusting and reached back to pull his cheeks apart.

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Yes, yes I want it. I’m nearly coming and I want to feel it in me.”

[‘…tight, hot and so very fuckable…] He moved slowly back and forward titillating his cock in the pussy and my cock in his anus. The tip pushed open his tight little ring — god that felt good — easing its way into him with small pushes and pressures. Now he was head down on my bed with his bum in the air, his cock in the pussy and my cock questing for entrance into his virgin backside. He pushed back and relaxed his muscles and suddenly the head of my cock popped into his arse.

Wow! I nearly came there and then. It was so much better than the pussy. He was right, this was the real thing — warm, responsive and the aroma of his warm body and its arousal just blew me away. I slid in further. The inside of his anus felt smooth, tight, hot and so very fuckable. He jumped a little as the thickest part of my cock pressed into his sphincter but I was gentle and eased out and in, fucking him with half my cock and already knowing I wasn’t going to last long.

“Robert that’s so fucking good!” I gasped.

“Yes, yes it is, I want it all in.” He panted as he started to fuck the pussy harder. The movement relaxed and opened his anus and with the sudden easing my cock slid full length into his sexy arsehole. I gasped again. Oh that feeling! The smooth strong roundness of his cheeks against my lower stomach. My balls pressed against his. The sweet clamp around my cock.

The power in his body as he fucked the pussy and in rhythm fucked me back as I fucked him. The slippery smoothness of the inside of his backside was too much. The feeling of pressure slowly reached up to the end of my cock and exploded in spurt after spurt each supported by a new thrust deep into his virgin taboo hole.

I heard him grunting and felt his own spasms as he squeezed his arse cheeks together and pumped his cum into the artificial pussy, milking my cock as he did so. I kept coming and pumping and grunting and fucking his beautiful arse. And he was right – it was the real thing, much better than the Mk 4 and, I admitted to myself later, better than my girlfriend’s soft bottom. His was firmer, fuller, fitter and well, just more fuckable.

Well that was the first time we fucked. Later when we recovered he played with my cock and I his, but we didn’t fuck again until the next morning when he slide his delightful cock between my cheeks and popped my anal cherry as I lay spread eagled over a deep pillow on my bunk. When I felt his smooth curly pubic hair caressing my butt cheeks as he slid in and out of me and his balls slapping gently against mine that nearly made me come right there. As it was he filled my willing arse with his cum and I came on the pillow without touching my cock.

Over the next few weeks we fucked as often as we could. We even made a double-ended artificial butt so we could face each other and feel our cocks sliding over one another inside. We generally fucked in the gym and in the shower and on one memorable occasion we met by accident in the store room and he bent me over a storage box quickly filling my bum with cum before anyone came in.

I spent the afternoon thinking of his cum leaking from my bum and wetting my pants and it made me hard thinking of it. Eventually we started to get a few funny looks from the other researchers — you can’t keep secrets in a station this small – so we limited our erotic encounters to my room after that. Mind you it may have been that we were obviously happier — both of us. The work went better and we were able to mix better with our colleagues.

At the end of that month my time was up and I was to be rotated out. I was due to go back to my university post and Robert was staying on to complete his research at the station for another three month tour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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