The Soccer Locker Room Pt. 13

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Now late Autumn, the weather had turned sour and many practices were moved inside. On this particular Thursday afternoon, Coach Alex decided to hold practice in the weight room in order to build up the team’s strength. With the season wrapping up in just two weeks, he knew the guys could take a break from the regular drills and cardio — they were completely in synch at this point in the year, after all.

All twelve members of the team and Coach Alex were packed into the tiny weight room. The small, concrete-walled room echoed with the loud sounds of dropping dumbbells, belabored grunts, and heavy breathing. In this tiny space, their bodies made the room hot and humid, smelling distinctly like the sweat of young athletes in their prime. Most of the guys had taken off their shirts, leaving on only their small, fitted shorts, half-calf socks, and shoes. Their bodies glistened sweat, shining under the overhead lights. The equipment was all wet with the sweat of its many users.

“Okay guys, huddle up,” Coach Alex called out to the team after an hour. Turning off the music, he waited for the guys to form a tight circle around him. “Fuck, you all reek!”

The guys laughed, smelling their pits and nodding in agreement.

“I bet you fuckin’ like it, Coach!” Jake teased.

“Look who’s talking,” Alex replied. “All the guys you’ve fucked on this team know you love sniffing armpits!” The rest of the team cackled, knowing first-hand that Alex was right.

Jake smiled, admitting defeat and being a good sport. Coach continued.

“Nice practice everyone. Hopefully tomorrow the weather is better and we can play outside again. But if not, make sure you bring your inside cleats. See you then!”

Most of the guys quickly grabbed their things and started to head towards the locker room for a shower. As team captain, Jake stayed back with Coach to clean up the equipment. Grabbing a washcloth and soaking it in cleaning solution, he started to wipe down all the machines as Coach Alex did the same with the dumbbells.

After a few minutes, Jake noticed that just two other players, Carl and Josh, were in the weight room with him and Alex. Standing in the corner, they quietly chatted back and forth as if they were sharing a secret.

Carl and Josh were both seniors on the team that Jake knew well after years of playing together. The casual observer may have assumed they were brothers, even though there was no relation. Both standing at about 5′ 10″, they were muscular and beefy with mid-length blonde hair and baby blue eyes. They were also both gay and rumored to be sleeping together, although no one really knew for sure. Oddly enough, Jake had never slept with either.

“Hey Jake, have a minute?” Carl called out, grabbing Jake’s attention immediately in the small space.

A little surprised, Jake walked over and joined their small circle. They continued talking quietly, as if they didn’t want Alex to hear them.

“Dude,” Josh started, giving Jake a serious look. “So we knew you had slept with a few guys on the team this year, but today Coach made it sound like you’ve really slept with everyone.”

It was completely true. Jake had slept with everyone on the team, except Carl and Josh.

“Yeah man,” Carl jumped in. “We are both literally fit gay dudes in your same year, so why not us too? I don’t mean to sound needy, but are you mad at us or something bro?”

Jake could see on their faces that they were genuinely surprised that he’d had sex with everyone but them.

“Of course not, dudes!” Jake responded quickly to try and assuage their fears. “I didn’t mean to sleep around so much this year, and definitely didn’t mean to leave you two out. Honest.”

Jake could see their faces release some tension as he spoke. “Most of it just happened organically. There was the hazing party, a few guys came on to me after the orgy with Coach, and I caught a few others jerking off in the locker room. Plus, I didn’t want to mess up our friendship by sleeping together or anything…or get between the two of you.” It was the first time he had acknowledged the rumors of them being an item together.

Josh and Carl smiled nervously and laughed, implicitly admitting to their sexual relationship.

“Okay dude, totally understood,” said Josh. He pulled the three of them together into a tight, three-way huddle, pushing their heads together and rubbing their sweaty bodies up against one another.

The tender moment was broken a moment later by the sounds of Coach approaching. “What’s the commotion about?”

Carl sprung free. “We were just making fun of Jake for having fucked every guy on this soccer team but us.”

Coach laughed, nearing the three guys. “Damn Jake, is that true? I knew it had been a lot, but didn’t actually know it had been everyone.”

“Well, nearly everyone,” Jake coyly corrected him, then playfully spanked Josh and Carl on the ass.

“I guess I’m still the only one who’s had sex with every single guy on the squad,” Coach bragged istanbul travesti jokingly.

“That may be true, but most of them just blew their load in you fast. I actually had sex with each of them individually, man!”

They all laughed together at the ridiculousness of the situation. At the same time, tents began to form in each of their shorts, quickly becoming visible to each other.

Coach moved so that he was standing between Josh and Carl, placing his muscular arms around their bare shoulders. “Well Jake, why don’t you just let these two young men fuck you? Seems like they want to, after all.”

Staring at these three fit, shirtless guys, Jake knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Beaming, he nodded while silently approaching the three of them. Jake first kissed Josh, wrapping his arms around his muscled torso and squeezing their chests together. After a few moments he pulled away to kiss Coach, who had just broken away from a kiss with Carl, before moving down to kiss Carl himself. Jake then leaned back, beckoning all three into a tight circle.

“I want you all to fuck me too,” Jake said, almost pleading, to his teammates and coach.

The three men wasted no time. As Jake and Carl returned to their kiss, Josh got on his knees behind Jake and yanked down his shorts. Josh grabbed Jake’s tight, rounded ass in his bare hands, massaging the muscles. Meanwhile, Coach Alex began to kiss Jake’s neck from the side as he reached down to Jake’s fully erect cock, softly stroking it. Jake moaned loudly, enjoying all three men feeling his body at once.

Soon, Jake felt Josh’s warm tongue on his asshole. He started by slowly circling the rim, tasting Jake’s post-workout sweat. But soon, he lapped directly at the hole, feeling just how tight Jake was.

Carl broke from the kiss and got on his knees in front of Jake. After stroking Jake’s cock a few times, he held the base steady and lowered his lips over the head and down the shaft in one long motion. Jake groaned as he held Carl’s head down on his dick, making him choke a little before allowing him to come up for air.

“Fuck, you two are incredible,” Jake encouraged. As they pleased Jake from either side on their knees, Carl and Josh held each other’s torsos as Jake squeezed their heads against his body from the front and back. Unable to speak, they moaned back to signal their pleasure.

Not to be left out, Coach took the opportunity to strip off his shorts, leaving him in only his half-calf socks and sneakers. His girthy, 8″ cock stood straight out, primed and ready for action. But he started slow, pulling in Jake for a long, sensual kiss. He then moved down Jake’s body, kissing his neck and chest before pulling up Jake’s arms to smell his pits. Fresh out of his workout, they smelled like the collegiate musk of the young athletes they all were. After having his fill, Coach lifted his own arms to push in Jake’s face, letting his player satisfy his obvious kink. Jake licked up and down one pit and then the other, savoring Coach’s natural scent.

“Goddamnit, Coach,” Jake moaned. “You smell fucking incredible.”

Coach smiled back at Jake, hungry for more, just as Josh and Carl stood up in synch and joined the close circle of men. Jake could smell his own sweat on Josh and Carl’s breath, their tongues coated in it from sucking his cock and ass.

Josh turned Jake’s head so that they were staring directly into each other’s eyes. “Seems like we’ve indulged Jake already guys…I think it’s our turn now.” A devilish smile came across his face before he pulled in Jake for a passionate kiss.

Carl yanked off his shorts, revealing a 7″ erection surrounded by short, blonde pubes. He lightly stroked his dick before spitting into his hand, lubing himself up. With his other hand, he reached under Jake’s balls. He firmly grabbed Jake’s asshole with his pointer and middle finger while resting his thumb on the taint. “I want to fuck your tight little hole so bad,” he grunted.

The last one still wearing any clothing besides socks and shoes, Josh finally pulled down his shorts to reveal his 8″ monster, a girthy dick with wide veins running down the sides. His completely shaved pubes made the cock look even more impressive as it protruded from his groin. Then, he pulled Jake backwards towards a weight bench, sitting down himself on the edge and bringing Jake to his knees right in front of him. “Let’s see how you take this big dick,” he said sultrily before ramming his cock into Jake’s mouth.

Jake opened his lips wide, letting Josh’s dick run deep into the back of his throat over and over again. He gagged, unable to fully handle it all but loving the experience nonetheless. He submissively took it all as Josh held his head down while gyrating back and forth into his mouth.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” asked Carl from behind, getting down on his knees behind Jake. Winding up his arm, he slapped Jake’s ass so hard the smack echoed through the room, leaving a visible handprint istanbul travestileri on his right asscheek. Then, he spit on his hand once more and rubbed it along his dick. Shortly after, his cockhead was pressed against Jake’s perfect pink cherry.

“Get in there,” Coach Alex encouraged Carl as he stroked in own cock to the sight of his three players fucking in their socks and shoes. Carl didn’t waste a moment, slowly but consistently pushing his manhood inside Jake. Jake groaned from both the pain and pleasure of taking a big dick, all the while taking Josh’s now forceful face-fucking.

“Oh shit,” grunted Carl in ecstasy. As his thrusts began, he and Josh made eye contact over Jake’s back. They smiled at the realization of their shared fantasy of fucking Jake. Then, grabbing each other’s hands, they used each other for leverage as they began to push inside Jake’s holes at the same time, making him airtight together.

Jake couldn’t believe it. His body was in a trance state, making sense of his friends and teammates using his body and finishing his slutty bender through the soccer team. His dick pulsated with horniness, even though he wasn’t even touching it. Despite all that, he wanted more.

“Let me stick my dick in Coach while you two fuck me,” Jake begged the others. Josh and Carl nodded in agreement, then turned to Coach who signaled his approval. In an instant, Josh stood up from the bench as Coach laid face down on it, spreading his high and tight ass cheeks wide with his hands to reveal his hole.

The teammates each took turns spitting on it, iteratively rubbing in their saliva while using each other’s for lube. Soon, Coach was ready to be fucked.

Jake straddled the bench, then lowered his body so that his chest was pressed against Coach’s chiseled back and his cock was rubbing right between his ass cheeks. Jake’s arms wrapped around Coach’s shoulders, holding them down firmly with his palms for greater leverage. He then leaned down to kiss Coach’s neck, whispering in his ear, “I can’t wait to cum in your hole again, Alex.”

Coach smiled back at him, breathing heavy with anticipation. Just then, Jake bucked his hips to reposition his cock for entry. Soon, his entire length was sliding inside Coach. They were each dripping sweat off the bench, wildly excited by the sensation and the knowledge that two more cocks would soon join the party.

Carl and Josh quickly resumed their positions: Josh was now pulling up Jake’s head to suck his dick, all the while letting his balls droop onto the nape of Coach’s neck. Carl, on the other hand, was now standing as he entered Jake’s hole. He leaned slightly over Jake and Coach’s bodies and mostly stood still, allowing Jake’s thrusts into Coach to also thrust Jake’s ass onto Carl’s dick.

The athletes grunted carnally, filling the weight room with animalistic echoes. Jake couldn’t believe the joy of fucking a dude while letting two others fill his holes at once. With every motion of Jake’s hips, his dick filled up Coach’s warm ass, and Carl’s dick did the same to his own ass. All this was happening while his head was being held perfectly still by Josh, who face-fucked him with abandon.

Soon, Jake was ready to explode. With his mouth completely occupied, he had no way of communicating his imminent orgasm except by thrusting harder and grunting louder. His grunts became like screams, but deeper, and soon the others noticed.

“Breed my hole,” Coach begged Jake.

It was all Jake needed. With a final thrust, his cock exploded into Coach’s ass as he rammed in his cock one final time.

“FUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” He shouted, finally pulling his mouth away from Josh. His dick spurted cum deep inside of Coach’s ass as his own squeezed from the orgasm, wrapping tight around Carl’s.

But Carl wasn’t stopping just yet. With Jake still inside Coach, Carl laid down on top of the two and pressed down their bodies. He began thrust hard and fast into Jake, showing them both who was in control.

“Fuck him hard, dude!” Josh encouraged his friend and fuck buddy, watching as sweat rolled off Carl’s chest and onto Jake’s back.

Jake could barely process the moment, still high from his orgasm and leaking cum into Coach. But he knew that Carl was getting close from the way his thrusts went from long and hard to quick and shallow.

“Are you gonna take my big fat load like the little slut that you are?!” Carl shouted as he neared the finish.

“Yessir,” Jake shouted back, almost begging for it. “Give me your cum, bro. I want your cum so bad!”

Carl thrust a few more times as his breath became short, then yanked out his cock and began to orgasm.

“SHITTTT!!” He grunted wildly as he long ropes of cum erupted from his dick. It covered Jake’s back, shoulders, and head, with some even reaching Josh’s cock in front of them all. After three ropes sprayed out, Carl rammed his cock back inside Jake to breed him directly. Jake could feel the warmth of Carl’s dick and cum fill travesti istanbul him up.

“Damn, Carl,” Josh said to his buddy, impressed. “That was quite a load.” He scooped up some of the cum from Jake’s back with his hand, noticing how it mixed and swirled with his sweat. Then, he fed it to Jake and Coach Alex in turns, letting them taste the product of their sex.

Coach enthusiastically lapped it up. “I think that will make the perfect lube for you, Josh!”

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Josh as the guys started to reposition. Carl, Jake, and Coach got off the bench so that Jake could lay back down directly on his back. Anxious to finally fuck Jake, Josh went to the foot of the bench and pulled up Jake’s legs over his own shoulders, giving him perfect access to his hole. He admired the way Carl’s cum dripped out, lubing it up for him.

Coach and Carl began to stroke their cocks near Jake’s face, who smiled up at the three men using his body together. In no time, both Jake and Carl had raging erections despite their very recent orgasms.

“Wait, get over here Coach,” said Josh. “I need some more lube for Jake’s tight little hole.”

Coach did as he was told, moving to Josh and facing him. Josh grabbed Coach’s ass from below, inserting his fingers into the hole and swirling them around to reach Jake’s cum.

Coach moaned, loving being fingered but even more turned on by the purpose. After a few motions, Josh pulled out two cum-soaked fingers and inserted them right into Jake, mixing together Carl and Jake’s cum for lube.

“That’s so fucking hot,” moaned Jake. “Fuck me with our cum lube.”

With that, Josh thrust his dick inside of an already warmed-up Jake. He groaned deeply as his full 8″ length slid inside, stretching out all parts of the orifice.

At the same time, Coach began to slide his cock into Jake’s mouth. Jake wrapped his lips around the meaty dick, tasting the sweat and noticing how it smelled just like Coach’s pits, his distinct and fantastic natural scent. Coach’s balls smacked against his forehead, in synch with the claps of Josh’s groin on his taint.

Coach and Josh smiled at each other as they fucked Jake. Noticing Carl off to the side, Josh had an idea.

“Bro, why don’t you stick your dick in Coach too?”

Coach smiled, liking the idea of yet another one of his players cumming in him again.

“I can’t believe it,” Carl said with a smile, immediately moving into position behind Coach. After sliding his dick up and down the cum-filled slot, he pressed inside. It was warm and smooth from Jake’s cum and Josh’s fingering, easily allowing in his dick. He smacked Coach’s ass, again leaving behind a distinct red handprint.

“Fuck me good dude,” Coach begged as he continued to thrust his dick in Jake’s mouth.

The four of them fucked in a long chain, with Josh and Coach filling up Jake’s holes and Carl inside Coach from behind. Jake looked up admiringly at them all fucking him in their athletic socks and shoes, noticing the way their chiseled bodies moved. Their huge pecs flexed up and down while their abs rippled with each thrust, making visible distinct six-packs. He saw the way Josh’s massive biceps expanded as they held Jake’s legs tight between their bodies. He was in a testosterone-filled sex dream.

“I’m so close,” said Coach, as Carl nodded in agreement.

“Me too,” said Josh aloud. “Let’s breed Jake’s slutty little holes together!”

The three of them began to pound so hard, it was almost reckless. Jake groaned as he felt Josh’s huge cock slam incredibly hard against his ass, pushing back his body hard and fast against Coach’s dick, already ramming fast into his mouth. He choked hard with every movement, spit filling his mouth and almost taking away his ability to breath.

“FUCKKK!!!!” Screamed Josh as he rammed his cock into Jake one final time.

Jake saw Josh’s body shake violently as he orgasmed. His eyes rolled back, losing control as cum flowed out to top off Jake’s already cum-filled ass. Just then, Carl orgasmed directly into Coach’s hole as Coach began to spray a load inside Jake’s mouth, their two bodies pressing down hard on Jake’s head as they filled each other up. Their deep grunts and heavy breathing were loud, as none of them could even fathom more words.

Jake felt his body become full with his teammate and Coach’s hot, salty cum. He loved being bred, savoring exactly how slutty he had become this soccer season. After about a minute, he noticed the three men return to Earth, as their breathing became less belabored and their dicks slowing the flow of cum. Finally, Coach pulled out his cock to let Jake speak.

After swallowing his load, Jake smiled. “Feels great to finish off the last of the team,” he joked while sitting up on the bench and noticing all the cum and sweat that had pooled up around them. The others laughed.

“You’re easily the most slutty team captain we’ve ever had,” said Coach with a wink.

“But we’re not complaining!” said Carl as they rubbed Jake’s back, feeling how sticky it had become.

“Yeah man, it’s definitely brought us all together,” added Josh.

With that, the guys collected their shorts from the ground and started to walk over to the showers to clean up after a tough double workout.

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