Dionysus Retreat, The Performance C

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As the two dazed wives stumbled upstairs to Floor 4, twelve studs of various skin colors, races, and cock sizes donned black head-to-toe monk hoods and slipped quietly up the stairs behind them. Floor 4, unlike its predecessors, was shrouded in fog-like billowing mist. Brandi and Joan encountered many corners and intersecting passages and soon found themselves too far removed from the entryway to find their way back. They decided with some trepidation to keep moving deeper into the maze. Each sensed that other shadowy figures were moving through the same passages, neither recognizing nor ignoring their presence.

Both wives felt a stark utter blackness around them, shapeless without outline or guidepost, neither beginning nor ending, and it proved a little frightening. So, Brandi and Joan continued their cautious progress in the general direction they thought they had been traveling. The only logic of conveyance in such surroundings was to pursue a series of faint distant sounds at times indistinguishable but at other times screams (more of pleasure than of pain). Eventually, Brandi and Joan saw a faint light, glowing ever brighter as they sped down a long pitch-black hallway. On each side they recognized the framed outline of oddly-named doors—Spread-eagle, JumboDog, Nightstick, Capstone, Lefttwist, WhiteZilla, Stretcher, Thirteen, Double S, Rebel, Doughboy, None-So-Fine, and Knotted.

From behind many of these doors, they could now hear well the distinct sounds of sex pouring out into the hall through louvered vents cut at eye level. Approaching a first set of louvers, the wives heard a woman scream out in pleasure, and they spied through the louvers a middle-aged woman on a very thick (perhaps 3 inch wide) black cock. Looking over her shoulder in the throes of another building orgasm, she spotted the wife-initiates, smiled and promptly went back to humping her pussy down the squat shaft she was riding. Beside her was a 50 year-old with gorgeous curly hair almost to her waist. She was on one knee also riding a big cock facing her partner (cowboy style) who reached up to pinch both her nipples. She too was starting an orgasm. Turning toward the door, she smiled a giant “wish you were here” smile. A third woman in the room they recognized from the reception. She was reverse cowboying with her partner planted all the way up her love canal and furiously rubbing back and forth across her clit. She too looked like a blow-out orgasm was about to erupt. Feeling like intruders, the wives quietly slid the louvers shut.

Then, at the next door, Brandi and Joan peeked in on a woman spread-eagled with her arms raised high and thighs parted wide, facing up against a wall. Down on her knees, a female companion was licking all over the standing woman’s pussy. Moans and squeals followed. It was as though the woman with her hands high in the air was in imaginary cuffs, and she had to hold that position. Her tormentor was feverishly tongue-lashing her partner. Both wives were intrigued by the lesbian scene, in part because they hadn’t yet explored it very far with one another. But they didn’t want to be caught snooping, so they slid the louvers back closed and moved on.

Joan slid them open at the next door. Neither volunteered a comment to her friend about the beautiful 45 year-old brunet impaled in reverse cowboy position on a black male sporting a giant obelisk of a veined shaft. She was leaning back on her partner’s chest. Spreading and raising her legs into an upright spread-eagled position, the stiletto red heels of her cork ankle- strap sandals pointed toward the ceiling. Just the tip of a foot long cock remained buried in her pussy. Brandi and Joan quickly slid those louvers shut. That scene was just a little too graphic a reminder of the foot-long black cock hanging below their massage tables that they both had been awed and somewhat scared by in St. Lucia the previous summer. Nevertheless, that image stuck in the wife-initiates’ brains and gave them ideas, just as Sonia had intended when she asked a Retreat member to take and then hold that pose ’til the wives got there.

As they sped down the hall, at one door, a peal of screams stopped the wife-initiates in midstep. When they peaked through the louvers of the closest door, each was somewhat relieved to see two white couples in the middle of a four-poster bed. The closer couple had just orgasmed, and their companions were working hard to catch up. The sounds in this bedroom exceeded the linear progression from two to four people; their sex talk and shouted exclamations of pleasure were so loud that you’d think they had all just come back from the first row of rock concert. All the exaggerated vocalizing reminded Brandi of her own behavior around Joan when they had performed in front of one another in St. Lucia. Perhaps women just liked being watched, exaggerated their own reactions, and then acted out whatever lust was on their minds.

Behind the next set of louvers marked ‘WhiteZilla,’ a 40-something woman wrapped mersin escort only in a long string of pearls was pumping her two fists back and forth along an enormous white cock the head of which she’d taken between her lips. The extraordinary thing was that even flaccid, this organ was too long for two fists. To cover it properly she would have needed three fists. On an adjacent bed, Lady Sonia herself was mouthing the top few inches of the largest white cock either wife had ever seen, more than twice the length of Stuart and Brock’s. The thickening shaft the size of Joan’s wrist was pointed straight at the ceiling, and it looked like the hostess from Level 3 was performing a world-class blowjob. Brandi and Joan had done enough oral sex on their husbands that each could tell Sonia was just moments away from receiving a mouthful of her partner’s cum. Again, the wives thought it best to sneak away quietly without disturbing the occupants. However, they decided that if Sonia was involved in these closed door proceedings, the Retreat must have intended for them to observe what was happening. They concluded that must be why they were sent this way on Level 4, and it was.

Long cocks seemed to be featured in this section of the hallway, because behind the next set of louvers, two long-haired beauties (one blonde one auburn) were taking foot long black cocks from behind. The blonde was stasding with a fishnet-covered leg stretched horizontally across a desk. Her sex partner was plowing at least 12 inches of man meat in and out of her pussy. The blond uttered the words,

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m going to come all over your big black dick!”

“Ain’t stopping lady. Couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Your so tight! It just feels too good to stop!” he replied. “Ah iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” screamed the black-haired woman beside them. “You’ve got to be kidding! Here it comes again, Ah Ah Ah iiieeeeeeeeee! That’s the first multiple orgasm I’ve had in three years!”

At the next completely quiet door, the louvers revealed two women one black one white trying on contrasting strap-on dildos, one white the other black. Using a floor to ceiling mirror, each was examining what the contrasting shades looked like against their own skin tones. The black phallus looked incredibly real. Brandi and Joan had to do a double take to see if the woman was in fact a man, or woman, or some kind of weird genetic combination of both? Eventually, their eyes focused on something other than the black pleasure stick, and they saw the tan straps the Caucasian woman had around her waist and attached to the base underneath her pussy and up her backside. The white artificial phallus the black woman was modeling looked absurdly long, perhaps fifteen inches. Brandi and Joan couldn’t imagine what that could be used for but they were curious enough that they agreed to ask Sonia.

The next door they checked had in effect acrobats behind the louvers. A couple was fucking in the stand-up position. The woman had raised one leg to point an ankle-strap black pump like a Broadway dancer might wear at the ceiling like a ballerina on one point. Her partner steadied her with his arms and then imbedded himself, using his big cock to push them both skyward. She would respond by sinking her full weight back down on his shaft by coming off her point, and then as he held up her leg, the mating process would repeat itself.

“Looks like fun, if either of us could raise our leg in a standing split like that. Seems to me you once did that all the time as a cheerleader, and wasn’t it Tyronne who in cheer practice always placed his hands just a little closer to your crotch than any of the white boys?” asked Brandi.

“You do have a good memory. I did those standing splits a lot back then, but not any more,” replied Joan. “My legs just don’t go up there these days. At least I don’t think they do. Brock and I never use standing as a position, but I’ve always wondered at times how a standing position would feel, what new surfaces it would touch inside, you know. How about you? Do you and Stuart get it on standing?”

“Not us either,” replied Brandi.

Joan continued, “Brock is so quick to bend me over and take me from behind whenever I get out from under his frenzied poundings, off my back, and get my feet on the floor, that I never had a chance to turn around and try some Kama Sutra face-to-face standing positions.”

Shaking her head and chuckling Brandi added, “Yeah, I know what you mean. Doggy style with butt high in the air and shoulders down makes for such deep penetration and causes me such intense orgasms that I myself also prefer being taken bent over from behind. However, I did see a picture on Stuart’s computer once of a big guy strong enough to lift his doubled-over partner with her legs folded back against his body, ankles on his shoulders. With his hands linked around behind the small of her back, this black guy bounced her up and down kocaeli escort on his enormous pole. That would have to be your role to play, Joan. You’re the pixie-sized sexpot who could make that work.”

“Thank you ever so much dear friend; I’ll remember that the next time I’m around a black body builder who wants to pummel my pussy.”

Brandi quickly responded, “Beginning to think you and I had better realize that’s just what could happen here tonight. In other words, better be careful what we wish for. From the variety in these sex rooms, I’m beginning to realize almost anything can and does happen in this Retreat. I suppose that excitement is what we wanted, isn’t it?”

Joan didn’t reply. She was already peering in the next set of louvers where two middle-aged Retreat members were reverse cowboying their male partners, one black and one white. Leaning back on their partners’ chests, both women had thrown their legs out wide. Each seemed to be enjoying her fucking immensely. The 50-something woman with sagging but still quite beautiful breasts had grown a clit the size of a lima bean and was drifting in and out of consciousness from the series of intense orgasms her partner’s huge black cock was triggering. Her 45 year old companion was just starting an orgasm and looked ready to crawl right out of her skin. Brandi and Joan lingered at this scene and hugged up against one another in the darkness outside. Hands drifted down to soaking wet mounds and then slid over to respond to a best friend’s aching needs. After several strokings and moans on both sides, Brandi broke it off, saying,

“We’d better keep moving. We’re standing in a hallway after all.”

“Oh! Yeah, right,” replied Joan in a wispy broken voice as she startled back to reality.

Behind the next to last louvered door erupted squeals of pleasure mixed with cries of pain. Looking in, Brandi and Joan saw three women, all of them engaged in anal sex. The oldest of the three, a woman of perhaps sixty was dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) in an eight-strap suspender garter belt made of black satin which attached to skin-colored back-seam black hose. A black silk robe covered one shoulder and one breast; the other massive (perhaps 40D) breast was mounded up like a mountaintop. She was crab walk backwards, supporting herself on her arms and feet with lots of help from the powerfully built black man holding up her hips. As she signaled, he slowly would impale her ass on his rigid pole, then he would lift her back up. They were moving in slow motion.

The next couple was in anything but slow motion. Instead, a black stud was standing on a desk table top pounding a 3 inch cock down repeatedly into the raised ass of a woman on all fours beneath him. The younger blonde’s facial expression conveyed some obvious pain mixed with great pleasure. The noisest of the three was a fifty-year-old woman in beautiful black thigh highs and seven-inch platform heels. She was reverse cowgirling leaning back on the massive chest of her partenr with her heels crossed at the ankle and pointing toward the ceiling. This position had rotated her hips up just enough so he could embed a nice 2 ½ inch thick cock in her ass. She had obviously done anal many times before because her expression of delight was accompanied by filthy encouragement to the stud in her ass, “That’s it! Rock me! Rock me on that cock in my ass! Do you feel my contractions? Flood me with your cum. I’m about to flood you with mine! Ah Ah iiiieeeeeeeeeeee!”

Finally, they were at the end of the corridor and each pointed to the last louvered door, suggesting they should take one last peek. What they saw blew them away. A beautiful older blonde woman was being fucked doggy style, fucked really hard, and she seemed to be experiencing almost continuous orgasms. Her toned body was in a constant state of motion as her peals of delight echoed around the room. The phallus she was launching herself back and forth on looked like a full-size salami! This shapely cougar was running her inner organs back and forth over eight inches of that much thickness every time her stud partner thrust or she counter thrust. It bordered on incredible. Both women stepped away from the door with a look of disbelief on their faces.

“How could she be taking that thing? How could it fit as big around as a baseball bat.” Brandi asked.

“Only could get it in from behind, I’d say. That way it would be pulled down by her body weight to the maximum erect rigidity. She could then just force her pussy back onto it,” opined Joan.

Brandi just shook her head somewhat bewildered by all that they had just seen but she noticed that Joan made a point of reading the name on the doorplate; it said “Doughboy.” Without telling her somewhat less liberated friend, a thought had crystallized in Joan’s mind. She realized she had found exactly what she’d come to the Retreat looking for.

It wasn’t something to be ashamed of. samsun escort Joan was really, really interested in again going another step ahead of her circle of friends in sexual experiences. As a high school head cheerleader, there had been all the heavy petting and then oral sex and then frenzied fucking. When her cheerleading continued in College, she had experienced sex parties at jock fraternity houses and threesomes with her boyfriend and a series of recruited athletes that would have shocked her closest female friends. Once she’d seen a prostitute at a ‘Rock the Jock’ party take on a bearded gigolo whose black cock must have been as big around as a drainpipe. Looked like it had to hurt, but the woman’s screams of pleasure had pierced the night, and those sounds had stayed lodged in the recesses of Joan’s mind until dredged up by what she had just seen behind the louvers. As a thirty-something, she and Brock had each had an affair (Joan with a much bigger-equipped male than Brock) but afterwards the two of them had decided they were more in love with one another than ever. Although they didn’t proceed to an open marriage, they each liked the idea of a wandering eye. It juiced up both of their lives to be “on the prowl” for potential sex partners who might be brought home for a threesome. So far, it had not happened, but both of them (especially Joan) were still perceived as really ‘hot,’ and so it still could.

More recently, she had enlarged her boobs three cup sizes from B to DD and again become the talk of the forty-somethings. Now at 53, she wanted to go the ultimate step — to be filled, completely filled by a big black cock. The idea had been bubbling in the recesses of her brain ever since the masseuse’s husband in St. Lucia had dropped his pants and hung that foot long cock eighteen inches away from her face. Returning to New York, she had not acted on that instinct. But Brock and Stuart’s arranging for the arrival of The Guide to Big Cock Sex in the mail had brought those thoughts back to the surface.

“That’s just the way it is,” she had confessed to Brock in bed the night after they had all met and RSVPed to the Dionysus Retreat invitation. It was at that point that Brock told her neither he nor Stuart had had anything to do with the invitations received in the mail. Joan was flabbergasted but didn’t know whether she could believe him. In any case, Brock had whetted her appetite even more with his immediate follow-up which was,

“If you decide to go ahead to arrange sex with a big black cock, I really want to watch.”

The closer they got to the end of the long corridor, the more Brandi and Joan knew exactly what they wanted to do next. For just ahead, on a circular raised red leather bed in a brightly spotlighted area, two people appeared to be energetically having sex on a stage! They both wanted to watch. Now closer to the action as if drawn like moths to a flame, they soon lost themselves in the reverie of the two Retreat members fucking one another’s brains out. Peering in even closer now from less than ten feet of distance but still a little back from the spotlight, both wives could see every anatomical detail of the erotic performance unfolding before them. And what they saw whetted their appetites.

A white club member that Joan thought she recognized from the Floor 1 introductions as Melinda Morris was riding a black stud with an insanely wide cock, perhaps as much as three inches wide. A Red Bull can was 2 ¼ inches wide; Brandi had measured. This male’s cock was much, much wider, simply enormous. Neither wife could tell how deeply Melinda was embedded on her partner’s monster cock. Every time she rose up the huge shaft sometimes staccato fast sometimes sensuous slow, the cockhead stayed hidden in the folds of her distended pussy lips. That seemed incredible given the full twelve inches they estimated Melinda’s pussy was travelling up and down. Brandi and Joan just hadn’t yet internalized the concept of sex with big cocks, but their education was happening fast. And they each wanted to learn more.

Higher and higher Melinda rocked establishing a rhythm of aching moans of need on the outstrokes followed by thrusting stabs of delight on the downstrokes. Then with an acrobatic dexterity belying her 48 years, Melinda spun about and rode her partner face to face. Throughout Melinda’s repositioning, her partner’s cock remained embedded within her and continued the rhythmic coupling. Shallow then deep, shallow deep, shallow deep in a rocking horse motion. Melinda’s torpedo-shaped breasts bounced on her lover’s chest and swung at his face. This proximity allowed a quick suctioning mouth to capture her tit in midstroke, garnering a new lusty grin from Michael.

“Didn’t think I could reach it, did you busty?” he teased between nipping at her buds.

Kicking off her heels and planting herself now on flat feet, Melinda rose at the point of juncture between their bodies and then squatted with her full weight and really began to attack her stud’s shaft with fierce bounces. “Finish me off, Michael” she entreated.

Grabbing Melinda’s hips with both hands, Michael stepped up the tempo of their coupling by thrusting from below like an upturned jackhammer. Feeling his frenzied pistoning to the core of her being, Melinda soon screamed out in orgasm,

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