The New Kid Next Door Pt. 10

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“What would you like to do today Ryan?” I asked him.

I could see he was thinking, both of us not really sure on what to do.

“We could go out for lunch? Go shopping? I want to buy you something to remember me is that okay?” I asked him.

“Really like I could ever forget you Tom.” Ryan said smiling.

“I want to buy you a piece of jewelry, your choice, but something really nice that you can wear for the rest of your life if you choose to do so.” I suggested.

Ryan only smiled, I hoped I could find something that would make him smile when he looked at it thinking of our wild weekend together. We had a light breakfast, a shower dressed up and out the door,

We decided to try the mall check out the jewelry stores in there, I did not want to make the choice for him I wanted it to be something that would make him see me when he looked at it. He tried on rings, bracelets, nothing that really caught his eye. We tried two other jewelry stores ending up back at the first one, the lady suggested a chain, Ryan tried on different ones, one finally caught his eye, a gold serpentine chain, it looked amazing on him. Ryan looked at it and then again, he had a tear in his eye, I knew this was the one.

I paid her for it, buying insurance if it was lost or stolen or damaged he could get the same or something similar to replace it. Ryan hugged me after I paid for it, I held him till he composed himself.

“Lets go for lunch Babe.” I said to him.

Ryan stayed close to me as we exited the mall, his arm intertwined into mine like I would leave him there. Ryan kept putting his hand to the chain to make sure it was still there. We found a really nice place for lunch our second date, we toasted to a fun weekend, to some amazing sex,and to the future, whatever it may bring.

Ryan still kept bringing his hand to his neck to make sure the chain was still there. We talked about his choices for university, which one he preferred to attend. Most were quite far away but they were much better urfa escort than anything in the area.

“Ryan you have to make the right choices for you, staying close to here is not the right choice, you need to attend one that will get you somewhere in life.” I said to him.

“But Tom I want to be able to be close to you, I want to be able to see you as much as possible.” Ryan said to me.

“Ryan you need to make the right decision here and the ones in the east are your best choice for you, I am not going anywhere, I will be here waiting for you when you come back.” I said to him.

After lunch we headed home, we got in the pool did some laps, we had a glass of lemonade then made our way to the bedroom. I hovered over Ryan kissing his lips, his cheeks his neck, down his chest, I lifted his arms, licked his armpits, then up his arm to his hand, I kissed my way to his fingertips, sucking his fingers in my mouth.

Ryan watched as I licked and kissed him, I went up and down his left then his right, I kissed and licked his chest all over, finding more sensitive spots that made him squirm. I kissed his abs, to his waistline. Past his cock down his legs down his calves to his beautiful feet, I went down one side and up the other, I licked his taint, my tongue slipping to his hole and lapping his balls.

I rolled him over and kissed his back down to his ass, I licked sucked and kissed his ass in every spot imaginable. I spread his cheeks and slid my tongue along his beautiful crack, Ryan jumped as my tongue touched his hole. I lifted his ass and spread his cheeks, such a beautiful hole, my tongue gently touched it, Ryan gasped, I pressed my tongue in deep, I pushed it in and pulled it out, pumping his hole with my tongue, Ryan was moaning into the pillow, I pulled his hips, so my tongue could get in real deep.

I pushed my tongue out as far as I could, I knew the spot that would make him cum for me, my tongue went around it, then finally landed, balıkesir escort Ryan screamed as I gently pressed my tongue to his magic spot, I slowly licked him, his body shook, his cock was pouring out precum, his balls wanting to unload. I pulled out my tongue and spit in my hand wet my cock and pushed it in.

I caught Ryan by surprise, my cock slid deep into him, his ass accommodating the intrusion I was pushing into him, I let Ryan have it, I wanted to cum and he was my outlet, Ryan was moaning groaning into his pillow.

“Oh Tom cum for me Tom, fill my hole with your juice.”Ryan screamed at me.

I grabbed Ryan’s hips and slammed my cock home, the intensity of it all brought me to orgasm very quickly. I shot endless volleys of cum into him. Once it subsided I did not wait, I flipped Ryan over spit in my hand and wet his cock, slammed my ass on his rock hard cock, Ryan flipped us over so I was under him and he could give it to me.

Ryan pounded his cock into me it was exhilarating to have him give it to me like this. Ryan held back as long as he could finally depositing a huge load of cum into me. We both laid there drained, our cocks worn down, my ass sore, the feeling inside energizing. I looked over at him he smiled, still out of breath.

“Swim?” I asked.

“Give me a few here Tom, that one wiped me out.” Ryan said smiling.

I rolled over to him and got on top of him, Ryan stared me in the eyes, I leaned in and kissed him a real deep long kiss. I laid on his chest this time, spread out on top of him covering him with my body. Ryan pulled me in close we laid there for about ten minutes. I needed a pee and a drink.

I pulled myself off of Ryan kissing him as I got up, he had dozed off, I gently got off of him and peed, he was laid out across my bed, his cock soft between his legs, his legs spread open his arms above his head.

I got in between his legs taking his soft cock in my left hand, I slid my tongue under trabzon escort the hood, licking up the precum left under there, the sensation of my tongue under his foreskin to much for him his cock arose, Ryan woke up.

“Tom oh that feels so good.” Ryan said moaning.

I sucked his cock into my mouth it now semi erect, I swirled my tongue around the head, holding his foreskin back with my lips. Ryan grabbed my head an proceeded to use my mouth for his pleasure. I loved to have him do this, his cock rammed me, I enveloped his cock with my tongue, his balls pulling in tight, I grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks. Ryan’s cock exploded once more in my mouth, I pulled back so I could get a taste of his wonderful seed.

Ryan got me off of him and got on his knees in front of me at my bedside, he took my cock to the base, grabbing my hips pushing my cock deeper and deeper. My cock slid in and out of Ryan’s mouth, from tip to base he could swallow me whole now. Ryan grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them more and more, something triggered for me my cock exploded in Ryan’s mouth. Ryan too took my load in his mouth not throat.

I picked him up and kissed him, holding him tight to me ours lips one together. Ryan decided on a swim, I would start dinner. Just as I was in the kitchen the phone rang.

“Hello Oh hi Terry how are you? Oh Okay, here I will let you talk to Ryan. Ryan it’s your Dad on the phone.” I yelled out the back window.

Ryan came in dripping wet.

“Hey Dad, yeah just got out of the pool actually, Oh okay for how much longer? Oh okay did you tell Tom? No oh okay here you can tell him yourself thanks Dad Bye Love You. Ryan said smiling at me.

“Hello Terry, Oh okay No that’s fine if you stay for one more day, Yeah I told him to call me Tom, Okay you drive safe see you all soon Bye.” I said as I hung up.

Ryan was standing in the kitchen dripping wet jumping up an down.

“One more day Tom, dam my cock will be worn out by then.” Ryan said a serious look on his face.

“Yes two more days your cock will be worn out by the time I am done with you.” I said as I grabbed him and kissed him.

“You go swim Mister I have to prepare dinner for us, and get a towel to wipe this floor you got all wet.” I ordered him

“Yes Sir right away Sir.” Ryan laughed and saluted me.

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