Up for Air Pt. 03

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It’s about midnight when there is a knock at my door. “And as the archon of magi, looks down upon you- Oh one second. Be right back.” I get up, heading over to the door and looking through the peephole. I unlock the deadbolt but not the chain. The door opens a crack. Standing before me is Aaron, who looks annoyed and slightly drunk.

“Can I come in?” he asks, almost as if he knows I’ll say yes.

“I’m in the middle of my game, and I don’t know when I’ll be done. What are you even doing here?” I whisper, not wanting to wake up my neighbours. While the walls between apartments were thick, the hallway walls were not.

“Can I come in?” he slurs out, sounding a little more annoyed. I groan before closing the door, and undoing the chain. Opening up the door once more, he staggers in and I get a whiff. He’s not a little drunk. He’s very drunk. “Thanks.” He goes and flops onto my couch, as I return to my chair.

“Where was I? Oh right. The Lich Knight looks down upon you and laughs as he extends his hand, and says ‘Foolish little halfling. Little nuisance. You took my lord from me and now I will take that which is dear to you’ and I’m going to need dex saving throws from everyone in the room,” I narrate, to my party’s joy. I hear Aaron murmur something but my headphones block it out, and I immediately begin to feel a little self conscious about my excitement. The game goes on for about three hours, with the fight taking up that time. I glance over and see Aaron had helped himself to the pizza I had ordered like 8 hours ago, and to the beer in my fridge. After everything is resolved for the night, “Uhh, Next Friday, I may not be available. We may switch to a bi-weekly thing, if that’s cool with you guys.” Almost everyone agrees right away. Once everyone but one guy, his screen name is iCycle, leaves, I feel the urge to ask. “So was the session good?”

“It was great. I didn’t think you had it in you to threaten us that hard that early. But uhh, you dipped in narration just after the fight started. Everything okay?” I hear him ask through my headphones.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just getting tired was all.” Aaron looks at me as I speak.

“Man, if you want to commit to this podcast, I swear, I’m in. I’m fully in. You say the word, and I’ll send you the recording equipment and mic and everything you’ll need,” iCycle says. “You’ve been running this game for a year, and it’s been fantastic. Obviously I don’t think we should start mid-campaign but when we start a new game, that’d be awesome.” iCycle is the kind of guy that I think probably owns a house and has a full room dedicated to tabletops. He was actually the one who brought me into this group cause they were looking for someone to run a game, and he and I played in a different game together.

“I appreciate that, and yeah. We’re coming up on the end of Drowned in the Abyss. But I’ve got some groundwork done for my next game, I’m gonna hop off though. I’m ready to crash,” I say. He bids me a fond farewell and I pull my headset off and shut down my computer. “So, Aaron. What’s up?”

“You’re really all in on this nerd stuff, aren’t you?” he asks, holding a slice of my pizza. I had maybe two slices and this guy is on his fifth. So he showed up unexpectedly and ate almost the entire thing. It sort of upsets me that he comes here so late, knowing what I do Friday nights and then immediately gets upset that I wouldn’t give him attention he was here for.

“I like it. It’s fun. If you ever tried it, you might like it. Besides, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t all in on it,” I reply, getting a laugh out of him. One of his signature laughs of superiority.

“Yeah you came all the way to this university to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons better,” his smug tone corroding my mood.

“Well, it wasn’t because of you,” a blatant lie slips out of my mouth. We both know it. His hazel eyes scan me. I followed him like a puppy dog here. My parents weren’t happy about me moving so far away from home.

“Okay, dude. You tell yourself that. Bed time?” He gets up, heading to my room.

“Hey, where are you going?!” I follow him into the hallway.

“To your bed? That I sleep in when I’m here?” He speaks to me like I’m a moron. He opens the door to my room, and when I enter the door frame, he’s already taken his shirt off.

“I didn’t say you could spend the night,” I almost shout at him. I would at least if I didn’t see his muscled back, as he stretches and flops into my bed.

“You’re gonna send me home, at this time? You’re not that mean to me,” he grumbles as he undoes his pants. He’s wearing these bright orange briefs that accent his butt. It’s an electric orange that almost feels like it’s glowing.

“Fine! But you’re not sleeping under my blanket, I’ll grab the spare,” speaking as firmly as I can when I know I’m already folding to him. I go to the closet and grab a spare blanket for him, but he’s already curled up under my weighted blanket. Putting the blanket on the bed, I sigh before turning around and turning off Ümraniye Escort all the lights. I wrap up the last slice of pizza, and put it in the fridge before putting the box in my recycling bin. That’s the thing about Aaron that I suppress to myself. He takes so much from me. When it’s good, it’s great. He’s exemplary but when it’s bad, it’s like trying to fill a strainer with water. I can never get where I need to be because he’s taking everything he can get. It’s a beautiful storm with no ending and a cataclysmic level of destruction. After cleaning up the cans and getting everything sort of tidy, I head into the bedroom, flop onto the bed after taking off my shirt and putting on pyjama pants, and curl up under the spare blanket.

I feel several things as I stir in my slumber. Firstly, Aaron’s arm wrapped tight around my stomach, the weighted blanket overtop me. Secondly, him pressing himself against me. It’s aggressive, as he’s practically dry humping me. The most notable thing I feel is his lips on the back of my neck, kissing me. Not softly. No. There is intent. A desire. Softly, I moan as he continues to push against me.

“Just like your first time, right?” He whispers into my ear, sending chills down my spine. Back then, I just had a crush, and was sleeping at his cousin’s house, who I was friends with. He joined me in the guest room, and took my virginity like that. “Just like the last time we did this?” as his arm pulls me in tighter. His fair skin contrasted against my own. He laughs as I begin to gently rock back into him. Guilt immediately sets in when I think of Thomas. “Don’t worry about Thomas. We haven’t talked about being exclusive yet,” he whispers again. It sets my mind at ease. In this state of half-slumber, I lean into him, as he kisses the side of my neck. His arm slides down my torso and over my groin. In a smooth movement, he’s got my pyjamas pushed down, and my underwear soon follows. I don’t know when he ditched the underwear, but he’s pressed against me, and thrusting himself into my ass. Not to penetrate but just bun-fucking. He pushes on my back, rolling me over onto my stomach. He quickly mounts me, getting in position. His seven inch rod, nestled softly in between my cheeks and sliding up and down, the skin pulling at each other. I feel the pressure of his arm on my back as he leans over me, to the side table, opening it up, and grabbing the lube from it.

The cold liquid splashes onto my skin, causing me to whimper. His dick now freely sliding between my cheeks. I can feel his head grazing across my hole. It’s been a while since I’ve bottomed. The last few times we’ve hooked up, I’ve been on top. He leans down and whispers in my ear. “Do you want it? All you have to do is ask.” I gently raise my ass to meet him, and his head pokes my hole before sliding away. “Ask for it.” I push against him again, and he runs his fingers through my hair, grabbing what he can and pulling. “I said, fucking ask for it.”

“Please,” I whimper, and he shoves my face back into the pillow as I feel more lube be applied. Not a lot. He begins to put the pressure on my hole and I can feel the smile on his face.

“Come on, open up for me,” he demands, as I feel myself give way. It’s not a gentle insertion and I let out a cry of pain. He’s not thicker than I am but suddenly being skewered on 6 inches is enough to make anyone shout. He pushes my head into the pillow to muffle as he bottoms out in me. “Oh shut up, you’ve taken it dozens of times before. In a few moments, you’ll be begging me to never stop.” I can’t even think from the sudden pain. I haven’t had anything inside me for months, not even a toy. He finds his tempo pretty quickly, and begins to thrust into me. Fairly aggressive in his movement, I feel my bed rock as he begins to really go at me. This is what I meant. About us being a storm. Right now, it’s breathtaking. It’s beautiful. I let out a moan of pleasure and he leans down and nibbles on my ear. It’s what happens when this part moves on. He’s holding back, and I know he is. There’s only one way to get him to put more into it.

“Harder. Or maybe I’ll show Thomas what a real fuck is.” I feel his fingers grab the back of my neck and pinch as he begins to fuck me for what he’s really worth. There’s this effort.

“You stay the fuck away from him,” he says, angrily, the pinch ending. He pushes my head once more, as he gets as deep as he can, pulling out to just the tip and slamming it back in. “You don’t fucking talk to him. You don’t tell him a fucking thing about you and I, you hear me?” He spanks me and I moan, pushing back for him. “I said, do you hear me?”

“Shut up and fuck me,” is the only reply I can get out before he really begins to throttle me. If there’s one thing Aaron knows, it’s how to fuck someone. He keeps his tempo and it’s like lightning striking through my body. He shifts his weight, and I know he’s changing position. I feel his foot between my shoulder blades and it lets him plunge even deeper into Şerifali Escort me. Each thrust is a strike in a lightning rod that brings me life. I can tell he’s trying to come up with a solid retort, but he’s too focused on proving he’s better than me.

He continues fucking me in this position for a bit longer, before stopping. Taking hold of my foot, he rotates me to my side, and puts the leg up on his shoulder, before re entering me. In my peripheral vision, I can see his face. His typically snow-white skin was bright red, clearly from the effort he was putting in. His pouty lips were tight, as if trying not to let a moan escape his lips. Our eyes meet. Hazel eyes, which glare down on me, like this wasn’t about sex to him. It was about something else. He leans down, forcibly stretching my leg a little. “You can moan. I like when you moan.” His dick finally hits an angle that feels so good that it prompts me to moan. But I can tell what’s happening. His tempo is becoming inconsistent. His breathing is becoming erratic.

“Are you going to cum already?” I ask, feeling him push deep inside me. My answer is the warmth spreading inside me. At first, it’s that high of making a guy come from that, but then my body snaps to remembering the kind of guy Aaron is. This is where the storm comes in. “Hey! What the fuck?!” I shout as he pulls out.

“What?” He’s already pulling his underwear on.

“That’s not cool, Aaron. When were you last tested?”

“Oh, you’re mad about me cumming in you. You never actually get mad. Besides, I was tested when you made me,” he coolly replies, though it gets my blood boiling. Partially because I do hate the fact he dropped a load in me without even asking if it’s okay, and also because I haven’t gotten to cum.

“You haven’t been tested in a fucking year?!” I can feel myself getting angrier, and normally, I just compartmentalize it.

“Oh, don’t get all fucking high and mighty with me. You’re a bigger slut than I am. When did you last get tested?” I can feel the thunder echo in my mind as the wind shatters what is likely the windows of my glass house.

“A month ago. After you told me that you attended that dark room Orgy, which apparently you did entirely bareback, and I’m not a “bigger slut” than you-“

“You are. Any dude gives you a modicum of attention, and you open your legs on either side. You didn’t know who Mitchell even was before yesterday and you were giving it up to him already?” His shirt is on as I’m pulling up my pants.

“Oh, so you’re jealous? Aaron Park is jealous that I might enjoy someone else’s company. The fucking irony. You’re allowed to run around and stick your dick into whatever feels good but I have to be a good little sidepiece for you.” This is an argument we’ve had before.

“You know it’s different, Trevor! I have feelings for you, but I just don’t want to risk ruining what we do have. It’s not like I don’t want to be with you, it’s just you’ve been the most consistent thing in my life. You were there when Nicole dumped me-“

“Cause you cheated on her to take my virginity,” I feel pretty proud of that, honestly. It’s probably a sign of how awful of a human I am. To be proud to be a homewrecker.

“It wasn’t that. It was that you chose to fully take the fall for me. And then you were stuck around when Lee and I were a thing and you took care of me when I had pretty much stopped caring at all.” His tone is softer now. Not enough for me to forgive him for what he did. But enough to get me to calm down. The storm is over, as quickly as it began, with minimal destruction. Which is fine with me. I hate when it gets brutal.

“Do you have a problem that Mitchell and I hooked up?” I ask for clarity, simply for the sake of knowing.

“Well, yeah. I mean the dude lives in the Frat House. He’s the guy I have to talk to for literally any event requiring a photographer, so I’d really prefer you don’t mess with this guy’s heart. I’ve never seen him even bring a person home,” he calmly explains.

“And what if it’s more than a hookup?”

“You’ve had sex with him once and you think you two are gonna start dating, even after I just asked you not to fuck around with him. Unbelievable.” We both get up and head to the kitchen. “Where are my keys?”

“You were shit faced when you came over. I doubt you drove. And I don’t think we’re going to date, but I think I might like him, so if it’s mutual, I wouldn’t be opposed,” I manage to get those words out.

“You’re touch starved. You just want someone who makes you feel wanted,” He says, like he knows me better than me. There it is. The lightning strike that marks the storm starting.

“To be fair, I can’t remember the last time you got me off, so I guess that tracks,” I spit the words out like venom.

“Don’t be like that. You know you like how I am with you,” he scoffs, but I think deep down, I had gotten to him.

“I’d like it more if I got to cum.”

“And I’d like to have a bottom who isn’t constantly Bostancı Escort making demands. This is why I like you on top. You aren’t so fucking needy,” he groans. It’s part of the reason I prefer topping with him, cause if I don’t focus on enjoying myself and just race to cum, I can normally get off at the same time as him. “Thomas isn’t like that.” And like that, Aaron leaves my apartment, knowing, like I do, that if he stays, we’ll become a tornado of frustration and anger and destroy everything in our path.

I spend most of my weekend working on homework, Dungeons and Dragons and the Poetry Collection. Jamie comes over on Sunday night. She parks it on my couch and boots up my playstation to browse Netflix. After selecting some Netflix Original Drama show, we both just sit there quietly. Me working on my game, her just scrolling. She sometimes asks about the monsters I’m making. Other times, she laughs and shows me a meme. This is our friendship in it’s base form. We watch TV and sometimes we have a conversation. As the night progresses, and we lose interest in the show, I close my book. “You’re not going to ask?” I speak, finally.

“I figured if you wanted to talk about it, you would. I assume it wasn’t bad though,” she replies, softly, “or you would have called me freaking out.”

“It wasn’t bad. It was amazing. Incredible. Because somehow he’s incredibly gentle and also dominant. And he asks what I want and for consent to do things,” I muse, as I look at the first poem I had written. It was a free verse about holding magma and how it would burn and scar my hands, but I’d do it for as long as I could if it meant feeling that heat in the moment, even if it meant I’d never feel that heat again. I’ll probably revise and change it.

“Cool. So when are you seeing him next?” She puts her phone down, having just finally ordered food.

“Friday. He wants me to do a photoshoot with him. He’s got outfits for me and stuff like that.”

“Ohh, so you’re his muse too? That’s cute!” She smiles, her excitement infectious.

“Yeah. I’m- I’m going to get tested tomorrow after class,” I mumble. We both know why I would say that.

“You didn’t! Trevor!” Her shout catches me off guard.

“It’s not like that! He showed up here shitfaced Friday night, spent the night and Saturday Morning, he seduced me! He did that thing with my neck and spooning that just got me to melt.” I know I need to explain.

“Please tell me that you at least got in a fight with him after! Have some dignity, love.”

“We did. About a few things.”

“Like what?”

I take the time to explain to her how we fought about him not being cautious about STDs but still doing it bareback, and then Mitchell, which was the first time she heard his name. And finally how I rarely get to cum with Aaron. Afterwards, we just sit silently. I can tell she wants to berate me for even talking to Aaron. Which is fair. I hate that I even hooked up with him.

“I’ll come with you tomorrow. I should probably get tested anyway,” she gives me a soft smile as she starts the next episode. “So what happened last episode?

“Uhm, I don’t even know what show we’re watching.” We both laugh, as the episode begins to play. “Oh! I meant to ask, how is the hunt for a new place?”

“Fucking awful. My budget is so small for what I need that I can’t find anything.” She shrugs. “I might just sign my lease again and suffer for another year.”

“I’m a little surprised you haven’t asked me,” I say. It’s true. I have a two bedroom apartment because a high school friend was going to move in with me, and when I signed my lease, they backed out. So I’ve had a spare room.

“You’ve got this beautiful bachelor pad. The Young Gay Sophisticate vibe going and I didn’t want to whore it up with my OnlyFans stuff,” she mumbles.

“Well, I mean, easing up on how much I’m paying monthly would be a help, and I don’t think my apartment screams sophisticated. If anything, I think it says Gay Nerd Minimalist,” I reply, getting a laugh out of her. The only really nice thing I have that I bought and own that might say sophisticated is the coffee table, which has a stained glass top, and elegant metal framing. Sometimes, when my curtains are open, the sun hits it, and it fills the room with colour. Otherwise, everything I own is black, and silver and very muted in the room. “Also, you wouldn’t be whoring it up any more than it already is, because I do hook up, you know.”

“Are you sure, Trev? I don’t want to intrude.” She still sounds hesitant.

“It’d never be an intrusion. Tell you what, keep looking. If you find something you like or that works better for you, then you can take that. If you don’t then, you can move in after your lease is up, and then that way you aren’t getting taken for the highway robbery that is the condo you’re staying in, while you continue looking.”

“You’re the best.” She hugs me. I want to believe her. But then I think about Saturday morning. And Thomas. And Nicole. And Lee. And every partner that Aaron has ever had. And how he has always been a cheater. And I’ve always condoned that behaviour. I think about how I let myself sink to his level when we argue. And I realize how much I hate the person I become when I’m around him. Or maybe I just hate the person I’ve become in general.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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