First Summer: Letter from Kate

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This letter from Kate to Karen is a bit of a whimsical follow-up to The First Summer series.

If you are just here just for a quick read about sex and have not been reading that series, it’s probably better to bypass this story. While it has some mildly erotic content, you’ll find it disappointing.

It is really just a segway into additional stories with these characters.

Story/ Letter

Hi Karen

Thanks for the draft of your book covering your sexual adventures over the Summer holiday.

I note you’ve changed the names and been quite coy about the names of Greg and my home town. Still, don’t you think some people might work it out; people like, say, your mum and dad?

I must say, you and Greg got up to quite a lot in three short months; not that you should think for a minute a fair percentage of the population didn’t know what was going on. You are a bit noisy while lovemaking and those scratches on Greg’s back in January were more like gouges. The blood was weeping through onto his shirt for days!

I read most of it with a lady boner. Twice I was reading it when Wayne came to the door and he didn’t know what hit him when I dragged him into my bedroom, roughly ripped his clothes off and used him to vent my arousal.

Doesn’t it worry you so many people are going to get their rocks off over the story of your sex life. Maybe in any published version you should include a fold out plastic coated picture of yourself in a bikini for the guys to jizz all over and a mini vibrator for the girls

It’s always interesting reading what other people write about you. Of course I’m flattered by your description of me; indeed you’re so flattering of my appearance I think you must have a crush on me (just kidding kiddo). I think you underestimate your own beauty; you’re cute as a button – something I know Greg is fully appreciative of. And the only reason the guys were chatting me up over you is because I was putting out my come fuck me look while you were curled up in your “I’m spoken for and he’ll rip your face off” pose (as if Greg would actually resort to violence). Plus I’ll admit, guys being guys, the big boobs in the undersize bikini top may have had something to do with it too.

Obviously it’s a bit more distressing that the effect of my parents’ divorce on me is so transparent. It was ugly and my father was very bad; although my mother was not without fault herself. I worry I’m of the same genetic stock and I look at what they did and resolve to not let those same personality characteristics come out in me.

I think I’m of a naturally happy disposition, but I suppose I have to admit going through what I did has caused me to put up some defensive barriers where my love life’s concerned. I always hated what I did to Greg on that date night so many years ago. Why I did it I don’t know. I think I panicked; I’d allowed myself to go out with someone who I’d valued as a friend since primary school and who I might actually fall heavily for. Somehow I needed to get back to the position of safety I’d been in before accepting the date.

It’s easy for someone in my position to be jealous of someone like Greg – and you too – who come from such “happy families” backgrounds; physical 100 izle who have parents who aren’t just still married but actually seem to like and want to spend time with each other. As much as I’ve always fancied Greg, I don’t know that his background has given him the skills to deal with my sort of defensive barrier. I fully understand why Greg would recognise he and I might just have a falling out if our relationship went beyond friendship.

Speaking of Greg, it was nice to find my long term suspicion confirmed that he was still a virgin when he met you. He always had the easy ability to pick up girls, but from what I heard back from them, didn’t really seem to know what to do with them after he got them alone at the end of an otherwise pleasant outing. A few girls had told me they’d been out with him several times and he hadn’t so much as gone for a goodbye kiss.

I’d been tempted to offer him a friends with benefits experience to break the ice – so to speak – and maybe give him a few pointers. Overall I think it’s wonderful – and very sweet – that you found each other in pristine condition and got your sex lives off too such a great start. After all newbies aren’t exactly famous for making things work so well from the beginning.

It was distressing to me to read how badly I made you feel by flirting with Greg that day in the early days of your relationship. I’m going to come clean and admit it wasn’t accidental. I foolishly felt my friendship with Greg was being threatened. There’d been no shortage of girlfriends of Greg I had to accept before; but you were different. From the outset I could see this was much more serious and being from out of town, you were someone I didn’t know. In a silly way I suppose I was trying to show I had a claim on him too.

In an even more silly way I had tended to think of him as my life time backup. Like out of some movie, the romantic interest I could keep on hold in case nothing better came my way.

When I looked around and saw how badly you were hurting I felt incredibly bad; immediately regretting what I’d done. Thankyou for being so mature as to make sure we both got through it and became such good friends.

And you two are made for each other. I might have been drunk when I said you should marry each other; but it’s still the truth. I’ve never seen a couple so right for each other. As my two best friends I want only for what is clearly best for you.

Now for some more serious admissions!

So, you have fantasies about a threesome including me. Well guess what, in a way, we’ve already had two of them; slightly strange ones I’ll admit, but ones in which I’ve come even if you guys haven’t.

The first in a way you know about – the night you had to strip and shower me to put me to bed. What maybe you don’t know, because I haven’t admitted it before, is that I remember it well. I don’t know what drink or drug that bastard Henri slipped me, but you were right; by the time you had me in the shower it made me really uninhibited. But if it was just drink, it didn’t stop me remembering the next morning everything from the time you took my swimmers off.

And I have to say being undressed by you two while you propped me poker face izle in the shower was incredibly arousing; not helped much by the way you felt up my nipples and fingered me (all very innocently and with noble purpose of course) as you washed me down.

Still pushing myself against Greg and dry humping him was pretty outrageous. Because you were still washing my back it felt to me like a real three way; even if it was just in my own addled brain. I was really embarrassed about it the next day and greatly relieved when you were willing to brush it off.

It’s a pity you didn’t let yourself enjoy it more by joining in as I note you were tempted too.

The second time I’ve never admitted to you and accept neither you nor Greg know about it, even though you were part of it.

It was the night after Zoe’s party when we were all sleeping naked together in the car.

One reason I left Wayne behind and retreated to my tent alone was a suspicion that things would go wrong and I’d have a chance to take up Greg’s offer to join you in the car. It’s silly isn’t it; I gave up a chance to get myself screwed silly by a guy just for the slight chance of spending a mildly erotic night sleeping naked next to my two equally naked best friends. But by this time I was becoming painfully aware we were soon to be separated by the end of the holidays. It just felt right. Maybe all close friendships – even same sex ones – are based on a sort of unresolved sexual tension.

I could tell you were barely awake when you unlocked the door for me and you fell instantly back into a sound sleep as soon as you did. As I climbed in the car I found the space I needed to occupy was crossed by your arm. So I slid under your arm and tucked it across my chest under my breast.

Somehow that disturbed you enough that you shifted your arm so your hand ended up cupping my breast; not just cupping it but with your fingers placed such that my nipple rose up between two of them.

In repositioning yourself like that, you shuffled about on Greg enough that the hand he previously had on your bum, dropped down to his side – coming to rest on my mons. Yes, I know that when you saw it in the morning, it was on the top of my thigh; but that’s not where it started out. To compound matters, the turn of the wrist coincided with the peak of the mons so that, even though his fingers were pointing upward (and the hand relaxed, as you so eloquently noted) the hand bent around down between my legs into my crutch – putting enough weight on the area to have quite an effect on me. Of course, as I became aroused and my clit engorged it just increased the arousing effect of his hand even more.

If you might have wondered why I was so tired the next morning it was because for a couple of hours I just lay there trying to get to sleep with this massive needy lady-boner feeling between my legs. Maybe I could have shifted both your hands a bit, but I was scared of waking you up and in any case was enjoying it enough that I really did just want to fall asleep like that.

But I couldn’t.

So eventually I slipped my fingers around Greg’s hand and pleasured myself by stimulating my clit between my fingers and the weight of Greg’s prehistoric planet izle hand resting above it.

And just to show you how soundly you sleep, I helped myself along by covering your hand on my breast with mine and moving it up and down for some nipple pleasure.

I couldn’t help but curl my hips up as I came; which is what moved Greg’s hand over to the top of my thigh.

Mind you, I forgotten until I was writing this that you came too that morning, so hey, that makes two of us in the three way. It just seems to be Greg who’s oblivious to what’s going on with the women in his life.

Seriously, if you want to try a three way for real, I’m up for it. My only rule is it mustn’t affect our friendships; so you and Greg set the rules and make sure you’re comfortable with them. No regrets!

And as for you and Greg getting your rocks off watching me have sex with Wayne on the morning after Zoe’s party; hey, if you want I’ll send you a video – as long of course as you reciprocate with one of your own.

I cried again when I read about our tearful farewell. I’ve never done that before; in fact I don’t think I’ve cried like that since the time of my parent’s divorce all those years ago.

Greg has been such a good friend for so long; and you coming into my life just sort of completed the circle. I just had this enormous sense of loss; a fear that it was all coming to an end so soon. As you noted in your book, that’s how country towns work. The kids go away to Uni and one year they just stop coming back. I know we can keep up on social media and even make the effort to visit each other, but it’s not the same as being able to catch up over coffee with you every day.

And I want you to know that in a way you helped me make my relationship with Greg more complete; even stronger. After all had it not being for you coming into our lives I doubt I would have got to dance naked with him, let alone use (or is that misuse) his body parts to give myself a couple of orgasms. I’m not telling you any secrets when I say there’s always been a strong degree of unresolved (and unresolvable) sexual tension between us. Now it’s even stronger. His relationship with you sort of took away the last barrier in our friendship; the fear it might get too serious.

You asked how my relationship with Wayne is going. Well it is still going. I like him, I enjoy his company and we have great sex.

What worries me is this. I can write perfectly comfortably that I really truly love both you and Greg. You know I speak directly and I can rely on you not to misunderstand what I mean by that. Maybe apart from my mum, you’re the only people I’ve ever been able to say that about.

I’m not yet sure I can use that word about Wayne and even less sure I’ll ever be able to. I know the defensive barriers are up. Wayne comes from a broken home too so is more tolerant of the barriers but still there are times I find myself longing for the simple unthreatening affairs I had with my cave man style (as you rather directly put it); those with beefy bodies, small brains and simple penis focused needs.

We really should all try and get together over Easter




I had a lot of requests to write a threesome with Karen, Greg and Kate. Obviously it’s not entirely in character for these characters, but I have done so.

It will be published in the next few days in the Group Sex category, so look for it there. To make it easier to find, I’ll retain the “First Summer” series moniker.

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