Life Lessons

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Daniella was not listening to her teacher standing in front of the class talking about something that happened in Russia or somewhere a long time ago, she wasn’t interested. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she did last night when she was home alone, in that big house, with not a soul around. She wasn’t listening to her teacher, but she was watching her. She was staring and she couldn’t stop. She wondered what Miss Bella did when she was at home, feeling lonely. Miss Bella was very nice, and she wondered why she wasn’t married, why she didn’t even have a boyfriend. All the fathers of her friends, and her’s, always acted funny around her, the way boys from the school down the road acted towards her and her friends. She had large round breasts and Daniella was fascinated, hers were so small and pointy and she wondered if they would ever grow. Most of her friends had bigger breasts than hers and it sometimes made her feel embarrassed.

As she went over the events of last night, she didn’t know how to feel, was it wrong? Was there something wrong with her? She thought about Miss Bella, as she stood up there talking, doing what she had done. She saw her naked, with those big breasts bouncing as she moved back and forth. She wondered if they were the same colour as the rest of bronzed skin, or if they were whiter, like her own, where she wore her bikini top in the summer time. She couldn’t get the image out of her mind, and it was making her feel tingly, like last night, before she did it.

Miss Bella noticed Daniella staring, she was daydreaming, again, but this time she was staring at her. Miss Bella ignored it and kept talking about Rasputin’s role in the downfall of the Romanov family and the Great Russian Empire over all. But now she started to lose her concentration, she wondered what was going through the mind of young Daniella. She continued her lecture, but she couldn’t concentrate, she noticed herself becoming flustered, and she became increasingly uncomfortable. She glanced again at Daniella, a million miles away, in her own world. The afternoon bell would soon ring, but not soon enough, she ploughed on.

Daniella was startled as the bell rang, all the girls grabbed their books and pens and sprang to their feet, as did she. She couldn’t wait to get home.

“Daniella, can I see you please” said Miss Bella over the noise of the clearing class. Daniella’s heart pounded.

“Yes, Miss?” she responded coyly.

Miss Bella watched as the young girl grabbed her belongings. Her blonde hair hanging, her deep blue eyes sheepishly looking around the emptied classroom.

“Perhaps we should stay back and go over the lesson again”.

“Why Miss Bella?”

“Because you weren’t paying attention, there’ll be a test next week and I wouldn’t want you to fail. Come and sit up here”.

Miss Bella, was once again composed, watching the young beauty as she walked to the front of the room and sat at the desk in front of her own. She felt pangs of guilt as she thought about Daniella, she knew it was wrong, the thoughts that now raced through her mind. She thought back to that first night 19 years ago, in boarding school, with the School Captain, as they lay together, the touch of her smooth skin against her own, the feeling in her tummy as the older girl, naked, moved gently up and down her body. She again, like it happened last night, felt the wetness from her lover on her own leg as she slid up and down, and her hot breath in her ear, as the girl’s legs tightened and clenched her own as she climaxed. Daniella reminded her of her first lover, all those years ago.

Daniella now sat and listened to her teacher. She felt special that she was receiving her own private lesson, and she didn’t want to let Miss Bella down by failing on her test. They stayed back an hour. Miss Bella offered to drive Daniella home.

“Can we make a quick stop at the store?’

On the way home, Miss Bella chatted with Daniella, it was like they were friends and not teacher and student. Daniella glanced down at Miss Bella’s bare legs. nişantaşı escort They were tanned and smooth, she wondered if she shaved or waxed them.

Miss Bella pulled up the car outside the store.

“I won’t be a minute” said Daniella as she slammed the door shut. When she returned, she was carrying a feather duster.

Daniella holding the feather duster, thought about last night, she couldn’t wait to get home, but at the same time she didn’t want to leave Miss Bella.

“What’s that for? Doing some house cleaning?”

Daniella stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom and watched herself as she slowly pulled down her panties. She looked at herself naked and wondered if she was too skinny. She pushed up her pointy little breasts to make them look bigger, she wished they would grow. And as she touched them, she flicked her fingers over the nipples, and they went hard. She watched herself in the mirror, she felt a little ashamed, but it felt nice. She ran her fingers over her body and imagined it was one of the boys touching her. Was this ok, or was it wrong? She wondered if her friends touched themselves like this. She knew no one was home but went downstairs to check anyway, naked.

The feather duster was still in it’s plastic wrap when she found it. Her mother had just bought it but didn’t get a chance to use it before they went away. She took it back upstairs with.

It tickled as she brushed it over her bare skin, it made her nipples hard as it lightly passed across them. She watched herself in the mirror, as she put it behind her and rubbed it across her bare bottom. She noticed a smile on her thin lips, her cheeks had a hint of red. From behind, she stuck it between her legs, she felt warm and tingly all over, she pressed the feather duster up hard and she started to rock back and forwards. In the mirror her body started to heave and she noticed her stomach muscles. The feeling of the feathers tickling her, down between her legs, was unlike anything she had felt before. She had touched herself in bed before, but it didn’t feel like this. As the burning intensified so did her thrusts, she rocked back and forward with increasing speed, she pushed the soft feathers harder into her and she started moaning, with each thrust. She watched herself in the mirror, she pressed gently against it and the coldness against her breasts made her push harder. She was out of breath, letting out little yelps and then she came. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and she wondered if any boy could make her feel like this. She pulled the feather duster from between her legs, she noticed it was wet and she brought it close to her nose to smell. It smelt musky, like when she had put her fingers down her into her panties lying in bed, but it was a stronger smell now. She would have to buy her mother a new feather duster. She lay back on her bed and watched herself in the mirror, she felt delicious.

“No, it’s for my mother, she asked me to get her one before she went away” replied Daniella to Miss Bella’s question.

“Your mother’s going away?”

“They’re away now, they’ll back Saturday”.

The car pulled up in the driveway. Miss Bella was having wicked thoughts.

“Your brothers and sisters home?”

“No, I’m an only child Miss Bella, you know that”.

“Of course. You want some company for a while?’

Daniella just wanted to get inside and play with her feather duster.


Daniella reminded Miss Bella so much of her school captain, and she wondered about her now. The boarding school could be a very lonely place. That night she had been crying and her room mate consoled her. She came over and sat on the bed and held her head gently, pressing it against her breast. It felt nice to be cradled by her, the most popular girl in the school. She had whispered in her ear, she felt her warm breath, her mouth got closer and closer until it was touching. She kept sobbing just so she wouldn’t stop. And soon a hand slipped under her pyjamas and cupped her breast.

“You’ve şişli escort got nice titties” she whispered in her ear, her tongue brushing across it.

“They’re big” she continued.

Inside, Daniella got her teacher a drink from the fridge and they sat at the table talking girl talk.

Miss Bella there and then decided she was not leaving without seducing this young nymph.

The customary tour of the house ended in Daniella’s bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed and talked and Daniella asked her teacher if she waxed or shaved her legs.

“They’re waxed, feel”.

Daniella coyly put her hand on her leg and felt. They were silk smooth like she had imagined. She quickly pulled her hand away. It felt good and she liked it. It was wrong. It was then that Miss Bella noticed the feather duster poking from under Daniella’s bed. She pulled it out.

“You already had one?”.

Daniella went bright red, her face burning. Miss Bella went in for the kill.

“Is this your little toy, is it?”

Daniella turned and started crying, she felt dirty. She ran from the room, her head in her hands.

Miss Bella chased after her.

Sitting back on the bed, it was a kind of deja vu for Miss Bella, She pulled Daniella’s head to her chest, like her first lover had done to her all those years ago. She stroked her hair.

“I didn’t mean to upset you or embarrass you”, she whispered softly. “You should see my toy collection”.

Daniella kept crying, she didn’t want Miss Bella to stop.

“I’ll bet it feels really nice”. She kissed her on the head, as she stroked her blonde hair which now hung in strands across her face which was pressed into Miss Bella’s breast.

“I want to tell you a story, about my first time”. She brushed her tongue across Daniella’s ear and slipped her hand down onto Daniella’s bare leg, pushing her school dress up a little higher.

Daniella felt the soft caress of her teacher’s hand on her leg as she listened to the story. She had stopped crying, her heart was racing as she listened. She could feel her panties getting damp and she felt uncomfortable, she squirmed. She was confused, but she didn’t want it to stop. Miss Bella would stop whispering her story just long enough to gently bite Daniella’s earlobe. The sensation was unbelievable.

“How do you feel?” asked Miss Bella.

“Delicious”, she sighed.

The teacher pulled her pupil up off the bed and stood her in front of the mirror, she turned her around to face her reflection, then gently unbuttoned the back of her dress.

“Up” she said softly and Daniella raised her arms. Miss Bella pulled her dress up over her head and flung it across the room.

“You’re beautiful”, she whispered reassuringly. Daniella knew there was no turning back now. She was aching all over her body.

She wanted to touch the womanly body standing behind her but she dared not move. Her arms now hung awkwardly by her side. She felt her bra unclip, she held out her arms as the older seducer slipped it off.

“Are you sure we’ve got the place to ourselves”, Miss Bella asked jokingly. Daniella smiled and nodded.

“You’ve got nice titties.”

“They’re too small” Daniella now felt a little more at ease, but not much.

She could see in the mirror that Miss Bella was stripping, she couldn’t wait to see her breasts.

They stood together facing each other, their naked skin touching. They kissed, Daniella’s mouth opened and she could feel Miss Bella’s tongue. Those big breast pressed against hers, their nipples coming into contact. A hand slipped to Daniella’s chest. “Your heart’s racing” she whispered. She felt her breast being gently sucked into Miss Bella’s open mouth. She felt a little dribble down her leg. She could smell that musky smell again. Their bodies pressed hard against each other. She felt hands caressing all over her body. She let out a little moan, and a hand slipped down between her thighs, brushing her small patch of blonde pubic hair. Her mind was racing. She could feel her hard nipple being sucked mecidiyeköy escort into her lover’s wet mouth. She moaned again, louder this time. She grabbed at Miss Bella’s bottom cheeks squeezing them.

They kissed again.

Now, the older woman takes her young charge and pushes her onto the bed. Daniella lays down, her legs closed, her arms by her side. Miss Bella stands there looking at this young innocent beauty lying there, her eyes closed, her breath heavy. She bends closer to her, kisses her on the mouth, then her neck and again to her little titties. She tongues her way down her taut stomach which arches as the wet trail of saliva shimmering on her stomach reaches closer to her light patch of curly little blonde pubic hairs. She gently pulls her legs apart. The girl responds, she kisses between her legs, and then lays her body down over hers. She remembers back to her first time, she wants to come. She begins rubbing herself up and down Daniella’s leg. The smoothness against her cunt drives her wild.

“Daniella” she whispers, “open your eyes. I want you to see me come”.

She continues to rub her cunt up and down Daniella’s leg. She presses harder. She feels guilty that she’s thinking of herself only, but she’s driven wild and she can’t stop. She rubs harder and Daniella lifts her leg slightly. She starts to scream, her lips clutch at the lithe leg as she slides back and forth, her juices soaking it.

“Watch me come darling, watch me come!” she screams.

“Watch me come” she lets out a yell, her body convulses and spasms, her eyes roll back and her long dark hair flies about in all directions. Her thighs grip tightly around the soaked leg and she collapses onto her young lover’s body. She pants, and buries her head into Daniella’s neck.

The sight of Miss Bella losing control like that drives Daniella crazy. She has never before witnessed such a beautiful thing. She wants to come too. Like that.

“I want to come like that Miss Bella”, she says shyly to her teacher who is trying to catch her breath. Miss Bella, exhausted rolls over and lies on her back.

“You will love” Miss Bella pants.

“Come sit up here”, she motions towards her face. Daniella has now lost all inhibitions and springs up from the bed. She dangles a leg over each side of her teacher’s body and kneels over her face.

Lightly brushing her hand across Daniella’s pubic hair, she asks “What do you call yours?”

“I don’t know?” replies Daniella coyly.

“I want you to ask me to eat your cunt”.

“No” she replies embarrassed

“Yes”. “And like you mean it. Go on”.

“Eat my… I can’t say it”.

“Yes you can”. And I want you to yell it. And yell when your coming. OK”

“Eat my cunt” she says sheepishly.

“Louder, like you really want me to”.

“I really do”.

“Then yell it”.

She giggles.

“Eat my cunt”.

And with that her body jolts, and she screams as for the first time a tongue flicks across her clit and pushes inside her. The feeling racing through her entire body, and she thrusts herself into her taecher’s face. She screams out as the tongue presses hard against her clit. Then smack, a hand comes down hard against her bottom cheeks.

“Eat my cunt Miss Bella” she moans breatlessly, “Eat my…”.

Her body shakes and convulses, her legs bang uncontrollably against Miss Bella’s head and she loses balance and falls forward, she bucks up and down. “I’m coming!”. And then Miss Bella stops. “I want to watch you Roll over on your back honey”. Daniella obeys with exuberance. Miss Bella sees the huge smile across her pretty face. She gets up and kneels between the girl’s open legs.

She slowly licks at the swollen, dripping lips. “Say it again”.

Ahh, eat my cunt”. She thrashes on the bed. “Eat my cunt!”

Miss Bella looks up over Daniella’s heaving body to see the ecstatic look on her face as she bounces on the bed.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” She yells before letting out a scream, her body thrusting upwards one last time before collapsing limp on the bed.

The woman and girl lay naked on the bed, not a word is spoken, they are both trying to catch their breath.

They embrace and kiss.

“Can I sleep over tonight?” asks Miss Bella.

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