Camping Break

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I was sorting through my clothes deciding what to take with me. Two nights camping, in July, but we were in England, so weather was likely to be unpredictable. Forecast was sunshine and highs of 30 degrees C, with lows of 15 at night, but reality could change very quickly. We had acquired use of the camper van again as neither Sarah or myself had a tent that was big enough to sleep in really, and if they were offering a camper van for use then we snapped their hand off.

It was an average sized van, home converted; there was no bathroom, but it could sleep four easily, two in a full sized king double at the back which was raised up for storage underneath, then two more in two single beds either side of the walkway. Privacy was non-existent in that there were no curtains to divide up the space, but as I would be sharing with Sarah, it wasn’t really a problem.

I heard the front door bell ring as Dad let Sarah in. I listened to her come upstairs and tap on the door, walking in before I replied. “Hey, Ready?” she asked as she came in.

“Yeah, just finishing up,” I said as I finished packing.

I had opted for shorts, vest tops, some small t-shirts and a pair of jeans just in case. Footwear was simply flip flops and good walking shoes as we usually went for a walk during the day. The flip flops were just for at night if I needed the bathroom as during the day I would go bare foot. “You taking anything to sleep in?” I asked Sarah.

“No, it gonna be warm I reckon,” she said, “Gonna take a long fleece as a cover up for bathroom and stuff,” she added.

“Yeah good plan,” I said, “Gonna be a bit warm I think.”

“Should be okay as we can open the windows in the van, but yeah, I doubt we will need much for warmth sleeping in a double,” she said.

Her phone rang and she answered it. It was Chris, who was one of the ones we were going with, I listened to half of the conversation as I finished up packing, impressed that I had managed to pack everything into the single rucksack.

“Everything okay?” I asked when she hung up.

“Apparently the roads on the way in are hideous,” she said looking at me, “Bike?” she asked looking at me and smiling.

“Will everything fit?” I asked.

“I assume that is your rucksack and I have the same, so yeah, should do,” she said.

“Will ask,” I said as I headed out of the room and downstairs.

I had passed by bike test a few years earlier and although I never bought one, I was insured on my Dad’s. “Daaaaaad,” I said as he looked up from his paper.

“What do you want?” he asked suspiciously.

“Apparently the roads are really bad to the camp site, and it will take us aaaages to drive there…” I began.

“Yes, fine, just be careful,” he said looking at me.

“Thanks,” I chirped as I pecked him on the cheek and bounced out of the room back upstairs.

“Yep, we’re good,” I said as I dragged bike stuff out of my cupboard.

I handed Sarah a pair of armoured trousers and a matching jacket along with some boots and some gloves as I took my stuff out as well. She had bought her own stuff, but left it here as she didn’t have a bike, but we did go out fairly regularly. I watched as she kicked her shoes off and wriggled out of her jeans. I smiled at her as she stood squeezing her shoes and jeans into her rucksack wearing just a vest and her panties.

I did the same and pulled up the trousers, fastened the boots and carried the jacket downstairs. “Okay, let’s get going before I sweat my boobs off,” Sarah said.

We put the jackets on and headed outside. Dad had got the bike out of the garage it was facing the right way and the key was in the ignition. He was just locking the garage up as we went outside and he nodded to us. “Be careful,” he said, “Let me know when you are there.”

“Will do,” I said cheerily, “Love ya,” I added as I gave him and hug and a kiss before swinging my leg over the bike.

I was not a petrol head by any stretch of the imagination, but every time I sat on the bike it made me feel giddy in a school girl sort of way. It was a Honda Hornet, 600cc in gold. It was classed as a naked sports which always made me smile. Sarah sorted out her pillion pegs and as I steadied the bike she climbed onto the back.

She got herself comfy and tapped my back when she was ready. I started it up, waved to Dad as he stood in the doorway and pulled off the drive carefully. The bike was loud and I waited until I was well out of earshot and onto the faster roads before I opened it up.

It screamed into life as I always amused the child inside me seeing the digital speedo struggling to keep up, the front wheel going light as it cleared its throat. I felt Sarah behind me tense her arms as she steadied herself on the grab rails. Her legs squeezed around the tops my thighs as she tucked her legs in and lowered her head so her helmet was behind mine. She was a little taller than me anyway and the slightly raised pillion seat meant she sat a good head above me if she sat upright which meant bursa escort she got the full force of the wind.

“Child,” she said leaning to my left as we slowed for traffic lights.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied giving her leg a squeeze as I waited for the lights.

Sarah knew where she was going and in plenty of time before turns she tapped the corresponding shoulder for me to turn until we got into a queue of traffic. I Flipped up the visor and filtered down the traffic, both of us very glad that we were on two wheels. The start of the school holidays, a sunny weekend and a popular tourist route all added together to equal long tail backs, which we bypassed.

We turned onto the site and easily found the group we were with. The campervan easy spot, but even without that just follow the noise and loud voices. Sarah climbed off and took off her helmet as she got handed a plastic lid off something and placed it beneath the kick stand to stop it sinking. Carefully I tilted the bike onto it to make sure it was stable before swinging my leg over and getting off.

I took my helmet off, the ends of my hair was wet with sweat as I ran my hand through it to ruffle it up to hide the helmet hair. I took the jacket off and placed it across the seat of the bike. “Bit warm Fi?” Dave asked smiling at me.

“Little,” I said back puffing my cheeks out and fanning my top.

“Van is open, get changed if you want,” he said to which both Sarah and myself took up his offer.

Bike stuff is fine when you are moving, but in slow moving traffic or when stood still, the lining of them just seems to promote sweat, which sticks to you, and makes you sweat more. We wriggled out of them and put on some shorts, impressed with how cool it was in the van considering how warm it was outside.

We placed the trousers, boots and gloves along with the helmets around the bike and before we had even sat down on the grass we had a bottle of cider thrust into our hand. I took a drink and placed it on the floor next to me in my shadow to keep it cool. Steph and Jack were there, who were Dave’s cousins I think, not sure on relation, but they were eighteen year old twins. That made them the youngest, which was usually Sarah and myself, being 22. The age range went up from 18, right up to late 40s. We had known each other for a long time; regular campers, the group had started with just a few of us, and gradually grown to the 12 or so that we currently had. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was due to arrive, judging by the circular setup of the tents and the lack of space I suspected that no others were expected.

We lazed around for the afternoon; drink was flowing as was the constant sizzle of the BBQ which had a steady stream of various “well done” meat products as well as vegetable items from the designated “Veggie” BBQ for the non-meat eaters. Jack was quiet, kept himself to himself and was very softly spoken. Polite and nice, but you could tell that he was only 18, his self-confidence was not assured. Steph on the other hand had a confidence that was advanced for her age, to the point of being a bit irritating. She was lovely, but she always had something to say on every subject and made sure everyone heard it. As Chris pointed out she also had a cracking pair of tits and an awesome ass, which didn’t help, although the observation did cause her to blush and shut up for a while.

As the sun sank we started a fire in the fire pit as the temperature did drop noticeably. The camp site was fairly full, mainly couples who kept themselves to themselves. There was another large party in the opposite corner of the site, but it was all very civilised and pleasant. One bottle turned into two, then three and four but I stopped myself as I was offered the fifth. I knew camping always resulted in an early morning, and a hangover was the last thing you wanted at 6am.

Jack and Steph bickered like siblings always do, childish pointless stuff and were mainly ignored, but sleeping arrangements kept coming up and Dave stepped in a few times. Basically they were not overly keen on sharing a tent, which to be fair to them was not overly large and at their age the last thing you wanted was to be a foot away from your complaining sister or snoring brother. Jack suggested she slept outside if it was such a problem.

“She can sleep in the van with us if she wants?” Sarah said as she looked at me.

“Yeah sure,” I said sounding cheery, but I was actually hoping for a bit of naughty between us.

“You sure?” Dave asked.

Sarah looked at me with a look that indicated she was also hoping for a bit of naughty, but it was not our van and it was just easier, “Yeah no probs,” she said.

“Happy?” Dave said to them.

“Don’t see why she gets the van,” Jack said sulking.

“Because we ain’t sharing with a farty, stinky, snorey guy,” Sarah said with a grin.

Before he could respond I added, “Plus you can crack off all night if you want.”

He just blushed as the rest around the fire were all older and immediately bursa escort bayan jumped in his shyness. He stammered and tried to deny it, but they were not having it. He was 18, if he didn’t most nights then that would be weirder, but he was at the age where denial was less embarrassing than just taking the hit and admitting it.

Steph looked disgusted at the thought of it, but I would hazard I guess that her fingers didn’t stay north of the border all of the time either. I know mine didn’t at that age. Jack just accepted defeat and sat in silence, his red face buried in a bottle of beer as the taunting died down and faded to just back ground chatter again.

The fire was allowed to die down as the last of the purple was just about leaving the night sky as the sun set and people started to head off to get sorted for bed. Steph was a lot quieter in the van as we closed the curtains and got sorted for bed. “You okay?” Sarah asked her.

She had made the bed and was sat on it, her rucksack to the side of her as she nursed her toiletries bag. “Yeah,” she said, “Be back in a min.”

“Yep, no prob,” I said to her as she closed the door behind her, the cooler night air that was let in biting against my bare legs.

“No PJs…” Sarah said.

“Yeah, you invited her,” I said punching her on the arm softly.

“Oh, did you want…” she said as her hand found its way up the leg of my shorts, pushed my panties out of the way and stroking against my clit.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered, “How long do you think she will be?”

“Didn’t take a towel, so I guess no shower,” Sarah said, “Can you get off in 2 mins?”

“Oh wow,” I breathed as she pushed a finger inside me, “Probably not, stop,” I replied.

She pushed her finger deeper before removing her hand and smiled at me, “DIY in shower?” she said teasing me.

“Bitch,” I whispered to her giving her a quick kiss, “Still no PJs though.”

“Does she?” Sarah asked as I just shrugged at her.

The door clicked and she came back in as she put her bag on the side and rifled through her bag, not really looking or taking anything out. “Gonna go get sorted,” I said.

“Yep, will follow,” Sarah said as she handed me my bag and grabbed her own.

“Be back in five,” I said to Steph as she sat on her bed.

“Yeah, k,” she said.

We closed the door and headed to the shower block. “I don’t think she was that keen on changing with us there,” I said.

“I know; how cute is youth,” Sarah said.

I just giggled as I did my teeth and got sorted for bed before waiting for Sarah to finish. We headed back to the van, our torches lighting the way as we took the longer way to avoid all of the guy ropes that criss-crossed the direct route. “So what do you reckon? Full on PJs?” Sarah asked.

“Steph?” I asked back to which she just nodded. “Dunno; never really worn full on PJs myself and you haven’t for years have you?”

“No, I have slept naked for like 10 years now,” she said, “30 degrees of -30.”

“Vest and panties I reckon,” I whispered as we picked our way through the tents.

“Nar, she is camping and 18; I reckon a t-shirt and shorts, maybe no underwear at all though,” she reasoned.

I smiled at her as I tapped on the van door, “Yeah, come in,” Steph said softly. She was wrapped up under the sheets, them tucked right up underneath her chin as she looked at us. The light was still on as we got into the van, leaving our shoes by the door.

We looked at each other hesitantly for a few moments; there was no space to change on our bed, so at some point we were going to have to strip to panties, but neither of us wanted to go first. “Will look away while you get sorted,” Steph said.

She rolled to the side and faced the wall as we slipped our tops off, unclipped our bras and slid the shorts down. I placed my stuff neatly at the foot of the bed as did Sarah before climbing onto the raised up bed and getting under the covers. “Okay,” I said as I checked Sarah was decent.

Steph rolled onto her back again as we got comfortable. I was on the side closest to Steph so could see her, Sarah was the other side of me so could see if she propped herself up on her elbow. Steph was laying along the right of the van as I looked towards the driver’s seat, her head furthest away from us as we casually chatted about nothing in particular.

“What time do you normally go to sleep?” I asked her, aware it was approaching midnight.

“Whenever,” she said, “You ready now?”

“Yeah, I reckon so.” I said smiling at her.

“Who gets the light?” Sarah asked.

Steph reached out of the sheets carefully tilting over onto the floor supported by her arm, she reached across and slapped the light switch turning it off.

“Well done,” I said as my eyes tried to adjust to the pitch black.

“Night,” Steph said, “Thanks for letting me sleep in here, dreaded sleeping with him.”

“Brothers are rubbish,” Sarah said, “Always in the way.”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “Love him, but not to escort bursa sleep with.”

“I should hope not, you dirty girl,” I joked.

“Ewwww, noooo,” she said with a giggle, “Wrong! So wrong.”

We settled down for a while, but the irregular pattern of all of our breathing indicated none of us were asleep or even close to sleep. “Not being weird, but…” Steph said making me jump a bit.

“What?” Sarah said softly.

“What are you wearing?” Steph asked, “That sounds so wrong asking a girl that.”

“Neither of us brought pyjamas,” Sarah replied, “Soooo…”

“Just panties then?” she asked, “Or are you naked?” she continued, the last word almost silent as she said it.

“Panties,” I said, “You?”

“Vest and panties,” she said.

“You are on drinks and light duty then,” I said with a slight giggle in my voice.

“Yeah I guess,” she said reciprocating my giggle.

It quietened down again for a few moments, “If you need a pee or whatever feel free to wake us. We do, it is rubbish going alone in middle of the night.”

“Yeah, okay thanks,” she said, “Same for you as well.”

I heard her shift her weight and the van went silent. I wasn’t sure who fell asleep first, but I awoke to darkness, Sarah was softly snoring next to me as I focused in on Steph who was breathing steady and asleep. I checked my phone, which lit the van up and displayed 3:49am. I muttered to myself as I rolled over, but I needed the bathroom and the more I tried to deny it the more I needed it.

After a few minutes I jabbed my foot against Sarah gently, she muttered and rolled onto her back, “What?” she asked half asleep.

“Pee,” I stated softly.

She sighed and I heard her move to look at me, her shadowed outline just about visible in the dark van. “Yeah, me too, fecking drink,” she muttered, “Was trying to ignore it. Steph awake?”

“Don’t think so,” I whispered.

“K,” she said as she kicked the covers off herself.

“You got your jacket handy?” I asked.

“Yeah, on the bench, you?” she replied softly.

“No, it is in my bag somewhere,” I replied.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Just before 4am,” I said.

“No one will be up, just run for it,” she said.

“Topless?” I quizzed, my voice sounding surprised even as a low whisper.

“Yeah,” she said, “Unless you can be arsed finding your top.”

“Not really,” I whispered back as I toyed with it in my mind. It was very early and no one would be awake, and even if anyone was it was still dark, so no one could see anything anyway.

I stood up silently so as not to wake Steph, gently pulling the curtain back a bit to be greeted with a moon lit sky. I cautiously unlocked the door and clicked it open; everything seemed so loud when you were trying to be quiet, but I slid the door back slowly and stepped out into the awning that was attached to the side of the van. “Windows shut?” Sarah whispered.

“Yeah,” I said checking the three windows around the awning as I stood in the middle of it only wearing flip flops and panties.

“Good job,” she teased as she stepped next to me, fastening her jacket up and looked up and down my half naked body.

As my eyes adjusted I could feel my confidence ebbing; if anyone was about, the moon lit clear night would give a fairly clear view of me sneaking across the field not wearing a lot. The cool night air seemed to wrap around my body as I stood waiting for Sarah to put her shoes on. My nipples reacted to the cold as I shivered once and goosebumps rose on my arms.

I was just about to wimp out and try to find my fleece when Sarah closed the van door silently and said, “K? Ready?”

She didn’t wait for a reply as she unzipped the door of the awning and stepped out into the night. “Okay,” she whispered indicating it looked clear.

I stepped out into the night leaving the safety of the awning behind me, the heat retention of the awning was immediately obvious as I stepped out of it. The unsheltered breeze was biting against my bare flesh, my tummy tensed as the cold caressed around it, my back hunched as my body tried to retain the heat. My panties were just a tiny strip of cotton around my waist and yet the insulation against the cool breeze they offered was more appreciated than the actual privacy that they afforded.

We headed towards the shower block; the site was silent, a few snores and the flapping of tent material in the soft breeze was all that could be heard. No tents had lights on inside them as we made it to the showers safely. I almost forgot why I was there when we got there; my heart was pounding as I did what I needed before waiting for Sarah. I was sure she took longer than necessary just to make me stand around in my panties for longer.

She came out and we started to head back. The sky was beautiful; the first hints of dark blue hues were streaking across the sky as the sun began to project its light into the cloudless sky. I couldn’t help but admire the beauty as I tip toed my way back to the van, all very aware that if anyone unzipped a tent and came out there was absolutely nothing I could do except throw my hands over my breasts and hope they didn’t look, or had the decency to not look for long.

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