100 Years in Purgatory Ch. 08

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Greetings one and all, I’m JT, short for Jon Thomas. I was born 150 years ago. I lived for 50 years as a mortal and my immortal soul has spent the last 100 years in purgatory.

As a mortal I worked for enterprising ladies who sought to sell their most personal and private possession. I would coordinate and facilitate encounters, and if necessary intimidate disrespectful customers on these ladies behalf.

I worked the streets in London England, Brothels of the old American west and finally in a 20th Century Cat-house in a southern state in America, where my life ended abruptly due to three gunshot wounds to my upper torso.

Throughout my career I thought of myself as a personal assistant to the young ladies. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the pearly gates Saint Peter called me a pimp and sent me to purgatory. Pete decided that I should serve as a protector for sexually adventurous women, ensuring that they are kept safe while they seek to satisfy their carnal cravings. As a result I spent the next 100 years trying to redeem myself for having taken advantage of these poor delicate flowers and earn my way into heaven.

I was recently deemed to be cleansed and purified of my sins and recommended for admittance through the pearly gates. After all of my hard work I didn’t last a week up there due to the fact that I was bored out of my mind. The almighty doesn’t allow smoking, drinking hard liquor, swearing, gambling, wanton women, or anything else that I’d consider fun to take place. As a result I keep a cloud in purgatory so I can hang out with other people like me.

That said, if you like good clean fun, heaven is a great place to visit.


I’ve been laying low on my cloud chillin since publishing my last story. Recently I poofed over to Saint Peter’s and looked at one of the space portals he uses to observe people’s sins in real time. Two of the people he was monitoring were a youthful forty something year old mother and her teenage son.

The mother-son dalliance I observed over the next few days was a first for me in all my years in this business.

The mother’s name was Kayli. She was a fine looking woman, with a 5 foot 9 inch swimmers body and a pair of full double-d breasts that only sagged a little. She had an elegant face, and the highlights she’d added to her hair gave her a more youthful appearance.

Her son Charlie was a handsome young man who’d just turned eighteen.

Kayli was sleeping peacefully at 3 am when I first perved on her. Unfortunately for me she was under the covers, so I couldn’t see any skin. She seemed an odd choice to be under observation by Saint Peter, considering the fact she looked so angelic as she slept. But if I haven’t learned anything else in my time in purgatory, it’s that Saint Peter is never wrong. So I decided to watch the mom for a while to see what was doing with her.

At 6:50 am that morning I saw the beginning of the sin Saint Peter was monitoring her for.

Kayli heard her son Charlie hit the snooze button on his clock over and over again, so she went into his bedroom and found him with his bedcovers pulled over his head. She huffed and then pulled back the sheet.

She’d awakened him that way on school days a thousand times over the years. For seventeen years and eleven plus months she’d thought of him as a cuter, taller version of his father. But that morning when she looked at him she saw him as the man he’d become. It was as though her son had grown up overnight. .

It was his eighteenth birthday, and all of you Literotica readers know how turning eighteen changes everything. Its amazing.

Anyways, for the first time she was aware he had put on a layer of muscle over his formerly skinny frame. There was a light dusting of hair on his chest, and a trail of hair from his navel that became thicker the further down his stomach it went.

As noteworthy as his new torso was the most startling change she saw was the impressive tent her son’s cock was making in the basketball shorts he’d slept in. She’d seen him needing to pee after waking up in the morning countless times before and thought it was cute, but not in a sexual way. However on the morning of his eighteenth birthday she suddenly and inexplicably found herself considering her son not only as a man, but as a man with a big dick.

After staring at the bulge under his pants for a long moment, she shook her head to try to regain her proper prospective before saying, “Buddy, it’s time to get up. You know traffic will be horrible if you don’t get going soon. You’ll be late for school.”

When he pulled his pillow over his head she placed her hand on his shoulder to shake him awake. As soon as her fingertips made contact with his skin a surge of sexual energy coursed through her body and stopped in her clit. Her breath caught in her chest and her mouth became dry. She then felt an diyarbakır seks hikayeleri uncontrollable urge to slide her hand onto his chest and begin to rub sensually as she called to him while biting her bottom lip. For the next thirty to forty five seconds her fingertips worked their way down his torso.

Though her son was now awake he laid motionless while the pleasurable sensation caused by her fingers sent bolt after bolt of lightning to his nuts. When he sensed his dick was about to explode he sprang out of bed and ran into his bathroom.

He couldn’t believe his mom’s touch had aroused him. He’d never had a sexual thought about her before, but suddenly her touch excited him. He grabbed his rock hard cock in his hand and pumped it twice before a jet of semen splashed against the mirror behind the sink.

Kayli was still looking at the closed bathroom door as she took a deep breath before shaking her head again. With him out of her sight she regained her senses. “Why did I do that? Why was I so tempted to touch his cock, and when did it get so big?” she asked herself. “Oh God, I’m a bad mom,” she thought before hurrying from his bedroom.


Later that morning Kayli was sitting in her coworker Sandy’s office. Kayli briefly reconsidered whether she should admit to Sandy that she now found her son’s big dick irresistible, but she knew she had to tell someone or risk going crazy.

“Sandy I have something to tell you and it absolutely has to stay between us. Ok?” Kayli said earnestly. “My daughter was so easy to deal with as she grew up,” she began. “But my son is so cute, I…”

“I have the opposite situation,” said Sandy. “My son is the easy one. It’s my daughter that’s the diva. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re twins.”

Kayli then ignored Sandy’s comment and continued her thought. “I keep telling that boy he’s not going to be able to get by on his looks,” said Kayli. “But the girls his age love him,” she added, and rolled her eyes.

Her cherubic friend redirected the conversation to her kids again. “My son doesn’t seem to realize girls are different from boys yet,” she offered. “Neither do the girls he’s friends with apparently. Whenever I see him with them they’re either reading a book, or watching something educational on TV or their phones,” she complained.

There was then a long moment of silence until Kayli took her turn to speak again. She was becoming annoyed at Sandy. “Will you please listen to what I have to tell you?” she asked.

“Of course,” responded Sandy, completely unaware she’d been talking past Kayli.

“Um,” Kayli started again. “Your son, Billy is the same age as my Charlie right?”

“Yeah,” responded Sandy. “You know that. What’s going on?

After taking a deep breath Kayli smiled nervously before saying, “Does Billy still let you see him undressed now that he’s eighteen, I mean not just in his underwear, but completely naked?”

“Honey I’ve seen everything,” responded Sandy nonchalantly. “That boy doesn’t close his bedroom door or the bathroom door for that matter.”

“What?” Kayli gasped. “You’ve seen him naked since he turned eighteen?”

“Of course,” replied Sandy as casually as before. “He’s my kid, why shouldn’t I?”

“Isn’t it a little awkward seeing his dick, you know, now that he’s of age?” asked Kayli sheepishly.

“To be honest I don’t feel any type of unease about it at all,” said Sandy matter of factly.

“What does this have to do with whatever you were about to tell me?

“Well, uh. I kind of saw Charlie’s morning wood the other day for the first time since he turned eighteen,” said Kayli speaking hesitantly.

Sandy responded with a stare and raised eyebrows.

“I don’t know how I never noticed that he’s hung like a horse,” said Kayli. She nearly hyperventilated at the thought.

“You never noticed,” responded Sandy with a smirk. “I’m calling b s. Billy is average, and I definitely notice his cock. If he were truly hung, I wouldn’t only have notice, I would have been drooling.”

There was another moment of silence. Sandy waited patiently. Kayli shifted in her seat nervously. Finally she said, “I am drooling over Charlie’s. Not only that, I want to touch it.”

“Well then, why don’t you?” asked Sandy without a hint of being aware of the taboo nature of what she was suggesting.

“Why don’t I?” exclaimed Kayli. “I’m his mother, that’s why.”

“That’s exactly why you should,” Sandy countered. “Believe you me, if Billy needed some relief I’d help him out.”

Kayli stared at Sandy open mouthed. “Sandy that’s incest,” she finally said.

“Oh for Christ’s sake, I didn’t say I’d fuck him,” Sandy defended herself. “I don’t necessarily want to do anything with him, but I would give him some relief if he needed it. After all, why shouldn’t I show him that his mom loves him unconditionally in every way?”

Sandy’s declaration caused Kayli to frown before responding. “Aren’t you worried about giving him mixed signals and screwing up your relationship with him,” she asked sincerely.

“No because I’d never do it without asking him first. I have an honest open rapport with him and his twin sister, so I’d just ask him if he needed help with it,” explained Sandy. “If you’re really concerned about that, give Charlie some motherly reason for wanting to touch it or see it. Just tell him you want to make sure everything looks like it should down there.

“If you really need a justification for why you feel desire for him, you can blame it on a phenomenon known as Genetic Sexual Attraction. When I was looking for something to explain why I felt so sexually open with Billy I found an article about it online. The condition causes many levels of desire and or attraction between blood relatives including parents and their adult children.”

After considering Sandy’s pitch for a couple moments Kayli smirked and then said, “I think it’s my turn to call bs on you. That doesn’t sound like a thing. I think I’m just horny and my son is a hot young man living in my house.”

Sandy smirked and said, “Perhaps both explanations are true. Do whatever you can live with afterwards. And make sure Charlie can handle it too.”

The pow wow soon broke up and both ladies went about doing their work.


When Charlie walked into the house that evening Kayli’s face lit up with a big smile. It was pretty obvious she had a crush on him.

“Hi mom,” he said while standing in the dining room looking out into the great room. He quickly disappeared into the kitchen where Kayli joined him. “Hey buddy, how was your birthday?” she asked, before saying, “Don’t touch anything in my kitchen before you wash your hands.”

She continued to fuss over him until he’d finished dinner and headed to his room.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, with Charlie in his bedroom and Kayli online researching Genetic Sexual Attraction.


The next morning when 6:30 am rolled around, sure enough Charlie kept hitting his snooze button. Kayli came into his bedroom to wake him up as she’d done the day before. After calling out to him a couple of times she pulled the sheet off of him. There it was again. His morning wood was very evident in his boxer briefs. She stood motionless for a moment thinking about her conversation with Sandy the day before. Then she considered the theory behind Genetic Sexual Attraction she’d found online. She bit her bottom lip and then made an executive decision.

While calling Charlie’s name she grasped his package. He remained motionless as she fondled his nuts and his cock through his underwear until she gave the head of his dick a squeeze or three. The intense pleasure caused by Kayli’s expert ministrations was too much for him. “Mom, Ok-ok I’m awake.” said Charlie as he climbed out of bed and sprinted to his bathroom. Once again he blew a huge load into the sink after a few fast pumps of his cock.


That day at work Kayli stayed in her office with the door partially closed, pretending to be too busy to talk with Sandy. There was no way she could face her and have to admit what she’d done, and even worse what she’d wanted to do to Charlie’s cock.

She was relieved that evening when Charlie headed back out to hang out with some of his buddies soon after she got home.

She knew she need to talk with Charlie about what was happening the last couple of days, but she just couldn’t.


The next day was Saturday, meaning Charlie didn’t have to get out of bed until he was ready, therefore he didn’t receive a wake up visit from his mother. His perpetually perky sister Mary came home from college and his dad had returned from his business trip. His sister charmed Kayli into taking her shopping, then flirted with their dad long enough to get some money out of him. She even made time to make a fuss about how hot her little bro was now. Kayli agreed with her as they both looked at Charlie and giggled. Overall the weekend was typical for their family unit, and it was certainly the kind of wholesome environment Saint Peter approves of.


However, when Monday morning rolled around the sinning started again and quickly escalated. Kayli was in Charlie’s bedroom at 6:50 am again saying, “Buddy wake up.”

It appeared to be business as usual but Charlie was playing possum. He lay there completely still, but wide awake.

“Buddy, it’s time to get up,” Kayli repeated herself before grabbing the covers. “Buddy I said get up,” she insisted as she simultaneously pulled back his sheet.

She gasped audibly when she saw that he was completely naked. “Buddy I’m sorry” she said, as she quickly pulled the sheet back over him.

She’d done the right thing but she couldn’t control her need, so she pulled the sheet off of him again. She then glanced back and forth between his face and south of the border as she checked him out thoroughly, to ensure everything down there looked the way it should of course. “He’s perfect,” she thought. “God it’s so long and thick, and that big manly vein running along it is so sexy. And his balls, look at them, they look like two medium sized eggs.” The size of his package made her giggle with pride and joy.

When he still didn’t show any sign of waking up, she tentatively wrapped her fingers around his cock and held onto it while calling to him. “Buddy, are you awake,” she said in a whisper. When he still didn’t wake up she began to gently move her hand up and down along the head of her son’s cock. After the first few strokes she began to twist her fist as she pumped his dick.

When Charlie began to squirm and groan from the pleasure she was giving him, she grabbed his big dick like she meant business and began pumping it with vigor. Less than a minute later Charlie tried to spring out of bed, but she put her hand on his shoulder and whispered, “Let mommy finish you off.”

Charlie laid back and looked at his mom’s pretty face. She was biting her bottom lip the way she always does when she’s nervous. He then looked down at his junk and saw her long delicate fingers wrapped around his shaft. He’d never thought about his mom doing anything sexual, but damn she was good at this. As she continued to stroke his dick he felt the furnace in his ball sack ignite and the pressure began to build in side of them.

Kayli noticed his nuts rising closer to the base of his cock. “Oh no you don’t,” she said as she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around his scrotum where it meets his body. She gave his family jewels a firm tug away from him, then looked at Charlie and raised an eyebrow. “You can do that, or have your lover do it for you when you want to last longer before you cum. Ok?” she explained.

Thanks to her little trick of the trade, she was able to enjoy the feeling of having his big dick in her hand a couple more minutes. When his balls rose up again she cupped them in one hand and beat him off as fast as she could with her other hand. Seconds later he busted a huge nut all over himself and her hand.

“Stay right there,” she said. “I’ll get a rag and clean you up.”

As Kayli wiped his jizz off him with the tender love and care that only a mother can give, Charlie was in his own head saying, “Wow! I can’t believe that just happened. I just let my mom jack me off. What’s even crazier, my mom just jacked me off.”

Kayli then went into the kitchen, opened a cold bottle of water and drank the entire thing in one gulp to calm her nerves. She and Charlie had been progressing towards the morning’s event since his eighteenth birthday a few days ago and now it was done. She felt at peace.

About fifteen minutes later Charlie walked into the kitchen as casually as ever. He looked at his mom and smiled.

“Charlie I have to explain what happened in your bedroom a few minutes ago,” Kayli began. Something changed in my brain the day you turned eighteen. After reading about the way I was feeling, I think I have genetic sexual attraction to your penis. GSA can cause blood relatives to want each other sexually. That’s why I have an overwhelming desire to pleasure your cock in a way no other woman could.

“Apparently you have it to, that’s why you were so aroused when I touched you. You haven’t done anything wrong; it’s not your fault.

“You can go online and read about it if you want to.”

The guilt Charlie felt a few minutes earlier was instantly gone. He then kissed his mom on the cheek and took the bacon and egg sandwich she’d made for him. “Ok cool, see ya later mom,” he said as he stood up and headed out the door.

He then stopped, turned around and hugged Kayli tightly. For the first time as an adult he said, “I love you mom, and I always will.”

“I love you too buddy. I always will too. Drive safely,” Kayli said to him.

“He took that well,” she thought.


Later that morning Kayli walked into Sandy’s office and plopped down in a chair. “Well I guess I owe you an apology.”

Sandy responded with a questioning look.

Does that mean you um, pleasured Charlie?” she asked in a whisper.

Kayli nodded her head yes.

“How is he?” asked Sandy.

“He’s good,” responded Kayli. “He didn’t seem fazed by it at all.”

“Hahaha,” Sandy laughed. “He’s an eighteen year old boy who just received a handjob from his hot mom. I’m pretty sure he was alright with it.”

Though she tried, Kayli couldn’t stifle a giggle.

“How’re you?” asked Sandy.

“Relieved,” replied Kayli.


A few minutes later the space portal closed.

I’ll be interested to see how much penance she has to serve before he forgives that little sin of her’s when she arrives here in purgatory in about thirty five years.

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