Angel’s Work Ch. 03

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For a while after my time with Richard, and the bell-boy from the hotel I took a holiday. I did not work, I didn’t even see Sarah. I thought perhaps my lust had been sated. Only after six weeks did I begin to feel horny again. It started slowly, my eyes just kept wandering to the guys in lectures.

I reported to the agency that I was ready for work again one Monday. By Wednesday I got a call from Tina, the secretary.

“Angel? Hi we have a job on for you. A regular is having a party at the Plaza. Meet up with Beth and Toni in the lobby at six o’clock on Friday. They know the guy so you will be in good hands.”

“Fine. What do you mean by a party?”

“He has about four business contacts to entertain. You three will entertain them.”

That sounded good. I had seen the other two girls before. Beth was a drop-dead-cute Asian. She was about five feet four inches tall, and a face of pure innocence. She was about twenty two but could pass for anything from sixteen to thirty depending on how she felt.

Toni on the other hand was half Italian, half Dutch. She was a good five eleven with hair so blond it was nearly white, with an hour-glass figure and very large tits she looked like she had been drawn by a fifteen year old boy.

I was in between them. Average height, more curves than Beth, but with a smaller chest than Toni. We were a good choice. Something for everyone, as it were.

I had seen them about and had wondered if they like girls at all. I guess this was my chance to find out.

I was in the lobby of the Plaza by 5.30, dressed in a long silver silk dress, no bra and white lacy g-string that was all but see through. I decided shear black hold-up stockings as apposed to suspenders, they are much easier to remove and I don’t care if I don’t get them back.

At 5.45 Beth and Toni join me for a drink. Beth looked stunning in a white satin dress that shows of her small breasts and the most edible ass I had ever seen. I start getting wet just looking at her sit on a stool by the bar. Toni was wearing a low-slung blue top that can only just contain her fabulous tits, and a black mini-skirt that showed off her stunningly long legs.

“These guys aren’t going to know what hit them when we walk in.”

“They’re in the penthouse suite. Is this your first party Angel?”

“Yes, only had singles up to know.”

“Don’t worry. We will chat for a bit, let them have a drink.”

“But don’t get drunk your self.”

“After a dance or two, things will happen. It should be fun. If they are boring we can all put on a good floor show. What do you say?”

“I am sure we could.” Christ, I almost came in my panties when she said that.

“Good. Let’s go up.”

We knocked on the door and were let in to a large suite room. Five pretty handsome guys were sat around a table playing poker. We all introduced ourselves and before long the guys were chatting and dancing with us.

I sat on the sofa with a black guy called Mike. Beth was dancing with one called Phil and Toni was dancing with a guy called Richard. He was the best looking guy I had ever seen. Beth’s dancing was getting dirtier by the minute and before long the guys were asking çekmeköy escort for a strip show.

Beth stood in the middle of the room and began the sexiest dance I had ever seen. She slowly peeled her white dress down the length of her body, showing off her perfectly tanned skin. Standing in white satin g-string and a tiny bra she looked good enough to eat. The guys wanted more however. Toni stood next to her and quickly brushed off her clothes, and beckoned me to do the same.

I stood up and undid the zip at the back of the dress. Turning my back on the guys I let the front slip down, before bending at the waist to slide it down my legs. Bent over, showing my ass to five horny guys I didn’t know made me so wet, I felt sure they could see the damp patch in my panties.

Beth, Toni and I began taking off each others lingerie. Beth got on her knees and ripped my g-string off with her teeth. The guys quickly throw off their clothes and began feeling us all over. Richard and Mike came over to me, and pulled me on to the sofa.

Mike had a huge cock, and before I knew what I was doing I had it in my hand and down my throat. I was always good at giving head, even Mike’s huge shlong slid easily down my throat. As I began to stoke his balls I felt Richards tongue began to circle my clit. I was so wet his tongue kept slipping in to my cunt, and that felt incredible. He lightly pinched my clit, and that sent a huge shiver up my spine.

“I think she liked that. She nearly bit my dick off.”

“Wait till she feels this.” Standing up, he slowly began piercing my tiny cunt with his dick. As my lips stretched to take his length I swallowed even more of the cock in my mouth.

“Shit, I can feel the back of her throat. Christ, I am going to cum in your mouth honey. Get ready.” As he said that I began fondling his balls. They felt heavy, like he had not had sex for a while. As Richard slid the rest of his long cock in to me, my throat clamped shut around Mike’s dick. With a grunt he began cumming down my throat. I pulled him out of my mouth and caught several large wads of cum on my tongue. As he watched, I played with the salty spunk in my mouth, before swallowing it with a smile.

With Mike done for a while I bent right over so Richard could find a good rhythm. He started slowly, long wonderful strokes that left just the head of his prick inside me. I looked over and saw Beth straddling one guy. Moving up and down his long pole while playing with her tits and pouting like a naughty school girl. Toni was on her knees between two guys, sucking both their cocks in turn.

Richard was up to speed by now. The floor-show was getting to him and his pounding picked up speed. I began screaming as a huge orgasm washed over me. As I was coming down from that he began grunting, and with one final slam, he empted he balls deep into my cunt.

It had been a long time since I had felt that and it was good. I let out another scream as I felt his cum gushing into my womb. God, I had missed the feeling of getting filed with cum.

The two guys sat on the sofa and watched the show for a while. I felt like joining in, so I crawled over to where Toni was sucking two cevizli escort guys and lay on my back. I wriggled under her and began to lick and suck at her pussy lips. She was wet from watching Beth and I get fucked, and she tasted very good. I have since then, fucked a lot of women, but Toni has the best tasting pussy in the whole world. I am glad she is bi, as we have had some good times together. I felt her motions speed up as the guys began spraying her face and tits with cum, so I rammed my tongue deep into her twat. I was rewarded with a satisfied grunt and a gush of cunt juice in my face. I drank the lot, and licked her clean as well.

The guys fell back on to the sofa so Toni got off my face and went over to Beth. She stood over the guys face and bent over so that Beth could lick all of the cum off her tits and chin. The sight of that swollen pussy and the two girls over him made Glyn ram his cock deep in to Beth and fill her up with his spunk.

The five guys sat on the chairs with huge grins on their faces.

“You two girls should clean each other up while I see if the gentleman want anything.” Toni suggested. I was a little confused until Beth pulled me in to a sixty-nine and began to lick the load of cum out of my pussy. I bent down to her cunt. If Toni has the sweetest tasting pussy in the world, Beth had to have the tightest and most perfect. Even after she had just got a good fucking, her cunt was still as tight as a virgins. I had to really force my tongue in before I could get to the creamy prize within. In the end I held her open with my fingers and lapped it all out.

Beth’s attention had me cumming again in no time. As I looked over to were the guys were sat Toni was on her knees, sucking each one in turn. She really was a cock-suck slut. The sight of the two of us licking each others cunts and cumming in each others faces had them all hard in no time.

I lay on my back as Beth went over to John and sat on his lap. I watched as she pushed him on to his back and guided his cock slowly in to her tight cunt. She told Phil to see if he could get his monster in her ass. I sat up and watched, fascinated as this tiny doll of a girl sucked one huge cock in to her, very tight, pussy and an ever bigger one in her ass. She lay on the sofa, sandwiched between two guys, their dicks pounding her ass and her cunt, she looked over at me and gave me wink. I knew then I was not the only one who was here for more than the cash.

Toni was bent over a chair, Richard was ploughing her from behind while she sucked Glyn’s cock deep in to her mouth. Her huge tits were swaying under her and the guys had their hands all over them.

I felt a pair of hands go around my own tits as I sat watching the two girls get fucked. I looked at Mike and knelt on all fours.

“Do me in the ass. You have the biggest dick I have ever seen. I want it in my ass.”

“I’ll get to that in good time.” With that he slowly started spreading my soaked pussy lips and began pushing his massive cock in to my cunt. I was a little disappointed at first, I really wanted it in the ass. I am glad he got some lubrication first though. As his dick slowly invaded my pussy I thought he erenköy escort was going to tear my apart. It was so big I cried out with lust, and a tiny bit of pain. After what seemed like hours he had the length of his monster cock in my pussy. I just held him there, feeling filled to the brim. He slowly started to slide it back and forth inside me, it felt like I was being sawn in half.

A throaty scream made me look up. Through a lust induced haze I saw Phil pull his cock out of Beth’s ass and shoot his cum all over her back. She got off John and knelt in front of him while he poured his sperm all over her tits. She sat on the floor and rubbed in into her skin, looking very happy.

Just as I was getting used to the feeling of his cock in my pussy, Mike pulled out of my cunt and slowly spread some KY over my ass. He used his fingers to smear a lot of it deep inside me, pulling me open as he did so. His fingers felt so strong and good I arched my back and sank back on them.

From here I could see Toni gasp as Richard let out a cry as he began pumping Toni’s hole with spunk. At the same time, Glyn sprayed his load in her face. She sank back on to Richards cock and let Glyn cover her face with his sticky cream.

With an agonising slowness Mike started to slide his massive cock up my ass. The head was hard work, but as it popped in I had huge orgasm and rammed my ass back to take the rest quickly. That only made my orgasm bigger. He let me get used to the feeling for a minute before he began sliding back and forth.

“Fuck. You have a gorgeous ass. It is so tight.”

I felt hands on my tits and looked up to see Beth rubbing a load of cum into my tits. I then saw Toni slid underneath me and began licking my cunt, and Mike’s dick. The other four guys stood over me and began wanking their dicks back to hardness.

The feel of Toni’s tongue and Beth’s hands was great. The smell of drying cum in the room, and the merciless pounding of a huge cock in my ass, plus the sight of our guys wanking over me, had me cumming and cumming.

As the four guys began to spray what was left of their cum over me I sat up and took it all in the face and on my tits. Beth immediately began rubbing it into my skin.

Mike’s pace quickened and he pulled out of my aching ass and jammed his dick back in to my sopping cunt. With one long thrust I felt a hot spurt of cum deep in my belly. I like getting fucked in the ass, but you can’t beat a pussy full of boiling hot spunk.

Toni was still under me, so she began pulling long strands of thick cum out of my cunt and spreading them over my stomach.

The five guys all started to get dressed shortly after that. I was still on the floor, weak with lust and exhaustion.

“The cash is in the envelope and the room is paid for all night. You girls get some rest.” With that they were gone. Perfect, I get the fucking of a life time and they leave. I love my job.

The three of us all showered together, getting to know each others bodies under the soothing water. These two women had perfect skin, no blemishes of any kind. I loved the feel of it.

After we were dried off we picked up the envelope and headed down to the bar.

“It’s shut. Can you believe it?” Beth sounded a little angry.

“Well I have some wine at my apartment. We can go back there and finish this party.” Toni suggested. With smiles all round we got in to a cab.

That story is for another time though.

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