Candy’s 1st Job

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NOTE: All characters in this fictitious story are 18 years of age or older!


Before she became a famous Playboy centerfold, Candy Darling was just an ordinary girl – well, not quite ordinary, as she developed her triple D breasts early. She also developed a taste for the fine things in life at an early age, so she was eager to find any opportunity to make money. Her mother didn’t pay much attention to her activities and her father had long been gone – a recipe for disaster. At college, she had a reputation as a prude, she liked hanging out with seniors but for most guys, she never “put out,” even though many of her classmates in her working class town got down and dirty for their boyfriends. To Candy’s way of thinking, her body was valuable and why should she offer it up for free?

George Cox, who lived down the street, took an avid interest in Candy. He had a sexless marriage and he would watch Candy walk down the street in her tube top and short shorts, salivating with each sway and jiggle. He went so far as to videotape her surreptitiously as she walked and the recording provided him many moments of masturbatory inspiration. Sometimes, when he was fucking his overweight wife, he would close his eyes and imagine he was fucking Candy Darling’s tits. One day, as she was walking to the bus stop, he conceived a plan to see more of her. “I hate to be so forward,” George said to her, stepping into her path, “but I’m having a poker party with some of my friends Friday night and I was wondering if you’d like to earn some money.”

At the sound of the word money, Candy stopped in her tracks. “Well, probably!” she told him. “What did you have in mind?”

George bit his upper lip. He was surprised by how comfortable Candy was around him and his lascivious thoughts made him feel guilty and awkward. She was wearing a tight top that was straining around her triple D breasts and he couldn’t help but gaze solidly at them, noticing the slight outline of her protruding nipples. “Nothing special – just serve us food and drinks and empty out ashtrays as we’re playing the game.”

“That sounds pretty good,” Candy told him. “But how much does it pay?”

“Well, I’ll give you five bucks an hour and usually the guys will give tips to whoever is serving us for the night.”

“Five dollars an hour is hardly worth my time. So, how much are the tips?” Candy asked him.

George was taken aback by Candy’s forthright manner, but he quickly regained his composure and smiled. “Well that depends,” he told her. “The nicer you are and the more attractively you’re dressed, the better the tips. The girl that did the best job made over two hundred dollars in tips. We’d use her again, in fact, but she’s moved to Texas for a nursing job.” He found himself staring at Candy’s plump breasts and imagining her nude. He lifted his eyes to her face and watched Candy closely to see how she would respond to this overture.

Candy strained to not betray any outward emotion – two hundred dollars sounded really good to her. Thinking of the money actually made her moist. “Well, in that case, I’ll be as friendly and attractive as I can be,” she told him, smiling. “What should I wear?” She held her hands out and stuck her chest out slightly.

George swallowed hard, thinking of Candy’s large natural breasts. “Well, like I said,” he told her, “it’s up to you how large you want the tips to be. I’m a pretty boring guy, but some of my friends like to see a bit of skin. Now take what you are wearing now,” he told her, looking up and down her body. Candy blushed slightly, feeling his eyes upon her. “I could see how some of the guys might like an outfit like this – it really does show off your beauty. Anyway, you’re getting to be a big girl,” he paused, staring straight at her triple D breasts. “I mean, you’re big in all the right places.” He began to blush and reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her breasts. “I’m sure you can figure it out,” he hurriedly stammered.

“I’ll bet, I can,” Candy told him. She knew men and she knew what they liked. She liked to manipulate them with her body – it made her feel powerful and she just knew that her body would make her money – a lot of money – at some point in life.

On the way home, she had a moment in which she was unsure about working at the party – she’d be alone with a group of men and even though she was young, she knew men and how sexual urges could make them behave aggressively. One time, she had accepted a ride home from a man in her neighborhood and he had nearly raped her. She had successfully fought him off, but not before he had torn her clothing, mauled her breasts and violently fingered her cunt. But she had known Mr. Cox for years and he seemed polite and considerate; she recommitted in her mind to working the poker party and earning as much money as possible.

When Friday night came, Candy thought carefully about what outfit to wear. She knew she would wear plain white panties and her shortest mini skirt – she had tried wearing lacy panties but it seemed like guys liked the simplest things possible. Don’t overdo it, she reminded silivri escort herself. She pulled her panties up tightly and nodded approvingly at the camel toe that was created. But she was unsure what blouse to wear. She knew she would go braless – bras felt too constraining and seemed to hide her best feature – but she was undecided between her tube top, which highlighted the size of her breasts in a crude manner, and a sheer paisley blouse that was almost see-through and which showed off the shape of her breasts, the size of her areolae and the shape of her nipples. The blouse was elegant and sexy – it both left more to the imagination while also revealing her breasts. “Well, I’m all in,” she thought to herself, putting on the sheer blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror and, noticing her clearly visible nipples and areolae, thought to herself, “Jesus, I’m almost naked.” To offset the sexiness of her outfit, she wore knee socks and simple black shoes – innocence and sexuality, she thought to herself. She felt a palpable power and excitement and she was so turned on that if she had left enough time, she would have gone to the bathroom and masterbated.

George opened the door and did a double-take. Candy’s nipples were erect from rubbing against the soft fabric and she had left the top two buttons of her blouse open so that when George greeted her at the foot of the door, he was presented with the most amazing cleavage he had ever seen. Candy was not the least bit heavy, but her breasts were plump and full. How was it possible, George wondered, for a slim petite girl to have such abundantly large breasts. He continued to stare at her breasts, tracking the outline of her pale areolae and he could feel his cock stiffen in his pants. “Ahem,” Candy cleared her throat. “Do you want to show me in?”

George apologized and, covering his erection with his hands, he led Candy to the basement and explained her duties, as his fat wife looked on disapprovingly, shaking her head. After the last man arrived for the game, George locked the basement door – quietly so Candy couldn’t hear – so they wouldn’t be bothered by his wife. Candy began to serve the men drinks and refill the snack bowls. As the game progressed, Candy could see the men staring at her and this gave her a feeling of power. Thinking of the money she might earn in tips, she went out of her way to jiggle her ample breasts and to lean over the table so that her panties were visible under her micro skirt. As she restocked the drinks and the snacks, she made a point to lean over the men, pressing her breasts against their arms. As if daring herself, she leaned next to one of the men and, reaching out to grab an ashtray, literally pressed the side of her breast against his head. He recoiled clumsily, then stared stupidly at her breast, which was alongside his face. “Oh, excuse me,” Candy giggled.

“Th-that’s OK,” the man stammered and Candy wished she could see his cock – to see the effect her breasts were undoubtedly having upon him.

As the night progressed, the men were getting drunk and their behavior was getting lewder. One of the men offered Candy a beer and although she wasn’t yet of legal drinking age, she soon was drinking with the men, though she was careful to drink slowly. “I’ve got to tell you,” one of the men, named Jeff, told her, “you’ve got the nicest set of tits I’ve ever seen – or haven’t seen yet,” he corrected himself. “Man I would love to see those titties out in the open,” he suddenly blurted out.

The men stopped in silence, wondering if Candy would take offense – she would have been well within her rights to have slapped him for his comment. Turning sharply, Candy looked back at him and told him, “Nothing in life is free.”

With that, the men hooted and Jeff called out, “Well how much then?”

Candy thought about a figure – if two hundred was the highest tip the other girl had gotten, she wanted more. “Two hundred fifty dollars,” she told him.

Jeff looked sad and for a moment, Candy wondered if she should have named a lower price.

“I’ll tell you what,” another one of the men, named Paul, said. “You take your blouse off and keep it off for the evening and I’ll give you four hundred dollars.” He took the money out of his pocket and put it on the table.

Candy hesitated, just so she wouldn’t seem overly eager. “C’mon,” Paul told her, “You’re practically naked as it is!” he joked. Lifting her blouse off, she approached the table and took the money, placing it in her purse on the table. The men hooted and howled at the sight of Candy’s lush and ample breasts. Feeling prideful, she rolled her hips so that her breasts swayed lightly.

“Damn, how much for a feel?” Jeff asked.

“You couldn’t even pay enough to get me topless, so you obviously can’t afford it,” Candy told him. The men laughed derisively at Jeff. Jeff scowled.

“Maybe I’ll take a feel for free,” he told her bitterly.

“Maybe it’s time I left,” Candy told the men, starting to put on her blouse. Paul rose and took the shirt out of her hands.

“You bakırköy escort don’t need to do that,” Paul told her. “No one here is going to do anything to you that you don’t want. You have my guarantee of that. And if Jeff doesn’t apologize to you, he’s out of here. And that goes for all of us – anyone that doesn’t respect Candy has no place in the game.” The other men quickly chimed in, agreeing with Paul – and Jeff apologized.

“But you didn’t say no to a feel – you just said it would cost more money than Jeff could give you. I’ll tell you what – I’ll give you one hundred dollars for a feel,” Paul told her, standing before her and holding her blouse in his hands.

Candy was disappointed in the amount but she also wanted the money. “OK, but one hundred isn’t a lot of money, so I’ll count to ten and then you’re done,” she told him. He came to her, his hands hovering by her breasts. Candy began to count to ten slowly, as Paul squeezed her breasts and groped them roughly, pushing them together. As she reached the count of six, his mouth clamped onto her right nipple and he began to suck greedily. Candy momentarily paused and considered pushing him away but thought it better to resume her counting and get it over with. As she reached ten, he had both of her breasts pressed together and both nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking them. As she called out, “Ten,” Candy slid away, extricating herself from Paul’s mouth and hands.

The men were clapping and as Paul returned to the table, they gave him high fives. “That’s the best hundred dollars, I’ve ever spent,” Paul exclaimed. Candy placed the hundred dollars in her purse, unsure of whether to be happy about the money or disappointed in how much she had given Paul for a hundred dollars.

“How much to take it all off?” one of the men asked her. “If your ass and pussy are half as sweet as your tits, that would be something else!”

Candy paused, considering. She didn’t want to let these men off cheaply. “Five hundred,” she told them confidently. “That will put an end to this,” she thought to herself. “At some point, they have to run out of money.”

A short Russian man, Dimitri, stood up and withdrew five hundred from his pocket. Cautiously, keeping her eyes on the men, Candy took off her shoes and socks and then stepped out of her skirt and panties. She felt vulnerable and excited in front of the men.

The men were silent, taking in Candy’s natural and youthful beauty. She had strongly defined tanlines, showing off the silhouette of her favorite bikini. Her ass was soft and smooth and her pussy was natural and plush.

“Do you want real money?” Dimitri boldly asked her. “This so far,” he pointed dismissively to her purse, “is nothing. Do you want five thousand dollars?”

“Who wouldn’t,” Candy thought to herself. But her next thought was more practical. What would she have to do for that kind of money? Before admitting she wanted that money, she’d better decide what she was willing to do. For five thousand, the man would surely want to fuck. If it were just the one man, she’d do it in a heartbeat – she wasn’t a virgin and that was a lot of money. But the idea of the other men watching her disturbed her in a way. And she had heard about anal sex but she didn’t think that would feel very good.

“Your answer,” Dimitri pressed on.

“Well who wouldn’t want that much money,” she retorted. “But what do you think I’ll do for that money.”

“I think you want that money badly. I think you’ll fuck every man in this room for the money,” he told her confidently.

His assuredness was disarming. There were five men in the room. She had been offered money for sex before and had even fucked her Math teacher for a better grade. But five men at one time? That seemed like too much – but five thousand dollars!

“I don’t see any of the other guys putting up money,” Candy told him. “Let’s see what everyone else can put in to sweeten the pot,” she added. “Then I’ll decide. For now, your five thousand is a pretty good start, but I’m worth more than that if I’m going to fuck all of you.”

The men hurriedly fished out their wallets. George put in one thousand; Paul another fifteen hundred. Alex, a fat Spaniard, put in twelve hundred. Jim put in sixteen hundred. All eyes were on Jeff and he put in five hundred. Candy did quick math in her head; if she left out Jeff, that was over ten thousand dollars. “Okay, here’s the deal,” Candy told them, “Like it or leave it. I will fuck all of you but Jeff – he can keep his trifling five hundred. You each get to cum one time; if you want to get off more, it’s the same amount of money for the second or third time. And no anal, no cum on my face. You can cum inside me, on my tits, in my mouth. If you cum on my face, it’s an extra thousand each time.” She saw the Russian smile and she knew in that moment that he’d probably gladly pay for the facial. “If you try to fuck my ass, I’ll go to the police and tell them you raped me,” she added.

Dimitri looked around the room and the men, except Jeff, nodded in consent. şirinevler escort “Wait, I’ll pay more,” he offered, looking around desperately.

The men looked to Candy. “Tie him securely to this chair. He can watch and see what he’s missing for being such a cheap-ass. Also, because Dimtri paid the most, he gets to start and you guys need to recognize, whoever spent the most money gets first priority on my body; that’s how the world works.” She laughed silently at the idea of telling these men the way of the world. It made her feel in charge and she knew she could pull this off.

The men tied Jeff to a chair and laid out a futon on the floor. The men undressed and Dimitri approached Candy first. “Wait, one more condition,” Candy added. “Jeff is such a jackass – whoever ejaculates onto Jeff instead of me can reduce their amount by half.” Jeff groaned at the thought.

Dimitri kissed her, then began to massage and suckle her breasts. “Suck my dick,” he instructed her. Dutifully, Candy dropped to her knees and began bobbing up and down on his cock. He held her head gently with his hands but then began to powerfully thrust into her face. Just when she thought she couldn’t handle his incessant fucking of her face, he abruptly stopped and directed her to lie down. Straddling her, he pressed her tits together and began to roughly fuck her tits. “Agggh,” he let out a low, guttural scream. Squeezing her breasts tightly, he held himself rigid as spasms of ejaculate spewed from his cock. The first rope of cum hit her chin and spread out against her clavicle. He sank down slightly and his next spasm soared onto her forehead and across her left eye. Realizing he was already in for another thousand, he grasped his cock and jerked the remaining ejaculate onto her face, coating her mouth and chin. He pressed his cock into her mouth and gently thrust, spreading the cum into her mouth.

“An extra thousand for you,” he told her, placing the money in her purse. “And maybe more to come; the night is still young and I’ve still not fucked you.”

Jim was next but Paul decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Both men approached her, with Jim sucking on her tits while Paul buried his face in her pussy. Candy would have ordinarily enjoyed being eaten out, but with all of them men watching her, she felt self conscious. “You can enter me now,” Candy told Paul and he began to fuck her missionary style in a slow, steady rhythm. Meanwhile, Jim had straddled Candy and was fucking her tits, perspiration and a slight trace of ejaculate from Dimitri lubricating his fuck.

“Oh God!” Jim cried out, and he lost control, ejaculating wildly, his cum hitting Candy’s chin and running up the side of her neck. “Phew, I missed your face,” he told Candy, smiling at her. He took his spent dick and put it in Candy’s mouth. It wasn’t what she expected, but going with the flow, she sucked his dick and rolled her tongue around his cock, cleaning off the remaining ejaculate.

“Oh, I have to fuck those tits,” Paul cried out. He withdrew from Candy and straddled her tits. He instructed Candy to press her breasts together and he began to steadily fuck her tits. Meanwhile, Alex had approached Candy and, placing his dick in her mouth, began to fuck her face. George couldn’t wait any longer – even though he was eager to titfuck Candy, he settled for her pussy, fucking her missionary style. Candy felt nearly overwhelmed by the attention of the men, her tongue rolling around Alex’s cock and Paul’s long cock banging the underside of her chin with each titfuck thrust. Lost in the moment, she began to enjoy George’s fucking and found herself shuddering in an orgasm. Her low moans created a vibration that pushed Alex over the top and he spasmed ejaculate into her mouth. His climax was so violent, that Candy gagged, coughing and dislodging Alex’s cock, which continued to spasm, spewing out cum onto her face. She quickly pulled his cock back into her mouth and sucked him dry.

“I don’t have to pay for that,” he told her. Candy nodded her head in assent and continued to suck on his cock.

“I have an idea,” Paul told her. “I think you’ll like it.” George stopped fucking Candy and Paul went over to Jeff and gently set his chair down on the ground sideways so that Jeff was leaning on the ground. He then positioned Jeff so that his head was lying on Candy’s belly. He then began to reverse titfuck Candy, his scrotum rubbing against her mouth and his cock penetrating her breasts and nearly hitting Jeff’s face, which was thrashing upon Candy’s belly.

“Hold him down,” Candy told the men. “He’s going to give me a stomach ache with all of his silly thrashing about.” Two of the men came over and held Paul immobile.

“You do this and I’ll kill you,” Jeff told Paul.

“It’s your own – um – fault,” Paul told Jeff, his words interrupted by his moans as he built to a climax. “You’re always cheap – you always want something for nothing. And now, you do get something for nothing.” Paul began to quicken the pace of his fucking and Candy furiously licked his scrotum and asshole as he reverse titfucked her. “You get my sperm!” Paul cried out, as he erupted in orgasm. He sent streams of ejaculate onto Paul’s face and Candy’s belly. Paul squinted, closing his eyes and mouth, but the white gooey fluid spattered all over his face, dripping onto his mouth and eyes. The other men laughed uproariously and Jeff felt he might almost cry from the humiliation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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